My Mom – My Lover Ch. 21

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Kevin sat sideways at his desk, in his apartment, his right leg laying on top the desk, his left leg resting on the floor. Sue knelt on the floor between his legs, her head bobbing up and down, her mouth filled with his manhood. John sat across the small living on the couch watching, stroking his cock inside his pants. John and Sue had driven down to spend a few days with Kevin at college. At first, Sue was going to make the trip by herself until Kevin told her to bring his dad. He thought it would be fun to have his dad watch as she was used and fucked for the weekend. In his usual submissive cuckold way, John agreed, knowing he was going to be humiliated. Yet he couldn’t bring himself to saying “No” to it. He was addicted to it. He craved the feelings and sensations brought him the way a drug addict craves their next fix. And as much as he didn’t want to admit it, the more his boys pushed him, the more he wanted them to own him the way they owned their sluts.

Kevin stroked Sue’s bobbing head. He looked at his dad. “Get your hands off your cock. You can jerk off when I give you permission.”

Sue looked up at Kevin as she pulled her mouth off his cock and lowered her head to suck his nut sack into her mouth. She knew how much he loved it when she sucked on his balls. Kevin smiled his approval of her efforts as he stroked her face. Sue’s stomach flipped a little when she saw his approving smile. As their relationship had grown over the months her desire to please and satisfy him had only intensified. She had never known a need like this before. After graduating from college with her MBA she knew she might have to “put out” in order to advance her career in the corporate world. But she came to the realization she was ok with that as long as it did advance her career. But then Kevin came along. He knew how to meet those deep-seated needs and cravings within her. But he also knew how to stroke those needs and cravings until she lost all control over her body and mind. Her greatest craving now was wanting to please this man who owned her.

Brady leaned forward and dropped his hands below the seat he was sitting on and cupped both her tits. Sue’s tits weren’t as big as his mom’s and aunt’s. But they were as big as he wanted them to be. Sue was a nice D with huge areolas with nubs that stuck out like two giant pencil erasers when she was sexually aroused. He squeezed her tits, massaging them while tweaking her nipples between his thumb and index finger. Sue moaned her approval and increased her efforts as she sucked his cock. “You still interested in a gangbang sexy?”

Sue’s eyes lit up as she grunted the affirmative without taking his cock from between her lips. They had talked about her taking on multiple cocks several times. The thought of being taken by several men and used over and over for their pleasure and enjoyment had excited her for as long as she could remember. But she’d never had the courage to go through with it till Kevin came along. The thought of being taken by several guys at one time both excited and scared her. But knowing Kevin would be in control of whatever happened helped to alleviate the fear.

“Good!” Kevin said smiling. “I’ve got a few friends coming over tomorrow afternoon. I’ll tell them to be here about noon, and to plan on spending the rest of the day with us.”

Sue felt her pussy spasm and twitch as she thought about what was going to happen. Her mouth never left Kevin’s cock as he’d tangled his fingers in her hair and began a furious fucking of her face. The thought of what he had planned for her brought him to climax quicker than he wanted. He grunted as he shot his load in her mouth.

Sue coughed when his first shot hit the back of her throat. But she swallowed it obediently, then forced herself to relax and swallow the rest of Kevin’s load. She’d never really liked the taste of male cum until she’d met Kevin. She had gone down on John for several years, only tolerating it because she knew it would help her career. But Kevin had tapped into something within her both sexually and psychologically. Going down on Kevin was more than just a sexual act for her. She was being filled with her Master’s seed. She was taking a part of him and filling her body with it. She knew it sounded pathetic to the average person. What kind of educated woman would humiliate and degrade herself by kneeling before a man, and allowing him to use her that way. But she never felt more alive than she did when Kevin was using her sexually. There was also a level of power she had when she was pleasuring him. The look on his face, the sounds he made, the feel of his body responding as she held that sensitive organ in her hands or mouth, knowing she had the power to give him pleasure or deny him. But she would never deny him. That was an adrenaline rush she never tired of.

Kevin released her head and fell back into his chair as his orgasm subsided. Sue slowly pulled her mouth off his shaft, stopping at the head. She kissed and licked the bakırköy escort head, flicking the area just under the helmet with the tip of her tongue. She smiled and purred as she watched his face and felt his body spasm with every flick. She knew how sensitive that area was, and how much he loved her doing that. Sue loved his cock until he finally looked down at her and asked smiling, “What the hell are you doing to me?”

“I’m just loving you baby. Too much? Want me to stop?” She asked teasing.

Kevin laughed. “You bitch! You know I don’t.”

Sue sat up on her knees and got a serious look on her face as she continued to stroke his cock and balls in her hands. “Are you going to keep me safe?”

Kevin shot her a look surprised by the question. Then he suddenly realized the question revealed the vulnerability she felt as she anticipated being taken by several guys. He leaned forward and took her face in his hands gently. “Of course I’m going to keep you safe babe! You belong to me now. The only reason I agreed to this gangbang is because you said it was a fantasy you wanted to experience. And I thought it might be fun too. But no one is going to touch you that you don’t want to touch you. If you don’t want to go through with this, just say the word.”

“No! No!” She replied almost pleading. “I do want to go through with it. I just needed to know that you’ll keep me safe.”

Kevin looked her in the eye. “I branded you. I own you. I love you. You’ll always be safe with me.” The he leaned forward and kissed her gently on the lips.

Sue moaned softly as she felt her body responding to his words and gentle kiss. “Then fuck your whore baby. Fuck me good.”

Kevin smiled. “That’s the plan my sweet slut. My three friends and I are going to keep you stuffed with cock all afternoon tomorrow.” He looked up at John. “They’ll probably even keep you busy. Two of my friends are bi. When I explained what the afternoon’s festivities were going to be like they asked if they could shove their cocks down your throat a time or two. I said, ‘of course, he’d probably love that.'”

John didn’t respond as he just stared at him with a blank look on his face. He found himself in that no man’s land again, emotionally, vacillating between anger and arousal. Brady had learned to use him as the family cuck, almost turning it into a science. Now his son Kevin was going to do the same.

“I think you’ll like them.” Kevin taunted him. “Tony’s got a nice big cock.” He laughed. “Now that I think about it, he may spend more time with you then with you baby.” He said returning his look to Sue. “Maybe I should invite another guy.”

“You invite as many as you want baby. I’ll take care of every one of them.” Sue said seductively.

“I have no doubt you will my cock hungry slut. Now let’s go get some dinner. I heard dad’s treating.” Kevin said laughing.

As is the case in most college towns, there was no lack of available restaurants to eat at. Kevin took them to his favorite steak joint. They sat in a booth with Sue sitting next to Kevin and John sitting across from them. John and Sue brought Kevin up to date on all that was going on with Brady and his mom and aunt. Kevin’s interest really piqued when they told him about his mom and aunt becoming Brady’s milking cows. “Mmmm. Now that sounds like fun. Maybe we should try that.” Kevin responded laying his hand in Sue’s lap and stroking the inside of her thigh.

“Maybe you should just get me pregnant.” Sue replied with a wicked grin as she returned the favor and laid her hand in his lap and squeezed his cock.

“You want me to breed you babe?”

“I’ve wanted to have a baby for years. Just never was the right time or right person.” She looked at John across the table. “Sorry.” She thought that last comment probably hurt his feelings along with everything else he was enduring at the hands of his two sons.

John held his hands up as though he was surrendering. “No apology necessary. I have no desire to sire another child.”

“You still on the pill?” Kevin asked. Sue just nodded her head. “Stay on it for now. We’ll talk about this more. I need to think about this.”

“You ready?” Kevin asked as he wrapped his arms around Sue. He could tell she was nervous. She hadn’t been herself all morning.

Sue was shaking on the inside as she anticipated what was about to happen. She’d fantasized about a gangbang since she was a teenager. For some reason the thought of being the center of attention from several men, and servicing their cocks had always excited her. But now that reality had arrived, she was beginning to wonder if she could go through with it. She kept hearing Brady’s words in her head, ‘There are times fantasy and reality are worlds apart.’ This was one of those times. But as apprehensive as she was, there was something inside her screaming that she had to go through with it. Not because of necessity, but desire. She laid başakşehir escort her head on Kevin’s chest as he held her. “I’m ready.” She said softly. Then she pushed back and stood in front of Kevin. She was wearing her lacy robe that came down to the floor. She untied the knot holding it closed and opened it to reveal a red teddy. The material stretched over her body. Two strips of spandex covered her breasts and went down her body in a V formation, accentuating her cleavage before coming together to cover her pussy. A couple of strings across her back was all the held the teddy in place. “How do I look?” She asked with a shy smile. She saw the look of lust on Kevin’s face as he stared at her. She knew this was the look she would be getting from several other men in a short while. Her heart was racing like an Indy race car.

Kevin reached out and stroked the inside of her breast through the strap. “You look delicious. You still want to go through with this?”

“Yes. I’ll confess I’m a little nervous. But I’m more excited.”

Kevin’s three friends arrived shortly after noon. Kevin opened the door and shook their hands as they stepped into the small apartment. The three friends became silent when Sue walked into the living room with her robe on. “Sue, this is Tim, Paul and Mark. Three of my best friends.” Sue shook each of their hands in turn.

“Damn Kev! She’s gorgeous!” Paul praised her as his eyes roamed up and down her body.

Kevin walked behind Sue and pulled her robe apart at the top, without untying the knot, to reveal her tits. “That she is Paul.” He said as he slipped his hands inside her teddy, cupping her tits and holding them up for their inspection and enjoyment. “Sue is my sub and my slut. We’ve both agreed to everything I’m about to tell you. While we’re playing together this afternoon you may refer to her as ‘slut, whore or bitch.’ She’s ok with any of those names. There will be NO slapping or physical abuse. If at any point my slut says, ‘no more,’ the party ends immediately.” Kevin took her nipples in his fingers and tweaked them as the guys stared, saying nothing. “As far as fucking her body – anything goes. Mouth, pussy, ass, tits.” Kevin pulled his hands out of her teddy and covered them up with the robe again. “Have a seat on the couch guys.”

The three friends sat down on the couch. They waited quietly as Kevin led Sue to stand in front of them. He then stepped behind her again and untied her robe, pulling it off her shoulders and letting it drop to the floor, puddling around her feet. He let the guys drink in her sensuous body for a minute or two as his hands roamed all over her body, cupping her tits and pussy. He finally looked over his shoulder. “Hey cuck! Get in here!”

John walked into the living room from the kitchen and sat down in a chair in the corner behind Kevin. He sat there fighting that unending struggle he felt between anger and arousal. He hated the way his sons degraded and humiliated him. Yet he found himself drawn to it like a moth to fire. The arousal he felt being humiliated and degraded was so intense at times, he thought it would consume him completely. He’d finally come to the realization that he was addicted to what his boys were doing to him. He couldn’t get enough of it. They had tapped into some deep inner weakness of character. Maybe this was their way of punishing him for being such a lousy dad. He didn’t know. What he did know was that he felt like he was about to crawl out of his skin in anticipation of what was about to take place.

“Guys, this is my cuck for the day. He’s here to serve us however we need or want.”

The guys sat in stunned silence as they looked back and forth between Kevin and John. Tim finally spoke up. “Kev! Isn’t that your dad? What gives man?”

“You think I’m joking when I tell you he craves this more than anything? I’m not! Being treated like a cuck and humiliated is as natural to him as breathing is to us.” Kevin looked over his shoulder. “Isn’t that right cuck?” John didn’t answer. He was trying to hold onto what little bit of self-respect he had left. He knew that was futile. Kevin turned and glared at him. “I asked you a question cuck! I expect an answer.

“Yes. I need this.” John said defeated.

Kevin turned to face his friends again smiling. “See! It’s all good.”

“Does that mean I can fuck him too?” Tim asked without expression.

“You can do whatever you want with him.”

Tim looked around Kevin and Sue at John. “You and I are going to get acquainted this afternoon.”

“Enough!” Kevin said, wanting to get things back on track. “Before any of you shove your cocks anywhere, each of you must spend thirty minutes sucking on my slut’s pussy. Doesn’t matter how many times you bring her off. You just need to spend thirty minutes pleasuring her.” Kevin pulled her teddy off her body and slid it down her body. He then laid her on the coffee table in front of them like bayrampaşa escort some kind of sacrificial lamb. “OK! Who’s first?”

Tim jumped up. “Me! Then while the two of you are taking your turn I can sample the cuck.” Tim dropped to his knees between Sue’s legs, then draped them over his shoulders. He looked at her smoothly shaved pussy, then bent over and breathed in her sexuality. “Mmmm. I love that musky smell of a bitch in heat.” He dipped his head and locked his mouth on her pussy, licking and sucking on her already swollen clit.

Sue looked over at Kevin, who took a seat in a chair opposite the couch. The look on her face told him she was looking for his approval. Kevin just smiled at her as the look on her face turned from longing to ecstasy. Her mouth opened wide when Tim’s mouth engulfed her pussy and began to suck and tease her clit, but no noise came out. Her body arched off the table. She grabbed the sides of the table with her hands and began to pant and moan, staring up at the ceiling, then closing her eyes as the sensations washed over her.

Tim sucked her clit into his mouth, teasing it with his tongue as he nibbled on it between his teeth.

Sue wailed as her body bucked up off the table. Her first orgasm turning her into a babbling salivating slut, losing all control of her bodily response.

The other four men in the room watched in lustful amazement as Tim worked Sue’s body through one orgasm after another. “This is one fucking turn on man.” Mark said as he rubbed his cock through his pants.

“Don’t let up on her Tim!” Kevin encouraged him. “Work the slut till she’s unconscious.”

Tim intensified his efforts, only to send Sue over the edge one more time. He finally stood up, his face covered in her juices. “OK! I got the slut warmed up. Who’s next?”

Mark jumped up before Paul could. “Let me at that pussy. I do love eating a sweet pussy.” He dropped to his knees between Sue’s legs, laid them over his shoulders and picked up where Tim left off. Sue’s body responded with a new round spasms and convulsions.

Tim walked over to John who was still sitting and watching. Tim grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him out of his chair. “On your knees bitch! This afternoon you’re my bitch!” John dropped to his knees as Tim shoved him down. John looked up at Tim, completely intimidated by his domination. “Unbuckle my pants bitch! You know what’s expected! Now do it!”

John unbuckled his pants with shaking hands. He unzipped them and slid them down his legs along with his shorts. Tim’s 8″ cock stood straight out staring at him. John hesitated bringing a slap across the face from Tim. “Take it bitch!” John felt that mixture of rage and arousal again as he opened his mouth and took the head of his cock. He’d never sucked a cock before. Tim took his head in a vise grip between his hands and shoved his cock in till John was gagging.

“Hey! I invited you here to play with my slut!” Kevin said laughing. His gaze kept bouncing back and forth between Mark driving Sue insane with pleasure, and Tim gagging John with his cock. He knew right then this was going to be a fun afternoon.

Tim looked over his shoulder smiling at Kevin as he pounded John’s face. “Relax man. I’ve got enough for both your sluts. Besides, I brought some little blue pills with me in case we need some help this afternoon.”

Sue’s body shook and convulsed as she continued to pant and squeal through one orgasm after another. She looked over at Kevin. Her clit was so swollen and throbbing the pleasure was slowly morphing into pain. “It hurts!” She said pleading. “Please no more!” In spite of the throbbing pain emanating from her clit, her body arched up and off the table as Mark’s tongue hit a sensitive nerve. “OH FUCK!” She screamed.

Kevin walked over and knelt beside the coffee table. He took one of her tits in hand and squeezed. Sue couldn’t stop her body from shaking as she looked up at him. Kevin smiled down at her. “This only stops after Mark and Paul have each done their 30 minutes on your pussy. I figure by then you’ll be ready for all the cock we can feed you.”

Sue reached out and squeezed his cock under his pants. “I’m ready now baby! Please! Please! No more!”

Kevin just laughed. “I’m sure you are slut! But I’m not! You’ll get fucked when I say so.” He took both tits in his hands as he watched her body writhing on the table. Kevin was getting so aroused watching Sue’s body responding to Mark’s eating her pussy, he wanted to pull his cock out and shove it down her throat. He decided to wait so she had no distractions from the torment taking place between her legs. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to breed you. After this is over, you’re off the pill.”

Sue looked up at him with a weak smile. Her emotions a jumbled mess as the sensations being forced on her took control of her mind and body. Tears streamed down the sides of her face. “I’m yours baby. Fuck me! Breed me!”

“OH FUCK!” Tim grunted as he shot his first load of the afternoon down John’s throat. John choked and coughed as his mouth and throat were pounded mercilessly. Tim looked down at John watching his cock sliding in and out of his mouth. “Take it all bitch! You better swallow every drop.”

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