My Mother, My Teacher Ch. 02

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Jack Sr. kissed his wife on the lips and headed out the door for work; he stopped and turned around looking to her with a grin. “Go easy on him honey” he said and laughed as he closed the door behind him. He knew she had plans for Jack Jr. and wished he was able to stay home and watch his wife with their son but he was needed at the office for a meeting. He knew of her controlling side and the plans she had for their son that day which made his cock twitch thinking about it.

Jayne was definitely a M.I.L.F. in her son’s eyes. He sat at his computer and looked over the listing of short videos on his favorite site dealing with mothers and their sons getting it on. None came close to looking as good as her, maybe he was bias but she had long fiery red hair with a few touches of grey, the perfect firm breasts, a tight ass and skin that looked beautifully golden brown.

She had decided to lean against the doorway, looking incredibly sexy and just starred at her son. Jayne had on a see-through black robe and had it barely fastened closed around her navel. Junior could see the hard points of her prominent nipples as well as her dark red mound, thanks to the fact she had pulled the robe back on each side. He could remember his mother wearing stockings a lot when growing up then that stopped for a few years. This time she did, they were black, as were an incredible pair of black, spiked, high heel shoes. She looked like she had plans for her son by the way she was dressed, the fact was she did.

Jayne smiled and pushed off the doorframe and began to slowly strut across the floor to his bed where he was sprawled out naked. His mother was making a point, and all her son could do was lay there and watch, as they were clearly on her schedule. Jack was hoping she would hurry up and get on with whatever she had planned, but she didn’t seem very inclined to do so.

His mother was a cocktease and whatever she had up her sleeve he knew would just blow his mind once again, she was the prefect teacher for him. Jayne could see his cock was already growing hard, ever since they started fucking he felt as if he was a walking hard-on. Just the sight of her made his cock jump most of the time.

Finally, she circled around the end of the bed and stood halfway up one side next to him. “And what do we have here?” his mother smirked and a slender fragile hand reached out and slowly encircled her son’s cock. “Did you get off today Jack?” she asked letting her şişli rus escort fingers slowly move along his length making his dick even harder.

Jayne reached down and slowly pulled the tie from her robe. She reached forth with it in both her hands and demanded he put his arms above his head grabbing the rung within the headboard of his bed. Junior did as told, feeling her wrapping his wrists tight together securing his hands to the bed.

Jayne walked to his dresser and opened a drawer she rummaged through it and took out two ties, returning she bound each one of his ankles to the corners of his bed and admired her work as she walked back to the side again. “Here you are, all tired up and you can’t do a thing about it.” Jack jr. had seen bondage videos and was aroused so to him he was game with anything his mother had planned for him.

She pulled his cock, slowly pumping it as if she had all the time in the world to make him cum and she did. His mother slid her hand up and down a couple times more as if she was playing with it and then stopped. Then Jayne used her thumb to work the base of his cockhead and coaxed a large glob of pre-cum out. It swelled as it came out, and then became too large to stay and fell slowly at first down the side of his cock. His mother did it again and still more came out to slide over her thumb and her son’s throbbing cock. Jayne was having too much fun teasing and tormenting him seeing what he could and couldn’t take.

“I could squeeze you just like this and I could still make you cum. I could keep squeezing and make you spray your own face as you lie there. I could make you do it again and again son and there is nothing you can do to stop your mother.”

Fortunately, Jayne wasn’t serious about making him cum on his own face as she let go and moved to straddle him. She was right. There was nothing her son could do as his mother teased his cock against her pussy. He watched his mother lower herself to him and then just as his cock brushed against her she rose up and took her cunt away giving him just a slight feel of her wet snatch against his thick hard shaft. She did that several times and then decided it would be more fun to just let him in enough to feel her pussy around the head before she pulled her wet warm cunt away.

To her son Jack the sad thing was that her teasing felt amazingly good and by then it was like his whole body was one totally connected nerve. şişli türbanlı escort His whole body felt incredibly linked together and if his mother did the slightest thing he would cum everywhere. Jack knew she knew it, too and finally quit playing and just eased down firmly, shoving his stiff prick inside her slopping wet welcoming fuck hole. She watched as her son struggled against the binds, those reminding him she could do as she pleases to him and again he could do nothing about it.

Then his mother began to slowly rise up, her pussy contracting against him the whole way. Her slippery walls rubbed up and down the full length of his ten inches of stiff dick. Jayne was urging him to release and coat every bit of her inner cunt walls with his hot white spunk. She rose upward until her son nearly slipped out of her moist embrace, before she dropped down, sliding him back inside. His mother could really fuck the hell out of a man as he found out.

The pace gradually quickened as she rode him. He was helpless to touch his mother, to do anything. Her cunt controlled everything, and there was nothing that Jack Jr. could do about it. Jayne said not a word but just watched him like a hawk as she flexed her hips, driving his turgid tool in and out of her heated hole. The bedroom was silent, except for the slippery sounds mother and son made, and then Jack Jr. came with a loud grunt.

Jayne stopped rocking and sat astride him as his cock jumped and jerked in her, pumping his seed deep into his mother’s body. He couldn’t help himself and began to start thrusting up as well as he could, pumping wave after wave of his hot molten lava into her, and his mother just sat there and watched her son with almost a disinterested look in her eyes. He was to busy to care, and then all too soon it was over. He thought they were done, but since she hadn’t cum yet she wasn’t about to let him go.

His mother gave him a few seconds more and then began to slowly rock in place. At first, it was very painful to her son having just fired a load, and then the pain seemed to just go away in mere minutes. “I’m not letting you up son until you cum again.”

Jack Jr. didn’t say anything back to his mother, as there wasn’t really anything to say to that. He could tell his mother really liked being in control and it was turning her on more and more. Jayne leaned forward and her breath was warm upon his face. “You just lie şişli ucuz escort there and take it son as I, for once, fuck your brains out!”

She smiled and then kissed him, forcing her slick pink muscle deep into his mouth. He lips meshed against his as her tongue, long and exquisite, violated her son’s mouth. Jayne probed him orally, while her hips gently worked his cock, making sure to keep slowly going in and out of her pussy. Helpless, he was being fucked, and the more his mother took what she wanted from her son, the more turned on he was getting. He was going to cum again and he knew it and began to thrust upwards just a little.

Jayne left him do that for a little bit, but there was no way she was giving up control. She sat back; licking her lips, and began to rock against her son. Jack felt his cock drive deep into her and her cunt spasmed hard. Her pace quickened as soon as she was ramming her son’s cocking her every time she slammed down on his lap. Her face took on this crazy assed look and she sort of became some sort of mother fucking human fucking machine, literally.

Before long, she shifted and pushed backwards, riding him hard. Jayne bounced up and down, impaling herself on every downward stroke, driving his meat deep inside her. The bed creaked and popped as his mother bounced up and down, and just when Jack thought she couldn’t fuck him any harder, Jayne cranked it up another notch.

Her face took on a healthy flush and she started demanding that her son give it to her. Every time she said it, she bounced hard in his lap, driving her son’s dick deep inside her. Jack couldn’t help himself and soon felt the first crawling tendrils of another orgasm. His mother must have felt it, too, because she didn’t let up one bit and if anything slammed down faster and harder as her breasts bounced in every direction on her chest.

“Cum for me! Fucking cum for me!” She yelled to her son.

Jayne was panting like a bitch in heat and he could feel her cunt spasming hard around his sore cock. Her son was so close and he knew he wasn’t going to be able to take much more. “Give me it baby!” Jack exploded, firing a heavy load of spunk into her. Jayne slammed down hard and stiffened, her rosy pink nipples pointed stiffly at the wall behind her son’s bed. “That’s right. Make mother happy son…”

The idea of his mother stuffed with so much of her own son’s seed was intense and all Jack could do was lie there and come as she said it again. Jayne’s inner walls of velvet spasmed around his cock as her whole body shook, pulling every last drop of cum she could out of her son’s balls. He gave her all he had, and finally she leaned forward and kissed him and then slowly she climbed off of her son and laid aside him as he was still bound up.

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