My fantasy with Michelle

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Big Cock

It started with a phone call in the morning, her useless husband had left for work, and Michelle needed to do the weekly shopping, but her car wouldn’t start.

I said I would be over as soon as I had taken Pat to work.

My sex life with pat had died a few years earlier, so I usually watch porn on the web and masturbate, to relieve my urges.

I arrived at Michelle’s about an hour later, and I could see she was upset about something. When I enquired what was wrong, she said that they had had an argument as Richard didn’t make love to her anymore, and she was getting frustrated.

He said that he only married her because they had two children in their relationship, Meagan, now 9 and Brandon who is nearly 7.

I asked how long since they had had any sexual contact, and Michelle replied it was over a year.

I tried to comfort her by saying, don’t worry things will sort themselves out in time, trust me, I know.

Well she got her purse and off we went to do the shopping. When she had finished we went to a café and had a coffee, and I explained to her that my sex life was over too, and had been for a long time. That I watched porn on the computer and masturbated to get relief.

She seemed shocked to hear this, and asked if I could show her some of the sites I visit, so she could do the same when she was feeling horny.

I agreed to help her out when we got home and show her some really hot sites, which are free to watch.

She says she wants to browse them with me, as she is feeling real horny now, thinking about it.

We get back to her place, and as she is putting the groceries away, I boot up her computer and bring up some porn sites, and save them to her favourites.

Michelle then says she is going to change into her house-clothes, so I start to watch a movie online.

Michelle then comes out in a nice blouse and loose flowing dress, which turns me on more. She sits next to me and asks what I’m watching, and I say a movie of two guys and a woman having a 3some.

Michelle asks am I getting excited watching it, and I say yes, I’m thinking it’s me and you and a friend of mine, who’s now living in Sydney. She says, you shouldn’t be thinking thoughts like that.

I say, what thoughts?

She says, thoughts of you and a friend fucking your own daughter.

I tell her that lots of fathers fuck daughters, even though it’s not supposed to happen.

She asks, do you think of fucking me very often?

I tell her I’m always thinking of fucking her, especially when watching porn movies.

Michelle starts to squirm in her chair, and I ask what’s the matter?

Michelle says she is getting moist thinking that her father gets turned on thinking of fucking his daughter.

I tell her that my cock is now nice and hard just talking about it, and would she like to look at it.

Michelle is a bit hesitant at first, but I remind her that she hasn’t had sex for a long time, and neither have I, and she can put her hand in my pants first to have a feel.

She loosens my belt and undoes the button then pulls down my zip. She then puts her hand inside my undies, and lets out a scream.

I say what’s wrong, and she says it’s so big.

I’ve never felt one as big as you before.

I say, well! This is the cock that brought you into this world, but your mother doesn’t want it anymore.

Michelle says Pat’s mad, for not wanting a cock like this anymore. Richard is nowhere near your size; in fact, it’s skinny and didn’t really satisfy me when we used to fuck.

With that she takes it out and is more amazed sarıyer escort when she sees how fat it is, and erect to its full 6 inches.

WOW! That’s one cock I’d love to have inside me, but it’s so wrong.

I put my arm round her shoulder and cup one of her pert breasts and say, Yes It’s wrong, but that’s what makes it so right and more exciting.

I then unbutton her blouse and while cupping one breast I suckle the other. Michelle lets out a small groan, and grasps my cock harder, and her hand starts to move up and down on my cock. This brings out a sigh of satisfaction from me, and I move my hand down towards her leg.

I pull up her dress, and I notice she is wearing a pair of frilly French knickers, so I slip my hand inside them. She starts to close her legs to clamp my hand, and I rub her moist cunt and tweak her clit, which causes her to moan more and tighten her grip on my hand and on my cock.

Meanwhile on the computer, the girl is sucking one cock, while the other guy is fucking her from behind doggy style.

Michelle asks, “Is this what you and your friend would like to do to me?”

I reply. “Yes one of the things but there would be much more we would do to you until you were satisfied.”

Michelle asks what my friend’s name is and I tell her its Alan, and we met online and have been to gang wanks and sucked each others cock. We also had a 3some once, and Michelle is more shocked that I have sucked cock.

She asks if I’m gay, and I say no, but am curious, and I enjoy socking cock and being sucked, but have never been fucked or have fucked someone in the arse.

I then tell her that Alan is Jill’s husband, and she asks “Who” I say Jill, you chatted to her once at my place and I asked you to show her your tits, but you wouldn’t do it.

Oh! She says have you fucked Jill?

I say No, I haven’t even met her, but we were going to when she had to move to Sydney, so we never even met. That we used to chat online and get each other off, and sometimes Alan was with Jill fucking her while we chatted.

Michelle then says, Jill is bi, isn’t she?

I answer, yes and she would like to play with you sometime, if she ever gets back over here.

Oh really, she says. I’ve never been with another woman. I think that it would be a nice experience to taste another woman’s cunt.

All the while I’m fingering her now drenched cunt, and she is wanking me furiously.

I take my fingers out of her cunt and lick them clean. I then insert them into her cunt again then take them out and put them in Michelle’s mouth. Mmmmm, that tastes nice I say, and she says, I’ve never tasted my pussy juices before, but yes it is nice.

I then tell her I’m going to cum, so she bends down and takes my cock into her mouth and catches my load. I tell her not to swallow, as I want her to dribble it into my mouth, then I will transfer it back to her to swallow. We both swap my cum, and she savours every last drop. Hmmmm you taste nice. So do you my sweet daughter we should do this more often.

Yes daddy, we should do this at least once a week or maybe twice or even more.

Hey slow down I say, I’m not in my prime anymore. I’m 65 now you know.

Yes she says, but age is just a number you know. Tell that to my cock not me as I laugh at her.

We stopped watching porn awhile back as we were too occupied in ourselves, so we sit down on the lounge. Michelle asks me if I would like to eat her out, as she is still horny.

Of course I would love to eat you out, you know I think about it all the time. Michelle sefaköy escort then says she has seen me sort of ogling her when they visit us, and I say yes it’s me dreaming of fucking you and you sucking me off.

We both strip off naked, and move to the 69 position, where I bury my mouth into her trimmed red pussy hair, and nibble at her clit. Ohhhh, yessss, more please. Eat me eat me and eat me some more. I want you to eat my cunt and make me cum with your mouth.

Meanwhile Michelle is sucking at my cock, but it’s only semi hard. Ohhhh daddy, you aren’t hard yet, please get hard for me.

I remind her that I have just cum a few minutes ago and it will take a little time for my cock to recover, and don’t rush, but be gentle, and it will respond.

As I’m flicking my tongue in and out of her cunt and sucking on her clit, she is writhing like she has never been eaten before, and has never experienced the pleasure. My cock has now responded, and she is slurping away happily. Mmmmm, your cock really fills my mouth daddy, if you were any bigger, I don’t think I could handle it. I laugh at this, and say to Michelle, I think you would manage even if I were bigger.

She says. “Yes I sure would try my hardest to get it in my mouth even if you were a lot bigger. Ohhhhh daddy yesss suck my clit like that, don’t stop. Richard wouldn’t have oral sex, so I wouldn’t suck his cock when he wanted me to.

I said, why should you? It should be a give and take situation, not just a one sided thing.

Michelle said he says it’s dirty to suck a woman’s pussy, buy not dirty to suck cock.

I said, well that shows what a mean bastard he is.

Ohhhh daddy, I’m going to climax, ohhhh ohhhh I’m cuming ohh daddy don’t stop ohhhh ohhhh ohhhh I’m cuming I’m cuming.

That’s my little girl, I bet you never had that before. Shhh daddy, I want to make you cum now. Just lie back and let me work my magic with my mouth. I want you to know what that miserable husband of mine is missing out on. Hmmm your cock is so nice, I wish I could keep it. Hahahaha I wouldn’t need my trusty vibrator if I had your cock available whenever I needed it.

Well, you said you wanted me again and again awhile back, so I don’t see why we can’t get together again. All you have to do is give me a call, and I’ll be over like a shot.

Oh daddy, do you mean that? I would love for us to get together again.

Yes baby, now shut up and finish blowing my cock. Oh that’s it, Michelle, in out in out, hmmm even deep throat eh, and you said it was too big. It’s amazing what a grown woman can do when she puts her mind to it. Ahhhh I’m cuming again, ahhh ahhhhhhh.

Oh Daddy that was so good, I think we should rest for a while now.

Yes Michelle my little redhead girl, how about a coffee while we recuperate, then we might adjourn to the bedroom and have a proper fuck, any position you like is ok with me.

Daddy, do you think you can manage another hard on, You’ve cum twice already.

With you my sexy slutty daughter, I’m sure I can.

Don’t call me slutty, it’s not a nice word.

But you are my personal slut daughter now, it wasn’t meant to be offensive to you, but a compliment.

Oh ok daddy, but why not just call me your whore, I like whore better than slut.

Ok my little whore of a daughter, now how about that coffee?

We chatted for about an hour about nothing really, then Michelle asked if I was ready to fuck her now.

I said, my you are a little whore aren’t you, of course I’m ready, but I didn’t want to rush you.

Daddy, silivri escort I’ve been ready ever since you made me cum with your mouth, lets go to the bedroom now.

We proceeded to the bedroom, where she said she wanted me to spoon her first.

I said ok, you’re calling the positions, I’m just fulfilling your wishes.

We moved into position, where I slipped my cock into her cunt from behind. Fuck me Michelle, you are so wet already.

Daddy, I’ve been wet all the time, thinking about it, my Daddy and her daughter having incest. Ohhh fuck meee what a turn on. I wish I didn’t knock you back a few months ago when you wanted to fuck me.

That’s ok Michelle, lets make up for it now, shall we.

Ohhh yes daddy she squealed, lets fuck.

I was thrusting in and out of that tight cunt, as she moved rhythmically with me ohhhh daddy that is so good, you really fill me up with your big cock, I want to try another position now. I want you to fuck me doggy style as I’ve never done it that way before.

What, you’ve never done doggy?

No Richard would only do it missionary position, I’m so frustrated, and I need to try it.

Ok Michelle turn round and bend over while I slip my cock between those arse cheeks of yours. Hmmm slowly now, I’m going to tease you, little by little. I put my cock against her cunt and insert it a little, then pull out. Oh Daddy don’t tease me, I want you so much.

I put my cock in her pussy again, and give one almighty thrust, right up to my balls. Ohhh fuck daddy, that’s so deep, I’ve never felt a cock go so deep before, please fuck me more and more.

I start pounding that sweet cunt while she moans with pleasure, ohhhh daddy that’s it, fuck me with that big cock of yours.

I fuck her for a while, when she wants to try another position.

I say Ok my daughter, but I don’t think I can hold out much longer. My balls are just about ready to burst.

Michelle laughs, and says, they better not. Not until I fuck you from on top.

I lie on the bed on my back, where Michelle climbs aboard facing me, and slips my cock right into her now drenched cunt. She starts thrusting in and out with wet slurping sounds happening. This makes us both laugh, and I tell her I want her to turn round so I can watch that fantastic arse of hers while she fucks me.

She gets off and turns round and drops her cunt right onto my cock. Bulls eye, straight in and starts fucking me madly. Ohhhhh daddy she moans.

Ohhh Michelle I moan back at her, fuck your daddy, make him cum again. But this time I want to cum in your pussy.

Why daddy, why do you want to cum in my pussy.

I’ll show you when I cum, now be a good girl and make me cum.

Yes daddy, I’ll make you cum.

After a few minutes, Oh Michelle, I’m cuming, fuck me harder, that’s it fuck me. Oh yes that’s it I’m cuming ohhhh ohhhh ahhhhh fuck you are a fantastic fuck, Richard is fucking stupid not to be fucking you.

Now climb off and lie on your back while I lick you out.

Hmmm that’s so sweet, our juices all mingled, hmmm slurp slurp.

Now I’m going to kiss you so you can taste our juices also.

Ohhh daddy, we taste so good together, I’ve never done anything like this before, did you do this with mum?

No, your mother is old fashioned, she saw it as disgusting. I’m glad we had our session today, and I hope you are happy too.

Oh daddy, my fuck stud, of course I’m happy, and I can’t wait until we do it again. In the meantime, I’ll try to think of more adventurous things we could try. Have you ever done anal daddy?

No Michelle, although I’d love to give it a try.

Ok Daddy, let’s make that one of the things we will do next time.

See I told you things would sort themselves out.

Now we better have a shower daddy, you can’t go home smelling of sex, and I have to go pick up the kids from school.

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