My Elusive_Angel

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So I couldn’t believe it when I looked up in the restaurant and you were walking toward my booth. When you entered, you smiled and handed me a small paper bag. At the same time, I handed one to you and you walked to the restroom to insert my “gift”. I watched you walk away from me, your beautiful ass swaying from side to side in the floral print sundress that I asked you to wear. Every male eye in the place was on you…and so were more than a few female eyes. When you disappeared through the door, I carefully opened my package, which contained your white lace panties, the ones in your photo. Yes, they were just removed and I could feel the warm moisture of your arousal.

When you returned, you were smiling and I pointed to the seat across the booth from me. Like our first meeting, I ordered your meal – a light faire – as I wanted you fresh and full of energy for our early afternoon encounter. As you sat, I caught a slight smell of your perfume and my cock twitched as I remembered the treasure of scent that I had found between your breasts on that night at the beach.

No words were spoken and I simply enjoyed looking at the late morning sunlight reflected in your beautiful eyes. But then I broke the spell. Reaching in my pocket, I retrieved a small plastic controller and my thumb flicked the button to “on”. Immediately, your eyes closed as the vibrating egg that you inserted into your vagina began to pulsate. I purposely left the power low – just to give you a tickle.

“Open your eyes and look at me” I said, more directly than friendly. You did and as you gazed into my eyes, I added more power. So interesting, I could see the look in your eyes change from a defiant stare to a dreamy wanting as your cunt began to throb from the attention. At the first sign of a slight tremble, I canlı bahis turned the power off. Again, your eyes met mine and I could see that this was going to be a fine Florida day.

Several times during our meal, I applied power and brought you ever closer to the pleasure that you desired. But not yet, you would have to wait until we were back at your place, where you would please me first, then take yours if and when I was ready to provide it.

After our meal, I hailed a cab and we sat in the back seat together. You remained silent and I refused to chat, except when I had to tell you to do something or the other. In the cab, I audibly told you to spread your legs, I’m sure the driver could hear. When you did, I rewarded you with another blast of power and I pulled your dress up to see your pouting lips, soaking wet and swollen, ready to play.

“Finger yourself” was all I had to say and you inserted the middle finger of your right hand into your burning hot cunt. You removed the finger and brought it slowly to my lips and I tasted your wetness. You then repeated the process and tasted it, yourself, before wiping the finger dry on the shoulder of the driver (I’m sure he smelled your arousal every time he looked over his right shoulder for that entire day).

We entered your place and once inside the door, I pinned you against the wall for a kiss. As we kissed, I again powered-up and wondered how you could hold the egg within your dripping wet cunt. Fluid was running down your thighs to your knees and your aroma caused me to harden.

“Get naked” was my next command and you simply pulled the sundress over your head in one motion, standing naked before me. My God, you have the most beautiful body, but I was not here to view, I was here to use. Your Pilates ball was in the corner bahis siteleri of the den and I asked you to climb on it and show me how strong your stomach muscles were. When you did, I nearly came in my jeans you looked so sexy and strong. By now, I had unsnapped and unzipped my jeans and walked over to you with my cock hard and dripping in my hand. I knew this wouldn’t take long and I had work to do, so I had to cum fast. Yes, you took me in your mouth and sucked me to extasy, allowing me to pull out and deposit a thick load of cum all over your breasts and stomach.

I asked you to lay on the ball – on your stomach, which was slippery with cum. You did and I once again applied power to your cunt while blowing and softly licking your ass. This was finally too much for you as I forgot to reduce power and your body went stiff, my tongue on your rosebud, my finger on your clit, and the egg trying to pop out between your engorged lips. I licked harder and you had another. From our past experience, I knew that I had you now, you were changing from the submissive little whore that met me at the restaurant into the raving mad nympho that I craved. My cock hardened.

I took you by the hand and we walked to your bed. My biggest mistake of the day was forgetting to tie your arms and legs to the posts. I wanted to fuck you so bad that I couldn’t think straight. I dropped you onto the bed on your bed – the sun shining through your window illuminating your body like the angel that you are. Your skin is so beautiful, your nipples so desiring. I stripped and climbed between your legs. Normally, I’ll grab your wrists and hold them down while I enter, but not today. I simply crawled between your knees and lowered my steel-hard cock to your waiting lips.

I was not ready for the warmth. As I entered, bahis şirketleri the hot clinging walls of your cunt pulled me in and I was immediatly disoriented, using all of my 30 years of fucking experience not to cum. Then you did it. You locked your legs around my hips and hugged me to your breasts, not letting me move. You knew exactly what you were doing and kept me locked in the incredible warmth for what seemed like hours. I could not thrust, nor did I really want to, I was simply experiencing you.

Slowly, I could feel the walls of your cunt begin to massage me. We didn’t move, except for this flexing of something inside. I had never felt anything so warm and pleasant. My final mistake that day was raising up slightly to look into your eyes. And that did it. The look in your eyes, coupled with the flexing of your body caused me to experience the pleasure of a lifetime as I shot load after load of hot cum into you.

You initiated the movement and rolled me over on my back, still trapped inside of you as you straddled me, slowly rubbing your breasts against my chest. Then when I had relaxed, you quickly slid off of my cock and planted your cum-filled delight directly on my mouth, not giving me a choice, but to clean you with my tongue (or perhaps smother against your thighs?). I licked everywhere I could reach and deeper than I ever thought I could go and you started to cum, soaking me with our combined juices. I was losing any resolve that I might have had left as you continued rocking your hips and your lips against mine, taking your pleasure not once or twice, but three times.

When it was over, you simply got off of me and winked as you headed to your shower. I knew it was time to dress and go – even in the sticky cum soaked state that I was in. As I was returning to my hotel, I had a revelation…I had come to possess you, but you turned the tables and possessed me…and you still do, 2,800 miles apart!

Each night, I dream fondly of my elusive_angel.

Sleep well, baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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