My Nephew

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My Nephew
I am a divorced 46 year old women who is still attractive
and sexually vibrant.
That’s why having been divorced for a number of years has
been so painful for me.
Not that I missed my ex, but I missed a cock. My
ex husband and I may have been kind of kinky by some
peoples definition of sex.

We used to watch the videos while we fucked and
fantasize about being with the couples on the screen.
Now all I can do is finger my aching pussy to climax
while I watch alone. But thankfully that changed
drastically about two months ago. When my best friend
Helen asked me to look after her son while she was away
for a few weeks.

Since Mark, was still in school, it was decided that he
would stay with me for the two weeks. Mark is big for his
13 years of age and is a really nice boy to have around, to help with
things around the house like lawn mowing and so on.

I never dreamed that shortly after him coming to staying with me
that he would fulfill a much more important role in my
household. I had read articles and books about young boy liking
older women, but had never dreamed that some day it would apply to
me, as it has. Let me tell you how it all came about.

I work all day and usually a few hours on Saturday.
Mark had been with me for two days, when I asked him to clean
the garage out on Saturday while I was at work, and that I would bring
home our dinner from a take out.
I had anticipated working into the afternoon and told Mark that I
probably wouldn’t be home until around 3:00 p.m.

It turned out that by 10:00 a.m. I was done, so I
headed home. Instead of pulling into the drive like I
usually do, I parked out front, planning on Mark and I
going out to lunch.
I went into the house, but could not find Mark anywhere.
I looked out the kitchen window and saw that the garage door
was closed and no sign of Mark. I went outside and went to the side of
the garage which has a small curtained window and
looked in.

What I saw through that window almost put me into
shock, I had forgotten that my ex husband had a couple
of boxes of dirty books that he kept stored away in
the garage. Mark had run across these while cleaning
up. And naturally those books were like a magnet for a
young 13 year old boy.

Mark was sitting in and old chair in the garage, with
his pants down around his ankles, a book in his left
hand, and his cock in his right hand. My eyes froze on
his fist pounding his young cock. For a 13 year old,
he certainly had a respectable sized cock for his age.
From the distance that I was it looked every bit as big
as my ex husband’s, maybe not as thick though.

As I stood fascinated by the sight of Mark wanking
in the garage,
I could feel myself getting wet. I became so intensely
horny that I had a notion to burst in on him and swallow
his young cock into my hairy pussy, relieving both him and myself.
But I was content with my peeping, which made it even more
exciting, to know that he was unaware of being
observed. As I watched, I slid my skirt up and rubbed
my mound through my tights.

But that only teased me, so since I was wearing only
tights and no knickers today, I worked the crotch material with
my nails and tore an opening to my pussy. My finger slid into my
gash as though it had been lubricated, that’s how wet
I was.
As soon as my finger touched my clit, my legs began to tremble
and my juices started running down my thighs, I had never
been this turned on before.

It’s a good thing that the spot where a I was doing my
nasty peeking was secluded from the neighbor’s view,
because I must have been a sight. With my skirt up
around my waist, one hand busy at my pussy, with the
other inside my blouse with my bra pushed up rubbing a
rock hard nipple. As I continued to watch, I sensed
that Mark was getting close to cumming.
What he didn’t know ,was that his horny aunt was about
to cum also, while watching him.

I watched as Mark’s legs stiffened straight out and
his head went back, and his fist sped up on his young
cock. My eyes glued to his cock, I watched and started
my orgasm as the first spurt shot out of his young
cock. I was amazed at the size of his load. As I
watched intently, spurt after spurt came forth from
his beautiful cock.

I could not believe my eyes as I watched him lean
forward and shoot three more hefty spurts onto the
garage floor. As he slowly milked more seepage from
the tip of cock, he grabbed a nearby rag and began wiping
himself off. I was coming down from my
intense climax while still watching him clean up.

I straightened my clothes and quickly went into the
house before he came out of the garage. By the time he
did come into the house, I had already showered and
fingered myself to two more intense orgasms with the
image of what I had just seen fresh in my mind.

That night, in the privacy of my bedroom, my vibrator
produced three more orgasms and I still woke up horny
enough to dildo casino oyna fuck my hairy pussy to yet another mind
blowing orgasm.
All day Sunday I could think of nothing else but what I
had witnessed, keeping me horny all day.
Mark had gone to play with some of his friends,
so I busied myself with some house cleaning to get my
mind off of my burning pussy. Needless to say it
didn’t work very well.

I decided to do some laundry and went into Mark’s
room to get his dirty clothes. There were three pair
of his boxers and each one had large cum stains
in them. That didn’t do too much to squelch my
hornyness that’s for sure. But it wasn’t until I went
to my own clothes hamper that I made a sexy discovery.

The knickers that I had worn Friday were on top of the
pile, instead of under the rest of the clothes. As I
pulled them from the hamper, I immediately saw why.
Mark had gotten into my hamper some time during the
weekend and taken my knickers out.
I knew this because the crotch of the panties were covered
with cum stains.
Needless to say, this lit my pussy on fire like no tomorrow.
I had to sit down on the toilet and relief myself right then.

The fact that Mark had sexually played with my
knickers, brought back the old excitement that I used
to get whenever my ex husband and I would send some
nude photos of me out to other couples or guys. It
always excited me to imagine some guy jerking off
while looking at my pictures. It was the and there
that a plan took shape. I still had plenty of nude
photos of myself locked up. I would set Mark up and
see if he took the bate. The thought of him jerking
his sperm off while looking at pictures of his aunt,
turned me on immensely.

The next morning, before I left for work, I left a
pair of my knickers on my bedside draws. Under the
knickers I put 5 pictures of me nude in various poses,
taking care to notice the order they were in. All day
long at work, I was one walking sex crazed women. I
couldn’t wait to get home and see if Mark had seen my
treasure trap. I even had to go into the ladies room
for finger relief twice.

Mark called me at work around 4:00 and told me that
he was going over on his bike and check on the house
and that he would be back around 7:oo. I left work
early and rushed home. Mark’s bike was gone, so I
went up to my bedroom with my heart doing flip flops.

As I went to the bedside draws my heart skipped a beat
as I saw that the knickers had been disturbed. I looked
at the crotch, it was still damp and hadn’t dried yet.
The photos were not in the order that I had left them
either. It was then that my nasty mind took over. I
had to watch him jerk off to my photos, just knowing
he did was not enough. So I showered and put on my
sexy “shortie” bathrobe that barely covers my buns,
and doesn’t when I bend over only slightly. Mark had
seen me in a robe but definitely not this one. I took
the knickers and the photos downstairs and waited for
Mark to come home.

It seemed like forever but he finally came in. I told
him to sit down on the couch, that I wanted to talk to
him. I produced the pair of knickers from the pocket of my robe
and held them out for him to see.

“what do you know about these?” I asked.

He immediately began blushing and said “nothing”. I told him
about finding another pair in my hamper that were really stained up.

He began to squirm with his eyes to the floor. I then
informed him of what I had witnessed through the
garage window the other night, without telling him
what I had done of course. He was almost in tears and
begged me not to tell his mother about it and that he
would never do it again.

I calmed him and told him that I wouldn’t tell her only if
he told me the truth.
He agreed by shaking his head, still not wanting to look me
in the eye or talking very much.

I said ” did you take a pair of knickers out of my clothes
hamper the other day?”

He sheepishly nodded yes. “what did you do with them?”

He told me that he had just looked at them. I told him
that I didn’t believe that’s all he did and that I
may have to let his mum know. He slowly stammered
that he had played with the knickers. I asked him how
he had played with them. Had he done the same thing
with them that he had done with the book in the

He didn’t speak for a moment and then with tears in
his eyes he began to relate to me what had taken
He had smelled my knickers while playing with himself
and didn’t want to stain my bed so he had used
the knickers. By the time he was finished relating his
story, I could feel my pussy juice slowly running down
my thighs.
I had never been so hot in my life as I was right then.

I produced the pictures from my robe pocket and held
them out to him.
“What about theses, did you do it while looking at these?”
He nodded yes. At that point I felt a mini orgasm hit my
flaming cunt and more juice began to trickle kaçak casino down my thighs.

I handed him the pictures and asked him which one was his favorite?
He shuffled through them and handed me one. It was of
me in the living room sofa spread wide with my
finger in my hairy pussy.

I handed the photo back to him and told him that for
punishment he had to play with himself while looking
at the picture while I watched.
He stared at me in disbelief. I told him that he didn’t
all deals about keeping his actions secret were off.

With my coaching he stood and by my instructions stripped
off all of his clothes. As he removed the last article, his
underpants, I gasped as his cock came into view,
it was semi hard already and seemed even bigger than I had
seen through the garage window. As he stood there in
front of me naked, the act of being naked in front of
his aunt must have been titillating.
Because right before my very eyes I watched fascinated
as his young cock grew to full erection.

He sat back down on the sofa, picked up the picture
from the coffee table, wrapped his hand around his
beautiful hardon and slowly began to wank.
As he stared at the picture, I lifted my right foot onto
the coffee table. This exposed my bush of pubic hair to
his gaze.

I said “wouldn’t you rather look at the real thing while
your doing that?” He responded “oh yes”

with his eyes glued to the hairy pussy in front of him.
As he watched I untied the belt on the robe and let it slide off,
exposing my large breasts to him. His eyes were
all over me, and his fist became a blur on his cock.

I was going to finger myself as I watched him, but
realized that he would soon cum at the pace that his
hand was going. The fact that I was the first women he
had ever seen naked had his excitement way high also.
I kneeled down on the floor in front of him and
grabbed his hand and stopped him from jerking his
young cock. I took his hand off and replaced it with mine,
feeling a twinge in my pussy as I felt the rock hard
shaft in my hand. As I slowly began to stroke him, he
let out a low groan. I told him that it would feel
better having aunty Bronwen’s hand do it than his own.
He groaned and said,”oh boy does it ever, god aunty
Bronwen please don’t stop, it feels soooooo good”.

Deep down I knew what I was doing was wrong, but at
that moment nothing in the world could have stopped
me, as I leaned forward and took him into my mouth.
The velvet head of his cock felt like silk to my
tongue as I swirled it around. I hadn’t had a cock in
my mouth for over a year, and since I’ve always loved
sucking cock, this moment was just too much. Without
even touching my pussy, I exploded into an intense

Unfortunately, Mark’s first blow job was a little
more than he could handle also, as he screamed for me
to, “Stop! Stop! Its going to go.”

I pulled off only long enough to look up at him and
say, “Let it go Mark, let it shoot in my mouth.”

And that he did, I was disappointed that it was so
fast but was it every delicious, and I mean delicious.
A women can’t know how beautiful and delicious a young
boy’s sperm is until shes tried it, its heaven to the

Anyway, Mark stiffened up and let out a scream as his
first spurt splashed against the roof of my mouth,
then another and another,. It was so intense for him
that he kept moving his whole body, almost dislodging
his spurting cock from my mouth, but I hung in there,
I rode with him and didn’t miss a precious drop of his
young cum.

Only when the spurts subsided and the tip was just
oozing did he calm down. I kept his tip in my mouth
running my tongue over his slit, getting all there
was. I had intended on nursing on him until he went
soft, but boy was I in for a surprise. He did not go
soft, instead it seemed like he got even harder.

I finally stopped when I realized he was beginning
to thrust into my mouth towards another climax. I
didn’t want that to happen yet. I pulled my mouth of
and laid my head on his thigh, and while slowly
stoking his cock, I began licking his smooth balls, while
telling him how good it was. He put his fingers in my
hair and began rubbing my head and telling me how
wonderful that had felt and that he loved me Then,
being the virgin that he was, he said,
“what did you do with the stuff aunty Bronwen?”

I grinned and told him that I had swallowed it and
that it was delicious.
“I never dreamed anyone would do that.”

I asked him if he had liked it better than my hand.

He said “did I ever.” I asked him if he’d let me do it
again sometime, to which he answered “Anytime, Anytime.”

I took him by the hand and led him upstairs to my
bedroom, all the way up admiring how stiff and
straight his young cock remained, it was heaven to say the
least! Once on my bed, I asked him if he’d like to
return the favor I had done him, and lick my pussy.
He was very eager and I had canlı casino no problem getting him to eat
my pussy.

At first he was a novice, with my coaching, he soon
became quite a pussy lapper.
I had several mini orgasms as his tongue did its deed
to my slit, but it was nothing compared to when I coached
him into sliding his index finger into my pussy for
lubrication and then sliding it my puckered bumhole while
he sucked my clit.
When his finger got into my bumhole up to the
second knuckle, I told him to push in all the way
which he did, then I told him to pull it almost out
and then back, and to keep doing that.

He only got do it about four times and I went into the
most intense orgasm of my life. I came all over his
young tongue and locked his finger into my anal ring
as I convulsed in ecstasy. I felt for a moment that I
would pass out, it was that good and that strong. WOW
and I mean WOW!

When I finally came down from cloud nine, my clit and
entire slit were still being slowly licked by my
wonderful young lover. I stopped him and pulled his face up
and gave him a long sensual kiss and thanked him for
making me so happy. As I looked at his cock, I saw it
standing straight out, tall and proud and the head was
purple looking kind of angry. He told me that it hurt
and it needed me to suck on it like I had downstairs.
I smiled and told him that it was time for him to
experience another hole that a women has that can also
give pleasure.

With that I had him lay on his back, and mounted him.
Grabbing his rock hard young shaft, I pointed towards my
opening and slowly sank my hot hairy pussy over him. He let
out a long groan and began to naturally pump his hips
up into me. I slowly pumped back and urged him to take
a nipple in his mouth. I taught how to suck on a tit
and bite down just right. It didn’t take long and I
sensed that he was getting close, so I stopped and
told him to hold still for a moment. As we laid
perfectly motionless, I began to milk his cock with my
cunt muscles, something I had perfected using my
vibrator and dildo.

Mark began moaning and tried to pump up into me, I
told him to lie still and not pump until he felt
himself cumming. I continued my milking until his cock
head swelled inside of me and he let go with his seed,
deep into my pussy. Yes you may be wondering, I
came right along with him also. After we recovered, we
showered together and had supper.

When we went to bed, it was in one bed, not with him
in his room and me in mine. He had undressed down to
his boxer shorts and was watching me undress. I had
only a blouse and skirt on, no bra or knickers. As I
opened my blouse and exposed my large 38D tits to him I could
see a stirring in his shorts, by the time I slid my
skirt down and off, he had a tent in his shorts. The
fact that I, an older women turned this young boy on
enough to get a hardon, was a terrific morale booster
for me. Needless to say, we fucked and sucked the
night away.

It has been 4 months since I took Mark’s young cock, and
we’re still going strong. Whenever he comes over to
mow the lawn or anything, I never wear knickers. He
adores eating pussy. I’ll be sitting at the kitchen
table, and he’ll get under it, slide my skirt up and
tongue my hairy pussy to heaven. He rides his bike to
school, so he leaves a little early in the morning and
stops by my place while I’m getting ready for work, and I’ll
suck him off before he goes to school. We usually
don’t have enough time to fuck, but once in a while he
comes over before I’m fully dressed and I give some
pussy before school.

I told you that Mark is one hell of a heavy load shooter.
I don’t where he gets it all from, but I’m sure glad to
have it. I read once that the average ejaculation for a
man is about two teaspoon full.
Well Mark and I did an experiment the other day. He came
over after not being over for two days.

We have an agreement that he is not to jerk off
anymore. That when he needs his cock emptied, I’ll
take care of it. Well anyway he came over on his way
to school, and I knelt before him right at the door
and sucked him until he told me he was ready, and then
I held the tip of his cock into a shot glass, not the
little tiny one, but the next size up. He came close
to filling it. Then I drank it from the glass,
and continued to suck him until he gave me another
load, not as huge, but quite a bit considering the
first load.

I know its not right,, and quite a few people who read
this will think I’m disgusting, but I’m hooked on this
young boy now, its too late. Mark gets my mouth and pussy
anytime he wants. Occasionally I’ll show him an xxx tape
that I’ve got from trading.
He loves to watch them. We recently saw one where the girl
sucked the guy until he was ready to come, then she
pulled him out of her mouth and jerked him off into
her face. Mark wanted to try that,we did and it was a
turn on for both of us.

I look at it this way. Somewhere out there is a girl
that one day will meet Mark, ,and she’ll be thankful
to me without even knowing it. Because she’ll have so
many orgasms by him, because he has been taught well.

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