My New Neighbors Part 4 of 5

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PART 4 of 5

Please read Part’s 1 through 3 of My New Neighbors in order to make sense of this story. Thank you.

Over the next few days, Benny and I jerked, grinded, touched and sucked each other every chance we got…until Benny got bored with jerking and sucking, and was ready to graduate to the next level !

One day it was overcast and raining when he appeared, drenched and dripping at my house. It took him no time to take the wet clothes off, and throw them in the dryer. He must have been walking for a long time, as his skin was wet, cold and clammy as well. We jumped into a hot shower and washed each other….I dropped to my knees and sucked him to completion, swallowing his searing load and then licking my lips savoring his sweet boy juice. I remember thinking that he was now spraying more cum then when I first met him.

Normally, Benny would drop to his knees and suck me off too…but today, he said, “let’s get out and go to the bedroom”. I didn’t think much of it, if he didn’t suck me then, I am sure he would at some time through the day. We dried each other off, and stepped into the bedroom still totally naked, when he jumped onto my King size bed. He laid on his back and spread he gorgeous legs, so I could view his full boyhood in all its glory. I noticed his cock was returning from its rock hard state to a flaccid state, so I climbed on top of him, grinding my cock against his. Our heads were side by side, and he reached up and took my head in his hands, placing his hands on either side of my face, and lifted it until we were eye to eye, nose to nose, and then while still holding my head, lifted his head slowly and kissed me passionately on the lips. The kiss was smooth, warm, gentle and inviting. Without words, it relayed his feelings to me, opened heart, totally committed.

Continuing our kissing, now entering each other’s mouths with our tongues, searching, biting, exchanging our love, grinding our bodies into each other, in no time we were both hard again. Benny reached for my ridged cock, and spreading his legs more, began searching his ass crack with the head of my dick. I sort of laughed, saying, illegal bahis “what are you doing ?”. Benny replied, “I want you in me” WOW !!! my head was spinning. I don’t think I could ever talk any virgin, especially a boy, into moving as quickly as he was moving me ! It was plain to see that he was in control of this relationship, and he had an agenda to accomplish his goals in record time !

I kneeled up on the bed and as I did, Benny spread his legs more, providing me with a perfect view of this rock hard cock, sagging balls in their wrinkled sack, and part of his boy crack. In a few seconds, he raised his legs like a woman, pulled each ass cheek apart and allowed me full view of his man cave. It was awesome to see the pink boy button like pursed lips awaiting a kiss. The fringe of the ad cheeks are lined with a dark wisp of hair that defines that this is a man’s ass.

Flexing his sphincter muscles, he forced his pucker to extend out and relax, and I swear I heard his ass say, ‘come fuck me’ ! I went to the bathroom and got some baby oil, and oiled his ass and my cock up real good. I didn’t want to hurt him, as he was a virgin, and was eager to try being fucked…I don’t what to have his first time being a bad memory. As I applied the oil to his boy button, he squealed and said it was cold but felt great. I continued to rub the oil on the outside lips of his button, and he was moaning softly…so I started to enter the cave with one finger, and he responded with flexing his sphincter muscle again, which reach out, and grabbed my finger, pulling it deeper into the cavern…he did this twice pulling my entire finger into his hole. I was now deep inside the boy cave, feeling the actual raw organs of Benny’s insides….he was moving and moaning, trying to get my finger deeper inside, and I began pulling out and he said, “NO, leave it in there, it feels so good !”, and with his order, I began to pull and push my finger into the boy hole, finger fucking him…his legs spread wider, and he was lifting his ass off the bed to the motion of my finger fucking, basically he was now fucking my finger !

About 3 minutes passed and Benny was moaning wildly, with illegal bahis siteleri sweat forming on his forehead, brow and I can smell the manly musk scent from his armpits. Looking at his face, I could see he was lost in passion, with his eyes closed continuing his hip gyrations and periodically opening his eyes and staring at me with vacant, dead eyes… it was plain to see and hear, he was now lost in total lust ! He reached down and grabbed my wrist, and pumped my finger into his ass a few more times, trying to get it deeper then I could, and finally, pushing my hand away and grabbing my still hard cock, screamed, “fuck me !”

I positioned myself at the entrance to his boy cave and pressed the head of my cock against it…once again, he flexed his sphincter and like a trained dog, he gripped the head of my cock and pulled it in. The feeling of his boy hole was amazing, I could feel the tightness of the hole, as it enveloped my dick head and bombarded it with a solar heat as if I walked into a sauna. The heat was remarkable, it was wet and hot, unlike anything I have ever felt before, it was indescribable !!

As I was in my own daze, drinking in the feeling of the boy cave…he began moving his hips as he did before with my finger in his ass, and started to push himself onto my cock. Realizing I was not attending to his needs, I hovered over him and began to slowly slide my cock into the boy cavern. As I was doing so, his eyes were rolling back into his head and the guttural, sensual moans he was emitting were making me harder and move faster. I began pumping his boy slot slow at first, and Benny reached back and grabbed each of my ass checks, pulling me tighter and deeper, holding me there for a long time, not wanting me to pull out, even a little, then as his moans forced me to become more hornier, and I had to take control. Pulling out until just the tip of my cock was remaining in the hole, and then ramming it back in as deep as I could go…I did this faster and faster as his moans and grunts were getting louder and louder. I couldn’t concentrate on anything else except Benny’s moans of pleasure, but soon focused on my own pleasures, canlı bahis siteleri and realized how my cock was being enveloped and gripped like a vise by this waiting, wanting boy sinkhole. I could feel the searing heat inside surrounding my cock, which seemed to get hotter each thrust in, and finally I could feel my cock begin to swell.

Benny must have felt it swelling too, as his eyes flew opened, and he said in a stuttered forceful moan…”cum in me !”. These were the most inviting words I could have heard at that moment, as I didn’t want to leave the refuge of this boy cave ! I began long, hard pumps into his ass as he was screaming through clenched teeth, “harder ! harder !” mixed with periodic grunts and screams of “aaauuuuuggggg” the harder I pumped they louder he was yell…his screams tuned to sighs almost pleading, begging it to be harder….a few more pumps and I strained to say, “I’m going to cum”, his grip on my ass got tighter, digging his nails into my flesh, I worked through the pain to get to the prize, and in a few seconds I was cuming into the smoking hot boy cave ! I was gritting my teeth and cuming so hard I felt my eyes cross. I think my heart stopped for a second, and found myself gasping for air, and my body collapsed on top of Benny. Benny meanwhile, was screaming in his own world, wrapped his legs around my waist like a prisoner, not ever wanting me to leave, and when I collapsed on top of him, still cuming, he bit my earlobe with a tender yet purposeful bite.
Eventually, although the seconds felt like minutes, I stopped cuming. Laying on top of Benny, we were both sweating, our slippery bodies breathing heavy, Benny let go of my ear and just started laughing, which in turn made me laugh. He said, “THAT WAS FUCKING AWESOME !!!! I thought about it for a long time, but I NEVER expected it to be like that !!!” We laid there for a long time, me on top of Benny, he hugging me. With our bodies touching like there were, chest to chest, Benny’s legs still wrapped around my waist holding me tight, my cock, although now shrinking, still in Benny’s asshole….it felt as if our love for each other and the world was perfect. Eventually we both fell asleep.

Look for the final chapter (chapter 5). As always, I hope you enjoy the story as much as I did writing it. Comments are always appreciated.

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