My New Wife fucks the Bartender

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I met my wife Melanie later in life. I was 35 and she was 37. Melanie was a beautiful woman, five feet eight, slim, great legs and ass, and a glorious set of purchased breasts, topped by long blond hair. Imagine Linda Evans from the old TV show Dynasty.

Melanie and I had both done well in our careers. We had enough money to live a good life and we did. Melanie also was the type of woman that wore conservative business suits to work, but would then get home, put on stockings and a garter belt and heels, walk into the living room and say I really want to get fucked!

My new wife loved sex. We both had been through failed marriages and multiple sex partners and spoke freely about our pasts. We agreed that at this point in our lives we were going to have fun, and all the stuff before didn’t matter. The one benefit of her past was that Melanie loved sex and was totally uninhibited about it.

One day we were having sex. Melanie was on top of me grinding her pussy down on my cock. She always had multiple orgasms, several while I ate her pussy, a couple more on top and several more either on her back or doggy style. I looked up at her and said you sure look good up there. She responded with, I bet you would like to watch me do this to another guy. I said I sure would.

After that, we incorporated dirty talk into our sex life. While fucking I would tell her to imagine other guys fucking her or her eating another woman’s pussy. She would tell me to think of other women while I fucked her or tell me she had just fucked a guy and to eat her pussy or to suck his cock. The sex was great and enhanced by our no holds barred sex conversations.

A few months after we married, we were on vacation in the Caribbean on the island of St. Martin. We spent the days on Orient Beach, a popular nude beach, returned to our hotel, showered went out to dinner, had a night cap at the hotel bar, and then returned to our room and fucked the night away. We were living the life we planned.

Each night at the hotel bar, we would strike up a conversation with the bartender Sergio. He was young, çapa escort maybe 22 or 23 and Brazilian. He told us some story about a failed soccer career but Melanie was more interested in checking out his very fit body and alarmingly good looks. She flirted shamelessly. One night I brought up Sergio during sex. I told Melanie to imagine him fucking her. She had a very large orgasm and I could tell this was not the first time she thought of fucking our new young friend.

The next day on the beach, I noticed Melanie’s nipples were a bit more erect than normal. I asked what she was thinking about. She told me Sergio. I laughed. She then asked, would I like to watch her fuck him for real. I asked her if she was serious and she said deadly serious. I told her I would see if we could make it happen.

That night at the hotel bar we again engaged in conversation with Sergio. But this night, I steered the conversation to If Sergio had spent much time with some of the women staying at the hotel. He laughed and said many times. I asked if he liked Melanie to which he replied yes, very much. I asked what time he got off and he said two AM. I told him we were in room 232 and to stop in.

Melanie and I returned to our room around one. She wanted to take another shower to be fresh for our young friend. The sliding doors were open and the light breeze blew the curtains and created quite a sexy setting. Melanie got on the bed and fluffed up the pillows. She looked beautiful naked in the dim light.

Shortly after two, we heard a soft knock on the door. I opened it and it was Sergio. He walked in and smiled when he saw Melanie lying on the bed. He wasted no time taking off his clothes and joining her. I watched from a chair next to the bed as Melanie kissed Sergio and then reached for his cock. He had a great body, tanned all over, and a nice firm cock of about seven inches. Melanie knew what she was doing when it came to sucking cock. She couldn’t deep throat but had a great technique of hand pulling and sucking. She expertly sucked Sergio and from his cihangir escort moans, I knew he was enjoying himself.

Melanie stopped sucking and Sergio quickly slid down and started to devour her pussy. I knew by the way she pulled her knees back and pointed her toes at the sky that she was trying to get as much of his tongue into her as possible. I loved the way she opened her legs. She loved having her pussy eaten. I watched as she rolled her eyes back and had several strong orgasms.

Sergio then slid up Melanie’s body and inserted his raging hard cock into her now very wet pussy. I watched as he pounded away and was impressed by how hard he drove into my wife as well as how much she was enjoying it. Sergio was an experienced lover and Melanie was reaping the benefit. I took my clothes off and joined them on the bed. Melanie looked at me and from experience I knew she was enjoying every minute of this. Sergio continued to drive his cock into my wife for probably fifteen minutes. I lost count of how many times she came. He now had her legs over his shoulders and I heard him grunt as he unloaded into Melanie. He rolled off her and she immediately slid down and licked and sucked him to get every drop. I loved how she always finished me off like this and now Sergio was enjoying the Melanie treatment. When she was done, Sergio kissed her good night and quietly left us.

I kissed Melanie thinking another man just fucked my wife and I was now kissing her mouth that two minutes earlier was sucking his cock. I was so horny I didn’t care. My cock was ready and I rolled on top of her and got ready to insert myself into her very used pussy. Melanie stopped me and said wait, please go down on me. I was so worked up I rolled down and started to eat her just fucked pussy. Melanie was in heaven. She opened her legs wide and I dove in licking her pussy and swallowing the mixture of her and Sergio’s cum. She tasted great! I finished, climbed on top and fucked her like I had never fucked her before.

As we laid on the bed thinking about what had esenyurt escort just happened I asked Melanie if she enjoyed it. She told me she did in ways she couldn’t have imagined. She asked if I did and if I liked eating her used pussy to which I replied I always wanted to do that. To watch your wife fuck another man, eat her pussy after he cums in her and then to fuck her second was an enormous turn on. Melanie said only one thing would turn her on more. I asked what was that. She replied, I would love to watch you suck Sergio after I fuck him and for him to cum directly into your mouth. I told her if that is what she wanted, I would do that for her.

The next day on the beach we discussed what had happened the night before. To Melanie it was simple. We should live our lives and have fun. We worked hard and we should play harder. She told me that I got turned on watching women eat pussy, well she got turned on watching men suck cock. She said we could invite women and men to our bed. I could fuck women and she would eat their pussies. She would fuck men and I would suck their cocks. Everyone has a good time. I told her I liked where this was going.

That night, we saw Sergio at the bar again. She pulled him close and whispered in his hear. I asked what that was about and she said just wait. We returned to our room and a little after two we heard a knock. Sergio came in and like the night before enjoyed Melanie sucking his cock and then enjoyed eating her pussy and giving her a great fuck. He was pounding away on her when he said I’m ready. Melanie then pulled me in next to her. Sergio then pulled his erect wet cock out of Melanie and pushed it towards my face. I opened my mouth and he slid his cock in. I began to suck him and he then moaned and released a stream of cum into my mouth. I swallowed him and then kissed Melanie. She looked at me and said, this is what I want.

Sergio left us and I climbed on Melanie and fucked her hard. She was so wet from her multiple orgasms. I was so worked up I couldn’t last long and I came quickly. Melanie slid down and sucked the remaining cum from my cock.

Melanie slid up and kissed me. She asked if I liked what happened tonight. I said very much. Melanie looked at me and said good, because she planned on eating a lot of pussy and I had better get used to the taste of another mans cum, because she planned on fucking a lot of men.

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