My Sister is a WebCam Babe Ch. 01

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SAM NOLAN was eighteen years old, and had recently graduated high school. He was of average height and build, had occasional girlfriends throughout high school, but was still a virgin. His last girlfriend gave him a handjob, which he considered the highlight of his young life.

Now in the summer before college, Sam spends his nights like most eighteen years olds – masturbating to online pornography, and doing it often. He had several favorite sites like Pornhub, and Xvideos, and he would frequently click on scenes involving incest; Mother-son, father-daughter, brother-sister, you name it. Sam liked them all. More and more, though, Sam found himself on the live-cam website CamBabe where you could chat with real life girls and they would strip and masturbate for tips.

Little did Sam know that tonight his love of incest porn and webcam babes would collide.

Two doors down the hall, SARAH NOLAN made sure her door was locked and the shades were drawn before logging into her CamBabe account. Sarah Nolan was the non-identical twin sister of Sam Nolan. She had an athletic body, having played both Soccer and Volleyball in high school, and her hair was brown and went just past her shoulders. Many considered Sarah to be one of the prettiest in her class.

Tonight, Sarah wore a tank top and booty shorts, as they were the most comfortable and easiest to take on and off. Sarah first started broadcasting a few days after she turned eighteen, feeling the extra money would go far while she was in college. She had heard too many horror stories about student loans and decided this was the easiest answer. Sarah knew the risks of being discovered, but there were so many sites and so many girls to choose from. She figured the odds of being discovered were astronomical.

Sarah checked her account. Already there were three-hundred users logged in. Not bad, she thought. I wonder how much I’ll make tonight?

“Hi everyone,” Sarah said and waved at the camera. The responses were verbal through the chat portion of the website, as well as the dinging noise that was made whenever someone tipped. Sarah scanned the chat and saw some familiar users and responses. She was adored by her fans, and she loved giving them a show. The thought of guys masturbating to her gave her a feeling of incredible power. I’d do this for free, she often thought.

SAM, with his şişli üniversiteli escort cock already out, sat at his desk in his bedroom. He had a box of tissues and lotion nearby for when he was ready, but Sam liked to take his time. He liked to find just the right girl, and have her do just the right things. What those were changed from night to night. Sometimes, depending on the girl, all it would take was shaking some tits and ass. Other times he liked to get in a private chat and have them talk dirty. It was an expensive habit, but he’d saved plenty of money mowing lawns over the years and he simply couldn’t help himself.

The CamBabe website displayed rows and rows of live-feed thumbnails. Sam scanned the women and ALT-TABBED various girls he thought were hot. He usually clicked on girls who still had their clothes on, as he liked a bit of mystery before they completely disrobed. Satisfied he had made the correct choices, Sam arranged the tabs in separate windows across his screen in a mosaic pattern. He still had no idea who was in the box on the lower left portion of the screen, as he didn’t pay much attention, and her face was partially obstructed.

SARAH was standing up and showing the users her cleavage through her tank-top. A tease to generate tips. Some guys would just tip randomly, while others would go off of her tip-list, which contained a list of actions Sarah would do for the right amount:

Flash Tits – 50 tokens

Flash Ass – 60 tokens

Get Naked – 100 tokens

Show Pussy Closeup – 120 tokens

Cum Show – 2000 tokens

The teasing worked. There was a ding and Sarah saw the on-screen message, “User: CarnalFox654 tips 50 tokens for Flash Tits”

“Thanks, Carnal,” Sarah said to the camera and blew a kiss. Then she stepped back and pulled up her tank top. Her breasts, which could be described as perfect, fell free, jiggling a bit as they did. They were large enough to grab a hold of, and small enough to remain perky and upright in every situation. Somewhere, CarnalFox, was furiously stroking his cock to these tits, as were countless others no doubt. Sarah knew this of course, and felt a warm rush envelope her body. Under the desk, Sarah pushed her palm flat against her clit and let out a small sigh.

SAM noticed the flashing tits in the corner of his screen taksim anal yapan escort and smiled, but he didn’t enlarge the window. If he had, he may have recognized his sister. Instead, he was focused on two different girls who were flashing their ass at that very moment. Sam stroked his cock as they did. Slowly for now, and with no lubrication. It wouldn’t take much to cum at this point, but he wanted to wait a little longer…

“Thanks, guys,” SARAH said and pulled down her tank top covering her tits. She only flashed briefly. If they wanted to see them again, they would have to pay again.


“User: BigLoad442 tops 60 tokens for Flash Ass”

“Thanks, BigLoad,” Sarah said, giggling at the name. “You going to shoot a big load on my ass?”

“You bet I am,” BigLoad responded through the chat.

Sarah nodded and stood up. She wiggled her ass with her booty shorts on. Then, slowly, she peeled down her shorts revealing the crack of her ass. Sarah wasn’t wearing underwear, so as she kept going, more and more of her ass was visible, and then suddenly her shorts were all the way off and her amazing ass was on display for everyone. I hope he shoots his load all over the screen, Sarah thought. Too bad I can’t see it!

Sarah was a virgin, like her brother, but not for a lack of trying. She had only one boyfriend in High School, and he wanted to wait until they were married. Sarah was smart enough to know that would never happen, but respected his wishes. The most she had done was give him a handjob. It was difficulty for her to stroke his cock because all she wanted to do was have it inside her. Her mouth, her pussy, her ass… Sarah had horrible, slutty thoughts, which is what probably drove her to camming in the first place. She couldn’t wait for college where the men were probably more mature, and more willing and able to fulfill her sexual desires.

God I want someone to fuck me…

SAM noticed the ass in one of his screens and maximized the window. Wow. What a great fucking ass, he thought. It was athletic and squishy at the same time. A rare combination, even online. It was ass if both cheeks were levitating. Sam imagined biting her cheeks, licking them, spreading them. Eating her pussy, poking his tongue in her ass… I’d do anything to that… and he squeezed his taksim bdsm escort cock hard and almost came right there.

This is the one.

Sam checked her tip menu. He knew this dance wouldn’t last, so he sent over 100 tokens for the Get Naked show.


The girl on screen turned, but her head was cut off. When she saw the tip, he heard her say “thanks” and then she peeled off her tank top but kept her back to the camera. She continued to shake her ass, and that was fine by Sam. He reached for the bottle of lotion on his desk. Three squirts of lotion in his hand Sam went to work on his cock. This girl was so hot he’d come in no time, but he wanted to savor it for at least a little while and he wanted to see her tits.

Come on, turn around! Sam thought as he stroked his cock.

SARAH danced with her back to the camera. She periodically bent over allowing a better view of her ass and pussy, but was waiting to turn around. She wanted the reveal to have maximum effect. Then, when she was ready… Sarah turned to the camera, cupping her breasts with her hands, but she noticed her face was still not on screen. She wanted them to see her eyes, show that she was into it…

Fucking hot! Sam thought staring at her tits and stroking himself. He watched as she adjusted the camera. I’m going to cum for you…

The camera tilted up and Sarah’s face was visible.

The next few moments were suspended in time. It took only a millisecond for Sam to realize this girl was his sister. Obviously, he recognized her face, but he couldn’t quite believe it. His eyes darted around the room for verification; The lamp, which their parents had bought for each of them; The Justin Beiber poster on the wall; Her hat rack; Her sports medals; They were all in the background!

It’s my fucking sister! And she’s fucking hot!!!

Of course she was hot. He always knew she was hot. But she was his sister! He couldn’t… he shouldn’t… but look at those tits… oh my god… I want to fuck my sister…

Sam’s cock erupted. He wasn’t even stroking it anymore. It just came all by itself. And came. And came. His cum spewed across the floor, his legs, his desk. Everywhere! And the entire time his eyes were locked on his sister. Her tits. Her pussy. Her face. She was so fucking hot!!!!!!

Who knows how much time had passed, but eventually his cock stopped cumming and Sam sat there, breathing heavy. He had never cum that hard. Ever. His eyes stayed fixed on the screen as his sister finished her dance and the camera… no… blew him a kiss.

“Thanks, SamIAm,” she said, referring to his handle, SamIAm6969.

“Holy shit,” Sam said to no one in particular.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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