My Nerdy cousin

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My Nerdy cousin
I was in my twenties living in my own flat, when my cousin Alice asked if she could come and stay with me, because she had just graduated university, and was about to start working nearby and needed a place to stay.
I happily said yes of course, because it was my cousin, and I liked her, and my aunt apparently was pretty relieved because she was worried Alice might meet the wrong type of people being away from home, and thought I could keep an eye on her.
Anyway, Alice was a petite young lady, with long red hair, a few freckles on her nose and wore glasses, a real hot nerdy looking girl, but cute, and once she had moved in, and begun working, I happily took her out a few times in the evening to meet my friends and see the town.
Well, it was one of these nights when we were in the pub with a few of my mates, the beer was flowing and eventually the conversation turned to sex.
Now, as soon as my mates started bragging about this conquest and that conquest, I could see my cousin looking a little uncomfortable, but then when one my mates let out I had recently anal fucked a girl I had told him about in secret, her expression turned to one of sheer disbelief.
So I quickly changed the subject, and after another beer or two, we decided to head home.
A quick taxi ride later, we were back in my flat, and as she disappeared off to her room quickly, I decided to get another beer from the fridge and see what sport was on the television.
A few minutes later my young cousin came strolling back into the living area in a pair of pink pyjamas clearly looking to go to bed shortly, but before she did, she sat down beside me on the sofa, and then nervously asked “So, Ben, what was it like… fucking that girl in the arse?”
I nearly choked on my beer when she asked that, and then tried to think of the right reply, before saying “Well, she asked me too, and it was kind of like fucking her pussy, only slightly tighter”
“Did she feel any pain?” she then asked
“I’m not sure, she moaned a lot, but I think she had done it before so she was kind of used to it!” I replied trying to be as honest as I could.
My cousin then sat there quietly for a moment, before she then said “I know it’s going to be a really weird thing to ask, because were cousins and related and stuff, but… would you fuck me in the arse?”
“What! Really?” I replied back looking completely stunned and amazed my rather innocent looking cousin would ask such a thing.
“I know. I know it’s not right, and were related, but your the only bloke I know whose done it, and I really want to try it, to see what’s like, and as it would be my arse not my pussy, it wouldn’t be like we were really fucking properly!” she then said having clearly thought the argument through before hand.
I stared at her little cute freckled face, framed by her long red hair and round glasses, and seeing the look in her eye that said she really was keen to do this, I finally replied “Okay, if you really want to try this, then okay”
“Great” she replied smiling nervously, before then saying “where should we do it then?”
“How about your room” I suggested, and eagerly she stood up and walked over to her bedroom door, before disappearing inside.
I then followed her, still kind of stunned this was really happening, and stepping into her room, full of the usual pink young lady things and clothing, she stood kind of nervous in the middle of the room.
“So.. what do we do first?” she then asked nervously.
“Well, we need to get you ready” I replied trying to sound like I knew what I was actually doing, even though to be honest, I had only done it that once with that girl, and she did most of the talking.
“So, why don’t you lay forward on your bed, and i’ll find some lube?” I then said.
“I have some baby oil!” suggested my cousin helpfully, before picking up a bottle off of her dressing table.
“Okay, that’ll work!” I said taking it from her.
Then my cousin moved over to her bed, and then laid face down on the bed, her pyjama covered legs hung down over the side, and her little socked covered feet barely touched the floor, before I slowly stepped up behind her.
I really couldn’t believe this was happening, I was not only going to get to see my cute little cousin naked little arse, the girl I had known all her life, and had watched her bahis siteleri grow up, but I was also going to get to put my big hard dick in her butthole!
Then I took hold of her pyjama bottoms, and slowly pulled them down her legs until they hit the floor, revealing her slim white legs, and a pair of cute little pink knickers covering her little round arse.
Then I took hold of them, and slowly pulled them down too, and once they hit the floor, I stared up at her beautiful little round soft arse cheeks, just sat there in front of me like a juicy little peach.
I then placed my hands on her soft little cheeks, and heard her gasp in surprise as she felt her cousins hands on her naked flesh for the first time.
“Okay, are you ready for this?” I asked
“Yes” my cousin replied and nodded.
Then I gently pulled her cheeks apart, and got my first look at her little arse ring.
It was perfect, perfectly smooth and clean, and pink and begging for something to be put in it, and so giving into temptation, I leant in, opened my mouth, and slowly ran my tongue around her little pink butthole.
My cousin instantly groaned softly into her bed sheets, and continued, as I gently ran my tongue around again and again, and I was loving every second of this, as I licked and teased her little arse ring, before then pushing in a little deeper and touching her inner hole.
“Oh shit! oh shit!” my cousin groaned happily as I began probing her little arse with my tongue, pushing it deeper into her arse, as I did, I pulled her cheeks a little further apart, and her ring opened up more, and I was soon tasting her inner juicy area.
My little petite red headed cousin, the one who looked like she had only just left school, let alone knew what sex was, was groaning repeatedly now in soft excited breaths, as she lay facing down, letting me lick her little arse hole out to my pleasure.
Then after a bit, I decided she was almost ready for the main event, and standing up, I began undoing my jeans, and my cousin glanced around and watched me drop them to the floor, and let out my pretty hard and ready to go cock.
“Oh fuck!” I heard her moan softly, as she lay looking at my hard eight inches ready to probe her arse.
Then I grabbed the baby oil bottle off the side, and poured some all over my cock, making it very slippery, and pretty shiny, before I moved back to my cousins arse, and squirted a bit over her little back door ring.
Spreading it around a bit with my finger, I greased her little back ring up, before I then let my finger slip into her, and she groaned a little louder as my finger stretched her ring open.
My cousin then groaned repeatedly as I stood fingering her arse hole for a minute, and when I thought she was ready for it, I slipped another finger into her.
“Oh fuck” she moaned into her bed sheets, as I went knuckle deep in her little arse.
“This what two fingers in your arse feels like!” I said letting her know what I was doing “Do you think your ready for more?”
My cousin didn’t say anything at first, but just nodded as she tried to control her fast and excited breathing.
“Do you want more? do you want my big cock in your arse?” I asked again.
“Yes! yes!” she finally gasped, as I continued to finger fuck her little back hole.
Well, that’s all I needed to hear, and then pulling my fingers from her back passage, I moved up behind her, and then placed my big bulbous oily cockhead up against her oily little arse ring, and as gently as I could, I began pushing my cock into her.
“Ohhhhhh fuck!” my cousin groaned as my cockhead eased her arsehole wide open, before it slipped in.
Then I gently once again began pushing in a little deeper, and after a few seconds I had a good couple of inches in my little cousins tight little arse hole.
“Ohhhh fuck! fuck!” my cousin groaned again as I stood letting her get used to my hard cock in her little back passage.
“Okay, that’s just a couple of inches, but i’m slowly going to start fucking you, you ready?” I asked.
“Yes” my cousin groaned softly.
Then as I said, I began gently rocking back and forth, letting my hard oily cock slip slowly back and forth in my little red headed cousins tight little arse, and after a minute or so, I was soon gently fucking her.
“There you go!” I said cheerily “I’m fucking your arse! Your dirty older cousin bedava bahis is fucking your little petite arsehole!”
“Oh fuck! oh fuck!” my cousin groaned back as she held onto her bed sheets.
After a bit, I started to push a little deeper, and thrust a little harder, and soon my cousin was taking a good two thirds of my hard oily cock in her arse, and she was groaning loud and repeatedly into her bed.
“Oh fuck! oh fuck! oh fuck!” she kept moaning as I fucked her hard and steady on her bed.
“So, do you like it? Do you like being fucked up the arse?” I asked
“Yes! yes! oh god yes!” she groaned loudly back.
I carried on thrusting into her oily little back hole for a good few more minutes, until Alice began to get louder and more excited, and then as I thrust a little deeper and harder trying to fit my whole length into her arse, she suddenly cried out “OH FUCKING HELL!” and then she tensed up, arched her back upwards and began to shake “FFFFFUUUUCCCKKK!” she groaned loudly.
As she did, I felt her little arsehole tighten on my cock, and quickly I held still as my little petite cousin had her first anal orgasm, on my cock!
After a few amazing seconds she finally calmed down and relaxed, and lay breathing heavily on her bed once more.
I then leant in, and whispering into her ear, I asked “How was that?”
“Oh so fucking great! so fucking great! I love anal sex!” she then declared still trying to catch her breath.
“Do you want some more?” I asked
“Yes! yes!” she gasped.
And so I began steadily thrusting into her again, and once more my little hot red headed cousin, began groaning because of my cock.
After another minute of fucking her from behind I was eager to try another position, and so I pulled my hard oily cock out of her amazing slippery little arse hole, got her to role over so she was facing me, and then lift her legs up.
My cousin, with out any protest, did exactly that, and now with her little pale legs wide open and up in the air, I could not only see her gaping pink arsehole waiting for my hard cock again, but her little perfectly bald pussy, that to be honest, I would now love to sink my cock in.
But instead, I settled for a taste, and quickly leant in, and ran my tongue across her little pink pussy lips.
“Oh fuck!” my cousin groaned loudly as my wet tongue brushed against her soft pink lips.
Then I moved up to her again, and with my hard cock in my hand, I fed it back into her arse hole, before taking hold of her little white bare legs, and then steadily once more began fucking her arse.
“Yes! yes! fuck my arse hole! I love it! I want it so much!” groaned my cousin, and as I pumped my cock in and out of her silky back passage, she began rubbing her little bald lips, which was a real turn on for both of us.
My cousin was soon groaning loud and excited again, as she played with her little pussy furiously, while I fucked her arsehole hard and steady, and i’m sure the neighbours must have wondered what the hell was going on, because I know at least one of them knew we were cousin sharing this flat.
But it didn’t matter, because I was now entirely focused on fucking my cousins arse, and as I pushed her legs back towards her shoulders, almost folding her over into two, I began ramming my hard cock harder and deeper into her.
Alice then got louder and louder, and definitely more excited as she rubbed furiously at her little bald pussy, while staring me in the eyes.
“You going to cum again?” I asked excitedly “You going to cum again on my cock?”
“Yes! yes! yes!” was all she could manage to say as we fucked away fast and hard now.
“Ooooooohhhhhhh i’m going to cum! i’m going to cum!” she then groaned as I pounded her arse towards another orgasm “I’m going to cuUUUUUUMMMMMM!” she then groaned before suddenly she tensed up again, her legs stuck straight up into the air, and then she cried out “FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKKK!” and began twitching wildly on my cock, and to my amazement, her little pussy suddenly exploded and started to squirt pussy juices all over me as well.
I think my little twenty something cousin, then had the biggest orgasm she had ever had, and for another good few seconds she just cried out loud enough to wake the neighbours dog.
Then once again she calmed down, and lay facing up at me, she tried to catch her bedava bonus breath.
“Well, I think you woke the neighbours that time!” I said with a grin, and my cousin just wearily smiled back at me.
“So, I haven’t cum yet, so, do you want to go one more time?” I asked still with my hard cock lodged deep in her little arse.
“Okay” my cousin gasped, and nodded.
So, wanting to change things up once more, I pulled my hard cock out of her arse again, and got her to role over onto her front once more, and as she lay facing down, I couldn’t help myself, and quickly I knelt down between her legs, and ran my tongue across her wet leaking pussy again, to taste her sweet juices.
My cousin amazingly just moaned softly, clearly not bothered now that I was licking her pussy, and once I had tongued it a few more times and then sucked my tongue clean, I got back up behind her, and once more fed my hard cock into her arsehole.
Then I got her to lift up, and in one quick move, I had her sitting in my arms, her little white legs dangled over either side, and her arse completely impaled on my cock.
“Oh fuck!” groaned my cousin not expecting this, as my cock was now almost fully deep in her arse.
Then I began thrusting up into her, while gently lifting and lowering her little petite body in my arms, and very quickly my cousin once again was groaning happily, loving her first anal experience.
After a bit, I decided to show her why I had her in this position, and quickly I moved us over to her full length dress mirror at the far end of her bedroom, and standing in front of it, I began fucking her little faster.
“See! Look at this!” I grinned “Now you can see me fucking your arse! do you love it?”
“Oh god I love it! I love watching you fuck my arse!” she groaned back as she once again began rubbing her pussy.
I have to admit even I was getting excited watching us fuck like that, and now I could see her little bald pussy opening up as she rubbed furiously at it again, I knew I had to fuck her just like this until I came.
So, I began thrusting harder, up into her tight little arsehole, and lifting and dropping her quicker on my dick, and as she rubbed her little pussy wilder and wilder, and groaned louder and louder again, I began to feel my balls begin to tense up.
“Oh god!” I groaned threw gritted teeth “I’m going to cum soon! I’m going to cum! Where do you want it?”
“In my arse! in my arse!” groaned my cousin “Cum in my arse! I want it! it’s yours! it’s yours!”
Hearing my cousin begging for my cum in her arse was just amazing, and it spurred me on to do just what she wanted, and as I pounded away at her little tight back hole, and watching her build to another orgasm because of it, I knew it was only matter of time before I blew.
And then my cousin began to cry out again “OOOOOHHHHH GGGOOOODDDD!” and as her third anal orgasm was about to explode from her, I felt my balls tighten completely.
“OOOOHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKK!” I cried out as well, and then I thrust hard and deep into my cousin arse, and fully buried inside of it, I began squirting my hot sticky load.
“SSSHHHIIITT!” I groaned loudly as unloaded wad after wad of hot sticky goo into her arsehole.
“FFFUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!” cried my cousin, as she tensed once more, and then began bucking on my cock, as her little pussy squirted wildly all over her mirror.
It was hot, so hot watching my little petite red headed cousin cumming all over her mirror, because my big hard cock was filling her arsehole with my sticky man juices, and for several completely mind blowing seconds we stayed just like that, cumming and watching each other in the mirror.
Then finally we both calmed down, and for a moment just hung onto each other catching our breath, then I gently placed her feet back down on the floor, before getting her turn slightly towards the wet mirror, and with us both watching, I slowly pulled my softening cock out of her little arsehole, and then we both got to see it gaping open for a moment, before my cum began to dribble out and down onto her bald pussy mound.
“Oh fuck!” I heard my cousin gasp as she stood slightly bent over still watching my load dribble out of her little well used ring.
“So, how was that?” I asked
“Incredible!” replied my cousin smiling “I think I really love anal sex!” she then said before she reached down and took hold of my now semi hard cock, and then said “Especially with this cock!” and then to my surprise once more, she then leant down and gave it a big long suck, tasting my cum and her own arse juices that were smeared all over it.

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