My Favorite Massage Lady

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Happy Ending massages are a great way to take the edge off. Not only do you get a relaxing massage but with the right lady you leave totally relaxed and satisfied. This is a story about a massage lady named Pam that each time I saw her it got better.

Looking on Craigslist I saw a new very attractive young lady that had started doing body to body massages. After a couple of weeks I saw she was still in the business and her rates went from $80 to $120. A sign that she was becoming popular.

I searched her name on The Erotic Review. She had 2 reviews. Both of them talked how gorgeous she was, large breasts, girl next door type and happy ending of using her large breasts to massage your cock until you came.

I made an appointment for an hour long massage. Her face in the ad were blurred so didn’t know what she looked like with the exception the reviews said she was very attractive.

I was greeted at the door by Pam. She was very much the pretty girl next door type. She had long wavy dark blonde hair that almost reached her butt. Dark brown bedroom eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Her smile was a million dollar smile with her straight white teeth and sensual lips. She wore a silky short robe that was a little open in the front showing her DD cleavage. The robe was tied showing her narrow waist and tight firm ass. Finally she had long slender legs with thin angles. She was 5’7″ tall of beauty.

She had me follow her to the massage room. Once inside the room she closed the door and untied her robe. She wore a pink lacy bra and matching thong. She came over and gave me a nice hug. I could feel her breasts pressed against my chest.

She whispered in my ear, “I am glad to meet you, your references spoke highly about you.”

She kissed me on the lips. This led to several more light kisses. My mouth parted a bit and so did hers. I started to slide my tongue into her mouth when she pulled back and said, “I am sorry, I don’t do intimate kissing.”

“Why don’t you take off your clothes and lay face down on the table.”

She stayed in the room as I got undressed. She took off her robe and her bra. “Wow” is all I can say. I have never seen such large natural breasts on a slim frame like hers. I was surprised how small her areolas were but they were are light brown. It was summer time and I loved the tan lines on her breasts too. She was the total package.

My cock was already half hard before I got on the table. I positioned it pointing down hoping it would get a little attention while she massaged my backside.

There was a large mirror on the wall so I could see the both of us. She started on my back standing next to my side. After a bit she moved to the head of the table. My arms were hanging down and I moved them up to feel her slender strong thighs. Her legs were soft and smooth. My hands roamed up to her firm ass. I gently massaged her ass as she rubbed my back.

After a bit she moved down to the foot of the table and started to rub my legs. I saw in the mirror her rubbing oil over her breasts and stomach. She dragged her large breast across my bank. When she got to my head she kissed my ear and nibbled on it.

In a breathy whisper she said, “Your references said you were very nice, good looking and had big cock. I like that.”

All I could do was moan from the pleasure she was giving me and the amazing view I had in the mirror. She worked her way down my back and her hand massaged my balls and cock. My cock began to hurt as it grew harder but was pointing down between my legs.

She got off the table and said, “How about you flip over for me.”

“I thought you would never ask.” I replied.

After I flipped she got back on the table and straddled my torso. She leaned over and kissed me gently and her heavy breast were on my chest. I cupped both her breasts while we kissed. Her nipples got hard right away. I rolled them between my fingers gently.

She sat up and pressed my cock down so it was flat against my stomach. She lowered her pussy onto the shaft of my cock. I could feel the heat of her pussy through the thin fabric of her thong. She ground her pussy up and down my shaft. As she neared the head I could see pre cum drip from the tip of my cock.

I was still massaging her breasts and gently pinching her nipples. Occasionally she would lean forward for me to suck a hard nipple into my mouth. She put her hand on my hand and showed me to pinch her nipples harder. I pinched her nipples and she leaned back adding more intensity to her sensitive breasts. As she did this her hips slowly rotated grinding on my hard cock. With one hand she reached back and fondled my balls. I took one hand lowered it to her pussy. She gently took it away and told me you can touch me anywhere but there. She continued to grind on me for 10 minutes and I knew I was getting close.

She must have sensed it as she climbed off the table and told me to slide down and hang my feet over the edge. I did as she told me.

She took her breasts and applied pendik escort more oil on them, then wrapped them around my cock and started to masturbate my cock using her big breasts. It didn’t take long before a rope of cum shot out and hit her on the bottom of her chin. She continued to stroke my cock while the rest of my cum landed on her breast. She didn’t stop until I was drained.

She got up and got a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned us both up. I got dressed, gave her the $120. She gave me a couple more kisses and I left a happy man.

Second visit

Two week later I decided to see Pam again. I sent her a text to make an appointment. I also mentioned I see her rate went up to $150. She replied back that she could see me today and since I had already seen her before at $120 my rate would always be $120.

I arrived and this time she was wearing a short plaid school girls skirt and a white blouse. Damn she was sexy.

We got in the room and we both undressed right away. I was naked and all she had on was her thong. We hugged and kissed and my cock was growing hard and was between her legs bumping against her pussy.

“Mmmm somebody missed me. Do you want the same thing?”

“I do have a favor. When you do the slide on my cock can you take your thong off? It gave me a bit of a rug burn on my cock!”

Laughing, “Maybe I can pull it to the side a bit.”

“Also, can we start on the front? We know why I am here and if possible I would like to cum twice.”

“We sure can!”

Pam climbed onto the table on top of me and we started to kiss. Her lips parted slightly but I remembered her rule of no tongues. It was hard to resist. She worked her kissed down my body until she got to my already hard cock.

Once she got to my cock she took massage oil and lubed my cock, balls and her bountiful breasts. She dragged her hanging breasts back and forth over my cock. She gently teased the opening of my cock with a hard nipple. My cock twitched out of my control as the sensation sent electricity through my body.

She then worked her way up dragging her breast across my stomach and chest stopping at my lips for me to lick and suck her hard nipples. I held both her breasts in my hands and savored her nipples with my tongue. As enjoyed her breast she kissed and nibbled on my neck and ear. Pam pulled back and started to kiss me on the lips. As our mouths parted she slid her tongue into my mouth. I was pleasantly surprised!

After a few minutes of deep kissing she moved down and started to move back down my torso. She started to stroke my cock and play with my balls. I felt her hot breath blowing on the tip of my cock. I lust for her to take me in her mouth.

“God that feels good. Any chance of you sucking me a bit?”

“That’s against my rules.”

“French kissing was against the rules too.”

“It’s my rules, I can break them. I don’t even give my boyfriend a bj.”

I guess that meant NO! I decided to just lay there and enjoy her. As she stroked me I felt my balls aching to cum. The pressure was slowly building. Pam was great at noticing this as she wrapped her breast around my cock and started to my cock with them.

It didn’t take long and I shot two long ropes of hot cum on her neck and boobs. She took my cock in her hand and held it to her nipple as she jerked me off hard and fast sending cum onto her nipple and it dripped from her breast to my thigh.

She reached over to the counter and got a warm wash cloth and cleaned us both up. We laid next to each other kissing and gently stroking each other’s bodies. It wasn’t long before I was hard and ready for round two.

She straddled my hips. She pulled her thong to the side. Pushing my cock forward so it lay against my stomach slid from the bottom of my shaft to the tip. Her pussy lips were hot and wet. I wanted to bury my cock into her hot wet love tunnel but I knew that would never happen.

She looked down at me and said, “Is this what you wanted?”

“Yes, but your thong is rubbing on the side of my cock. I can live with it though”

“If I take it off promise to let me be in control?”

“Yes I promise.”

She slid her thong off and got back into position. My hands massaged her breast and pinched her nipples. Watching my cock enveloped in her wet lips and her bald pussy was intoxicating. There were times the head of my cock were was at the door of entering her. With one quick thrust I could have been inside her.

I took one hand and traced down her torso. I could see her clit slightly peeking out from the hood. I brushed across it gently with my thumb. Her body jolted. I did it again and she jolted again.

“That feels so good, but please don’t do that. I want you to pinch my nipples instead.”

Taking her nipples between my fingers she began to lean back adding more pressure to them. I was surprised by how turned on she was getting from this. Her sex juices were running all over my cock and dripping down to my balls. I was starting to get maltepe escort close and I rose my hips to meet her thrust. It didn’t take long before I was ready to cum again. 1,2,3 ropes shot out landing on my chest and belly.

She came forward and kissed me deeply. Breaking away she said, “That is the closest I have been to cumming myself.

“Why don’t you keep going and cum?”

“It’s all about you, not me honey.”

We cleaned up and I got dressed. I handed her $150.

“What’s this? You gave me too much.”

“It’s a tip.”

“You don’t need to tip me. Keep it, that way you can come back sooner.”

I took the $30 extra and left a very happy man. Never in my life would I ever guessed I would have been able to do such things with such a beautiful woman.

Third Time

I only made it a week before I made my next appointment with Pam. Every night I would go to bed thinking about her. I would get hard just thinking about her. Occasionally I would jerk off. But I wanted to save it for her.

I knocked on the door and it opened but I didn’t see anyone. Once inside I saw Pam behind the door wearing nothing but her thong. We hugged for a bit then moved to deep kissing. While we kissed my right hand found her breast. She lowered her hand to my crotch and squeezed my hard cock.

“Mmmmm that didn’t take long for you to get hard.”

“You have a strong effect on me Pam.”

We get back to the room and she asked me, “Same as last time?”

“Yes, with one more twist. I want you to cum.”

She hesitated for a bit then said, “Brian, I have a boyfriend. He knows what I do. We set boundaries. I already broke a few with you. The thing is, I find you very attractive and don’t let this go to your head, but your cock is perfect size. It’s long, but not too long. It is also very thick.”

“I understand. Thank you for the compliments. I have to say, you are the most beautiful woman I have been with. I won’t push your boundaries anymore. “

“Good, now let’s have some fun.”

We got onto the massage table and started deep kissing and exploring each other’s bodies with our hands. We were on our sides facing each other and I moved my hard cock between her legs so the shaft was next to her pussy lips. Our hips moved in unison as we both were getting pleasure. We both were totally naked and didn’t bother with any oil.

We switched positions to her on top. I watched her as she slid one then two fingers inside her pussy. I could hear how wet she was. She pulled out her wet fingers then lowered herself to grind on my cock.

I started to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples how she likes. Then she did something different. She started to rub her clit. She saw me smile with approval.

“I am going to cum for you. But I want us to cum together. Tell me when you are close.”

“I will.” I whispered.

She leaned back adding pressure to her nipples as I held them in my fingers and started slide along the bottom side of my cock while she played with her clit. This went on for a good 20 minutes. We both were starting to sweat. I could feel the buildup now. I told her I was getting close. Her hips went into high gear and she rubbed her clit much faster.

I bucked my hips into her a let go with two ropes of cum. On the third rope she came hard. Her body shook like nothing I have seen before. This lasted for a good 30 seconds. Then she collapsed on top of me out of breath.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, what are you doing to me?” She finally got out between deep breaths.

“I don’t know but god you are fun and beautiful.”

She sat up a bit after a few minutes and looked into my eyes. I took her hand that she was using on her pussy and sucked her fingers she had inside her.

“Mmmmm you even taste good. What I would give to eat your pussy.”

She smiled at me then looked at the clock. We were already 20 minutes past my hour appointment. “Wait right there.” She said.

Pam got off the table and picked up her phone. She called someone. Her voice changed to where she sounded like she was sick.

“Hi, this is Pam. I am sorry I have to cancel our appointment. I don’t feel good.”…………”Thank you for being understanding. I will give you a discount on your next appointment.”

“Well now we have time so you can taste me properly. Besides, you only came once.”

God I liked this young lady. She got up on the table and straddled my face. I took her ass in my hands and started to lick her pussy lips. I loved her taste and her smell. She played with her breasts as I licked her. I slid my tongue inside her. Then licked her entire length ending on her swollen clit. I nibbled and sucked her clit. She was moaning with pleasure.

“We have to stop. It’s not fair I get all the pleasure. I owe you another orgasm.”

We switched to 69 position with her on top. She spit on my cock and started to slowly stroke me. She lowered her pussy to my hungry mouth. She stroked me while I ate her beautiful pussy. To my kartal escort surprise I felt her sucking and licking my balls. I moaned into her pussy sending a vibration to her clit that made her moan.

A new surprise as now I felt her licking my shaft and head of my cock. Her lips opened and she took the head of my cock into her mouth. My cock went into sensitive overload. I almost came. To keep from coming I focused my attention on her pussy as I slid two fingers in her and worked her clit with my mouth.

I felt her taking more of my cock into her mouth. She had about half of it in when I heard her gag a bit. She backed off a bit and started to stroke my cock harder and faster. She could sense I was close. I could tell she was close to as she started to grind her pussy on my mouth.

I was ready and couldn’t hold back. I shot a load into her mouth. She quickly spit it out and finished stroking my cock until I was done cumming. I continued my attack on her clit with my mouth and her pussy with my fingers.

It wasn’t long before she tensed up and her body shook for a good minute as she her orgasm. She collapsed on top of me with my cock still in her hand.

“Come up here.” I said.

She just laid there breathing heavy not saying a word or moving a muscle for a good two minutes.

Finally she spoke. “Sorry, when I have a strong orgasm my body locks up on me. I literally could not move or talk.”

She slowly got up and laid next to me putting her head on my shoulder. I held her in my arms and ran my fingers through her long hair. I am pretty sure she drifted off to sleep for a few minutes.

She looked up at me and said, “Well I gave my first blow job! It wasn’t too bad. From what I remember your cum didn’t taste to bad either.”

I laughed, “From what you remember?”

We had not cleaned up and there was still a small pool of cum on my hip. She dipped her finger in it and put it in her mouth.

“Sweet but salty taste.”

I laughed. Then she took her finger on the pool of cum and wiped it on finger and put it in her mouth. I saw her swallow.


She then kissed me deeply. That’s when I found out she didn’t swallow as I could taste the sweet salty was still on her tongue.

She broke off the kiss and laughed, “See it’s sweet and salty.”

It didn’t really bother me. I broke her rules and I lived my fantasy. Who could get mad at a beautiful woman like this?

We laid like this for a good half hour. Talking and stroking each other’s bodies. I started to feel a stir in my loins.

“Mmmmm somebody is starting to wake up. Can he go for a third time?”

“I am game if you are.”

“Yes I am. I want to grind on that perfect cock one more time.”

This time she got me fully hard putting my cock between her breasts and sucking on the head of my cock. It didn’t take long before I was ready for her slide on my cock.

Having cum twice I knew it was going to take a while for me to cum again. I enjoyed watching my cock sliding between her pussy lips. There were times the head of my cock lingered just inside her lips. A couple other times she took me a little deeper.

Looking down on me she said, “Don’t move at all. I am in control. I just want to see how it would feel a little deeper in me.”

She slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock taking 1/3 of the 9 inches into her. I had everything I could do from trying to thrust deep inside this warm silky love tunnel.

“Fuck, that feels so good.”

“It sure does. You don’t know how bad I want to be deep inside you.”

She did this 3 more times taking just 3 inches. The fourth time she didn’t stop. She took me deep in her love tunnel. I could feel her cervix stimulate the head of my cock as she started to grind on me. I let her control the speed. Reflex took over several times as I thrust my hips up. She didn’t complain. I had enough of this position. We rolled over into missionary position.

“Don’t cum inside me. Let me know when you are close.”

“Okay, it will be a while for sure.”

I slowly fucked her while we kissed and I massaged her breasts. We switched to where she had one leg over my shoulder then both legs.

“I want to fuck you from behind.”

She agreed and she stood at the end of the massage table leaned over offering up her backside. My cock slid into her pussy. What a view I had. Her long hair hanging off to the side. This cute little ass against me. I looked over at the mirror and seeing her large breasts hanging down was a vision I will never forget.

We watched ourselves in the mirror as I took her from behind. Several times I would pull her up to play with her breasts and kiss her soft lips. I started to feel my self-getting closer to cumming. I took ahold of her hips and started to thrust harder and faster. She reached up and started to rub her clit.

I said, “I am getting close”

“Don’t stop. I want to feel your hot cum inside me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I am on the pill. Fuck me. Fill me with your cum.”

I gave her everything I had. We timed it almost perfectly as we both came. I felt ropes of cum fill her hot pussy. Her arms gave out and she collapsed onto the table. She mumbled, “Hold me. I can’t feel my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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