My Shooter Girl Ch. 01

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Being in my early 50’s, and widowed for only two years, has placed me back into the bar & dating scene. As I had been married for over 20 years, everything is new to me. I find myself being very attracted to the younger ladies, because those of my age a very few and far between.

One bar that I visit on Fridays, is called Jimmy’s Place and is basically karoke from 8 to closing. I went there with a friend who was in a contest and the prize was $1,500. Having said that, we placed our order with the cutest barmaid I had ever laid my eyes on. Her name was Betty, short, long brown hair, brown hair, and a beautiful body. Her smile was what first got my attention, but looking her over, I noticed that her jeans fit that body like a glove. Her T-shirt fit tight across her perky tits, and you could tell that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking against the material and I could not help but get my eyeful before we ordered. She walked over to the bar to place our order and the sight of that ass in those pants gave me an erection, which I did my best to hide when she returned to the table with our drinks. God that girl was sweet, but she was just around 29 and I knew she’d never fall for a guy my age.

I could not keep my eyes off of the girl. My eyes followed her all over the bar. My buddy kept looking at me and when he realized what I was doing he laughed at me and told me to go for it, all she could do is tell me no.

When she came back to our table, I started to talk to her and find out a little and told her that I was interested in talking more with her, when she had the opportunity to stop for a while. The bar was filling up and she began to get a lot busier for the rest of the night.

Not having the chance to get to talk to her frustrated me, until I met the shooter girl, Misty. Misty is completely opposite of Betty, Blond, Blue eyes, about 5’7″, and thin. Her tits had to be at least a 36C, being held back by this halter top that wasn’t doing a very good job.

Misty came up to the table from behind me and I only heard a voice say, “Hey boy’s, want a shooter”.

I turned to see who was talking and knew there was a God, and he was lavishing me with beautiful women tonight. My voice got stuck in my throat and my buddy asked her what she had.

“Right now I’ve got Buttery Nipples, Purple Hooters and Alabama Slammers”, she said.

I looked into her eyes and told her “I can wipe your nipples clean and sooth the purple hooters, if you let me”.

With that she set her tray on the table and reached under her halter and lifted it up to bring out the most perfect set of titties I had ever seen. “Do they look as if they need anything?”, she asked.

As I mentioned, the dating and bar scene have changed in 20 years, and I just stared at her tits as long as she held up the halter top. She knew right then and there that I was hers to do with as she may see fit.

My buddy ordered a Purple Hooter, so I got one myself and while this was going on, she bounce and made sure her tits were moving all the time. I paid and told her to come back soon.

Ten minutes later, one of the singers was sing a slow song and Misty came over to the table and place her tray down and looked at me and said, “Dance with me”. I got up and held her in my arms as she pressed herself close to my body. She whispered in my ear, “Are you getting hard yet?”

“God yes girl, your tits are pushing into my chest and your pussy would be filled with my cock, if we didn’t have clothes between us”, I said.

“Good, I like a hard cock pressing into me, and I kinda knew you’d help me out in that”, Misty said.

I said, “How can someone hold you in their arms and not feel this way. I have never held anyone like you in my life, only in my dreams did I have a girl as beautiful as you, and since my wife died, that has almost been a nightly thing.”

We talked more during the dance and even if she pulled her upper body away to look me while she said something, balçova escort bayan her pussy never stopped rubbing against my cock. As the dance ended, I walked her back to the table and she took her tray and said, “I’ll be back for more dances”, then turned and walked off.

I immediately got up and excused myself and made my way to the restroom. Finding an empty stall I went in, lowered my pants, sat down and started to relieve my aching cock of it’s rigidity. It didn’t take long before my cock was spewing cum up in the air and onto my lap. I kept cumming and cumming, as if I was a teenager who just peeked at his first pussy. Cleaning myself up, I returned to the table and downed a bottle of beer in about two minutes.

Betty looked over at me and I raised the bottle and she acknowledged that she’d bring me one. When she came to the table, she stood between my legs and one hand was on the bottle, while her other hand was on my thigh and moving up as she reached across the table to gather the empties. She leaned closer to my ear and said, “I watched you dance with Misty, and I’m jealous.”

“I’d love to dance with you, but you seem awful busy. When you have the chance, break away and we’ll dance”

“Good, I’d like that, as she cupped my crotch and then turned to walk away,” leaving me with the start of another hard on.

I looked over to my buddy and just shrugged my shoulders and continued to suck down the beer Betty gave me.

I have to mention this, as I said I’m in my early fifty’s, stand 5’9″, and come in at 200lbs., which little heavy for my liking, but it’s what I’m stuck with right now. My hair is mostly dark brown, with gray (not much), and is shoulder length. I dress strictly in black, in memory of my wife and the death of my Grandson as a baby. The style is western and I’ve been asked on more than one occasion if I rode a bike. I lifted weights for a long time when I was younger, and still held most of the physic that I had, except for a bigger stomach than I like. So, I don’t think that I’m a bad looking guy, just older than most on the dating scene these days.

As I was drinking my beer, I caught Misty at a table across the room. She was leaning over talking to another woman and I noticed that she was pointing over towards our table while she talked. The woman she was talking to was dressed in black tight leather jeans, and a loose blouse, but it wasn’t hard to tell that her breast were bigger than Misty’s. Misty walked away from that table and I followed her with my eyes, as she walked over and started talking to Betty. At least they were friends with one another. They talked for a short time then continued with their work.

More people filed in and the girls were getting lost amongst the crowd. Another slow song came on and I was hoping that either Betty or Misty would come to the table. That is when I noticed the woman that Misty had talked to, rise from her table and walk over and asked me if I’d dance with her. Being a gentleman, I accepted.

As I put my arms around her waist, I told her my name and she said hers was Leanne. I asked her why she chose me out of everyone in this place to dance with, being as how they are much younger than me.

Leanne said, “Misty and I are very good friends, and she told me that although she had just met you tonight, that she really liked you, so I wanted to she what she saw in you”. As she talked, she pressed her lower body into my crotch and as she was shorter than me, I looked down at her and my eyes beheld two beautiful tits that were not being covered very much. “Those are very beautiful”, no restraints to hold them up and her nipples were erect, I said.

“Yes they are, and they love to be held and cuddled”, as she pushed her inner arms together to expose more of those lovely tits.

“Anytime you feel the urge to have them held or coddled, I’d be glad to help out”

“Misty said you were nice” and then she lead me off the dance floor, escort balçova towards the back of the bar and I noticed there was only two doors in this hall. One marked Mens, the other Women. She told me to wait in the hall as she went into the womens room and then poked her head out and motioned for me to come in.

As I went in, she grabbed my hand and we went into one of the stalls. I was huge, must of been for the handicapped. She lifted her blouse over her head and her breast were free of any confinement. She told me to sit on the commode as she straddled me and shoved her right tit into my mouth. I suckled her tit and stretched her nipple with my mouth as I raised my hand to cup the other one. I rolled her nipple between my thumb and forefinger, and it was hard as a bullet in no time. I continued to suck her tit, then switched my mouth to the other and my hand too.

“Yes, suck my titties, suck them hard”, she said in my ear. I sucked until I thought her nipple would reach the back of my throat and she kept grinding her crotch against mine.

Her hands were not idle, she was reaching down to unbuckle my belt and she removed my belt, then pushed down my zipper.

“I want it, I want your cock in my hands, between my tits, and in my pussy. As she released my cock it sprung out. Not much, 7 inches at best, but stiff as a metal rod. She grabbed my cock and her hands pumped my stiff cock. We heard the door open and she pressed a finger over my mouth. I looked at her and she just smiled and slid off my lap and went the side of me that could not be seen from under the wall, and she lowered her head and licked the head of my dick. She moaned as she swallowed the pre-cum. Her head was bouncing up and down my crotch, and I thanked myself for jacking off earlier, this was going to last. She sucked me for all she was worth and my cock hit the back of her throat with every thrust into that lovely mouth.

Not knowing if anyone else was still in the room, I groaned as she ministates to the needs of my stiff cock and her need to have it in her mouth. Although I had cum just a little over an hour ago, I felt the explosion all the way from my balls to the tip of my cock.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, girl, Cum, yes cum, cummmmmmmmm as it shot out of my cock and down her throat. She was gulping it down like a champion cocksucker, and she continued to suck until my cock shrunk back to it’s normal size, then she let it loose. Trying my best to maintain a regular breathing pattern, I lifted her from the floor and unzipped the zippers on each side of her pants and tugged them off of her hips and down to her knees. She had black crotch less panties on, and my face went right into her crotch.

I licked her outer lips as she shoved her cunt into my face even harder, and I hit that love button, and her knees almost buckled. I sucked on her clit as I brought a finger to her pussy and rubbed some of her juices onto it, as I slid my finger into her dripping pussy. Continuing to lick and suck on her clit, my finger made room for another and her juices were covering my hand. This girl was going to cum and cum hard, I could tell.

“Oh!!!! Suck my pussy, Yes I want you to make me cum, please”

Shortly she pulled my head back and told me she wanted my cock in her pussy. I was surprised that my cock had again “risen” to the occasion. She removed her pants and again straddled me as she brought her pussy down over my stiff cock. Opening her cunt to allow entry, my cock slid in with ease, as she was juiced like no other women I had ever met. Finally my cock was seated into her pussy and she started to move up and down. Her pussy muscles were working my cock

I could not believe what her pussy was doing to me. She was losing all abandon bouncing on my cock, head thrown back, sweat dripping off of her and me, she worked that pussy and I met each thrust of hers with one of mine. Deep in her pussy, I realized that I wasn’t going to last as balçova escort long as I first thought. She was to much for me to handle.

Cum baby, cum for me. Cum all over my cock.

Just then she wrapped her arms around my neck and shuddered as she flooded my cock with her explosion. My god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. My cock let loose at the sound of this beautiful woman reaching the ultimate goal. My cum shot out and she came again. With each spurt of cum into her pussy, this girl had another climax.

Leanne slowed down and fell onto me and she gulped for each breath. I too was doing my best to regain myself as we just sat there with my cock in her pussy. Finally it softened and fell out of her pussy. My lap was covered with our juices. Thank you, she said, I needed that more than you could of realized. When I told her she was the first woman I had in two years, she giggled and told me that it had been over two weeks since she fucked somebody and she was going to make certain that she did tonight.

I thanked her for choosing me, and we started to get ourselves back together. When she got off of my lap, she grabbed some toilet paper and cleaned off her pussy, then she placed her face in my crotch again and started to lick up my lap. I watched in amazement as she cleaned the majority of our spunk from my crotch and then she handed me some paper to clean the rest. We made it out the door of the ladies room, and I noticed that both Betty and Misty were standing in the hall. Misty took Leanne into her arms and kissed her mouth. I could tell that Misty’s tongue was in Leanne’s and she was “cleaning her out”

Betty pulled me to her and we kissed and she too, was wanting what ever she could get of the remnants of the love making session that just ended. Betty sucked the hairs of my mustache and my chin, then Betty and Misty were lapping each others faces. To my utter disbelief, my cock was getting hard once again.

When Betty and Misty broke from one another, we made our way back out to the bar area. Sitting back in my chair, my buddy watched as all three girls filed out after me. I just gave him the biggest shit eating grin I could muster, and we high five one another.

Betty brought me another beer, and shortly Misty came over and she flashed her tits again, and gave me an evil smile. Smiling back, I reached down between my legs and grabbed my crotch, she just licked her lips and walked away, swaying that ass of hers.

My buddy was called to the microphone to sing his song, which was “Misty Blue”.As he started his song Misty walked towards me and motioned that she wanted to dance. Setting her tray down, we once again went to the dance floor and I held her in my arms. My hands were all over her bare flesh. Pressing her tits into my chest and my crotch into hers. This is when she dropped a bombshell on me, she was married and her husband would be in later in the evening.

I told her, “I guess I’m not going to spend the night playing with those titties and eating that pussy of yours”.

“No, she said, “He’s not a jealous man and he doesn’t mind me flirting with the guys, but he’s the one I go home with”.

“He’s a lucky man”, I said. “If you were mine, I don’t know if I’d ever let you out of the bedroom”.

“Tell me something”, she said.


“I want you to tell me everything that you and Leanne did in the bathroom”

So while we danced, holding each other to the point where you couldn’t get a piece of paper between us, I told her of each and every moment in the ladies room. When I got to the part about Leanne cumming on my lap, I could feel Misty shuddering.

“Are you cumming baby?” “Yes, keep it up I’m almost there.”

Just as I finished, she brought me closer (if that was possible) and whispering in my ear as she started to cum.

“I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming right here on the dance floor with everyone looking at us”

I held her as her legs got a little wobbly. When the dance was over with, we walked to the table and she kissed me and thanked me for allowing her to cum like she did.

“That was my pleasure, believe me.”

My buddy and I left after they announced the winners, he didn’t win, but I know I got all the prizes that night.

To be sure, I’ll be back.

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