My Mother, My Lover Ch. 06

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This is the final chapter in the saga of Carole and Jesse, Dee-Dee and Charlie. It contains descriptions of mother/son incest, bondage and lesbian sex; if these things are not to your taste, please read no further. But it does have a happy ending!

Grateful thanks to Hatsuda for his editing expertise and positive feedback throughout all six chapters of this story.

*** ***

“Dee-Dee wants a baby and I’m to be the father; and more importantly, she wants to conceive by the natural method? How do I feel about it? Oh my god, I’m completely bowled over. This is just a bit much to absorb in a short time. I think you and I need to talk to Dee-Dee about this, and possibly involve Charlie as well. Anyway, how do you feel about the idea?”

“I guess it is a bit of a surprise, but I’m okay with it, honey. You get to be a father, I get to be a grandmother,” “and an auntie at the same time,” I added. “Yes, a bit complicated, that,” mum continued, “I love Dee-Dee very much, and if we can help her achieve her dream, I’m all for it.” With that, we went in search of Dee-Dee.

Dee-Dee laughed gently when I broached the subject with her. “Jesse, honey, I very much want to start a family, but, of course, Charlie and I can’t do it without some help. I think you would be an ideal dad for our child, but I would really prefer to avoid some gynaecologist messing around with my plumbing, even if it is a female. So if you feel up to it, maybe we can arrange a discreet contact without too many erotic overtones.”

“I see, Dee-Dee,” I teased her, “so you just want to use my body for your selfish purposes?”

“Mmm, okay, if you want to put it like that, I can’t disagree, but you would be doing Charlie and me a really big favour. Plus, you get to be a daddy and Carole gets to be both an auntie and a grandmother at the same time.”

Charlie had now come into the room. She looked quite serious, and I asked her how she felt about this project. “Okay, I guess, although I’d really rather it was done by donor insemination, even if you are the donor. Dee-Dee has explained all her reasons, and I’ve told her about my hesitations, although …” and here she looked at Carole and a smile crossed her face. “Tell you what,” she continued, “I’ll make absolutely no objections if Carole is prepared to sleep with me—just once.”

Mum looked stunned. “Charlie, I don’t know—in spite of my little adventure with Dee-Dee, I don’t think I’m really bisexual. Still, maybe … if it will help Dee-Dee, I might be prepared to give it a try.”

“Is that a ‘yes’ then, Carole?” Charlie demanded.

“I guess so, okay.” Mum turned to me with an enquiry in her eyes, and I nodded.

“Mum, this is your decision, and I’ll support whatever way you want to go. I trust Charlie, and I don’t think she’ll steal you away from me, so if it feels good, go for it.”

“Well, it won’t be for a few days yet, for reasons to do with my cycle,” Dee-Dee sounded rather clinical, “I’ll tell you when I’m ripe and ready, Jesse, then you can perform.”

I sighed. “You make me sound like a circus animal, performing on cue.” Dee-Dee just giggled.

“Just so long as you do,” Dee-Dee continued to tease me and I laughed, as did Carole and Charlie.

Our first encounter came about a week later, but Carole and Charlie were forced to delay theirs for similar cyclical reasons. Dee-Dee caught me in the lounge late one afternoon with a wide grin on her face. “Your place or mine, big boy?” she whispered.

“Better be yours, I think, gorgeous, if you can square it with Charlie.”

“Okay, lover, 8.30 sharp—and don’t be late,” Dee-Dee was determined to be in charge, although I suspected that it had to do with her own nervousness.

I showered and dressed in a bathrobe, feeling as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs as I tapped on her door at 8.30.

“Come in, Jesse,” Dee-Dee said, and I saw that she was lying on the bed, covered in a sheet. “So how do you want me?”

“Hmm, don’t tempt me, Dee-Dee — you do know, don’t you, that a woman has a better chance of conceiving if she achieves orgasm as the man cums?”

“I’d heard something like that, but what are you proposing,” she commented suspiciously.

“What I am proposing, my dear aunt, is that you use this combined vibrator/clit stimulator for a while to get you warmed up.”

“Ooh yes, although I suppose you will want to sit and watch me get all hot and bothered, you nasty voyeur.”

“Why, of course, aunty,” I chuckled, “that’s one of the side benefits.”

Dee-Dee sighed dramatically, then put the vibrator into her mouth for lubrication and pushed the sheet back enough to insert it into her pussy.

She turned it on and almost immediately started to gasp and whimper as the sensations built rapidly and with force.

“Aargh, oh god, oh yes, mmm, it feels so good, yes. Now, Jesse, now, please, I’m almost there.”

“Okay, Dee-Dee, on your hands and knees. Doggy style I think for maximum penetration — plus it has sarıyer escort the added benefit that you won’t need to look at me enjoying myself.”

Dee-Dee laughed and rapidly changed onto all fours and as I took up my position she removed the dildo. I knew that Dee-Dee would resent and resist any overt attempt on my behalf to get her excited, but as I slid my cock into her well-lubricated cunt, I reached round and stroked her clit. She reacted as I had expected, but I murmured, “Strictly to keep you on the boil, Dee-Dee,” and she relaxed.

At this point, nature and our bodies took over. I started with long deep strokes to allow her vagina to adapt to this uncommon intrusion and her cunt muscles massaged my cock as it plunged in and out. Her breathing became shallower, faster and more ragged, with gasps and moans as her orgasm came closer. I switched to hard fast thrusts, going progressively deeper until we were fucking like animals in heat. Which, on reflection, was exactly the point of this exercise.

Dee-Dee moaned and sobbed as her climax rapidly approached, and I was able, with some effort, to time mine to coincide with hers. I felt all the signs of approaching orgasm as my balls drew up and the electric shocks started in my lower abdomen and the base of my cock. As Dee-Dee screamed her release, I came hard, depositing a goodly load of baby batter right at her cervix, shouting in triumph as I did so.

As I shrank and slipped from her saturated pussy, Dee-Dee dropped to the bed and turned to me. “Thank you, Jesse, that wasn’t as traumatic as I’d feared.”

I wrapped my arms round her and gave her a big hug. “Dee-Dee, if you were attracted to men, you’d have to beat me off with a stick. You’re a lovely woman, and I know you will be a fine mother—to our child.” We both laughed and I gathered up my robe and left.

Three days later, we repeated the encounter (“Just to be sure”, Dee-Dee claimed) and Carole and Charlie had their own little adventure in my and mum’s room. They started early, but after Dee-Dee and I had finished Charlie was nowhere to be found and mum was sound asleep. There was a strong smell of alcohol that I thought was a little unusual, but I was exhausted, and fell into bed and was soon in a heavy dreamless sleep.

I was up early the following morning; I had an early tutorial at 8.30 at the university and left the house by 7.45 with everyone else still asleep. After the two hour tutorial, I was both hungry and in need of coffee, so I headed for my favourite coffee shop in the local mall and sat reading the paper.

I was suddenly interrupted by a shout of “Jesse, Jesse, over here”, and turned to see my cousin Rebecca in all her finery. “Jesse, what are you doing here?” she shouted and threw her arms around me in a huge hug. “Jesse, congratulate me. Mike has asked me to marry him, and I naturally said ‘yes'”. She reinforced her ebullient happiness with several sloppy but poorly placed kisses around my mouth. “You guys must come to the wedding; we’ll make sure you get invites,” with which she kissed me once again and bounced off.

I relaxed and smiled to myself — a little Rebecca goes a long way. Looking at my watch, I saw that it was already 12.30, time to think about getting home.

As I walked through the front door, my immediate impression was that I had died and gone to hell. Immediately in front of me stood my mother, looking like I’d never seen her before. Her face was a dusky, blotchy colour, suffused with rage.

“You rotten cheating bastard. How could you betray me like that?”

I was totally amazed. “Mum, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Don’t swear in front of your mother, young man,” she shrieked, and barely pausing to draw breath, “I saw you in the arms of that painted hussy plastering her slutty mouth all over you!”

“Mum, you don’t understand, that …”

That was to no avail, and seemed to make a bad situation worse.

“Oh, so now I don’t understand what my eyes clearly showed me?” she shouted, dripping with sarcasm.

“Mum, please listen to me. I …”

It was no good. “I’m not going to listen to your pathetic excuses. I trusted you with my life as well as my body and you’ve betrayed me,” and taking two steps forward, she wiped her finger hard across my mouth. “See, there’s the evidence, and you can’t deny it,’ she shouted, showing me the remnants of Rebecca’s enthusiastic embrace. With that, she slapped me hard first across my right cheek, then my left.

“My god, Mum, …”

“Don’t blaspheme either. Now get out of my sight. Better still, get out of my house. I never want to see you again.” I looked hard at her but all I could see was a raging storm of emotions flooding across her face. “Fuck off,” she screamed. I ignored the irony and left the room.

“Oh god, something’s gone badly wrong, and I don’t think it is just lipstick on my face,” I thought to myself as I quickly packed a bag. “All her logic circuits have burned out and now she’s running silivri escort on unrestrained emotion. Emotions that have somehow been badly contaminated.”

There was a light knock on my door and Charlie came in looking distraught. “Jesse, what on earth’s got into your mother? She abused me this morning and will barely talk to Dee-Dee. She seems to think you’re having an affair with some red-headed tart.”

“No, Charlie, it’s not that at all. I had just finished breakfast and was about to head home when I was ambushed by Rebecca. All that happened was a purely coincidental meeting in the coffee shop. Rebecca was her usual excitable self, telling me about her engagement and punctuating the announcement with a few kisses that meant nothing at all.”

“Oh god, Jesse, I can quite imagine that. Rebecca phoned me yesterday and I could barely get a word in edgeways, she was so excited. Wouldn’t Carole listen to your explanation?”

“No, Charlie, she didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say, and caught me two generous slaps round the face. I am now persona non grata and am required to leave the house. In fact, I think that may be a good thing, because it will remove her main source of irritation.”

Charlie looked troubled. “Jesse, I’m really sorry, but I think I may be part of the problem. Our little tryst didn’t go well last night, and Carole seemed a bit disturbed, but I didn’t think it was this significant.”

“Hmm, Charlie,” I pondered. “I think there may be some other underlying issues at play too. Look, will you and Dee-Dee do me a big favour and keep an eye on Mum for me, and if you’re able to get the truth through to her, that’ll be a big bonus. One thing I don’t understand, though, is how she came to be at the mall in the first place.”

Charlie smiled, a wintry smile that barely touched the corners of her mouth. “Well, Jesse, apparently you had turned your mobile off, and she wanted to speak to you urgently about something, although I’ve no idea what. So she decided to go to the mall, reasoning that you’d go there after your tut.”

“Oh god, what a mess,” I sighed. “Charlie, I’ll keep the mobile turned on from now on, and if you have any news, any news at all, please let me know.”

Charlie hugged me and whispered, “take care,” before I hurried to the front door and disappeared in my car. I drove to the university and spent the afternoon pretending to study, although nothing took root. Then I spent the evening watching an entirely forgettable movie, after which I had a pseudo-meal in a fast food joint, then found a room in a cheap motel.

I hardly got a wink of sleep, tossing and turning in a strange bed and worrying about mum. Next morning I went for a walk to clear my head, and then back to my “bolt hole” at the coffee shop. Gary, the owner of the shop looked closely at me and asked, “What’s up, mate, woman problems?”

“Mmm,” I replied, non-commitally.

“Don’t worry, mate. Never run after a woman or a bus—there’s always another one coming along.” He laughed and disappeared.

“Maybe, you cynical old bastard, but not like this one,” I thought to myself.

I sat drinking coffee, half reading the paper and making myself feel miserable, when my mobile rang. It was Charlie. “Jesse, thank god I’ve caught you. I really need to talk to you—where are you?”

“At the coffee shop,” I replied.

“Hmm, too public, really—Jesse, do you know that piece of so-called parkland with the creek running through it, about a kilometre west of the house?”

“Yeah, Charlie, how about I meet you there in about half an hour?”

“Good, see you then,” and she rang off.

Charlie was waiting for me when I arrived, looking very worried. “Jesse, would you be prepared to come home, even if just for a couple of hours. Carole’s in a dreadful state; Dee Dee and I almost literally pinned her down late last night, and force-fed her the truth. Rebecca has a comprehensive Facebook page and we showed her all the details. At first she didn’t want to believe what she saw, but eventually the truth broke through her barriers, and she just seemed to collapse on herself. She burst into tears and started calling your name, then dashed to your bedroom. I don’t think she got any sleep—nor did Dee-Dee or I—as we heard her prowling around the house, crying and sobbing out to you. I know she threw you out and you have every right to feel mad with her, but she really needs you, and …”

I jumped in. “Charlie, no matter what mum did, I still love her like crazy and I want to help her exorcise whatever demons have possessed her. Of course I’ll come home.”

“Thank you, Jesse; I hope you don’t regret it.”

“Charlie, I’d regret it a whole lot more if I didn’t. Just one thing, would you help me with a little play-acting. I’ll follow you home and when you see where mum is, go to the door of that room. Let her see you, then ask her, ‘Carole, what do you want most in the world right now?’ She will almost certainly say, ‘Jesse’, then ask her, şirinevler escort ‘If Jesse was here right now, what would you say to him?’ then slip aside and let me in. Okay?”

Charlie agreed and we set out for home. I followed Charlie in and she stood at the lounge room door. “Hi Carole,” she said, getting no response. “Carole, what do you want most in the world right now?”

“Oh god, I so want Jesse back with me. That’s all I really want, but I’m sure he won’t come back to me,” and she burst into tears again.

“Okay, Carole, what would you say to Jesse if he was here with you right now?”

“Like that’s going to happen after what I said and did to him. If by some miracle it did, I’d tell him how sorry I am for my dreadful behaviour, I’d tell him how much I love him and I’d do anything, literally anything to prove it.”

Charlie slipped away and I moved quietly into the room. Getting no response, Carole looked up and saw me watching her. She screamed then shouted my name over and over, stumbled across the floor and threw herself into my arms with tears pouring down her ravaged face.

“Oh Jesse, oh god, Jesse, Jesse, I am SO sorry for what I did to you and what I said to you. I know I don’t deserve it but could you possibly find a place in you where you could start to forgive me?”

I held her trembling body close to me, stroked her hair and down her arm as she wept and continued to beg for forgiveness.

“Darling Carole, darling Mum, I love you so much. I think you’ve been through some really tough times recently, and I want to help you find your way out of them. As for forgiveness, well …”, and, turning her head, my lips found hers in a long, slow kiss. At first she tried to devour me, her mouth open, her tongue searching. She realised quickly that this wasn’t a preliminary to a steamy sexual escapade but a demonstration of mutual love, understanding and acceptance.

Carole eventually broke from me and looked deep into my eyes as if searching for something. “Jesse, my love, how can you let me off that easily? It’s so difficult to explain what got into me, and I am so ashamed, but it doesn’t seem to worry you?”

“Sweet Carole, what happened, happened and I can live with that, though I would like to know what drove you to this explosion.”

Carole was silent for a moment, then said slowly, “Well, the problems with the business have been getting me down, and that’s been complicated by my worries over what you will do with your grandmother’s bequest. I know you’ve told me it will make no difference, but I hadn’t been able to shake the uncertainty about your future directions. Then my evening with Charlie was a complete disaster. I got panicky when she started to kiss and caress me, then she licked me from my feet and all up my legs, and I suddenly panicked and ran from the room. I felt so foolish that I drank more brandy than was good for me and fell into a dead sleep. Next morning I woke feeling dreadful and needed to talk to you, but you’d already gone and I couldn’t raise you on your mobile, which just added to my frustrations. I figured you’d stop off at the coffee shop, so I drove over to the mall. Then when I saw the woman I now know to be Rebecca kissing you everything got too much for me and I lost it. I can’t even remember driving back home, but by the time I got here, my anger had transformed itself into a towering and wholly irrational rage. Then you arrived home …”

“Thank you, Carole darling; I think I understand. Now, look deeply into my eyes and tell me, without thinking about it, do you love me?”

“Oh god, Jesse, yes, yes I do, without hesitation, and really, I’ve never ever stopped loving you. Don’t ever leave me.”

“Well gorgeous, I feel exactly the same way. Next time you’ll have to throw me out bodily.”

Carole leaned backwards and looked at me, managing her first smile and punched me gently on the arm. “There isn’t going to be a next time, you big ape!”

“Good, now …,” but before I could continue, Carole jumped in.

“Honey, first of all, I was really mean to Dee-Dee and particularly to Charlie, and I need to apologise to them too.”

Dee-Dee and Charlie were drinking coffee and gossiping in the kitchen when I stuck my head round the door. “Ladies, there’s someone here wants to talk to you.”

They both jumped to their feet, and without a word rushed over to Carole and embraced her in a gigantic hug. “Oh, I am so sorry …,” was all Carole managed to get out before the others, almost together, told her that they were just happy she was back to her old self and that they both loved and cared about her. I felt a bit superfluous and wandered back to the lounge where Carole joined me a little later, looking more animated and cheerful.

It was now late afternoon, and I looked at Carole who was clearly tired in spite of now being in better spirits. “I know it’s early, Mum, but I have the usual prescription for you, a nice warm shower, and then get some sleep.”

“Okay, honey, that sounds like a good idea,” and in a short time, she was sound asleep.

I knew she hadn’t eaten for too long, so a few hours later I persuaded Dee-Dee to make us both a light supper, not that she needed much persuasion, and mum and I ate in bed, feeding each other titbits and making crumbs in the bed.

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