My Sister and My Niece – The Beginning

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I had not seen her in about 8 years, but I remembered her as a young girl who was both fun and intelligent. Her mother called her Elizabeth when she was angry at her but everyone else called her Lizzie. She was my sister’s daughter and she had the same energy and drive that Sarah had when she was younger.

Eight years ago, I had spent a few days with Lizzie and her family. Sarah was still married to Dan back then and I thought they were a happy family. They came to visit me for a long weekend around a Fourth of July and Miss Lizzie had spent almost all of her time in the pool behind my house. She had made friends with the next-door neighbor’s daughter – Erica – and the two of them occupied themselves for hours in the privacy of my pool. The last full day of their visit, Sarah, Dan, and I had stayed inside sipping on daiquiris all afternoon until we all quite tipsy. Fortunately, Lizzie was exhausted from her day’s activities and ready for bed as darkness was falling upon us.

I called Lizzie in from the pool and told her it was bedtime. Erica went home and Lizzie trudged into the house, passing by her parents who it seems had themselves suddenly become interested in the pool. I told Sarah I would make sure that Lizzie got in bed and then join them at the pool.

“Go get out of your wet suit and get ready for bed,” I told her. “I’ll be in to check on you in a minute.”

“Okay, Uncle Ron,” she replied.

After waiting a few minutes, I went into the guest bedroom to make sure Lizzie had gotten into bed. She was just pulling on a clean pair of panties but she was otherwise unclothed.

“Oh,” I exclaimed as I realized the situation.

“It’s okay,” she said. “We walk around in our underwear at home all the time and this is what I always wear to bed.”

“Okay, well . . . under the covers and out with the lights,” I responded nonchalantly.

“Uncle Ron,” she asked as I turned out the light, ” can you give me a good night kiss? That’s what Mom or Dad do at home.”

“Okay, sweetie,” I answered.

As I leaned over to give her a goodnight kiss, she said “You’re the best uncle in the whole wide world. I think I wanna live with you one day.”

“Well, you live with your parents but, if you ever need another place to live, I’ll always be here for you.”

I closed the bedroom door and felt the warmth in my heart. I didn’t have any children of my own and this was as close as I had ever felt to a child.

As I walked out of the house and towards the pool, I could hear some teasing between Sarah and Dan.

“Ron, Sarah wants to go skinny dippin’ but she’s embarrassed to do that in front of you, so she’s askin’ me how we could conveniently get rid of you for awhile.” Dan was never concerned about embarrassing Sarah.

“Ron, that’s not exactly what I said. What I said was that Dan and I hadn’t been skinny dippin’ in a long time and he said ‘so you can go skinny dippin’ now if you want’ and I said no because you’re here. I’m not tryin’ to get rid of you.”

“Sarah, I had no idea that you ever went skinny dippin’,” I replied. “But I do understand ’cause, if you guys weren’t here, that’s probably what I’d be doin’ about now.”

“So,” Dan interjected, “if you guys both wanna go şişli elit escort skinny dippin’, you oughta just go for it. Won’t bother me.”

“I’m not that drunk,” said Sarah.

“Well, then, I’ll go fix you another daiquiri,” Dan answered.

After he left, I approached Sarah. “If you wanna go skinny dippin’ and maybe have sex with Dan in the pool, I can make myself disappear in a hurry. You told me you guys were havin’ some problems and maybe a little spice in the sex department would help things. . . . Couldn’t hurt!”

“No, no, I don’t want you to leave. And I don’t know about havin’ sex in the pool. I was just thinkin’ about when we were younger and how easy life was and if you wanted to go skinny dippin’, you just did it and you didn’t worry about any consequences.”

“Poor Sarah,” I empathized. “Life’s beatin’ up on you, isn’t it? I’m sorry your marriage is havin’ problems. Dan’s always seemed to be a decent guy . . .”

“He is,” she interrupted. “It just seems like we’re headin’ in opposite directions and we don’t have any of that animal passion like we used to.”

“Here’s just what you need,” Dan announced as he returned. He handed another daiquiri to Sarah and another to me and then proceeded to down the third that he had fixed for himself. We made small talk as we slowly proceeded down the path to inebriation. As soon as we finished those drinks, Dan disappeared again and he soon returned with yet another round of daiquiris.

“Hey, are you tryin’ to get me drunk?” Sarah asked Dan.

“No, I’m just tryin’ to get you drunk enough to get over your inhibitions about skinny dippin’. I think it would be hot to see you naked in the pool.”

“Well, you don’t think I’m gonna do that in front of Ron, do you?” she asked. She began sipping the next daiquiri.

“Hell, he’s your brother and he’s seen you naked before, hasn’t he?”

“Yeah, but not since we were little kids,” she protested.

“Well, if you can’t trust your own family, who can you trust?” Dan replied as if his logic was irrefutable.

“Hey, I trust my brother as much as I trust you,” Sarah offered in her defense.

“So what’s the problem? I think you skinny dippin’ with your brother here would be even hotter.”

“Dan, you know I wanna make you happy, and I do trust Ron, but . . . it’s just a little bit embarrassin’.”

“So, would it be easier if we all went skinny dippin’?” Dan suggested.

Sarah hesitated and that was all that Dan needed. “I will if Ron will. Let’s all get naked and get in the pool.”

“Okay, but turn around while I get in the pool,” Sarah requested of me.

I turned around and honestly I didn’t peak. I heard the zipper on her pants and then the sound of clothing hitting the pool deck and, finally, the sound of Sarah entering the water.

“Okay, your turn!” she said to Dan and me.

We both quickly stripped out of our clothes and joined Sarah in the pool. Dan immediately approached Sarah but I remained at a distance, thinking that Sarah needed some time and space to get accustomed to being naked in my presence. In fact, I started swimming laps so that it would be obvious that I wasn’t paying attention to Sarah.

About şişli escort five minutes later, I stopped swimming laps and held myself on the edge of the pool at the deep end. I looked around and saw Dan and Sarah against the side of the pool. Dan was standing with his back against the pool and Sarah was leaning with her back against Dan’s chest. Dan had his hands around Sarah with his fingers busy with both nipples. Sarah’s eyes were closed and I guess she thought I was still swimming laps even though all the splashing sounds had stopped.

Swimming had reduced by boner but seeing this sight had me hard again in seconds. I continued watching as Dan lowered his right hand and I knew that his destination would be Sarah’s pussy. Within seconds, I heard Sarah starting to moan, quietly at first but certainly increasing in intensity.

“I want you to come for me,” Dan said to Sarah, loud enough for me to clearly hear.

Sarah opened her eyes and looked across the pool at me. The look on her face told me that she felt a conflict. She wanted to please Dan and she was also aroused to the point that she needed a release but she was embarrassed about doing this in front of me.

“Go for it!” I silently mouthed to her and I could tell that she instantly knew what I had said. She again closed her eyes as if she had accepted my permission to have an orgasm in my presence. Her moans became louder and I knew that she had turned off her awareness of the present circumstances, instead allowing her consciousness to be consumed with the growing pleasure between her legs.

Dan then placed his hands on her shoulders and directed her to a point a few feet away, towards the shallow end of the pool. He pushed her so that her back was now against the pool and he positioned himself in front of her. Sarah’s tits were now exposed and I could see the hard nipples which told me that my sister was aroused and needing more.

Dan lowered his mouth to her tits and began licking and sucking on them as his right hand returned to rubbing over and around Sarah’s clit. I slowly moved towards them as Sarah more quickly moved towards her orgasm.

“Oh . . . oh . . . don’t stop . . . I need to cum so bad, so bad . . . oh, yeah, don’t stop . . . right there . . ..”

Fortunately, I have a privacy fence around my pool and it is in the middle of a fairly large back yard. Anyone standing within fifty feet would know what was happening to Sarah.

Suddenly, Sarah had passed the precipice of arousal and abandoned herself to her climax. “I’m cummin’, I’m cummin’ . . . oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” she uttered as her voice began to trail off. Her eyes were still closed.

Before she had a chance to come down from her orgasm, I could see Dan lowering himself and approaching her so that he could insert his hard dick in her wet pussy. Sarah’s eyes suddenly opened and I imagined that the tip of Dan’s dick had just found the entrance to her pussy. She looked at me and i just shrugged my shoulders as if to say, ‘if that’s what you wanna do . . . do it!” I wanted Sarah to be comfortable but I must admit that my dick was also as hard as steel and I was really enjoying seeing my sister naked.

As Dan penetrated her depths, şişli eve gelen escort he place his arms under her back side and she placed her legs around his body, holding onto his shoulders and placing all of her weight on him. He began thrusting into her slowly but she was already aroused and didn’t need much stimulation to become consume with her sexual fire.

Dan turned around so that Sarah’s back was now facing towards me. Sarah’s ass was now out of the water, exposed to me, and it looked delicious. Dan motioned for me to approach them quietly, which I did very quickly.

He returned his right hand to her back side and placed his middle finger in the crack of her ass. He slid his hand towards her pussy and I knew that his fingertip was massaging her little asshole.

“Mmmm,” she moaned.

Dan began thrusting with a bit more urgency and Sarah’s moans became more desperate. I saw him pushing his fingertip against her pucker as he said, “You always really get off when I cum in your ass, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah . . .” she managed to answer.

“You remember when I put the vibrator in your pussy and then I came in your behind? You remember how hard you came?”

“Uh huh,” she replied.

“You’re overdue for some more anal sex, aren’t you?” Dan asked. Sarah didn’t respond.

“You have your brother so hard that his dick’s gonna turn blue and fall off if he doesn’t cum, so I think you should do somethin’ about that. You can take care of two men at once, can’t you?”

“Is that what you want?” Sarah asked.

Dan just nodded his head affirmatively and Sarah began thrusting herself on his hard member. Dan nodded for me to join in and I was so hot that not one second was devoted to thinking about it.

Sarah’s pussy was already occupied and I think I had understood the gist of Dan’s questions to Sarah. I placed the tip of my dick between her butt cheeks and she stopped for a moment, as if surprised. I moved my dick until I had found her tiny behind hole and then I pushed against her.

I felt my dick sliding past her tight sphincter and, as it relaxed, I slid further into the tightest hole my dick had ever fucked. I reached around Sarah and grabbed her nipples in my fingers as I started thrusting into her hot ass. I could feel Dan pounding away on Sarah’s pussy and she was now moaning loud enough that the neighbors undoubtedly knew someone was getting a damn good fucking.

“Oh god, oh god, oh . . .” she muttered as I felt spasms of tightness in her ass. Sarah was cumming and I wasn’t far away. I pinched her nipples as I thrust as far into her ass as I could possibly reach.

“Sarah, your ass is so tight, I’m . . . gonna . . . cum . . . yeah . . ..” I began spurting my cum inside Sarah’s hot, tight ass and I kept thrusting until I was completely spent.

As I came down from the most intense orgasm of my life, Sarah lowered herself from Dan’s body. She turned around and walked towards me, placing her arms around me and embracing me in a hug. She leaned forward and whispered into my ear, “If we ever do that again, I want your dick in my pussy instead of my ass.”

She then turned around and said, “Come on, Dan, let’s go to bed.”

They got up the next morning, packed everything up and went home. I didn’t hear from Sarah for awhile and then, three months later, our mom told me that Sarah was getting a divorce.

For eight years, I didn’t hear from Sarah. It was as if she didn’t exist. I missed her and I missed Lizzie, but there was nothing I could do about it.

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