My Perverted Life Ch. 01

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I was standing in the middle of my room toweling off when suddenly my door opened. My wife’s grandmother walked in looking around aimlessly until she saw me.

“That’s nice,” she said looking at my dick.

I quickly covered myself with my towel. I looked at her incredulously. She had been a handful from the moment she arrived. Let me explain.

My wife’s grandmother has dementia. The family has decided that they want her to maintain her dignity and so everyone takes turns watching her so she can stay out of a home.

At first it wasn’t as bad as she had more lucid days than cloudy ones. Now though it seemed she had turned a corner and the cloudy and confused days outnumbered the clear days.

My wife and her mother refused to see this and still were resistant to the notion of putting her in a home. This meant that my wife’s 77 year old grandmother who was still completely mobile needed someone to watch her constantly. Thus we end up with her walking in on me.

My wife volunteered me to watch after ‘Grandma’ so that her mother could have a break. Even though they would not actually admit it watching her had taken a toll on my mother-in-law. And, she was a nurse.

My wife of course had volunteered me even though she would be out of town. As usual I did not fight it because I knew I would lose and whenever I did things like this it meant some pussy when she got home. So, all I had to do was watch ‘Grandma’ for four days, return her safe and sound to my mother-in-law’s house, and when my wife returned in 3 additional days I’d be getting some, deal!

As I stood there with only my towel on I began to feel the air in the room on my wet skin making me cold. I should have just gone into the bathroom to finish drying myself but a horrible thought crossed my mind.

‘Grandma’ had begun to be so confused that no one paid her much attention anymore. When she was having an episode as they called it she just said completely outlandish stuff. I figured that I could get a cheap thrill by toweling off right in front of her –exposing myself- and no one would ever believe her even if she could remember long enough to tell them.

I know I was taking advantage of the situation but really no one would be hurt and I could have a little fun doing it.

I undid my towel and began drying myself again. It was exhilarating. She might not be able to keep coherent thoughts all the time but apparently from the way her eyes were glued to my dick she remembered what that is.

I felt myself grow a little.

“You are very big,” she exclaimed.

‘Grandma’ was biting her lip. Was that lust in her eyes? I didn’t even know she still could feel things like that.

Curious to know if she was aware of what was going on and where she was — and a bit scared she might be aware- I asked, “What’s my name?”

She struggled searching for a name and then blurted out, “G-George!”

I wasn’t George and I don’t think, judging from the confusion evident in her furrowed brow, she was sure I was George but she was reaching for understanding. George had been her husband for a short time before he left her for his secretary.

It was my illegal bahis understanding that he was her only love and she hadn’t been with anyone since he left her over 40 years ago.

Wanting to not cause her any more confusion I decided to play along and used her name instead of her title as I spoke to her because that’s what George would do.

“Ok, Murine just let me finish getting ready and we can go on a walk.”

First though I was going to make a show of it.

I began to put on my lotion and reveled in the feeling of excitement that being naked in front of her was bringing me. My dick was starting to swell and I could see she had not faltered in her gaze.

Another naughty thought entered my mind as I lotioned my now rock hard dick. I wanted her to really see it. I stepped close to her so she could get a good view and kept stroking.

“George, it looks bigger than ever,” she basically moaned.

I didn’t want anything to happen I just wanted to tease her but realizing that even at her age she was getting turned on had me excited. I was less than a foot from her and beating the hell out of my dick.

I stepped closer. My dick was damn near touching her face.

The excitement clouded my rational thoughts and my hips started thrusting as I stroked faster. The head of my dick even bumped her lip once. I don’t think I had ever been so excited.

The thought was just beginning to form to go along with my actions that I wanted to shoot on her when she grabbed my dick.

“I can do that for you George.” “You know I don’t mind.”

She was stroking me with her dark wrinkled hand struggling to encircle my shaft. Her stroke speed matched what I had been doing and my mind had only one thought – I was going to bust a huge load on her face.

Nowhere -not even in the deepest recesses of my mind – was there the thought that I shouldn’t do it. Lust had taken over and all I could envision was my cum dripping down face which lacked the wrinkles appropriate for her age.

I could feel the boiling in my balls. My dick swelled a bit more and I knew my release was imminent. I can’t remember ever being so hard before. I threw my head back and thrust my hips forward for one last time and then…

She put her mouth on my dick.

All the excitement all the stimulation was too much for me. I was overwhelmed. I don’t know how many ropes I shot before the blackness began to envelope me. Realizing I was passing out I made one last effort and grabbed for Murine’s head with both hands. I was trying to hold myself up. I just barely realized as I lost consciousness that my effort had rammed my dick down her throat.

Coming to I realized I was lying on the carpet.

Looking around I saw that Murine was still sitting on the bed. I guessed I had only passed out momentarily because her face which was a mess was still dripping cum.

Then I noticed what she was doing, she was rubbing her pussy. What the fuck had I started here? She was reliving some sexual romp with her husband and I couldn’t stop it, her, or myself.

My dick sprung back to life and I could see she approved as a smile spread across her face. It was her illegal bahis siteleri eyes though that told the story. They were half open as if she was in some dream and they sparkled. The lust she was feeling was evident.

“Oh, George I was so worried you were done and wouldn’t be able to take me,” she cried. Then she laid back and spread her legs.

I could see her salt and pepper pussy sitting between her thin black legs. The hairs on her pussy weren’t thick like younger women. She had a sparse covering. She did have wrinkles around her knees but for the most part she was surprisingly smooth. I should have been turned off but more blood was rushing to my dick. With very little effort I protested, “but Murine we shouldn’t – we ca…”

She cut me off, “I need it.”

In my mind I rationalized it by telling myself that I had learned that it could be dangerous to break someone with dementia of one of these deep episodes and so I had to play along. I couldn’t admit to myself that I seriously intrigued and wanted to fuck her.

It was easier than I thought getting into her. I expected her to be dry but she wasn’t. She wasn’t as wet as my wife might be but she was wet. I began thrusting into her. Murine wrapped her legs around my back and started pulling me deeper into her. Wherever her mind was she was as horny as I was — maybe more.

With every thrust the taboo of it made my blood boil more and more.

Looking at Murine, this older woman, writhing under me in ecstasy was playing with my mind. It wasn’t enough just to fuck her I wanted to fuck her senseless.

Knowing that she was really mine to do with as I pleased with no repercussions because, after all, who would believe her, made me consider things I otherwise wouldn’t.

I pushed up off of her never taking my dick out of her and grabbed her legs from around me. I took them and placed them up at my shoulders so I could have complete access. When I had her adjusted just like I wanted I began ramming into her as hard as I could.

“G-G-George please it’s too much,” she squealed.

There was no way I was going to stop. This was one of the best fucks I had ever had.

“Shut the fuck up,” I spat back. “You’re gonna take this dick and you’re gonna like it – or you can just take it – either way I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!”

For fifteen more minutes I rutted away fueled by the very thought of how nasty and wrong what I was doing was. At one point I was pounding so hard I thought I might break her hip or something.

She never complained as a matter of fact the harder I thrusted the wetter she got. I started wondering what it would have been like to have fucked this woman when she was still young.

I had figured at her age she was too old for an orgasm so I was caught off guard when her pussy clamped down on me. She thrust her hips up at me and her body locked up. Murine let out a guttural scream the likes of which I had never heard.

After that I was more than ready to dump a load in this hot-blooded woman. When her body loosened up I drove deeper and harder into her. By the time the cum shot out of my dick she was in the middle of a second orgasm. canlı bahis siteleri

I rolled off of her and sleep pulled me into its grasps. ———— I awoke hoping that I had just had the strangest dream. I knew better than to fuck my wife’s grandmother.

When I looked next to me and saw Murine’s naked ravaged body sleeping I knew that it was real. Guilt began to consume me, how could I have been so cruel? What the fuck was I thinking? How could I have fucked her – cruel or not?

Looking at her laying there sleeping with her legs spread wide my guilt wasn’t enough to keep my dick from filling with blood. Her swollen pussy lips seemed to be calling me. I couldn’t believe that even now I wanted more.

I probably would have taken her again if I hadn’t glanced over at the clock on my nightstand which read 3:30. I had a half an hour before my daughter would be coming home from school. I couldn’t let her see this.

I threw on some shorts and began straightening the room. When I was done I shook Murine awake. She came to looking around confused. The expression on her face changed and I could tell she was more than confused she was horrified by the condition she found herself in.

Her hands flew to cover her nakedness.

“Jim what… what’s going on here?” she implored.

Well she was clear headed again as she had called me by my real name. The problem was I didn’t have a good explanation for her condition. I couldn’t tell her the truth. So I lied.

“I don’t know Grandma,” I lied. “I decided to take a nap and when I woke up you were in my bed like — that.”

“I-I’m sorry,” she cried. “It must have been one of my episodes”

Then becoming aware again that she was naked and probably feeling soreness in her pussy as she tried to move she looked at me desperately.

Her eyes grew wide.

“Did I do — did I do something,” she asked.

I knew what she meant; she wanted to know if she had somehow done something to me sexually. There was no way out I couldn’t admit I had fucked her.

“I’m not sure,” I lied to her.

Then I made a show of pulling my shorts so I could look down in them at my dick. “Maybe – probably, from the looks of things.”

“Oh lord no,” she was really crying now. “I can’t believe this what am I going to do?”

I felt terrible now. I sat down next to her and put my arm around her I pulled her naked body close. “Listen, neither of us remembers it and nobody else knows — it’s not that bad,” I smiled.

“Your body probably needed whatever you did and honestly I am fine with it.” “Anyway, if I had to be ravished by an older lady you ain’t so bad,” I joked trying to lighten the situation.

“Besides we aren’t sure you did anything”

Moving slightly she grimaced probably from the soreness her pussy must be feeling from that pounding. “Oh…,” she said shaking her head “I’m sure,” this was said under her breath feeling the ache in her cunt. “Thank you for being so understanding.”

I squeezed her and gave her a peck on the lips. “Everything is going to be fine.” “Now get dressed because I might be a young man but even I am not immune to the charms of a naked woman in my bed no matter who she is.”

“Jim,” she shrieked.

I told her I was just kidding but I saw her gaze shift to the tent rising in my shorts and knew that she was aware that she did in fact have an effect on me.

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