My Fantasy

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You know I keep getting asked what my fantasy is and I really have no answer. I’m not a kinky kind of person, at least not the real kinky stuff. I am really just a simple woman that grew up in the middle of Oklahoma, my dreams and fantasies are fairly tame. What I’m really after is a wonderful romance pure and true, that’s what I want.

I can’t say what my fantasy man would look like since I have dated all types of men, my only preference being that he is truly charming, loving, and hopefully has a wonderful personality. My fantasy lover could be small or large, muscular or skinny. I can’t say if he’s 5’6”, 5’9”, 6’0”, 6’5” or even 6’8” could be either or none of those, who really knows for sure. I also can’t say if he has curly blond hair and blue eyes or straight brown hair and dark brown eyes, could even be red wave hair and green eyes. I also can’t say if he is ‘well endowed’ in the nether regions, since I am happy no matter the size a man’s manhood, the only thing that I hope for is that all his equipment is in good working order.

I can’t tell you how I meet the man of my dreams, since I have not met him as of yet. Did when meet online, did we bump into each other checking out at the grocery story, maybe he asked me to dance at a club, or we were in a slight traffic accident and were so taken with each other that we agreed on a date rather than monetary remunerations for what ever slights costs of the damage. I can’t see into the future, so I don’t know how I will meet the man of my dreams or if I will ever meet him, but you the reader can decide on which scenario you like the best.

If you require details of this fantasy man then if you are a female reader then imagine your husband, boyfriend, or a man you have a crush on. If you are a male reader then please be my guest and imagine yourself as the man in my fantasy. Thank you for reading the whims of my imagination. Here is my fantasy of a perfect night spent with a man I truly love and care for, I doubt it will happen or that I’ll find someone like that, but it is a nice dream and a nice thought

Here is my real and true fantasy.

We are sitting in the living room, him and me. We’ve been together for quite sometime and really gotten to know and love each other. We just fit. We’re sitting and talking about anything and everything, the weather, our lives, hopes fears of the future, about the past and our regrets — whatever the topic of conversation turns to. The TV is either turned down or turned off completely, there is soft music playing on the stereo, easy listening not something too distracting.

Something about sharing the evening together and just sharing parts of ourselves through our conversation turns us on. He asks me to come and sit beside him on the couch, I come over and we continue to talk. He starts to rub my back and my hand traces lines on his thigh. We stay like that for a while just talking, and then he leans forward and takes my face in his hands and our lips meet. It’s not an animal smacking of the lips, but deep and loving, he knows just the right way to kiss me in such a fashion that it makes me instantly wet, and I kiss him in such a fashion that it makes him instantly hard.

Just in body language there is a connection between us that communicates our wanton desire for each other. Slowly his hand works up to my breasts and massages and rubs me, just the way I like it. It causes me to moan out, with a passion. My mind doesn’t wander while he touches and kisses me; the only thing that travels through my brain is how escort ataşehir much I love this man, and how much I pray he will never leave me. I couldn’t bear to lose him.

Slowly with much gentleness he begins to undress me and as he does he speaks his love for me, and how much he cares for me, and that he loves all of me, no matter my faults no matter my weight, everything about me. He thinks I’m wonderful and beautiful just the way I am. He laves me with kisses everywhere, taking his time not rushing, for he knows that in the future we will have plenty of time for just wild animal sex — when we are so inclined. But this time is about making love pure and wonderful. Finally he settles between my legs, and he begins more kisses at the mound located there. He breathes his love for me in that place and I moan as an orgasm takes control. My body shakes with a lovers torment and my juices run wild out of me. He watches me as the brings me to climax over and over and he watches as I cum, my juices spilling out and he knows that he has once again truly satisfied me.

There was never a question if he could satisfy me, because after all this time, he knows the right buttons to push or rather lick and he can just drive me wild in ecstasy. He continues to lovingly lick me, he wants to take me straight to the edge and let me fall over again and again. He strives to be the best lover I’ve ever had, and I’ve told him this over and over again as he continues to make me climax with such force.

When I give him oral, I try to do it just as I know he likes, trying to be the best lover he’s ever had. He tells me I am, but this time is not about him, he wishes to please me. Maybe next time I will get the chance to please him in this fashion and can bask in the glory of knowing that he thinks I’m the best. This time he will get to bask as orgasms explode through my body and I cum untold amounts of female nectar, the nectar that he thinks is the best drink on the planet.

I pull him from his licking torment and I breath my love for him and my undying desire for him. Once again I tell him that he is the best I’ve ever had.

It has not always been this way. Since the beginning of our romance, he began to know me and know my body. He knows just what I like and what I don’t like, so that makes him the best — he knows me and does just what I like and then some. I tell him that I feel empty without him inside me and ask him to please make love to me.

Of course he obliges me; he is just as turned on at the moment as I am. He enters me, not strong and forceful, but slow and gentle. His entrance is perfect, we fit together like a glove, and I tell him how much I’ve missed feeling him inside me, filling me completely. He tells me how much he’s missed being inside me and that he wishes we could stay that way forever. Slowly he thrusts into me, enjoying the feeling inside. I enjoy the feeling of him, the warmth of him. The whole time we make love we are connected by eyesight, staring deep into each other’s eyes, to tell each other that we are making love to them and not some imagined perfect person.

Slowly he thrusts into me and I thrust back in perfect unison as if we are on a timed beat together. Finally the moment happens and our bodies explode as we both orgasm together. We stay connected for a time, unwilling to separate and become two again. We are one — connected. Finally we must separate and we do so slowly and with much regret. We speak our love for each other, and we finish our love making with a kiss kadıköy escort that is filled with slow and sensual passion. We lay together on the couch our naked bodies still intertwined, cuddling together. We fall asleep in each other’s arms with a whispered thought to never leave the comfort of the other’s embrace.

The Dream

My Fantasy Part II

By: Missygail

It is just a night at home no need to get dressed up and all prim and proper. He is laying there in his plaid flannel boxers and his white socks. I’m in a pair of cotton shorts and an old tee shirt with some varied stain that won’t come out. The shirt is clean, but the stain won’t come out no matter how many times I throw it in the washer, thus making it an around the house shirt.

I had put my shorts and shirt on when I came out of the shower smelling of all different soaps and a spray or two of vanilla perfume. I walk out into the living area and my lover is laying on the couch watching whatever different sport he likes football, basketball, baseball, or maybe it’s wrestling, or monster trucks, or NASCAR. I walk over to him and ask if he is ready to watch our movies together. He doesn’t yell cause I’m interrupting his sports instead he tells me which movie he wants to watch first.

I put the movie in the DVD player and hit the play button. I walk over to him and he makes room for me on the couch. I lay beside him and we curl up together his contours fitting in my curves. He doesn’t gripe at me cause I didn’t get all the dishes done, he doesn’t curse about my children’s toys that have slipped from the toy box. All he does is lovingly take me into his arms.

My lover and I are snuggled together on the couch. Our evening consists of watching rented movies together. We are just enjoying spending time together.

We are slowly touching as we watch the movie on the television. His arm is wrapped around me and my hand is on his chest making lazy circles. Just lying there together slowly I begin to notice his manhood building.

He is becoming turned on and I am automatically turned on just by being by his side. No longer concerned with the movie he slowly turns to me. We begin to passionately kiss, our lips melting in a combined union. Our tongues swirling in just an amazing fashion, which drives both of us, mad with desire.

Our passion overwhelming our lazy rubs, beginning to become sensuous caresses. His hand reaches up my shirt and rubs my breast making the nipple stand marble hard. My hands search for the best place to rub, so I can tease the man I so love.

Then my hand settles on his hardness. I stroke him through his boxers, softly he moans. I have found the best spot. I want to please him this time, to repay him for the numerous times he has so pleased me. I push him back and straddle his middle. I began gyrating my hips, rubbing my crotch on his hardness.

My lips meet his mouth and explore the depths. I separate from him loving lips and the perfect kisses held there. I kiss down the side of his face to this neck. Then stopping to lightly lick around his ear and sucking an earlobe into my mouth. Then from there I slowly work my way down to his chest which holds the heart that loves me so much and beats as if only for me. I press my ear to that chest and listen to the thump, thumps of his heart capable of so much love and devotion.

I work my way to his nipples and tease each with my tongue and lips, I do it just the way I know he likes, that will make him utter a desire filled moan that instantly maltepe escort bayan arouses me completely. I work my way down further past his ribs, over his stomach. Then I find the object of my interest. I put my hand through the hole in his boxers and bring out the object that was creating a tent inside of there. Along with his stiff member I also release his two tag-a-longs from their plaid prison captured inside the boxer shorts.

I run my hand and fingernails over his balls, massaging them and running my fingers through his little triangle patch of rough hair. Slowly I begin to stroke him, I watch his face contort as he enjoys my soft touch. I give him a look that expresses my intentions. I begin to show my desire for my lover expressed by gentle licks and kisses on his manhood.

Finally after I’m sure he’s had enough of that torture, I wrap my lips around the head. I massage the head of his member with my lips and tongue, swirling and gliding over that sensitive spot. Then pressing my tongue to the side of his throbbing member I take the length of him into my mouth. I begin stroking him with my lips; slowly I begin to increase my suction on him. Soon my lover is taping me on the back to warn me that he will soon release his pent up juices. I keep going, intending on taking him all the way and then some. Suddenly his member pulsates in my mouth and one of my cheeks is filled with his thick semen. I continue my ministrations with my mouth, only stopping briefly to swallow down my mouthful. I continue to stroke him with my mouth teasing him with my tongue, his constant moans at my actions arousing me, cause the wetness to build between my legs.

I want to keep sucking him so that his member will not go soft, so that I can answer the burning ache between my legs, that is increasing with each pleasure filled moan that he utters. Finally when I am sure that his member is as hard as it will get and he is once again ready for action I reluctantly release him from my mouth. I was so enjoying, giving him pleasure that I didn’t want to stop, but the wetness and deep burning passion inside of me, cannot be ignored.

Suddenly stripping off all my clothes I quickly jump back to straddling across his middle before he can react and attempt to pleasure me, I want this time to be about him. Once on his middle I grasp his member in my hand, and push it into the place that I wish it could always stay. Pushing myself down on him, I feel him fill me completely. I relish in the feeling, for it feels like it has been ages since he was inside of me, though it has only been a day since our last bodily connection. Slowly I rise up and then down on him, enjoying how well we fit together and enjoying making love, real love, to someone. His hands come up and they cup and massage my breasts, the nipples becoming instantly erect when his fingers caress over them. I lay myself down on top of him, he arms wrap around in a tight embrace. We tell each other how much we never want to leave the comfort of each other’s arms.

My hips still gyrate on him, my hole gliding up and down the length of this member. We kiss deeply and passionately, and just at the precise moment, or bodies orgasm in unison. Our moans of pleasure caught in each other’s mouths and an orgasm rips through our bodies. As I writhe and spasm, my juices explode in a wonderful river, completely soaking his plaid boxer shorts, and as this is happening deep inside of me, his member is pulsating out it’s thick semen deep inside of me, filling me with his juices to replace my own. After our orgasms have come to an ebb, we still lay connected, unwilling to part once more. Finally we separate, and we lay on the couch our bodies tangled together and we watch the rest of our rented movies, until the urge to be intimate strikes us once more.

The End

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