My Dirty Little Secret (8)

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After our little fuck session, we’d had a nap and, surprisingly, done some homework. Right now, we were down in the TV room. My arse had recovered slightly so I was able to sit. We’d been gaming for a while, and we’d added another game on top of that to keep it sexy. As one of us played, the other had to give him a blowjob. And when he was close to jizzing, he had to say, “stop!” and we switched. We kept edging this way for a shocking 45 minutes before our dicks couldn’t keep it in anymore. Our jizz was sort of a semen fountain and it had covered the centre table in a little puddle. Dave had licked it off to keep everything clean. This game sort of became a tradition as the months passed by. Our current record is 2 hours and 11 minutes.

Of course, our in-game performance lowered drastically as the people we were playing online with wondered what was going on. We’d been playing on XBL and Mike was on. He said he was going to come over later that night and so we’d fallen into this discussion about him.

Dave sipped on his cider (we didn’t want to get pissed before Mitch even appeared. He was bringing douk) and said, “I don’t know… he’s one of my closest friends and I feel like I’m being dishonest, like I owe it to him to tell him.”

“You don’t owe him anything,” I tried to say in a reassuring tone, “You should only come out when you’re ready.”

“I don’t know if I am…”

“Well, then don’t come out. You should be certain.”

Quin looked at me morosely, almost as if blaming me for something. “I was always under the impression that you wanted me to come out.”

My brows furrowed. “No, I never said anything like that.”

He pulled me into a tight hug so I lay on top of him on the couch. Our faces were only separated by inches and I could feel his breaths. “I know,” he said uncertainly, “But I thought you would like that… being in a normal relationship, not a closet one.”

“Of course I would like it.” I rested my head on his shoulder, my forehead touching the bridge between his neck and jaw. “But I don’t mind this. I think closet relationships have a certain risk factor that just makes them all the more fit.”

Quin snorted. “Well anyway, I need to lose my virginity to you before Mitch comes.”

I looked at him, not at all surprised at the directness of his statement. “What, are we gonna do this now? Here?”

“Nah, I’ve got someplace more romantic.” He let me slide off him and got up, throwing out a hand to help me get up. When I was standing, he went behind me and pressed himself against me, putting both hands on my eyes.

“Hah, remember that time in Graphics?” I asked. I was referring to a time about a year ago, a few days before I officially came out. Quin had done the exact same thing to me in Graphics class and it had made me question his heterosexuality ever since.

“When I did this to you?” He gently moved a leg forward. I picked up on the message and stepped forward as well. It was very awkward, but the upside was that I could feel his limp cock up against my butt. We were both wearing clothes so the feeling was slightly diminished, but it was still there. “I still remember how surprised you were when I pressed my cock up against you. Usually guys just shrug it off and forget it.”

“I’ve always wanted to know what you felt like when I came out like two weeks later.”

“Well, I felt like I’d turned you gay by doing it.” We both laughed, but it was interrupted when he said, “We’re turning left now, going up the stairs.”

“You don’t have to keep your hands on my eyes the whole time, do you?”

“No, but I just like doing this to people.”

I carefully put my foot on a step, then another. Even if I fell, Quin was there to save me. After a minute of slowly climbing the stairs, I sensed that we were in the area known as ‘upstairs’. Usually, we always turned left from here to go into Quin’s room, but when I made to, he said, “Nuh-uh, we’re turning right.”

“But canlı bahis isn’t that where your parents’ bedroom is?”

“It’s lucky that they forgot to lock it. Now I can make this as romantic as possible.”

I felt a sudden change in the light levels as we entered their bedroom. It seemed to be much darker here, and the air was warm. I could smell hot bathwater and something flowery. He led me into what I was sure was the bathroom. And then he let go off me and took his hands away from my eyes.

The bathroom was coloured by a dingy yellow light on the ceiling, giving the effect that normally chandeliers would. I discovered that this was because you could adjust the brightness of the light. The bathroom was big, as Master Bedrooms’ bathrooms usually were. There was a big circular Jacuzzi in the centre, ringed by little candles whose light was distorted by hot steaming water. The Jacuzzi was filled to the brim with it, clear enough so that you could see to the bottom, littered with rosepetals.

“Rosepetals,” I uttered, “Seriously?”

“What, don’t you like them?”

I looked up at him, a smile coming naturally to my lips. In quite a cheesy way, I through my arms around him and kissed him full on the lips. “I mean, I know this is cliché as fuck, but I love it. I was wondering what you were doing upstairs for half an hour.”

“I had a shower as well, just to clean myself up.” He winked.

“Well, I guess I’ll go get the condoms,” I said, heading over to the door. But I was stopped in my steps by my boyfriend.

“Nuh-uh,” he sniggered, closing and locking the door behind him, “We’re going bareback tonight.”

At first I was surprised. My reasoning and logic started to kick in and I remembered all the bad effects of having bareback sex so early. Then the optimist in me reasoned that Quinton had just told me he’d had a shower to ‘clean himself up’. And I supposed that bareback sex would be an amazing experience with a virgin asshole. In the end, I said, “Great!”

Quin smirked. “Don’t worry, I’ve got the right lube and everything for this. I bought it before you came over, after doing some internet research. The water is fresh and clean and so was the Jacuzzi before I filled it up. I don’t think my ass is going to get infected.”

“Awesome,” I said. Quin went over to some dark corner of the bathroom and turned something on. Slow, romantic music started playing and I felt like everything looked like it was under a nice, rosy filter… like on instagram. We both stripped down, not exactly wanting to stall the whole thing with excessive foreplay (don’t get me wrong, foreplay is amazing… but we just wanted to have sex at that moment in time). From the cabinet above the sink, Quin pulled out the aforementioned bottle of silicone lube.

He turned to me. His body shone in the dim yellow light and taking in the entire image automatically made me hard. His thighs were not too hairy and not too smooth, just perfect round cylinders of flesh that I desperately wanted to have sex with. His torso was huge, bulky with the mild lines of a sixpack-to-be showing through. A treasure trail led down from his belly button to a bush of pubic hair from which his long cock grew out of. The slightest hint of hair grew between his pecs, shining benignly in the candlelight. Slowly, he walked to me, and I could see his eyes looking up and down my body with that predatory glow which combined his lust and love.

When he put a hand on my hip, a burst of good feeling made me shiver. I was that horny. We kissed, breathing in each other’s scents and exchanging saliva. He pushed his tongue into my mouth forcefully, but only because I allowed him to. Meanwhile, he lubed my cock up and his boner touched mine. The lube was slightly thicker than what we’d used in the morning, but it was better for hot tub situations.

The warm air was making us sweat. Realising this, I moved my mouth to his armpit, licking the sweat off bahis siteleri it. It was better than I’d expected any sweat to be, and he moaned. “Fuuuuck!” he said gently as I kissed and sucked the salty liquid off of his pit. “Uurgh, didn’t know it could feel so good,” he breathed.
I put my hands under his pits, trying to lift him up. This was very awkward because he was much taller than me, but I managed it in the end. He understood what I meant to do and wrapped his legs around my waist, hugging me. I shifted my hands to support his ass, trying not to make an epic fail of myself by slipping and giving both of us bad injuries.

“Clearly I’m the stereotypical top here,” Quin commented.

“Well, let’s see how much you like being the bottom,” was all I could say. I kissed, licked and sucked his nipples, biting them occasionally to make him gasp. I stopped and stepped forward cautiously, trying to look around his wide shoulders to where the Jacuzzi was. Wearily, I stepped into the hot water, gasping partly because it was so fucking hot and partly because he was sucking my neck. He was really good at hickeying, as I’d come to find out the next morning.

He stepped down, cursing as his leg was engulfed by the steamy water. Slowly, Quin lowered himself and I lowered myself with him. Soon, only our shoulders and heads were above the water. I leaned back against a sloping curved part of the Jacuzzi and he launched himself on me, splashing the hot water. All his weight was on me and when his skin touched mine underwater, it felt so right! Our cocks were being squished between both of us, which just made us more lusty.

He kissed me wildly, thrusting his tongue like it was a cock. We made soft sounds as we made out, covering the around our mouths in spittle because we were both using excessive tongue. Yet, the feeling of his tongue rolling over mine would have made me moan if my mouth was not already preoccupied.

It stopped and we spared a few moments just to look into each other’s eyes. We both had petals sticking on different parts of our bodies which weren’t submerged in water, but we mostly ignored that for now. Then he pushed himself away and leaned against the other side of the Jacuzzi, causing ripples to flow through the seemingly black water. The hot water somehow made the entire thing hotter.

“Turn around,” I said curtly. He smirked and did as I asked so that his ass was slightly above the water. I kissed it immediately, relishing the hair and the water mingling with its sweaty smell. I put my hands on either cheek and moved them apart, burying my face into his hole. I kissed it, sucked it, loving every bit about it. With my tongue, I rimmed him, pushing it into his hole, exploring and making him moan. I took the bottle of lube, which Quin had kept on the edge of the Jacuzzi, and spread it on my hands. I pushed a finger into his hole, making him gasp. I pushed two more, lubing up his insides, trying to let his ass know that it had something much thicker coming.

I got up into a kneeling position so my cock hovered a millimetre above the water. I stroked it a bit, adding some more lube. “Ready?” I asked.

“Don’t go too fast,” was his answer. I held my cock in one hand and moved one butt cheek the other way as I tried to push myself in. He wasn’t opening up for a few seconds but his ass made way as I put in more pressure (almost identically to what had happened in the morning). “Fuck,” he cursed, as I slowly, gently, pushed my head in. I could tell he was in pain, but I knew that soon his sex drive would come back and he’d feel a weird mixture of pain and pleasure which was good overall. I was gasping as well. I didn’t know that I could get so much pleasure from only my cock’s head. I could feel the first dregs of pre-cum leaking from my tip. Sighing, I pushed some more, looking downward as how his asshole moved.

It swallowed my head and I knew Quin was in pain because of his hard breathing. I slowly slid bahis şirketleri my shaft in, and his ass reluctantly allowed me in. The tightness was almost squeezing the cum out of my cock, but he drastically loosened up the further I went in. But still, I could feel him squeezing my cock. I gasped. It was amazing, so much better than Saahil. I pushed the rest of my cock in faster, which made him grunt, “SLOW!”

I just yelled, “Fuck!” Quin’s asshole was amazing. The way it reacted to the presence of my cock and the amazing feeling of his insides were making it hard not to cum. I slowly pulled myself out halfway and slowly pushed myself in again, doing what he did in the morning and gaining a gently rhythm.

“Fuck!” he cursed each time, “Fuck!” I bent down over him, kissing the back of his neck, putting my hands around his waist and gently upping my pace. I was gasping each time my penis went inside his ass. The feeling of his rectum around my bare skin was amazing. I could feel my jizz piling up. It was hard to hold it down. I pulled myself out.

“FUCK, that hurts, urgh!” Quin shouted.

I tried to cool myself off by thinking of things that turn me off. “It gets better, don’t worry,” I sighed, laying back down in the water.

“Yeah, I was feeling good as well, but…” Quin turned around and lay against the sloping part of the Jacuzzi. “Let’s do missionary, like we did in the morning. Maybe that’ll make it bearable.”

He spread his legs wide, giving me a sudden urge to lick and suck the hairy upper halves of his thighs. I put myself under water and did that, kissing his balls and ass. I put my hands on his waist and lifted him up some. He guided my cock to between his butt cheeks and this time, I came in more easily. His grunts of displeasure were mingled with moans of lust. It was so hot to watch his mouth go into that ‘o’ shape, hearing his soft yet deep voice say, “Oh, Ali! Oh my fucking god!”

I bent down, making his thighs touch his torso. We looked into each other’s eyes as I thrust in more, feeling my cock throb and his ass pulse around me. I thrust again, making him moan loud. He shouted, and then he contracted his ass around my cock, making me gasp.

“Are you gonna cum?” he asked.

“Not yet. Got some fight left in me, I breathed.” I slowly picked up my rhythm up again and Quin knocked off a candle as he tried to hold the edges of the hot tub to keep himself stable. “Quin… fuck, Quin… your ass…” I moaned as I could feel him around me, from his breaths to his wet, shining torso to his rectum, which was in total synergy with my cock. Feeling my naked skin come into contact with his insides was heavenly, which was probably why I yelled, “Oh my god!” so much.
He was yelling as well, both in pain and pleasure. It was like paradise, with the humid air and slow schlick-schlock sound of the water. He put his arms around me and pulled me into a tight kiss. We writhed, entwined, me in him. His ass contracted once again, making pre-cum ooze out of dick like honey. I hammered against where I thought his prostate was, but he shouted for a bit before kissing my neck. Sucking… hard. I was slowly going faster and I felt his sucking becoming harder. We turned around in passion, hugging tight, and he bounced above me, his ass making my cock throb so hard it almost hurt.

And then I yelled his name out aloud. “FUCK, QUINTON, FUCK ME!” As soon as my blew my load in him, he started jizzing as well, making his ass pulse and making me cum more. His mouth stayed fixed against my neck, sucking hard and fast. His semen spread around in the water in wispy shapes and I could still feel jizz oozing out of my meat, as his ass milked my cock.

After a while, he let go of my neck and simply sat on me. I put my hands behind my head, smiling and looking into his eyes.

“I wish we could stay like this forever,” I said, “With my cock in you, or your cock in me.”

Quin laughed. “Fucking hurts.”

“Meh, it’ll go away. Take some Panadol. That’s what I did.”

The bell rung as we redressed. “What the fuck is taking you both so long?!” Mitch called out.

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