My Cousin’s Son Ch. 01

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His name is John, mine is Bill. He is 39 years old, I’m 56 years old. I have always seen him as my little nephew John, and he saw me as uncle William. His mother, my cousin Brenda with little John moved abroad when John was about 10 years old. Over the years we sent each other Christmas cards and the odd letters between us, but not much else. I did hear some 2 years ago that John had got married 9 years previous to then, but had split up from her and was returning to the UK soon.

12 months ago he phoned me saying that he was living with a lady in the UK and they were going to get married soon and will be sending invitations to family members to addend the wedding. A few weeks later my wife and I got an invitation to the wedding which was in 2 months time. I replied saying that we would love to attend and will be there on that date in good time.

The wedding went well, his new wife Ann was nice and I got on very well with her. At the evening reception I got to speak to my cousin Brenda which I had not seen for some years. We talked about old times as we drank in the good quality wine. She was glad that her John had settled down with Anne. John was her second marriage, she had two grown up children who lived away but managed to get the wedding ceremony, they left soon after. At about midnight we said our goodbye’s and left in a taxi to our hotel. The next morning John insisted on driving antalya escort us to the railway station for our journey home. Has he dropped us off my wife and I insisted on inviting him and the new wife to visit us at some time in the near future.

A few months later my nephew John rang me just to see how we were. We spoke at length about all sorts. I suggested an invite pointing out we have room to put you and Ann up in the guest room. We fix a date for there visit in two weeks time. Some days before the visit John rung to say that Ann cant make the visit due to some emergency at her place of work.. I suggested that he could come on his own, if that’s ok with Ann. He rang back latter saying Ann is ok with him visiting without her. He decided to take the train and I said I will pick him up at the station on Wednesday afternoon.


The train arrived on time, I put his suitcase in the boot of my car and we drove off for the 10 minute drive back to my home, we talked non stop about (I cant remember except there was a lot of banter and bit of fun), we seem to get on with each other, I think I can say we liked each other. I got him settled into the guest bedroom then, showed him around our home. At dinner he told us all about his life abroad, the failure of his first marriage and how happy he was with the new wife, Ann. My wife said she needs to lara escort get to bed because she has an early start and a long day at work tomorrow. We talked for a while. Then I said can we agree that I call you John and you call me Bill not Uncle William. We both laughed and we both agreed.

John got his laptop out saying

“Since we are so friendly I thought we could look at some porn – I hope you don’t mind”.

“No” I said go ahead, I look at porn sometimes but not with the wife, she’s not keen on it. John pointed out that he and Ann do look at porn and do other stuff!!! “What other stuff” I said. John was quiet for a few minutes then said

“I can trust you to keep ‘mum’ – Ann and I have done some swapping and on three occasions a threesome with another woman”.

“You are lucky my wife will not engage the idea of a third person, yet I would love to” I said to John.

John went on to say that Ann is bi, but I am not sure, having said that I am bi curious, John also added that Ann likes me, in fact fancies me and would love a threesome with us both. John went on to say he does not know if he could cope and he might “let the side down” if you know what I mean. I told him I understand his concerns. I told John that I am bi and my wife has no idea of that and I want to keep it a secret from her.

“You have told me your secret manavgat escort and now I will tell you my sexual activities during my life” I said.

I went on to explain that just a few months ago I counted the number of sex partners I have had in either 4somes, 3somes and 2somes. The number was 17 different men and 12 different women.

We drank more wine and more smokes and more laugh’s. His radio laptop is crap probably due to the area I live in. it now was 1am and both agreed to look some porn in the morning on my mains computer after my wife his gone off to work.

I turned the kitchen light off and walked down the hallway with John following. I turned my head around and said to John “I’m busting – I must have a piss” I turned into the bathroom lifting the toilet seat, whipping my cock out and starting to piss. Then I noticed John came right next to me, his left arm touching my right arm saying “I might go as well”. He flopped his cock out and started pissing like a horse. As we both pissed, playing sword fencing with our streams with bouts of giggles, looking down I could see his cock was on the fat side with a full foreskin. I finished first and just stood still looking at his soft but big cock. He stopped pissing and turned a little towards me and allowed his cock to touch my cock. Then he smiled and said “Good night”, turning round and entered the guest bedroom.

I just stood here looking down at my now hard cock.. The touching of our cocks was a real turn on for me. I got into bed spooning up to my wife, trying to wake her so I could fuck her. She stayed fast asleep so I turned over and quickly fell asleep wondering what tomorrow will bring.

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