My Mother, the Thief

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Lots of mom and son sex in this tale. Some blackmail and bondage thrown in just for the heck of it. If you like that sort of stuff, this story is for you. If not, look elsewhere.


Okay. So far, so good. She hasn’t spotted me yet.

‘She’ is my mother. I celebrated my nineteenth birthday just a month ago. That day was when I discovered dear old mom was a thief. For over a month before the big event, I hinted around I wanted an autographed copy of a Sherlock Holmes novel. I was a big Arthur Conan Doyle fan. When I was eleven I read A Study in Scarlet and was hooked.

Now while that might seem a strange request for a nineteen year old, if you knew my life, it would not be. I already have all the electronic games there are, a great computer, and just about everything else a teenage boy could want. Reason is, Mom is rich. Not just rich, but multi-millionaire rich. Being the only child, she inherited everything when her parents died. She hired people to manage all the oil wells in Texas and moved to California. Every ninety days the oil people deposit another three to four million dollars in her bank accounts. I live in a mansion, with maids and cooks and all the material things any red blooded America kid could dream of. I can have just about anything, but the one thing I really want, more than the cars and boats and all the other goodies I have is Mom.

Anyone lucky enough to see her would understand why. She is thirty-nine years old, but looks a decade younger. She has personal fitness trainers come to the estate to direct her daily workouts in our gym. Dietitians select her menu and the size of the portions and the chefs follow the directions meticulously.

We have several pool parties each summer. Many of my friends bring dates to the event. Oh, all the boners we guys get watching the ladies walk around in their skimpy bikinis. When mom joins the group, she can stand toe-to-toe with any of them in the looks department. She has measurements of 38-24-36. Her boobs still have a great jiggle to them as she plays volley ball. She enjoys playing games that involve lots of physical activity. She is fairly tall for a female, 5’11”. She is of Irish descent and has a lot of Irish characteristics except for the freckles. She has a few on her cheeks, but that is the only place. She has long strawberry red hair and emerald green eyes.

I have wanted her ever since the time a half year ago when I saw her in the shower. She knew I was nearby that day. She left the bathroom door wide open. I was walking by when she stepped out of the shower. I froze in the doorway. If she looked over, there would be no way she would not see me. I still do not know if it was on purpose or not, but she stood there in all her naked glory and slowly used the towel to pat the water off herself.

I knew she had a great set of tits, but seeing them for the first time since I was an infant gave me the hard-on of all hard-ons. I got a five second look of her pussy also. The hair on her head was red, but if it was the same color on her snatch I did not know. She was completely bald. I almost creamed my shorts standing there in the bathroom doorway. I came to my senses and hurried to my room. I grabbed my well used jar of Vaseline and jacked off. It only took a couple of pumps to get me where I wanted to be. I was so excited from the eye candy I had just seen, that was all it took.

Anyway, back to the part about my Mother the Thief. On the day of my birthday, all my friends were over and we had a great time. The band was great, the shows were fabulous, and everything went exactly as mom planned. It always does when mom is in charge. Everything she does is top notch. Mom gave me a small box and I opened it. Inside was a car key. It was to the brand new Ferrari J50 sitting in front of the mansion. There had only been ten of them built, and I had one! Ah, the benefits of being filthy rich.

After everyone but me and mom were gone, she called me into the study.

“Jeremy. I have one more gift for you,” she said. She handed me a neatly wrapped package. I opened it up, and there it was, an autographed copy of a Sherlock Holmes novel. I was elated. I gave her a big hug. She held me extra tight and long. As she snuggled her body against mine, I could tell she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs pressed against me. Her hug involved some movement and they moved back and forth against my chest.

I released her. It took her a few more seconds before she released me.

“I’ll be up in my room if you need me,” she said. She gave me a quick peck on my lips and walked away.

Again I was slightly stunned. She had never kissed me on the lips before, even just a short half second one like she just gave. I did not think about her statement that she would be in her room if I needed her until sometime later.

I hurried to my room to look the book over. It was The Hound of the Baskervilles. And there on the inside front cover was his autograph. It had to be old. The author died almost a century şişhane escort ago. Greg was going to be so jealous. Greg was my good friend and also had a thing for Sherlock Holmes. He too had an autographed copy of the same book. I found an interesting coincidence, there was a small scratch on the bottom part of the back cover. Greg’s copy had the same scratch in the same place. A chill shot thru me as I opened it to page seventeen. A water spot was in the center of the page, the same water spot Greg’s copy got when his little brother spilt a drop of his soda on it. I had to hold Greg back to keep him from beating the crap out of the kid.

My copy had at one time been Greg’s copy.

Maybe mom bought it from him. I discarded that idea at once. While Greg’s family was not as rich as we were, they were in the top one twentieth of the top one percent of the population. No amount of money would have convinced him to part with his copy. The only way it would leave his possession is if it was stolen. That explained why mom did not give it to me until after the party was over and Greg was gone.

I called Greg on the pretense of making plans for the coming week. We talked about cars and chicks and computer games for half an hour before I casually mentioned there was going to be a Sherlock Holmes marathon on TV this coming weekend, the series that stared Basil Rathbone as the great detective.

He immediately went into a minor fit at the mention of Sherlock Holmes and told me someone had broken into the place three days ago. As far as they could tell, the only thing taken was his autographed copy of the book.

I don’t think I moved for the next ten minutes as all sorts of thoughts raced thru my mind. What the hell was mom up to? I started to follow her. My newly acquired Ferrari stayed close enough behind her chauffeured limo to keep good track of her. She went into lots of stores. She avoided stores with ultra-high security like high end jewelry stores but went into the cheap places, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and similar stores. I snuck in behind her and kept close surveillance. When no one was looking, she would grab some little two or three dollar item and drop it into her purse. Son of a bitch! Mom was a klepto. She got by all the clerks in the stores. She did not get past me. I started recording her actions on my cell phone. I did this for a week.

I went with her when she visited some good friends. These were people she had known for years. They even belonged to some of the same private clubs. At each home, she managed to walk around alone. It was easy for her. After all they were the closest of pals and trusted each other. She did not see me hiding in the corners and shadows as I recorded her pulling little knick knacks into her purse. A couple of times she even had the nerve to enter their bedrooms and grab a thing or two. That explained how she got the book for me. While I was not able to record everything, I got plenty enough to let me accomplish what I needed.

This afternoon I went to my room and uploaded my recording to my computer. I spent a couple of hours making one hell of a show. I hid a flash drive with the incriminating evidence in a secret place only I knew of and then waited until the last of the help was gone for the day.

I took a second copy and attached it to our big screen TV.

“Hey, Mom,” I called out. “Can you come here for a moment please? There is something I would like to show you.”

She walked in wearing her gym outfit. Short shorts and a halter top. As far as I could tell, there was nothing underneath what I saw. I got her just before she began her workout.

“Have a seat,” I said while patting the sofa cushion next to me.

“What is it?” she asked.

“It’s a new show I want you to watch. It has a great cast and a plot that is out of this world.”

“Sound interesting. I can give it a quick peek before I start my workout. If it looks good I will watch it with you later.” She wrapped her sexy arms around me and pulled me close while I pushed the play button.

When the first scene started showing her dropping an item in her purse from one of the stores she visited, I felt her tense up. By the time she watched herself grab some sterling silver teacups from her closet friend’s home, she was motionless. Her eyes were unblinking as she saw herself in another friend’s home snatching a crystal figurine out of a display case.

“STOP!” she commanded.

I hit the pause button. The show was not even halfway over.

“What is the meaning of all this?” she asked. “Are you going to show this to them?”

“Depends on you.”

“What does that mean, depends on me?”

“I have some things I want. Give them to me, and this stays our little secret.”

“What more could you want? You have cars, every game in the world, maids, cooks, and a great home, what more is there?”

“There is you.”

“What does that mean?”

“I am going to do things to you. You are going şişli anal yapan escort to do things to me. As long as you do as told, this will never be seen. Not doing as told will end up this being shown at one of your clubs when it is jammed with people. I wonder what the neighbors will think.”

“Are you blackmailing me?”

“Well of course I am blackmailing you. I don’t think you would do all the things I want unless I have some sort of major leverage over you.”

“What do you want?”

“First thing, get naked.”

“WHAT! I’m you mother.”

“Okay, we have established the relationship. Now we will take that relationship to the next level. Strip.”

“Are you serious?”

“Okay,” I said, pulling the flash drive out of the TV. I will show this to Greg and his parents first. Maybe you can pay them off enough where they do not call the cops, but the word of your actions will spread like wildfire. Your social life has died.”

I had not taken the second step out of the room before mom grabbed my hand. “No, that will not be necessary.”

She stood and faced me as she pulled the halter top off.

“Wow,” I said as I stepped closer. I reached out and took her great set of tits in my hands.

She started to grab my hands until I said, “Brenda, you keep your hands at your side until I give you permission to use them. I will handle all the fondling at the moment. Your hands will be occupied soon enough.”


“Yep. When we are fucking it will be Brenda and Jeremy. When we are not screwing, it will be Mom and Jeremy. I have the feeling I am going to be calling you Brenda a lot from now on.”

She lowered her hands back to her side.

I ran my hand over her nipples. Already they were rock hard, just like my cock. She was well tanned, but had no tan lines. That was because she was nude when she went into the tanning booth. “Damn, Brenda. You have one hell of a rack. I have wanted to get my hands on these for almost a year. They are so firm.” I gave them lots of squeezes while I told her what a great set of tits she had. I moved closer and took the left one into my mouth. My tongue licked her nipple between the sucks I was giving it. Not wanting the right tit to get jealous, I moved to it and gave it the same treatment. I at last backed away from the titty fun I was having.

“Okay, Brenda. Lose the shorts. Let’s let that magnificent pussy get in the game.”

She was hesitant at first, but then unzipped them and stepped free. I had been right, there was no undies beneath them.

I sank to my knees so I could be eye level as I gazed at the treasure I had longed for. I gently ran my fingers over her. Her pussy lips were so smooth and silky. I pried her labia apart so I could see inside her better. She had a cute clit and I gave it a gentle caress. I felt her body tense as I did.

I stood up straight and commanded, “Up to your bedroom.”

When she reached for her clothing I said, “Those won’t be needed. Everything you will need you were born with.”

I walked closely behind her, squeezing and spanking her ass as we moved.

In less than a minute we were in her room. She had a king sized bed. That was good, it would give us lots of room for the games we were about to play.

“Okay now, Brenda, undress me.”

She kneeled down to my feet and unlatched the straps holding my sandals on. I liked her kneeling in front of me. It felt as if that was the way it was supposed to be. She skipped the shorts and moved to my T-shirt. She pulled it from me and stopped to stare at my chest. I was well developed. There was many times her gym instructors worked with me in the gym. I had a good set of pecks and abs, along with all the other muscles that turned the ladies on.

I stood in front of her as she unbuckled my belt. Standing next to her I could see I was an inch and a half taller than she was.

Her eyes were not looking into mine, but instead concentrated on the task at hand, getting rid of my shorts. It did not take long for them to drop to the floor. Like her, I wore no underwear. Her eyes widened as she looked at my dick standing at rigid attention. I was a full eight inches and was endowed with a good girth. The few ladies I have been with seemed to appreciate it.

I let her look over what soon would soon be inside her. It must have been my imagination, but I thought I saw just the barest hint of a smile attempting to break from her. If that was true, it was gone in a flash.

“In the bed, on your back, hands above head, and spread your legs,” I said.

“So now you are going to screw your mother?”

“Soon enough. What I want to do first is have some supper. I plan to eat that pussy of yours. I bet you I can make a full meal out of it. I will however do it correctly. Do not move while I go thru your clothing.”

While she laid there, spread-eagled, I went to her dresser and started opening drawers. I found what I was after in the second şişli bdsm escort one. I pulled out several pair of pantyhose and returned to where the fun and games was about to start.

I tied her wrists and her ankles to the bed posters. I made the fit tight so she could not pull free, but not so tight it cut off the circulation. After I tested each knot to insure she could not escape I said to her. “Listen, if this bothers you, go ahead and take off. If you stay, that means you are getting into it.”

“Very funny,” she said while testing each restraint. She could hardly move at all.

“Okay, Brenda. I’m going to chow down now.”

I was at the foot of the bed and climbed onto it. I plopped down between her shapely legs. My face was only four inches from her cunt. I gently touched it to start with, running my fingers all over the outside of her. Soon enough, one of them slipped inside her. I was astonished at how wet she was. I don’t believe she got this wet even when she was in the pool. That made it easy to slide a finger deep into her, then two fingers. While one hand slowly moved in and out of her, the other began to play with her clit.

I started to hear moans coming from her about the same time her hips began a slight up and down movement. Soon after, the moans were much louder and the movement of her hips was only held in check by the ties holding her down. She was already gasping by the time I lowered my mouth to her. My fingers kept up the steady in and out motion while my lips ran over the top half of her puss. My tongue stayed busy, starting to take turns with my fingers moving in and out of her. Every so often for a change of pace, I put a lip lock on her clit, sucking it gently to start with but steadily increasing the power of the suction on her. Her moans were now louder and coming closer together. Even being tied down did not keep her from shaking the mattress.

When the first of what would be many orgasms took her, she screamed. I was grateful I decide to wait unit all the workers were gone before doing all these things to her. Her pussy juice shot into my eager mouth. My god was she delicious.

I decided to be cruel. I did not stop sucking on her and sticking my tongue in to her cunt as far as I could make it go.

“JEREMY! STOP, PLEASE, I don’t know if I can stand much more.” I found out in the next few minutes she could take more. The muscles on her stood out rock hard as her body tensed up to the maximum a body could tense up. When I saw this, I licked and sucked even faster and harder. I forced a few more orgasms out of her before finally relenting. I pulled my face away from her pussy and set on the bed between her legs and watched her. For the next couple of minutes, she continued to have minor orgasms. She was exactly like a city that had experienced a major earthquake and for a time after had numerous aftershocks.

It was close to ten minutes before her rapid breathing returned to normal and the sweat stopped pouring off her.

“Was it good for you too?” I asked.

“Ha,” she laughed. “I’m guessing you could tell.”

“You seemed to enjoy it, but I think I can do better.”

“What? Not again. Please.”

“This time I am going to do it like the experts teach how to do it.”

“What are you talking about?”

I went to her desk and grabbed her laptop before coming back to the bed. I pulled a chair next to us and put the laptop in it. In the search engine I typed in, ‘How to eat Pussy’. Sure enough it pulled up a site. I clicked on it and a couple of ladies appeared. I left the laptop on the chair where we both could see it and returned to my favorite spot, between Brenda’s legs.

While mom lay there and watched the video with me, I followed the instructions step by step. Sure enough, she had to work her way thru another series of orgasms. This was turning out to be a lot of fun.

Twenty minutes later when I finished, I again had to give her time to recuperate. When she could speak again without gasping for air between words I said, “Brenda, if you had the option of doing this again or giving me a blowjob, which would you pick?”

“Hurry, stick your dick in my mouth, I will suck you dry.” It almost sounded as if she was desperate. She wanted to keep my mouth away from her pussy and was willing to do anything to keep the two apart for the time.

I did not release the tie downs but instead moved so I had a knee on each side of her head.

“If my hands were free, I could deliver a better cock suck,” she said to me.

“Maybe later. For now let’s keep you strapped down.”

I put the head of my dick against her lips and moved it around. Sometimes I ran it across her teeth. The tie downs kept her from moving a lot, but she was able to raise her head a couple of inches and sometimes would reach up what little distance she could and wrap her mouth around as much of me as she could. I would let her suck on my dickhead for a couple of seconds before pulling back out and repeating the pattern.

I did this for a time but soon the longing to shoot my wad into my mother’s mouth grew to be more than I could resist. I moved a little closer and she no longer had to stretch to reach me. Instead I began to move up and down, thrusting in and out of her. I was as much fucking her mouth as she was sucking me off.

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