My Neighbor is Insatiable!

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I’ve had an eye on my downstairs neighbor for a while now. She is in her early 30’s, is quite tall with an athletic body which she shows off by wearing skimpy figure-hugging clothes. Her tits are not that big but she has constantly erect nipples which really turns me on. Also I can hear her having regular sex downstairs, and boy does she scream! I got more interested in her when I asked if I could get into her apartment to let a window cleaner into the yard to clean my windows.

As she was going to be away she left me the keys, and of course I nosed around! I found a porn video by the TV, and in the bedroom some vibrators, a strap-on dildo and a mold of what must be her boyfriend’s (big) dick. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to suck a guy, so I put the molded penis into my mouth. I was amazed at how filled up my mouth got. As I licked it I noticed I was tasting cunt juice. It was my neighbor’s. By now my dick was straining so I got it out and started pumping myself.

To help myself get off I opened her knickers drawer and got out her skimpies. Some were really kinky with cut out crotches and stuff. I wrapped a pair round my cock and came off then and there. My spunk went everywhere, and I wiped it up with her knickers. As I was putting them in her laundry, the front door opened. It was her, and I was rumbled. My dick was still out and there were vibrators etc. still out. She stared at me then at my dick. She knew what was going on and came fethiye escort over to where I was and looked into the laundry and whipped out the cum-stained knickers.

“What have we here?” she asked as she carefully examined them by pushing her finger through my copious sperm and sniffing it. “You certainly came hard,” she giggled as she put the finger in my mouth, making me eat my juice. Suddenly she licked the knickers and then french kissed me. She was a very rough kisser, our tongues wrapped round our mouths, and my cum with it. “I didn’t give you my keys so you could break into my apartment,” she scolded me. “Go into the bedroom and take off all your clothes”

Who was I to argue? She followed me and in no time was naked herself. We kissed again with her on top grinding her pussy against my thigh, which was getting pretty wet. She climbed up to my face and ground her cunt into my waiting mouth. She tasted better than on her boyfriend’s dick mold. As I worked my tongue magic on her pussy and clit she started to moan with the familiar strains I can hear through the floor when I am upstairs. My tongue traveled to her ass and licked and probed her puckered entrance. This really got her riding me like she was on a horse, and from the yelps she gave out I knew it wouldn’t be long before she came. I kept her steady by holding her great butt cheeks, and with her pulling on those ever ready nipples she came with a ferocity and noise that made me laugh into her escort fethiye cunt.

As she got off my wet face she kissed me deep and said “Ooh, you’re good. And to think you were upstairs all the time!” She turned around and started to lick my dick. She kissed my bell end and put her tongue in the hole before sucking gently on the head in a glorious rhythmic movement. I noticed she had started to play with her clit. This girl was on fire! Then she took the whole of me in her warm mouth. The way she fluttered her tongue around made me moan in appreciation, until she stopped so she could lick my balls. I love this particularly if the licking continues to around my ass.

This is what she did, whilst she wanked me and played with herself, her fingers disappearing into her cunt. I couldn’t hold back much longer, and told her. She stopped at once and wiped the precum from my shaft. She wiped it around my ass which suprised me, then got off the bed and reached for her strap on dick. She wanted to fuck my ass. This had never happened to me before, although I have played with my ass and put fingers and even a banana up there before, so I just relaxed and let it happen. With me on my back she pushed my legs to my chest before slowly inserting the dick up me. It felt big, but not too painful. Mostly it felt dirty, and that really turned me on. I could feel my ring tightening around the dick as it probed my g spot. I looked up to see my neighbor smiling at me.

“You fethiye escort bayan naughty boy,” she said. “Why don’t you wank yourself while I pump your ass?” She started pumping my ass and I frigged myself as hard as I could. I had never felt anything that good, and I came in great ropes of jism which hit my face and all down my body, which she wiped up and put into my mouth for me to eat.

After that we rested side by side and chatted. She told me she was glad we had got together and we told each other our secrets. She liked sex with other women but had been too afraid to bring girls home as she said she would be embarrassed by me hearing two women screaming. I said she should bring a girl home as soon as she could, as I wanted to video them. All this talk had got my cock going again, and we started making out.

We ended up with me fucking her doggy style so hard her bed was slamming into the end wall! She started to meet my cock with back thrusts of her own and she yelled at me to fuck her dirty wet pussy and ass. With this I put a lubed up finger up her back passage which made her front half fall onto the bed in pleasure. She bit the pillow as she screamed. Taking this to be a good sign, I withdrew my finger and replaced it with my rigid pole in one movement. She went nuts and began playing with her clit.

Finally she shouted “I’M CUMMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!” I felt her anal ring dancing around my cock which set me off. I held her tight as my seed shot into her asshole. It was great! A bit later the window cleaner came, and she had her wicked way with him. She made him cum on the window before licking it off to help him in his job. She’s considerate like that!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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