My New Neighbour

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Sarah had been flirting with me for weeks, and I didn’t mind a bit. A sensually confident 45 year old, she is ten years older than me and I had been attracted to her as soon as I saw her move in across the street. She wasn’t what you would call a great beauty, but with her tousled, shoulder length blonde hair, and a way of biting her lower lip and raising an eyebrow that made my heart skip a beat, she made numerous appearances in my fantasy life.

Soon after she moved in, we met as we both set out for work at the same time. I waved and said, “Morning.”

“Good morning!” she replied. We continued in this vein for several months, but as we are both married, I hesitated to take it any further.

One morning though, as she came out of her house, she really took my breath away. She was dressed conservatively in a navy blue business jacket and skirt. Her blonde hair was perfect and underneath the jacket she was wearing a white low-cut top which exposed a deep, milky cleavage. Something about the way she moved as she came down the garden path really got me going. “Wow! You look stunning today!” I blurted. “Thank you Dan,” she beamed in reply. Slightly embarrassed at the thought I had been a bit too forward, I quickly got in my car and drove off. After that though, instead of just a pleasant, “Good morning,” Sarah began to smile broadly at me as we went to our cars and before long, we were having quick chats before we set off. She was soon dropping hints as to what she’d like to do to me, but I took it as harmless fun.

Then things really took off. Last Wednesday, my wife went out to visit a friend. She had barely pulled around the corner when the phone rang.

“Hi Dan, what are you up to?”

“Sarah? canlı bahis How did you get this number?”

“It’s in the book Homer! “


“So are you on your own tonight?”

“Well for a few hours, yes.”

“That’s a shame, I’m at a loose-end with John out of town this week. How do you fancy coming over; we could keep each other company?”

“Um , I don’t know…”

“Dan, come to the window.”

I went into the front room and looked out into the early evening light. Sarah stood at her window, dressed in a white towelling robe. I smiled and waved across to her. Looking up and down the street, she pulled open one side of the robe to reveal a generous, round, milky-white breast.

“I’m going to have a shower. Maybe you could join me?”

Dropping the phone, I went through the front door and walked quickly across the street to her house.

Finding the door already slightly ajar, I went straight in. Sarah stood at the top of the stairs, her left hand on hip. “Come on up.” Taking the stairs two at a time I found her standing in the bathroom, the shower already running. She slowly took hold of my shirt collar and pulled me down towards her. As our lips came together, her mouth opened slightly and her tongue gently probed my mouth while she undid the buttons. “Let’s get you out of these clothes.”

I pulled open her robe and allowed it to drop to the floor. She has an amazing, womanly body and I fondled her two heavy tits and bent down to kiss her large, hardening nipples. She threw her head back and arched her back as my hands moved over her soft, very slightly rounded belly to her bushy mound. She suddenly pushed me back. “Not so fast, I thought we were having bahis siteleri a shower?” She put her hands on my already bare chest, and lightly scratched her long fingernails down my chest, over my nipples and down my flat stomach as she knelt in front of me and undid the buckle of my belt. Pulling my jeans down, she covered my crotch with her mouth and began breathing hotly through my shorts. My cock was already erect and sprang out when she pulled my shorts down. For just a few seconds, she took me in her mouth and moved up and down my throbbing shaft, kneading my balls with her right hand. I held onto the bath to steady myself but before I could get carried away, she stood up, and taking me by the hand, led me into the shower.

The hot water cascaded down on us as we embraced and kissed hungrily. Taking some shower gel down from a shelf, she handed it to me and turned her back to me. I squeezed some gel out and began to wash her back, lingering on the soft flesh around her middle. I knelt down behind her and kissed and squeezed her large, soft buttocks, allowing my tongue to run up and down in the crack between them. My hand slowly made its way up the inside of her legs to massage her pussy lips. She groaned with pleasure and leaned against the tiled wall while I continued to kiss and lick her arse, my middle finger teasing her, probing gently but firmly in and out, her juices beginning to flow. Standing up again, I soaped my hands up and pulled her towards me, her ass against my engorged cock. Reaching around, I squeezed and fondled her amazing breasts while kissing the back of her neck. Our slippery bodies slid against each other and I eased my cock into her hot, wet pussy from behind, left hand covering her bahis şirketleri breasts while my right gently rubbed her belly. I began to thrust, slowly at first, then increasing in speed while she pushed her ass back into me, slowly swaying from side to side as we both reached bursting point. Before I could come, I pulled out and handed the shower gel to her.

She breathlessly poured the cold gel onto my shoulders and began washing my chest and stomach before concentrating on my still rock-hard erection. She hungrily licked and sucked on my cock and balls, while I leaned back and grabbed a handful of her hair. I could feel the pressure building up and told her to stop for a minute if she wanted it to last any longer. She stood up again and we allowed the hot water to wash the soap from our bodies, then went to her bedroom.

Still soaking wet, we lay on her bed together exploring each other using hands, mouths and tongues. Finally I could take no more and mounted her in the missionary position, ready to shoot my load. Before that could happen, Sarah rolled me over to sit astride me. Lowering her dripping pussy onto my throbbing dick, she rode me furiously, grinding and rubbing into my crotch, hands pressed hard onto my chest, her fingers playing over my nipples. I grabbed her heaving globes and squeezed urgently, sitting up slightly to kiss and lap at her nipples. Leaning backwards to grab hold of my ankles, she screamed with pleasure as we came together in crashing waves of erotic ecstasy.

She slumped forward, draping her ample form over me and we lay together for what seemed like hours, both exhausted and spent.

“That was amazing.” I breathed.

“It wasn’t too bad was it?” she replied.

Suddenly remembering my wife was due back soon, I jumped out of bed and quickly began getting dressed.

“So, you wanna do this again sometime Dan?” she asked.

“We’ll see,” I said, as I winked and ran home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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