My Dreamlover

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Tonight you came into my dream. A dream so deep I scarcely felt the brush of warm lips to mine, barely noticed the slight shifting of weight into the mattress as you held yourself over me. Your body fit so well into mine, thighs slightly parted as if in invitation for you to slide between them. One hand flung up to tangle in the dark curtain of hair draped over the pillow.

You lowered your body slowly, carefully atop me. Your hips fitting perfectly in the cradle of my own, breasts molding to fit snug to your chest. Your knuckles brushing the silken length of my hair, watching my eyes roll beneath their lids…dreamstate. Was I dreaming of you?

Soft murmurs escape my throat as the press of your body tugs at my dreams, hips arching up. A stretch beneath you, lips parting, begging to be kissed. Bending your head you accept the offer, pressing your lips to mine. Your tongue pushing past sharp teeth to delve into the warmth of my mouth, careful not to jar my dreams and wake me. A soft sigh breathed into your mouth signalling a response on some level, the gentle flutter of my tongue to dance with yours. Enjoying my dreamlover’s kiss…the weight of his body.

My hands moving up over your hips, your tongue frozen in my mouth. Fearing you’ve woken me escort ataşehir and broken the spell but the dream moves on and a soft whimper of protest is heard, lips searching for the warmth of your mouth. Complying without hesitation your mouth drops back over mine, kissing me deeply. Your hands roaming up the sides of my naked body, the sheet swept away long ago by those same careful hands. Hands that now cup each side of a full breast as your lips move over mine.

Lost in the gripping dream, my back arching as the dreamlover’s hands draw me closer. Breaking the kiss to expose the tender expanse of my throat to his lips. A sleeping sensual invitation, your lips touching instantly to my throat, tasting the sweet flesh…feeling the flutter of a pulse beneath your kiss. Pale creamy flesh just waiting to be tasted, that fluttering pulse begging to be set free. A shift of hips beneath you…rocking, my body silently begging for your entry.

With a practiced hand and a need too overwhelming you guide the ringed head of your cock to slide between slick lips, your thighs pressing mine wider to coax me to open for you. The heat of my cunt and the slick greedy entrance trying to grip at your cock head proof that I’m ready for you. Sleeping or not, kadıköy escort my body writhing beneath you now, soft moans escaping as the dreamlover takes me higher. Rubbing my cunt against your eager arousal.

With a muffled groan you press into me, your hips pressing forward just as mine lift and grind. Filling my tight hole with a single thrust, settled deep in my heat. Muscles slick and eager clenching all around you, soft suction pulling at you as if to bring you deeper still.

You move carefully, still hesitant to wake me from the dream. Your hips lifting and falling in a slow steady press of hot hard flesh into me as my own magically shift and buck, rocking steadily up to meet each thrust. My need growing steadily, soft whimpers…panted breaths. My hips pressing up harder, faster as the ache builds.

The dreamlover thrusting into me, my nails curling to rake his back. Your flesh burning with the reality of my dreams. Whispers murmured softly, “take me, fuck me…ooohhh yesss so good.”

You wonder yet again, am I dreaming of you, a sudden trickle of doubt creeps down your spine, your eyes blaze…jaw set. Your thrusts suddenly hard, vicious in their demand on my flesh. Pounding into me, ready to make me see who fills maltepe escort bayan me. And still lost in the dream I only groan loudly. Panting, gasping, begging for you to fuck me harder. Use me, treat me like your whore.

Your eyes blaze hotter, fingers tangling in the silk of my hair and twisting sharply to jerk my head back. Arching deeper into you. Fingers bruising my thighs as you press my legs wider. Thrusting deeper, harder, slamming hipbones hard into mine. Determined to wake me, to claim what’s yours.

Writhing, bucking wildly beneath you. Nails drawing blood on your back, your ass and hips. Screaming my pleasure as my cunt clenches suddenly around you. Driving into me harder, rougher, sensing my approaching orgasm and slamming your hips forward with all you have. My body jerking with the impact yet riding your cock thru the waves of the storm. My orgasm shaking me, my body a tensed spasm beneath you.

Your cock buried deep, throbbing…ready to burst, to explode deep inside me. Claiming me, marking me. My screams echoing in the dark room. A single word ripped from my throat again, and again. Claiming my dreamlover in the peak of my pleasure, “GABBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRIEEEEELLLLLLLL.”

Your name ringing in your ears as your cock erupts in a molten flow deep into the heat of my convulsing cunt.

Finally waking me, I look up. Trembling from my dream come to life. Reaching out to touch your face, whispering softly, breathlessly as I guide your mouth down to mine. “My dreamlover, come dream with me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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