My Friend’s Son

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My name is Lisa. I am 43 and have been married to Joe for almost 20 years. The past few years, Joe has been traveling a lot for work. We have been spending long periods away from each other and have definitely been less intimate. It was Thursday morning and he was getting ready to head off for a week in California. He woke up late and rushed out in a whirl wind, he was supposed to get up at 4 am to catch his plane. Unfortunately the alarm did not go off and he woke at 5:15. He ran through the house cursing, grabbing his things and racing off. I managed to fall back to sleep until 7:30.

As I was getting ready for work, I noticed he had forgotten his laptop on the table. Wow I thought he must have been frantic this morning, he never goes anywhere without his laptop. I picked it up to put in the bedroom. I must have touched a button because the screen opened up. It was on his hotmail account and he was still logged in. There was a chat box opened up with someone named Sexylady saying hello to him. I put the laptop down and took a glance through his old mail messages and found many from this Sexylady person who turned out to be a woman named Jenny.

This was how I discovered he is having an affair. At first I was hurt and shocked. I wanted to confront him and yell at him, but there was no way I could contact him. He would be on the plane for the next 4-5 hours. I was crushed, embarrassed and insulted, I wanted to throw him out of the house.

I was so upset I thought about calling out from work but decided I needed the distraction to think about what I should do.

When got to work, I called my best friend Dina. She is currently divorced and I needed to talk to someone for advice. She was outraged at Joe and insisted I come over to her house after work and stay with her for the weekend. I agreed.

After work I stopped at home and picked up a few things and drove to Dina’s. She had a glass of wine ready when I got there. We drank the whole bottle. I told her everything. We cried together and discussed all my options. She asked, when was the last time you had sex? I really could not remember. It must have been 6-8 months ago. I felt so guilty. Had I driven him to cheat? The more I thought bout it the worse I felt. I confessed I had not given him a blow job in years.Dina was very comforting and assured me it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t totally certain. I still loved Joe and deep down didn’t want to leave him but I was also so hurt.Dina uncorked another bottle of wine and I cried some more. I was in no mood to go to work tomorrow. Dina convinced me to spend the day at her house. She has a beautiful pool and told me to make myself at canlı bahis home tomorrow. She had to work but would be home around 5.

She set me up in the spare room and went to bed. I stayed up a bit longer and finished the rest of the wine as I pondered my future.

and I am a I awoke at 10:30 with a small headache. I went down stairs and made coffee and scrambled eggs. Dina had left me a bathing suit and a note telling me to relax today and try to enjoy the pool. I cleaned up all the dishes, went to the spare room, changed into the bathing suit which looked ridiculous on me. Dina wears a 34B and I wear a 36C. My breasts were completely popping out of the top. and to make matters worse, she has a larger bottom than me so the bikini was so loose it was practically falling off. I looked in the mirror and laughed at myself. I straightened up the room and went out to the pool. I put on suntan lotion and sat down on a lounge chair.

I flipped through a magazines and read my book for awhile. It was getting really hot! I got up and dove into the pool. What a mistake, The bikini came right off I laughed to myself as I gathered the pieces and flipped them up to the lounge chair. I was nude but her backyard was completely isolated so I didn’t worry. the water felt great, it was so refreshing. After awhile I got out of the pool and climbed on to the lounge chair to relax and enjoy the feeling of the suns rays on my nude body. I must have drifted off.

I must have been dreaming, I felt a wonderful tingling feeling across my body. I woke up and couldn’t believe 3 hours had passed. I must have been exhausted with all my stress and crying. I sat up, the bathing suit was folded neatly on the chair. I didn’t remember folding it, oh well I thought as I stood up. I didn’t feel like putting it on, I was actually enjoying the free feeling of being nude. I walked over to the pool. I sat on the edge for awhile, then eventually jumped in for another swim. I was really enjoying myself and completely relaxing. After a nice long swim I got out and went to the lounge chair. I was horrified when the I saw a glass of lemonade on the table. I know that wasn’t there before. I looked into the kitchen and saw Dina ‘s son James in the kitchen doing the dishes. I was so embarrassed. How long had he been home? I quickly grabbed the towel, put on the bathing suit and hid under the towel. I nervously sipped the lemonade. I

stayed outside until Dina came home.

When she motioned me to join her in the kitchen, I nervously looked around for James. He was not here. I felt so relieved. Dina asked how my day was. I told her It was great. I left out the part of bahis siteleri her son seeing me nude in the pool. Dina popped open a bottle of wine as we made diner together. After awhile she mentioned that her son James was coming home later from college for the weekend. I neglected to tell her he was already home. I guess he hadn’t told her either. I felt relieved of that.

She had made plans for us to go out to a bar in town to meet two of her girlfriends. After dinner, I went up to shower and get changed for our night out. I put on a sexy blouse and a pair of jeans.When I came down stirs,Dina and James were both waiting for me. Dina said, you remember my son James. He quickly smiled and said Hi Lisa and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. I was so embarrassed. I could only manage a weak , hello.

Dina explained that James was going to drop us off at the bar and pick us up later so we wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving. We all got into the car and James drove us to the bar. I was very quiet in the car. We arrived around 8. The the girls were already there. We ordered up a few drinks. After my third drink,Dina began to ask me about Joe’s affair. I was feeling a bit drunk and told the girls all about it. They were so mad at him. Christine told me that if her husband ever did that she would cut off his dick and leave him. Beth disagreed with her saying that she would get even by fucking one of his friends. She was trying to convince me to pick someone up tonight and screw them. Both women were pretty relentless with their advice. Eventually Dina said she agreed with Beth, I should get even with sex not dismemberment. We all laughed over it for awhile. Fortunately or unfortunately, Christine was the first one to leave. We were all getting pretty drunk and Dina and Beth kept bringing guys over to meet me. I have to admit I was loving the attention. I was feeling very sexy.

At around 2 am. Dina was wasted, she called James to pick us up. James arrived shortly. We all got in the car. He drove Beth home first then we headed home. James had to help his mom up to her room. I went to the kitchen to get a glass of water. I was feeling pretty drunk myself. I stood for a moment thinking about all the different guys that had hit on me tonight. Part of me wished I had been a little bad and at least gotten a number or something. Oh well I thought. I was about to go upstairs when James walked into the kitchen. He had a hungry look in his eyes. I nervously smiled at him and attempted to walk by him. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me back into the kitchen, I was corned.

Before I could react he was kissing me. I was shocked bahis şirketleri stunned, he thrust his tongue into my mouth. I tried to fight him off , he held me tightly! I felt his hands slide up my blouse over my breasts. He managed to unhook my bra. I was stunned, a wave of pleasure raced through my body as he pinched my nipple, instinctively I let out a gasp. I suddenly realized what was happening, I tried to push him back, he resisted my weak attempt, as his other hand pushed down the front of my jeans. I tried to squeeze my knees closed but it was too late, he was rubbing my pussy through my panties! It felt so good,I instantly felt terribly guilty but I was actually getting wet and hot! He pinched my nipple again as he found his was under my panties, his tongue was swirling in my mouth. I felt his finger slide through the folds of my labia. I couldn’t believe what was happening! He had two fingers sliding deep into my pussy and I was kissing him back now. I hadn’t had sex in months and here was this 19 year old fingering my pussy. My god it felt amazing! I haven’t been touched like that in almost 20 years!! Needless to say, I came within minutes!

He continued to kiss me passionately, I pulled back and looked into his hungry eyes, reached out touched his crotch, I felt his cock was rock hard through his jeans, I was not stopping now, I wanted that cock! I led him upstairs to the spare bedroom, pulled him into the room, closed the door and pushed him to the bed. I unzipped his pants and pulled them off along with his boxers. I ran my hands up his beautiful thighs to his balls and stiff cock, gently caressing them. He moaned with pleasure as I licked his balls and slowly stroked his cock. I ran my tongue slowly from his balls up his long shaft and kissed the tip of his cock. My lips were met with a flow of his salty precum. I took a long slow sensual lick, I could taste the sex! I squeeze his shaft tightly, desperately licking at the flow of precum . I haven’t given head in years! I had forgotten how arousing taste of cum can be. I took his beautiful cock deep into my mouth, I sucked and licked his cock up and down. I was so wet and horny, he was moaning with delight as he thrust his cock deeper down my throat.

I had to have his cock inside me. After a long sensual session of head, I climbed on top and straddled him. I bit my lip as I eased his cock into me! I slowly rode his cock up and down. Suddenly he turned me over and entered me from behind, I was about to cum when I heard a noise in the hallway. Dina had gotten up to use the bathroom right next to us.

I stopped with fear. I could hear her in the next room! , James refused to stop he pounded in and out of my pussy faster. I bit the pillow as I came all over his hard cock! He continued fucking me, the bed squeaked loudly, He came hard deep inside me! Oh my god I thought, I just fucked my friends son!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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