My Mom

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Her hand gripped his shaft firmly, as she ran her tongue up the underside, her big brown eyes staring up at him, watching his reaction. She repeated the movement, as she shifted position, her tits jiggling, the nipples fully erect, proclaiming her own excitement. She moved so that she was between his spread legs, her full hips causing him to spread his legs even further. Her long blonde hair had fallen down, half obscuring her face. He reached out with his left hand to gently push her hair aside, as he watched her lips part wide and slowly engulf his cock. He reached out and tried to grasp her head, but she grabbed his wrists and pushed them to his side, her mouth slowly taking his cock in, an inch at a time, until her nose was buried in his pubic hair.

“David, get your ass down here!” My mother yelled, the tone in her voice reminding me of my drill instructor in basic training.

I shoved my rock hard cock into my shorts and jumped out of bed, taking one last look at the video before shutting it off and heading downstairs. Mom was sitting in the living room, a cigarette in one hand and a glass of scotch in the other. She was still dressed in her house coat, the front hanging open so that I could see the swell of her breasts. The television was on, tuned to Maury Povich, and a pair of women were attacking each other while an overweight black guy stood in the background trying not to be noticed.

“What is it, mom?” I said, staring at the television.

“Are you going to spend all day in your room? You’ve been home for three weeks, and you haven’t even started to look for a job yet?” she said, pushing herself to a sitting position, which caused her left tit to fall completely out of her robe.

“I’m still actually in the Army mom. I don’t officially get out for three more weeks.” I said, trying to keep from looking at her. Even though she was a drunk, mom still looked pretty good. At thirty-nine she was still young, and in good shape. She constantly bragged about still being able to wear the jeans she wore in high school. At 5’4 and 105lbs, with 36C tits, she could still turn heads, and if a guy could get past the smell of booze and whiskey, and her abrasive personality, she was quite a catch. For me she was just a pain in the ass.

“I’m almost out of cigarettes, and we need bread.” she said, tossing the keys at me. “And while you’re out, there’s a bunch of boxes out in the garage that can go to Good Will.” she added, as she shoved her tit back into her robe.

I shoved the keys in my pocket and headed to the door, stopping at the closet to grab a pair of shoes and a jacket.

“I’ll put something in the oven for when you get back.” she called out. An image of half cooked TV dinners floated through my mind.

“That’s alright. I’ll pick something up while I’m out.” I replied.

Walking into the garage, I saw several boxes marked in big black letters “Ben’s Crap”. Ben had been her latest live-in boy friend. I had never met the guy, but he had lasted almost two years. He had moved out almost a month before I got home. According to mom it was twelve months too long. I figured he deserved a medal for putting up with her that long. I started hauling the boxes out to my truck. Most of them were filled with clothes, but a couple had stereo equipment in them, and one was filled with movies.

The last one caused me to stop. I had left quite a collection of movies at home when I went into the service, mostly old action movies, and when I had come home all of them were gone. I recognized several of the titles in the box and wondered if she had thrown all of my movies out as well. With a shrug, I put the box back into the garage so that I could go through them before hauling them away.

It was obvious Ben had no intention of retrieving them, and if some of them were mine, or were worth keeping what the hell.

The woman at the Good Will drop site went through the stuff like she was searching for drugs, unfolding and checking each piece of clothing, asking me if the stereo components worked, like I had any idea. In the bottom of one box she pulled out a VHS Camcorder. She looked it over, then pushed a button. The door opened and a tape popped out.

“We don’t take home movies.” she said, handing me the cassette.

It took her almost half an hour to go through the stuff, and annotate it on a sheet. Finally she tallied up everything and handed me a copy of the receipt with a smile. There was a small pile of stuff they didn’t take, mostly underclothes, sheets, and the cassette.

“You can toss those in the dumpster outside if you don’t want them.” she said, slipping her copy of the receipt into a plastic rack on her desk. “And thank you for your donations.”

I shoved the unwanted items into a box and started out, amazed that Good Will actually refused anything. Walking over to the dumpster I started to put the box in. The cassette was sitting on top, and without knowing why, I grabbed it and set it aside.

I arrived home about an hour later, and headed into the house, a bag of etiler otele gelen escort groceries, and a bag from Ha Chin’s Take Out in my hands. Mom was still sitting on the couch, sipping on her scotch while puffing on another cigarette. She looked up as I walked in, her eyes glazed over. She was obviously drunk.

“Whatcha git.” she said, her words slurred. She made an attempt to sit up, her robe falling open again.

I put the bag of take out on the coffee table and took the rest to the kitchen. I put the bread and cigarettes into the fridge, and grabbed a couple of plates before heading back into the living room. Mom had managed to sit up, and rearrange her robe so that she wasn’t falling out. I sat down beside her and served up some food.

She mumbled a quick thanks and started eating, pausing between bites to sip at her whiskey. I grabbed the remote and started to change the channels, but she slapped my hand.

“I’m watching that.” she snarled, grabbing the remote and switching back to “The People’s Court”.

“I’m going upstairs.” I said, standing up, and starting toward the doorway.

She mumbled something, but I ignored it. I just wanted to get away from her.

I walked into my bedroom and tossed my coat on a chair. As it landed, the tape from the camcorder fell out onto the floor. I picked it up and stared at it, wondering what was on it, probably some home movies of some sort. I put it on the desk then sat on my bed and ate, thinking about the tape, and wondering. I had never met Ben, and I wondered what he had been like. Finishing my food, I sat the plate down and walked over to the desk, picking up the tape.

It took several minutes for the VCR to rewind the tape. I sat on my bed, a nervous feeling coming over me. Finally the tape stopped and I pressed the play button, by now anxious to see this Ben fellow. The tape started, and the screen filled with a picture of our living room. A figure walked in front of the camera and sat down on the sofa. The guy was probably in his forties, with thinning brown hair, and a bit of a stomach. He had wire rim glasses and a neatly trimmed beard.

“So this is Ben.” I thought. “Not bad, for a middle aged yuppie.”

Another figure walked past the camera, wearing a dark blue robe. It was mom. She walked up to stand beside Ben, and as she did, the robe fell open, and I found myself staring at her naked body. Ben turned toward her, one hand reaching up to caress her breasts while the other one gently stroked the neatly trimmed hair concealing her womanhood.

The camera shifted, and I realized someone was holding it, as it moved to a different location. Mom stared straight at the camera, motioning with a finger, beckoning whoever was holding it to join them. The camera shook slightly, then became steady. I watched as another person walked across the room, a man. He was naked, and his cock, which had to be at least nine inches long, was swaying back and forth, pointing straight out from his groin. He walked straight over to mom and Ben, as mom knelt down in front of Ben, her hands fumbling with his pants, peeling them open and pulling out his cock. She wrapped her hands around it, looking back at the camera as the other man positioned himself behind her. Her eyes still locked on the camera, she began licking his cock, her tongue tracing a path up and down the entire shaft before slowly guiding between her lips. The other man had knelt behind her, his hands caressing her upturned ass, slowly inserting his fingers into her cunt.

She began working the cock in her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around it as she moved her head slowly up and down, from holding just the tip between her lips to burying her nostrils in his pubic hair. The guy behind her guided his cock between her legs. She moaned around Ben’s cock, thrusting her hips backwards, straining to engulf two cocks at once. Ben grabbed her head, his hips thrusting upward, slamming his cock into her mouth, as the guy behind her began thrusting into her.

Suddenly Ben pulled her head down tight against his groin, shoving his entire length down her throat as he cried out. Mom squirmed around, as Ben filled her mouth with his seed. The man behind her grasped her hips and began pounding into her with renewed fury, his thrusts so hard the impact lifted her upward.

My mind was screaming for me to shut it off, but I just sat there watching as scene after scene came on, each on staring mom as some kind of slut. Every now and then, Ben’s voice would fade in, making some emotion filled comment. My cock had grown rock hard watching the scenes of carnal lust unfold, even though I tried to tell myself how disgusted I was.

A knock on my door freed me from my frozen state. I quickly shut off the television, as the door opened and mom walked, or rather stumbled in.

“I’m taking a bath.” she muttered, looking around my room. “So if you need to pee, do it now.”

She stood there unsteadily for several seconds staring, before shrugging and walking etiler rus escort out.

She stumbled across the hallway and into the bathroom, dropping her robe as she did. I sat in my bed, watching, trying to turn away but my head wouldn’t turn. She walked over to the tub and bent over, her tits hanging down, the nipples sticking straight out. She turned on the water, putting her hand under it to test the temperature. before standing up and tying her hair back. She just stood there, completely naked, her hands behind her head, staring straight at me. I finally managed to roll over, and stare into the corner of my room.

I could hear her as she stepped into the tub. I tried closing my eyes, but that only allowed images from the video to flash through my mind, bringing my cock back to a state of full erection. I heard the water shut off, and rolled over, sliding to the edge of my bed. I got up slowly, keeping an eye on the open doorway across the hall as I walked over and closed my bedroom door. I let out a sigh of relief as I turned the lock on my door, and started back to my bed.

I lay there for several minutes, hoping sleep would overtake me, but it was still early. Plus every time I closed my eyes, images from the video flashed through my head. I kept looking up at the VCR, the numbers still counting off. I had turned off the television, but the tape was still playing. I told myself no, but my hand reached out, my finger pressing the power button for the television.

I tried to turn away, or at least that’s what I told myself, as I watched the images on the screen. Mom was in her bedroom, laying on her bed completely naked. I heard a door open and close, and a man walked in front of the camera. He stood at the foot of the bed, and removed his clothes. Neither of them spoke, as he peeled his clothes off, and climbed onto the bed. The guy was tall, with dark brown hair balding in the back. He crawled up the bed, his head moving between mom’s wide spread legs. His hands grabbed her legs forcing them even further apart, as he began eating her out. A moment later, two more figures walked toward the bed, both men, sporting erections, that they shook menacingly at her.

She pushed the guy from between her legs, and sat up. The three men surrounded her and she took turns, sucking one after another, as they all offered their cocks to her. She pushed one man backward and slowly crawled on top of him, her hand reaching between then to guide his cock into her dripping cunt. The other two positioned themselves on either side of her. She began riding the guy’s cock, while she continued sucking off the other two men.

I kept telling myself to turn it off. To take the tape out and throw it away, but I just lay there watching, my cock hardening against my will. Mom released one of the men, taking the other cock deep into her mouth. The man she released, moved around behind her, guiding his cock against her tightly puckered anus as she humped wildly. She released the cock from her mouth as it sprayed it’s load, spurt after spurt of sticky jizz splashing on her face and chest. Slowly the goy stepped back, as mom fell forward onto the man whose cock was buried in her cunt. The position must have been just right, because the man behind her suddenly thrust forward, his cock sliding into her already filled cunt. Mom let out a cry of surprise, and lay there motionless for several moments, her cunt stretched by the two cocks buried to the hilt in her. Gradually she began moving up and down, slowly at first, then with increased passion. She began crying out, shouting encouragement to the two men who were so totally violating her.

Suddenly the tape stopped, the screen went blank. Still, I could hear mom’s moans of pleasure. It took several moments for me to realize the moans I was hearing were coming from across the hall. By now, my cock was stiff, sticking straight up in the air. Without really thinking about it, my hand moved down across my stomach, and slowly encircled my pulsing shaft. The moans from across the hall were becoming louder, more urgent. I began stroking my cock, my hand moving up and down as I listened to my own mother moaning her way to an orgasm.

Her moaning became more urgent, and my hand was moving rapidly, stroking my cock as I closed my eyes and imagined my mother laying in the tub, masturbating as well. I could feel my own orgasm rapidly approaching. My legs tightened as I strained toward fulfillment, all I could think about was reaching that pinnacle. Mom cried out, obviously having reached the point of no return. It was like a catalyst, sending me over the top. My cock exploded, spewing hot semen into the air and across my stomach.

I don’t know how long I laid there, my hand slowly stroking my cock, pulling the last bits of cum from it. Mom had long since gone quiet. I sat up, using my t-shirt to wipe the cum from my stomach. I couldn’t believe what I had just done, but even more, I couldn’t believe how I actually felt about it. I walked over to the desk, and ejected etiler türbanlı escort the tape, my hands shaking as I placed it in the drawer.

Sleep was slow to come, my mind constantly replaying the images from the tape. It was hard to believe that my mother was such a cock slut. My sleep was filled with images of mom fucking different guys, one after another. Eventually the images changed and it was me slamming my cock into her cum drenched pussy as she cried out one orgasm after another.

It was still dark outside when I woke. My cock was at full mast, throbbing painfully. I rolled out of bed, grabbing a pair of shorts and heading across the hall to the bathroom. As I walked in, I saw mom’s robe laying in a pile on the floor. I picked it up, and hung it on a hook before pulling back the shower curtain and turning on the water. I half expected to find mom sprawled out naked in the tub, and was relieved to see the tub empty.

Standing under the hot spray, I grabbed the soap, and lathered up, my hand encircling my throbbing cock. I began slowly stroking my cock, my mind reverting to the night before and images of mom standing in the bathroom, her robe falling from her shoulders as she stepped toward the tub. I leaned against the wall, stroking my cock, feeling the pressure begin to build almost immediately.

“David!” my mother’s voice echoed through my mind.

I continued stroking my cock, imagining she was kneeling in front of me, ready to accept my load of cum.

“David, I have to pee!”

Realizing it was actually my mom yelling, and not my imagination, I pulled my hand away from my cock like it was on fire.

“I’m in the shower, mom.” I called out.

“I know, stupid. I wouldn’t be standing outside the bathroom door, yelling if you weren’t in there. Now hurry up, I got to pee!”

“I just got in here. Can’t you wait?” I said, anger getting the better of me.

“No I can’t, and I’m not going to.” she said.

I heard the door open and close, and heard her walk across the room. Moments later I heard the sound of her pissing. I stood leaning against the shower wall, unable to believe that she had actually come into the bathroom and pissed while I was in the shower. And to make matters worse, the sound of her pissing only served to make my already rigid cock harden even more. I moved to the side, and peered out through the gap in the back of the curtain. Mom was still sitting on the toilet, her robe hanging open. I had a clear view of her tits, and hair covered cunt, as urine continued to stream out of it.

I don’t know what came over me. I slid the curtain open, and stepped out, my cock sticking straight out, pointing directly at my mom, as I walked toward her.

She stared at my, her eyes locked on my cock as it swayed back and forth with every step. Two more steps and I was directly in front of her, my cock straining outward, seeking her lips. My hands reached out, slipping the robe of her shoulders.

“What are you …” she started to say, as my hands dropped onto her shoulders. She shook at the contact, her staring breaking off from my cock to look up at me questioningly.

I didn’t give myself a chance to think. I just grabbed her shoulders, pulling her forward. My cock brushed against her lips and she pulled back. I pulled her forward again, thrusting my hips at the same time. My cock struck her lips. She stared up at me pleadingly. I shoved again. Her lips parted, and slowly she took my cock in, inch by inch, I buried my cock in her mouth until she started to gag. I wasn’t holding her head, but she made no attempt to pull back.

With my cock fully in her mouth, she seemed to relax, accepting what was happening. Her hand reached up shakily, grasping my balls as she began sucking on my cock, her lips tightening around my shaft as she moved her mouth up and down the shaft. I released her shoulders, moving my hands down to grasp her tits.

Her movements became more intense, her mouth moving the entire length of my cock, her lips clamped like a vise around my shaft. I could feel my cock swelling, as she seemed to take on a whole new attitude, her free hand reaching between her own legs to finger her swelling clit. I released her tits and moved my hands under her arms. Pulling her upward. Her lips made a popping noise as my cock slid from her mouth, bouncing against her chest and tracing a line of precum down her body as I lifted her upwards.

I half guided, half carried her to the counter, lifting her so that her ass rested on the edge. My cock had slid between her legs and was pressing against her. She lifted her legs, wrapping them around me, as I shoved forward, my cock sliding into her. She let out a little gasp, as I buried my entire length inside her.

“Oh, God!” she cried, her hands grabbing my hips, pulling me even deeper into her.

It was like I was on fire, my cock pulsed, straining to release my seed. Her breath was ragged, her whole body shaking as I began thrusting in and out. She grabbed my head, pulling my face to hers. Her lips parted, her tongue seeking mine, as we kissed. I could feel her legs shaking, as she began thrusting against me, matching my thrusts with thrusts of her own. I lost all sense of control, my need taking over as I drove hard into her, my cock pulsing with each thrust. Her hands raked down my back, grasping at me, trying to pull me even deeper.

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