My Mom – My Lover Ch. 22

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Brady sat in silence sipping his drink and savoring the solitude. Another one of those nights he woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t fall back to sleep. His mom and aunt were sleeping. John and Sue were gone visiting Kevin. He didn’t mind living with John, but he was glad for those times he had some business trip or those times he just left the house. Silence was something Brady had grown to appreciate as he’d gotten older.

The silence was interrupted by the sound of one of his ladies coming down the stairs. Dena walked softly into the living room. “Couldn’t sleep again baby?” She asked softly, walking over to where he was sitting in his recliner.

“Hey mom. Nope. Just another one of those nights.” He set his glass down on the end table next to his chair, then held his hand up to Dena. She climbed onto his lap and curled up laying her head on his shoulder. Brady wrapped his arms around her and pulled her in tight. “So what are you doing up?”

“My boobs were hurting me again.” She said as she lightly caressed his chest with her fingernails.

Brady felt her tits. “Wow! You are engorged, aren’t you?” Since both his ladies had decided to start producing milk so they could add another level of intimacy her chest had swelled from an E sized cup to a G. “Your tits are as hard as a rock.” He caressed her tits with the tips of his fingers gliding all over her tit flesh, her nipples glistening with her milk.

“Oh baby!” She moaned softly. “I love your touch. You have no idea how good you make me feel.”

“I’m glad. You and aunt getting tired of being my milking cows?” He asked as he pinched her nipple.

Dena took his face in her hand as she looked at him. “Oh no baby! We both love it! We love pleasing you that way! We love the new depth of intimacy it’s given us! I will admit there are times it becomes a bit inconvenient at times for both of us. Then we just think about all the benefits. You’re worth it. It’s worth it.”

“Good. But if it ever becomes too much, tell me. Understand?”

“Yes sir!” Dena said giggling softly.

“Good girl! Now how about I give you some relief?”

“Mmmm. Yes baby.” Dena cooed. She laid back, giving her son easier access to her massive tits.

Brady dropped his head and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. HIs tongue swirled around her large areola as his teeth gently nibbled on the nub. Dena gasped. “Oh baby! No matter how many times you do this to me, it never gets old.” She wrapped her fingers in his hair and pulled him into her chest. “Love me baby! Love me!” Dena moaned.

Brady began to suckle, draining her sweet milk from her. He had grown to love everything about this process. He loved the sweet taste of their milk. He loved feeling their bodies respond as he suckled and drank them in. He loved the intimacy it had produced between them. He loved all the noises they made as he nursed on them. He especially loved the passionate lovemaking that followed many of the times he nursed on them.

Dena began to squirm in his lap. It never failed. Every time Brady nursed on her tits, her pussy twitched with need. “That’s it baby!” She curled her fingers in his hair. “Suck on mama’s tits!” She felt the pressure of her engorgement diminishing in her one tit. “Don’t forget the other tit baby! Mama needs that one drained too!” Dena moaned as she remembered how far their relationship had come.

Dena’s change in personality always struck her at the oddest times. Prior to her son becoming her lover and owner the thought of a man owning her was repulsive. She was a strong-willed woman who didn’t hesitate to bark out commands when she thought it necessary. Especially to her husband who never had the backbone to stand up to her. She readily admitted that she was a bitch. But when her son Brady came home from the military everything changed. He stepped up to prove himself to be the man she had always wanted and needed. In a night of passion he took control of her and never relinquished it. His domination of her Now she had a man, her son, who owned every aspect of her being, and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She had never known a love as deep as what they shared. Her sister Jean only added to the intimacy and pleasure of the relationship.

Brady sucked on her tit with the greed of a man who wanted every drop of her sweet milk. He reached for her other tit and began to squeeze and knead it. Dena gasped at the initial rush of pain. Her tit was rock hard from engorgement. But within seconds her nipple was squirting milk all over their bodies and running down her chest and stomach. The more milk Brady expressed, the harder he squeezed and kneaded. It wasn’t long before both their bodies were soaked with her sweet milk.

Dena’s gasps of pain slowly morphed into moans of pleasure. “Oh baby! You’re making mama feel so good! Don’t stop baby!”

Brady pulled his mouth off her tit just long enough to give her a command. “Straddle my lap!”

Dena etiler ucuz escort squealed with excitement as she stood up to reposition herself. She knew what was coming. But before she lowered herself, she bent down to pull Brady’s shorts down.

Brady grabbed her by the wrists and held tight. “Not yet! Get down here and let me drain those tits!”

Dena threw right leg over his lap, then knelt on the chair. Then she repeated the process. Brady sat there staring at her tits. Then she lowered herself till her gushing pussy felt his hard cock through his shorts. She slowly ground her hips, using his hard erection to rub her swelling clit. “Oh come on baby!” She begged. “You know I need it baby!”

Brady looked at her and felt an overwhelming sense of tenderness towards her. He knew all the things she’d been through throughout most of her adult life. The disappointments, the sorrow, the anger, the frustration. Then he remembered how she willingly and gladly gave herself to him, and submitted to his ownership of her. How that submission had revealed needs and cravings within her she had suppressed for most of her adult life. “I know what you need mom.” He said softly and tenderly. “I’ve always known what you needed.” Dena began to tear up as he spoke to her. “You belong to me now. I’m always going to meet that need and take care of you. Because I’m always going to love you.” Tears were streaming down her cheeks. “Now do as I say and feed me.”

Dena cupped both her tits in her hands and sat up, offering them to her son. “Take them baby. They’re all yours. They belong to you. I belong to you.” She leaned forward and shoved her right tit into his open mouth. Brady began to suckle again, drinking in her milk as he squeezed and kneaded her left tit. Her milk came streaming out of her tit, running down his arm and dripping off his elbow onto their laps. He drank and drank, never letting a drop of her sweet milk escape his lips. Dena’s body was a kaleidoscope of sensations and emotions. The love her son had just expressed for her took Brady’s nursing on her from a sexual act to an intimate union between them. But yet there was that intense craving within her that never left her. That need to be dominated and used by this man who now owned her.

She began to grind her hips in a circular motion, rubbing her clit against her son’s hard cock. The act itself was an involuntary one, her body responding to his tenderness and domination.

Brady pulled his mouth off her tit and looked at her. “Sit still!”

Dena’s lower lip was shaking as she stared back at him, tears streaming down her cheeks. “Why are you doing this to me baby?” Her voice sounded weak.

Brady couldn’t help but chuckle. “You know why I’m doing this. Don’t you?” Dena nodded her head biting her lower lip. She knew exactly why he was doing it. “So tell me why!”

Dena moaned softly as her son pushed her. He knew how to push her physically and sexually. And he knew how to push her mentally. “You know what I need baby. I need your control. I need you to control my mind and body completely. I need you to use me like the whore I am baby. Your whore.”

Brady wrapped one hand around the back of her neck and pulled her into his body, kissing her passionately as he mauled one of her tits with the other hand. Then he broke the kiss and held her face inches from his. “Not tonight mom.” He said tenderly. “Tonight you’re my lover.” He caressed her face as he smiled at her. “Now sit still while I finish draining these tits of yours.” He felt her body spasming and twitching as he drained one tit, then switched to the other one. He was going to prime her body to the point of exploding. He knew once he finally buried his cock inside her she would lose all control.

Brady finally drained her tits to his satisfaction. Dena was quivering uncontrollably as he pulled her off his lap and led her upstairs. He led her past their bedroom. Jean was snoring softly. He led her down the hallway to Kevin’s room. He closed the door behind them and turned the light on. His mom was too sensuous a lover to take her in the dark. Dena climbed up on the bed and awaited instructions for what he wanted.

Brady didn’t say a word as he climbed on the bed and laid next to his mom, pinning her left arm under his body, draping her right leg over his body. He took his cock in hand and rubbed her swollen clit with the head. Dena’s body jerked like an electrical shock shot through her. She was about to wail out loud when Brady put his other hand over her mouth. “Don’t you dare wake Aunt Jean up.” He whispered as he continued to stroke the length of her vaginal slit with the head of his cock.

Dena’s eyes shot open. She began to gasp through her nose and squeal as Brady held his hand tightly over her mouth. Then he smiled as he held the head of his cock at the opening to her womb. “I love you mom!” He said tenderly as he stared into her eyes. “I want you. I need etiler üniversiteli escort you.” He slowly shoved his cock inside her gushing pussy. Her pussy felt like a warm velvet sheath wrapping itself around his flesh. Dena’s squeals slowly turned into moans. Brady grabbed her right wrist and put it above her head. He slid his right hand off her mouth. “You be quiet now. No squealing. Understand?” Dena just nodded her head as she continued to gasp and moan softly. Brady slipped his right hand around her head and took hold of her wrist.

Dena was completely at her son’s mercy. She craved this feeling. The helplessness, the vulnerability, the domination, the control. Her son had touched her soul in a way no other man had ever come close to. She grunted as Brady shoved the last inch of his cock inside her. “I love you baby!” She moaned. “Your mama loves you so much! Fuck me baby! I want to feel you cum inside me!”

Brady leaned down kissed her passionately as he began to maul her tit with his left hand. The harder he squeezed the more milk shot from her nipple and ran down her breast. The two lovers moaned into each other’s mouth as Brady settled into a steady pumping of his cock. Brady broke the kiss long enough to dip his head down to her chest. He tenderly sucked on her nipple as he squeezed her breast, kneading it, drinking in her milk.

Dena’s body shuddered. “Oh baby! You’re going to make me cum!” She said softly. Brady just moaned as he nibbled on her tit, flicking the nipple with the tip of his tongue. Dena did everything she could to suppress her scream as her orgasm slammed into her. Brady felt her body shaking uncontrollably under him. “Oh fuck!” Dena gasped softly trying to be as quiet as she could. She began to sob as the sensations and emotions of their lovemaking overwhelmed her. She sobbed and moaned as wave after wave of euphoria swept over her.

Brady pulled off her breast and returned to kissing her. The lovers shared a sensuous sloppy kiss, their tongues dancing together. Dena continued to pant and moan softly as her body shook from little spasms, her orgasm slowly subsiding, tears streaming down the sides of her face. Brady kissed her face all over, working his way down to her neck.

“Oh baby!” Dena sobbed. “I love you so much! You make me feel so special!” She laid there reveling in the sensations her son was giving her. His manhood inside her. His lips caressing her flesh. His domination and control. She had never felt so complete, and yet so hungry for more at the same time. No matter what Brady did to her, she’d never get enough of him.

Brady smiled at his mom. “I love you too mom.” He felt his own orgasm building. “My turn.”

“Come for me baby! Fill me with your seed baby! I want to feel you fill me!” Brady dropped his head into her shoulder and grunted as his orgasm took control. “That’s it baby!” Dena cooed. “Come for mama! Fill me with your cum baby!”

“Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!” Brady grunted with each ejaculation. His cock felt like it was on fire as he filled her womb. His fingers dug into her tit flesh.

There was that mixture of pain and pleasure again that Dena craved so much. “Oh fuck yes!” Dena moaned. “Fuck your whore baby! Oh fuck! I love it!”

Brady grunted and groaned as he filled his mom’s pussy with his seed. As his orgasm subsided he released her wrist and collapsed next to her. Dena wrapped her arm around her son. The two lovers laid beside each other savoring each other’s body. Brady felt his cock softening and then finally slipping from her pussy. Dena reached down between her legs and scooped up as much of his cum as she could. She brought it to her mouth. “Mmmm! I love the taste of my baby!”

“Hey! What did I miss?” Jean said with a raspy voice walking into the room half asleep.

“Did we wake you sis?” Dena asked looking around Brady’s body, stroking his arm with her fingers.

“Baby woke me with his grunting.”

Dena giggled looking at her son. “What was it you were saying about being quiet?”

Brady chuckled. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“I hope I can fall back to sleep now. It’s only 2:00” Jean said as she sat on the bed next to them.

Dena rolled over facing Brady and took his flaccid cock in hand. “Why don’t you give her what you just gave me? I’ll bet that would help her fall back to sleep.”

Brady looked at his mom and then his aunt, who looked like she was still half asleep. “Both of you back to bed. I’ll join you in a couple minutes.” The ladies heard him use the bathroom before returning to the bedroom. “Come here!” He commanded Jean as she lay next to her sister. She got on her knees and waddled over to the edge of the bed, in front of Brady. He reached out and ran his hands over her huge tits. They were engorged, like his mom’s had been an hour before. “These things are rock hard. Do they hurt?”

Jean nodded her head. “A little.”

“Well why don’t we just fatih escort take care of that for you.” He replied leaning down and kissing her as he caressed her breasts. He climbed into bed and laid down in the middle. Then he motioned to his mom. Get down there and bring that thing back to life.

“Mmmmm! Gladly baby.” Dena moaned softly as she crawled up between his legs, took his cock with both hands and began to stroke it with one hand while she massaged his nut sack with the other. The two of them smiled at each other before Brady turned his attention to his aunt. “Come here! Feed me those jugs of yours.”

Jean crawled over and tried to lay across his chest. Her breasts were so engorged it was too painful. So she propped herself up on her left arm and leaned down till her right breast was hovering over Brady’s mouth. Brady looked up at her as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Of the two sisters he now owned, his mom and aunt, he really couldn’t tell which one was more beautiful. They both had a beauty and sensuality about them that made him glad they both belonged to him. Jean was the more emotional of the two. He knew before they were done she’d be crying again. But that didn’t bother him. He knew what she’d been through most of her adult life, and all he wanted to do was show her how much she was loved and desired.

He drank in her milk, squeezing her breast with both hands like he was milking a cow. Jean started to moan as the sensuality of the moment started to take control of her. Brady dropped one hand between her legs and played with her swelling clit. Jean’s body jumped in response. “Oh baby! You know how to love me so good.” She squealed. “Make me cum baby! Please make me cum!” She begged.

Brady pulled his hand from between her legs as he pulled his mouth from her tit. “Not yet Aunt Jean. You can cum when I tell you.” He reached up and pulled her down to kiss her. The two lovers attacked each other’s mouth, their tongues fighting for domination. He felt his cock coming back to life as his mom stroked it while sucking on his nut sack. He’d gotten a lot of head during his time in the Marines. But not one of them came close to displaying the skills his mom and aunt had. If he hadn’t committed to giving his aunt the intimacy he’d already given his mom, he’d let her finish him off while he sucked on his aunt’s chest. It had become his favorite 3-way position.

He pulled Jean’s head up with a fistful of her hair. She gave him that smile he had grown to love. That smile affirming her enjoyment of his taking control of her. “Straddle me lover.” He said smiling back at her. “I need to be inside you.”

Jean sat up and threw her leg over his body. Dena held her son’s now rigid cock straight up and waited for her sister to lower herself on it. Jean started to lower herself when Brady stopped her. “That’s low enough for now.” He couldn’t help but smile when he saw the wanton longing on his aunt’s face. “You’ll get it soon enough.” Then he spoke to his mom. “Rub her clit and pussy with the head. I want my slut begging for it before I give it to her.”

Dena felt her own arousal building as she acted as mediator between her son and sister. She held his cock at the base and waved hit back and forth, stroking the length of Jean’s slit with the head. Jean’s body shook as she moaned in pleasure. “Oooohhhh fuck!” Her body was trembling as Dena stroked her clit and pussy back and forth, wishing it was her again who was being tormented by her son’s rod. “OH PLEASE BABY! PLEASE! I NEED IT BAD!”

For Brady, there was nothing more erotic than the sounds of a woman begging for relief, controlled by her sexual urges and needs. “Sit on it lover!” He said smiling.

Jean lowered herself slowly. She gasped as she felt the head of his cock slip inside her. Her gasp became a moan as her nephew’s cock filled her. She leaned forward and dug her nails into Brady’s chest when his cock was fully embedded in her. She sat still, staring down at her nephew, her hair hanging in her face, savoring the feel of Brady’s throbbing cock inside her. Then she grinned as she began to grind her hips. “Oh baby!” She moaned. “You feel so good inside me.”

Brady reached up and pulled her down till she was about a half an arms length from his face. He pulled her hair behind her head with both hands, then grabbing a fistful of it in his right hand. Then he pulled her head down. The lovers kissed passionately, Brady slipping his hand between them so he could squeeze and play with her still engorged tits. He broke the kiss and turned her head, licking the rim of her ear, then sucking it into his mouth and nibbling on it gently. He knew how much she loved it when he did this.

Jean’s body shook from a new wave of sensations as Brady’s tongue and lips teased her sensitive ear. She gasped when she felt the tip of his tongue slipping into her ear canal. “Oh fuck!” She moaned, her face buried in his shoulder. “You know I love it when you do that.”

“I love you Aunt Jean.” Brady whispered in her ear.

“Oh I love you baby. I love you so much!”

“I own you! Do you understand?” He knew she did. He also knew she loved being reminded and needed to hear it.

“Oh yes baby!” She moaned. “I understand. I belong to you baby. All to you. I’m your slut and whore!”

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