My Husband’s Brother

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My husband’s brother. This took so many years of flirtation to come to fruition. I met him when I was 20. He was twenty-two. He was in the army and I had just had my second child. This man was beautiful. Blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked like an army ken doll in his desert fatigues. He was always in and out of our lives. He would be deployed all over the world and then show up at our house when he was in town hiding from someone. He moved in and out of our house several times and the sexual tension was always palpable. Even my husband noticed. My husband’s brother and I were always very touchy feely with each other. I could never bend over without getting my ass grabbed or slapped. I enjoyed every bit of it. I especially enjoyed it when he did it in front of my husband or his wife.

For years that is all it was. Maybe we sat a little too close to each other. Maybe we sat outside for too many hours after our spouses and children went to bed. Nothing ever really happened. The last time he moved in with us is when I decided I hated his wife. I like nothing about her. He doesn’t like her either. I wished every day that she would leave and he would stay in my home with me and my husband and kids. Life would be great if that could happen. They moved out after a few months and the sense of loss I had for him not being a constant part of my everyday life was ridiculous.

I got fortunate when my truck broke down. Who else was I going to call? It’s not like my husband was going to come save the day. I called his brother. He helped me get my truck home and offered to fix it. I thought he offered to fix my truck because he was bored. I was wrong. He wanted to be near me. If fixing my truck would be enough for him to be near me I was not going to stop him. I decided to ride with him in his truck to the auto parts store. I was staring at him. He kept stealing glances back. I am not sure how the subject came up but I did finally tell him that I found it very difficult for all these many years to keep my hands to myself and off of him. To my surprise he felt the same way.

Being mature and grown and in our thirties, we decided to talk about everything that could happen and how we felt about it at that moment before things went any farther than ass grabbing. We talked about it for months and one day he finally kissed me. When he kissed me I could feel it everywhere. He and I took things slow. He would drop by and steal kisses. He would suck on my nipples and rub my pussy. I would rub my ass on his erection. That is where it ended. We also did this dance for months. The waiting was getting to me. I wanted him inside me.

After trying for almost a year the day came where we could ‘talk’. That is how we let each other know that we wanted to fool around. A quick text saying ‘I need to talk’ was our way of letting each other know the coast was clear and we could fuck without getting caught. I could kiss this man for days. But when the day finally came for us to fuck we were both very nervous. I am still not sure beşiktaş masöz escort why he was nervous. Neither of us were virgins and we weren’t getting any from our spouses so it seemed like a convenient solution for two horny people to get laid. I knew why I was nervous that day. He embodied everything I wanted out of a life partner. Sure he had flaws but the connection we have always made the flaws and bad times manageable to work through because we have a mutual understanding of how fucked up we both are. I knew I loved him in ways that would break my heart and destroy my life.

So what is any good house wife to do when she is about to fuck her husband’s brother? I pounced on him. We kissed for long moments enjoying each other. The timing was not very convenient and neither was our location of being stuck in my kitchen. I hopped up on the counter wearing only shorts and a tee shirt and spread my legs inviting my husband’s brother to come inside. He started slow. He put one finger in me and made me moan. He pulled my shorts over and licked my pussy while he fingered me. I begged him to put another finger inside of me and he did. It felt wonderful to have him finger fucking my pussy. He alternated from licking my pussy to sucking my nipples to kissing me all while keeping that steady rhythm of his fingers exploring deep inside my pussy.

For a man who has killed many people he was very gentle with me. I accepted his gentleness even though everything in me was screaming for him to be rougher. I wanted him to assault my pussy. I wanted him to rip me apart, but he was gentle and kind. He was a giving lover. I had told him how much I love to be fingered and he fingered me until his hand was covered with cum. And then he fingered me again to make sure I was satisfied. I came twice but there were no explosions on my end. But it was our first time really being able to get into it. I couldn’t leave him unsatisfied so I let him fuck my pussy from behind while I was bent over in my kitchen. He enjoyed himself and came very quickly. I was not expecting a man like him to be so small but I got mine and he got his. No regrets right?

Wrong. There was instant regret from both of us. We forever changed fifteen years of friendship. We didn’t talk for about two months but it was ok because we each have our own families and lives. But I missed him and he missed me. We went back to just fooling around because no matter how mature you try to be, sex complicates friendships.

One evening he dropped by and we were sitting outside with my husband. I didn’t sit out there for too long with them. Just long enough to find out my husband’s brother decided to leave his wife and to be accused of eye fucking him while I was sitting there. I was eye fucking him. Even though the actual act of intercourse was lacking everything else we had was great. I couldn’t take it anymore and neither could he. He came over a few days later knowing I would be home alone all day. We talked a little beşiktaş otele gelen escort and it was awkward. He asked me if I wanted to be with him again and I honestly wasn’t sure that was a good idea. He told me it was fine with him either way and that if I wanted to stop we could. I told him that I knew he cared if we stopped. My reason being that I am awesome and he would miss me. He smiled and laughed. His laughter and smile reached his eyes and he grabbed me and kissed me and told me I was awesome.

Seeing the pure happiness on this man’s face made my chest swell with joy and contentment and love. I didn’t want to stop kissing him that day. Another month went by and I ran into him at the store. He asked why I hadn’t texted him and I asked why he hadn’t texted me. Two days passed and I texted him. To my surprise he wasn’t where he could talk and told me to try him the next day. So I left it alone. I would try another day. He called me an hour later and asked what I was doing and if I needed anything when I texted him. I told him I just wanted to say hi. I was lying. I wanted him. I wanted one of our ‘talks’.

He apparently wanted to ‘talk’ too because he was almost to my house when he called me. I told him it was ok to come over and hang out for a few minutes because I was busy. As soon as we got off the phone I ran and changed my clothes. I put on a short dress and a sweater. Nothing else. He asked me if I could print out some stuff for his kid and I said yes. He followed me into the bedroom to where my printer was and he kissed me. I didn’t want to stop kissing him. He ran his hand from my knee to my thigh and I shivered. He continued to run his hand up my dress and over my ass. He smiled when he realized I was not wearing any panties. He asked me with a smirk on his face if all I really wanted to do was hang out for a minute or did I have something else in mind. I kissed him again.

Everything was getting hot around me when I looked at him and told him to make me cum. He smiled and said yes ma’am. His fingertips grazed my outer pussy lips and I was instantly wet for his touch. I motioned for him to sit next to me on the bed and he did. I slid back, spread my legs open wide, and opened my pussy for him. I opened up for him to look at and explore. I wanted him to look. And he did with a smile. He slid his fingers in me and we both moaned. He started sucking my clit and licking my pussy. I looked up at him and he was staring into my eyes smiling at me. He was proud to be giving me such pleasure. I was climaxing fast and bucking against his fingers. He went down on me again and sucked my clit with everything he had. I never felt anything like it before. When he stopped sucking and licking on my pussy I was almost there. I had to put my hands on my pussy and help. I was losing control and had to come.

I felt amazing after I came on his hands. He grabbed my legs and pulled me towards him and fucked me. I put my legs on his shoulders beşiktaş rus escort so I could move better for him. I didn’t want him to stop. I wanted to keep going. We are both still hesitant as to what we want from each other. It is more than just sex. We both know that now but I do not think that either one of us will ever say anything to each other. Things have changed so much for both of us already that I know if I wanted more and was ready for more I would never tell him.

A few months passed. We continued to steal kisses and touches. we hung out more and more. It was so much more than just sex. So I told him. I told him nearly five years ago now. I said those words that everyone says the first time with fear and hope. I told him I loved him. We both already knew this. But i was the one to say this. He just looked at me and my heart broke. He didn’t say it back. He told me that it made him feel good that I loved him. This is not what was supposed to happen. He should have declared his love to me. He should have swept me off my feet into a new life. But he didn’t. And he left.

Part of me broke that day. Why couldn’t he love me. I decided that i couldn’t see him anymore. It wasn’t that easy. He was too much a part of all of our lives. It killed me to see him again. It killed me when his name lit the display on my phone. I was breaking more and more at every thought I had of a life with him that could never be. It took a week before he said he loved me. He was in love with me on top of that. I honestly believed my life would change with his declaration. It didn’t.

Sure we fooled around some more. it was always hot. It always felt good. Even the sex felt good. I no longer felt great. I had such horrible guilt every time we were together. I lost a piece of me every single time i let him inside me. And then came the fall out. Two years passed again until we spoke. He still once again proclaimed his love for me and just like that i was sucked back in. Into believing that a future was there. I could not have been more wrong.

He started coming around again but by this time I had moved with my husband. As hard as we tried we were never the same. Of course i didn’t let that stop me from fucking him. Kissing, touching, cumming on his fingers was great. The sex, while it felt good, made me physically sick. I felt like a whore after he fucked me. Three showers and I still felt dirty and used. He treated me well that day, told me he loved me, I foolishly believed him in the moment. Guilt and stupidity plagued me for days.

And once again… silence. He visited a few more times and we played around. Deep kisses, stolen touches, and declarations of love. In the blink of an eye I was ghosted once again. Sometimes i think i will never learn. What could he possibly have over me that would make me keep going back. The answer. Nothing. Not one thing. And still the dance continues. I love him for being there when I needed him most. I hate him for how I felt after. He never left his wife. I never left my husband. And still we dance. This dance of hope for a future that will never come. The shared dream of a life together that isn’t meant to be. More heartbreak is inevitable. It’s been years of romanticising this love story in my head and in my heart. Hope for a future in the light. Heartbreak and disgust in the shadows of our love. And still we dance.

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