My Deflowering Story

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Tara has been extolling the virtues of Ravi’s fucking dick for ever.

Over two years, I have heard the story from my elder sister and later dreamt that some day my chosen lover will fuck the shits out of me. Having said that, what can a young Indian woman do of her own?? Aggressively look for a sex partner? That is demeaning. All she can do is regularly masturbate. Try all kinds of devices. Cucumbers, bananas etc. Ha ha ha ha.

But what I regularly did was to consume birth control pills. My elder sister, Tara always advised me, “You don’t know when you meet Mr. Right and you fuck him. So just keep on having the pill regularly.”

I had asked, “How can I have such a large urge to fuck that I fail to ask for a condom and then only fuck?”

Tara, like a big sister advised, “Darling, there is no substitute for the real cock. Besides, How can you get give your virginity to rubber cock? How is it different from a dildo?”

I agreed with her and was on Pills for about two years.

Most of my friends just could not take it any longer and were masturbating with home made dildos. But, I did not go the last step of breaking my hymen myself. I wanted it broken by a man. India is not known for sexual freedom or for women demanding and getting their fair share of wanton sex. So all I did for ten years was to masturbate.

Many of my friends have boy friends / lovers. One simply parts my friend’s panty from the crotch and inserts his dick and fucks for two minutes. He ejaculates quickly, even before my friend has got into heat. His dick becomes flaccid. One of them likes to only feel her pussy by inserting his hand into her panty and then shagging!! And then there is another one, who prepares to fuck the classical way. But before my friend’s panty is down her thighs, he spills his seed all over her legs!! That is truly sad. Then to make up for his failure to mouths her cunt and fingers her. She is so frustrated. Tsk. Tsk.

The only person I knew who had stories of glorious sex was my sister, Tara. Once, she even said, “If you see my pussy any day, you will see the mouth puckering out. Ravi fucks it so hard and so well.”

I could not believe it. Does the pussy mouth pucker out after a great fuck? I would look at my pussy in the mirror and wonder how the swollen pussy could be more swollen.

Thinking of sex, I would get wet. Then, I would softly play with my boobs and my slit and finally with my clit. All the time being very kind to my boobs, slit and clit. I fancied that any stronger approach would hurt and damage the system.

Just the day before my sister, Tara’s birthday, Tara whispered to me, “How would you like to know what a dick is all about? And how does a real fuck feel like? Do you want to really enjoy a dick inside you?”

I answered with mock anger, “No. No one fucks me like that.”

Tara said, “Okay. Then remain a virgin and try out all the vegetables and finger your cunt for ever.”

I was aghast. Tara added, “I am going to get fucked today. Like very other day!! Okay? Why don’t you just see how much I enjoy getting fucked?”

Again, we Indian girls are trained to make it appear that we loathe the idea of getting fucked, while in reality we dream of getting fucked royally, till the pussy smokes. Alas, it seldom happens to most women.

Only lucky girls become women and love every second of it.

Naturally, I had to sound reluctant. But the urge to see real time fucking?? Without going to Bangkok?? That was an offer I could not turn down. So, ‘reluctantly’, I agreed to come along.

But for good measure, I had a good bath. Applied some good smelling Avon cream on my whole pussy and then wore a nice lacey bra and panty and then chose a white loose blouse with large buttons and a floral printed large floppy skirt. Why did I choose that? I really don’t know. I was confused. I perhaps thought that if any one wanted to take off the blouse, it would be easier. If any one wanted to see more of me, it would be easier to lift the skirt and see my panty, it should look sexy. And my treasured pussy should smell good. If any one saw me only in my bra and panty, it would give him a hard on.

I had dreamt many times that if any one finally got to see me without my lacey bra and panty, his hard on would burst at its seams. Or so I wanted!!!

And getting fucked? Good God. I am getting wet thinking of what would happen to me!

Tara and I got ready at about 8 pm.

Tara walked out and said, “You are wickedly dressed.”

I asked with feigned innocence, “Why?”

Tara packed a set of fresh panty, bra, blouse and a pair of jeans. She advised me, “Take a change with you. You never know.”

“Never know what?”

Tara looked at me and whispered, “Your pussy might leak and the juices may drip down your leg. You may want to masturbate. You may want to fuck!!!”

“Don’t be silly. Just because, you want to fuck does not mean I too want that!!”

Tara answered with sarcasm, “After your clothes are screwed up, you will have to stay back naked.”

I said, canlı bahis “Shut up, fucking bitch.”

Secretly I took her advice seriously and packed in one panty and a small towel.

We left at about 8.10 PM and reached at about 8.30 PM.

I had met Ravi earlier, and liked his build. He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall and slightly muscular. His trousers bulged slightly at the crotch and it appeared that his dick could not be too long or fat. But then, I had only seen photographs of monster dicks and imagined death if that actually went into me, anytime. I had never really seen an erect dick in my life. I really was curious. What was it like?

But Ravi has a twinkle in his eye. The type that beguiles women. Since, I had read, that it is not the size of the dick, but what the dick does to you that matters.

Tara rang the bell. As the bell rang, it opened with a slight creak. I said, “Hi,” to Ravi at the doorstep.

He answered back “Hi” and looked at me as if he had no desire to look at me carefully and assess my assets. After all he was only going to fuck my sister, Tara. May be he will ask me to leave, when he fucks Tara!!!

He motioned to us to step in. As we stepped in Tara asked, “What is the plan?”

Ravi said, with a wry naughty smile, “Today will be special. You will see as the evening goes on.”

We stepped in and we chatted some pure nonsense about shopping, movies work etc.

Ravi suggested that we shift to the bedroom, while he got some drinks ready.

When he went in and he returned with the drinks, in all the usual banter and some double entendre with Tara, Ravi suddenly popped the question, “How old are you Minu? I know asking a girl her age is not good etiquette, but then you look so sweet and fresh, I am tempted to decide whether you stay back while I deal with Tara, in an adult manner.”

I was surprised, blushed and hesitated and said, “Twenty Two. Why do you want to know?”

Ravi answered me with silence and his usual bull shit talk with Tara.

I noticed that for some reason, Tara was looking at her watch repeatedly. May be she was signaling to Ravi that she was loosing good fun time.

Shortly afterwards, Tara suggested to Ravi, “Why don’t you rub down my back and shoulders?”

Ravi got up and stood behind Tara’s (bedroom) sofa seat and was massaging her shoulders and talking while she was moving her head around to indicate that this massage was relaxing her a lot.

I could see Tara was enjoying the physical attention.

After about ten minutes of massaging Tara’s shoulders, Ravi sat down next to me and asked, “Would you like being massaged too?”

I kept my counsel and did not answer.

Ravi got up and went back behind Tara and continued massaging her shoulders and back while she remained seated. When Ravi was massaging her shoulders, Tara was making some very comfortable noises.

Suddenly, Tara stopped Ravi and said, “Just wait. Let me take off my blouse. I want my breasts massaged too.”

Tara swiftly unbuttoned her own blouse and helped Ravi’s hand onto her breasts.

I could not believe my eyes. Tara took off her blouse herself and let Ravi play with her breasts!!!

Ravi was soon enough running his fingers over Tara’s areola from over her bra.

I was pretty uncomfortable. I was getting those shooting rushes of blood onto my breasts and my crotch.

Ravi must have guessed that on seeing Tara getting treatment for her feminine heat, I too was getting heated up. Suddenly he said, “Why don’t you join in and help me relax your sister. She has had a long day at work and the least we can do is to relax her.”

I was perplexed. How can I help in getting my sister’s heat taken care off? I asked, “Can I? How?”

Ravi reassured me and said, “Just come here and sit down and help me take off her bra. I am sure you know how to take it off better than I do.”

I was aghast. I said, “What? No. I can’t do that!!”

I think Tara was enjoying. She mumbled “Minu, just do what he says. I am enjoying it so o o o o o much”

Reluctantly, I shifted to sit next to Tara.

Tara took my hand and guided it onto her breasts and whispered, “Please Minu, do as he says.”

I was truly shell shocked. But, since my sister was enjoying, I slowly unhooked Tara’s bra.

Tara’s breasts tumbled out.

Her nipples were erect and looked proud.

But her bra hung around in front of her proud and milky breasts.

Ravi slowly shifted his attention to the naked shoulder and totally avoided touching her breasts.

Tara hissed, “Please feel my boobs, they need your rough treatment!!”

Hearing this invitation, Ravi whispered to me in a conspiratorial manner, “Don’t just sit there, massage the breasts a little!! Tara will love it.”

I was surprised on getting this invitation, but nodded my agreement to help Tara relax.

I must have been tentative in my feeling Tara’s breasts initially. She must have wanted some hardness in dealing with her. Tara caught my hand and placed them firmly bahis siteleri on her breasts.

Realizing that Tara was getting really hot, especially since I was taking part, Ravi suggested, “Minu, peel off the straps and her bra. She will enjoy it more”

I was terribly slow. Ravi suddenly became gruff and said, “Take off her bra and ensure that her torso is free of all clothing”

I must have fumbled with Tara’s bra. Ravi appeared upset and roughly took my hands off Tara’s breasts and made a sound of utter disgust with my performance. He said, “Minu, just leave it to me. You can’t take off her bra? You are stupid or what?”

Ravi pulled Tara by her hair and made her stand up. Tara winced with pain and cried out, “Ow. That hurts”

Ravi wrapped his hands around Tara’s torso and pulled the bra from the front. I guess he pulled it too hard. The bra tore in the middle.

I was shocked at the violence. I was more surprised that Tara did not complain. And perhaps loved it.

Blood rushed into my face and neck. My nipples and my clit gave me a sharp pain of desire to be touched!!!!

Ravi caressed and pinched Tara’s boobs with facile ease and then with a bulge visible at his crotch, he walked around the sofa and pulled Tara down on to his lap and made her lie down, face up. Her legs were dangling down from the side of the four-seater sofa.

I expected that Tara would be now treated to pre-fucking rituals. But, I was surprised when like a flash, Ravi’s hands leapt out and caught my hands roughly and brought them on to Tara’s naked breasts.

He almost yelled, “Massage them!!!”

I must have hesitated. Ravi appeared irritated with my hesitation. Yet he was calm. Perhaps he realized that I was more than a little new to the game. He yet pleaded, “Minu, play with them as if they are your own”

Tentatively, I felt Tara’s boobs and slowly and too softly touched the nipples.

Ravi was not happy at all, the way I was playing with Tara’s boobs. He was irritated and said, “This is not the way to treat a woman’s boobs. They need to be caressed and sometimes hurt. Move your hands away and watch what I do carefully.”

I pulled my hands back.

Ravi slowly ran his palms over Tara’s naked breasts while Tara started to purr with pleasure. Then suddenly, Ravi pinched Tara’s left nipple. Tara jumped up and cried out, “Ouch. That hurt”

Ravi pulled back his hand, as if he was recognizing that it was hurting Tara more than intended. But Tara caught Ravi’s hand and put it back and said, “Darling go ahead. Just massage them and play with them. They are all yours.”

Ravi again started to caress the boobs one by one and then twirl each nipple one at a time and pull the nipples.

Tara purred, “Aaaaah. I love it. Minu. Please suck one nipple at a time. Please. Please do it…”

Ravi said, “Minu. Go ahead. Why don’t you slowly lick one nipple while I knead the other one? Then you shift to the other one, when I will knead this one.”

I was aghast at this suggestion. I did not want to take part in Tara getting fucked. I said, “No. Please, how can I do that?”

Tara whispered, “Do it. I love it. I want to be turned on.”

I was adamant and asked “Why?”

Tara said, “Minu, please do that. I really want to be turned on.”

While I was surprised, yet I felt like knowing what Tara’s boobs felt when she was getting into real heat. Out of false sense of modesty, I said, “Should I go away? May be I should leave you alone to enjoy”

Tara yelled, “No. Don’t go away. I want you to see me being taken. I want you to learn how a man can give you so much of pleasure. And enjoy himself also!!”

While I was getting ready to go near Tara’s nipples, I saw from the corner of my eye that Tara was signaling to Ravi to use some force on me.

Ravi caught hold of a bunch of my sassy hairs and pulled my face near Tara’s nipple.

With shock, I tried to pull back. Ravi barked, “Do it, as I say. I want Tara to enjoy”

I lowered myself onto Tara’s open breast and started to lick like only a woman can – most tenderly.

Tara loved it and encouraged Minu, “Hnnnnnnn. Aaaaah. That is great. You are licking like an expert lesbo.”

Ravi was pinching her areola and nipples and tweaking them.

Soon, Tara was gasping with desire and sweating.

Ravi caught hold of Tara’s hairs and made her sit up. He walked in front of Tara and pulled her to stand up. Tara’s head was bent and she grimaced with pain.

With his other hand he pulled Tara’s sari diadem. The saree tumbled onto the floor. He pulled the various parts that were tucked into her petticoat and made it come off entirely.

Tara stepped over the saree and stood trembling.

Ravi ordered me, “Fish out her petticoat cord and pull it.”

Once again, I hesitated. This time Ravi was rough. He caught my hand roughly and placed it on the center parting of Tara’s petticoat and once again ordered, “Take out the cord.”

Tara pleaded to me, “Please pull out the cord. I want Ravi to pay some attention bahis şirketleri to me fully.”

I slowly inserted my fingers into Tara’s petticoat and pulled out the cord.

Ravi was livid. Ravi pulled my hand away and said, “This has to be pulled down hard with a jerk to take off this petticoat.”

Saying that, he gave a hard pull and opened the half-knot holding the petticoat in place.

Tara’s full hip clung on to the petticoat. Ravi loosened the waistband and lowered the petticoat. It slid down and fell in a circle on the floor.

Tara was wearing a panty.

Ravi was upset again. He wanted her completely naked. He barked, “You wear a panty also? Tara, take it off this minute”

Tara feigned shame and protested. Ravi slowly ran his fingers through her slightly parted legs over her cunt from over her panty and said, “Take it off. I am ordering you”

Tara slowly inserted her fingers into the waistband and started to lower the panty. It was painfully slow.

When the panty was just below the pussy hairs, Ravi impatiently ordered me, “Help her take it off quickly. She needs help.”

I once again hesitated, but finally assisted to pull the panty down to Tara’s ankles.

Tara was completely naked.

Ravi looked at her naked body and pulled Tara forward a little. She stepped over the panty on the floor and became free of all clothing.

Once she was totally naked, Ravi slowly pushed Tara to sit on the sofa bedroom chair.

She sat down and simpered like only women who want to fuck but want to appear very prim and proper, “This is very unfair. I am the only on who is naked here. Ravi, why don’t you join me? Minu just help me take off Ravi’s clothes. He deserves to be made naked. Then at least Ravi and I are equally clothed.”

This is really what I wanted to do!! Seeing my sister get naked was not terribly high on my agenda. I quickly helped Tara take off Ravi’s shirt and vest and then his belt. As Ravi’s belt came off, Tara told Minu, “The pant and the undie are yours”

I giggled and unhooked Ravi’s pant and pulled the zip down. The pant fell and Ravi stepped over it.

Ravi was amused at my look and my flashing glance at his swollen crotch and asked, “Have you ever seen a man naked?”

I answered, “Yes”

Ravi asked, “What did he look like?”

I wanted to sound matter of fact and said, “Normal. There is a small . . . . genital. That is all.”

Ravi challenged me and said, “Okay go ahead”

I hooked my fingers into his undie waistband and pulled it down. I had difficulty in pulling it down. His cock was hard and erect. It came in the way.

I was fumbling with pulling it down. Ravi said, “Minu, hold the cock and press it down. Or else you will not be able to take the undie off!!”

I was really embarrassed. I had never held any one’s genitals. Leave aside a real cock!!

Ravi caught my wrist and said, “Let me help you.” He took my small palm and wrapped it around his dick and pressed it down. The cock was hard!!!!!!

With trembling hands I pushed the cock down and then pushed the undie down.

As the undie came down, I left the dick. It leapt up like a spring.

Hard and thick.

I was shocked. I stepped back and said, “Good God. That is big, fat and angry”

Tara took over. She raised her hands and caught Ravi by his dick and pulled him near and said, “Minu please help me skin this dick.”

I retorted, “Whaaaaat? You want to take off the skin? Why? He will bleed!!”

Tara said, “No. You stupid girl. Come give me your hand.”

Tara caught my hand and wrapped it around my dick and pulled the skin back as much as is possible. The angry looking tip came out, red and pulsating.

Tara said, “This is skinning a dick”

I asked with that innocent look, “What next?”

Tara said, “I will now lick it, suck it and eat it”

I asked, “What????? You can do that?? That is so big and fat. Besides he pisses with it. You can’t drink his piss!!!!”

Tara said, “It tastes good.”

Tara took the dick with my hand wrapped around it and started to lick the tip and then started to suck the glans. Finally she started to suck it.

Tara made a noise, “Mmmmmmmmmmm.”

Ravi gasped with pleasure and said, “Aaaaaah. That is great. Go on. Swallow it whole.”

After some time I got to understand that the skin had to be pulled back to give Ravi the pleasure that he wanted. All this had to be done while Tara was sucking Ravi’s dick.

Suddenly, Ravi pulled back and got his dick released from both of us and said, “Tara you deserve better than that”

Ravi said, “Follow me.” I followed behind, as Ravi scooped the totally naked Tara into his arms and took her to one of his sofa seats.

Ravi gingerly placed Tara on the sofa. Then he squatted on the floor and started to kiss her breasts one by one. I simply watched how a naked man kisses a naked woman.

Tara moaned, “Ravi, please take me. My pussy is hot and wants the dick inside it, now.”

Ravi responded by telling me, “Don’t just sit there. Help me. Come here”

Tara added, “Minu please help me get fucked royally.”

As I came near, saw, Ravi raise one of Tara’s legs and tie it to the armrest with the curtain holding rope.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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