My Cousin’s Gymnastics Trainer

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Big Ass

I was walking home after my morning shift at the local supermarket, in a bad mood as was typical when I left work, and quite hungry. Still, I wasn’t in a hurry to get home because I knew there would be no one there for at least another six hours and the feeling of being in an empty house again was even worse than the feeling of my empty stomach.

“Damn those jerks!” I cursed my co-workers. “Damn them all to hell!” It was my afternoon ritual that occupied the twenty-five minute walk home after work. They would spend six hours at work making my life a living hell and I would spend that half-hour coming up with all the things I wished I had had the guts to say to their faces.

The cursing that day though just didn’t seem to work for me as my mind kept wandering back to the empty house I was headed to. My mother had gotten a new job so the one person who would typically be waiting for me at home with a sandwich made, a pile of chips and soda as well as some encouraging words to brighten my day was no longer there. She was now scanning items at a nearby pharmacy store and I wouldn’t see her for another six hours minimum.

I rounded the final bend toward my house, only a few doors on the other side of Penn Drive which I was about to cross when I saw the empty driveway and its cold reminder of the loneliness that awaited me therein. Actually crossing Penn Drive made me think of my older cousin, Brianna, though. She was about 3 to 4 years older than me and had lived on that street for several years. As children we had always gotten together to play; tag, Nintendo and especially house. She always loved to be the mommy and make me be the daddy for all the stuffed animals and baby dolls in her house back then. In those younger days we were like peas in a pod whenever she wasn’t practicing her beloved gymnastics.

Brianna had moved after high school, though. Her parents had separated and each moved to a different town following work so Brianna had gotten a place on her own closer to the college which was about a forty-five-minute walk for me. She had long since graduated from college but still lived in that same little place. Though I was hungry, I just couldn’t cope with the idea of going inside my lonely house so I passed my driveway and kept going, searching out Brianna’s apartment for a surprise visit.

It was nearing on two in the afternoon and as I got only a few minutes away, it dawned on me that I didn’t know what her work schedule was any longer. Would Brianna even be home? Would she be busy? Still, there was only five minutes to go so there was no point in turning around now. I figured I’d see if she was there and if not, I’d grab a bite from a place on the college campus across the street. I just couldn’t bring myself to go back home yet.

Knocking on the door, I heard Brianna’s distinct voice inside shout ‘who is it?’

“It’s your cousin, Oliver.”

I guess I expected to hear the bolts of the door unlocking or a chain being undone but instead she just shouted back ‘It’s open, come on in.’ I nudged the door open slowly, unsure whether I had heard her correctly. Her voice had been muffled after all.

“Brianna?” I called.

“In here,” she called back, her voice trailing into the hallway from the living room to the left. She sounded like she was winded or breathing heavy. I poked my head around the corner before walking into the living room.

I was warmly greeted by Brianna’s petite but well-formed bum bent over forward in mid-stretch, her hands touching the floor between her feet. She was wearing her typical one-piece gymnastics outfit that exposed her bare legs all the way up to her hips. I had always appreciated those outfits that she wore as they were amazingly sexy. I remembered being especially fond of a little red one with sequins she would wear back in high school. It didn’t always cover the entire bum.

“To what do I owe this great pleasure?” she asked, not standing from her stretching position until she counted a full thirty seconds.

“Mom’s working and I didn’t want to be alone at the house so I thought I’d come visit you for a while. Hope you don’t mind.”

After standing, she had turned around to face me before continuing with her stretches, this time crouching on her left leg and extending her right. The faintest hint of separation between her skin and the outfit’s blue material gave view to some pleasant cleavage even if it was just a little.

“Can I get you something? Are you hungry?”

I was starving but I didn’t want to make her stop her stretching. That was always the best part about visiting Brianna; watching her workout. “Yeah, but don’t worry yourself about it. I’ll grab something from the kitchen if that’s alright.”

“Grab me some bottled water from the fridge, will you?” she shouted back to me when I was digging around to look for something. I always knew she was a health nut but I had forgotten that included only healthy foods too. Her fridge was packed with fat free and casino oyna low fat everything along with piles of vegetables and fruits. Bleh! I grabbed her water and an apple to start with.

“So what’s a handsome boy of 20 like you doing alone all the time? You should be across the street chasing college skirts or something.” Brianna had always teased me about my shyness around girls but she was the only person in my life that ever referred to me as handsome which always made me feel good. Most people just referred to me as ‘nerd’, ‘geek’ or ‘loser’ because of my glasses and I couldn’t afford Lasik yet. I was saving up though!

“Ha, you’re funny,” I gave her the bottle of water when she stood back up from stretching the other leg.

“No, I’m serious.” She opened the bottle and took a swig. “You’re alone way too much. When we were kids, you were always with me so I understand why you didn’t care so much back then. But now you’re 20, almost 21 and still living all cooped up with your mom. You should be working on finding yourself the right girl…,” she took another swig of water. “or what? You don’t like us girls or something? I know a particular girl who would be just dying to go out with you given the chance.”

“No, it’s not that…, I do like you…,” I paused realizing I had just suddenly blurted out something that had been held secret deep within me all these years and unsure how to correct it. Brianna raised her eyebrows in curiosity. “I mean… you girls. It’s just you’re the only girl that’s ever said two nice words to me ever.”

“Oh, I don’t know about all that. My friends and I have all dated guys who weren’t even half as nice as you. You just need a little self confidence, that’s all. You’re definitely handsome enough and you’re damn sure smart enough. You’d make any girl proud.”

Yeah, sure! Intelligence gets you no where with the ladies and all they saw anyway were my bug-eyed glasses. But I knew she was just trying to pick me up. She always had a sense about when I needed a little encouragement and I appreciated it. I wanted a girl just like her; exactly like her. That would be the perfect girl for me.

“Don’t be filling my head with your lies, Brianna. You’ve never dated anyone besides those dumb jokes, I mean jocks.” It was our usual tit for tat conversation but it was true enough, at least as far as I could remember.

“That might have been true in high school because I was totally retarded, but when I was in college, no. I went only for the smart guys who were fun to be around and could help me with my math. Hell, even now my ex-boyfriend is as smart as they come though not even half as smart as you. He wasn’t exactly your typical lady’s man but he made me laugh and I enjoyed being with him.”

“Then why’s he your ex? Why’d you leave him, for being too smart?” For the first time since our friendly battering began her smile faded away… immediately. She sat down on the couch, her sweaty golden brunette hair falling on either side of her neck down to the base of her chest.

“I didn’t necessarily leave him.” She was playing with the water ball in her fingers. “He found a prettier girl and told me I wasn’t what he wanted anymore.” I could see it was a touchy subject that I had unwittingly opened as she put her face in her hands. I thought perhaps she might have even started crying.

“I’m sorry. I had no idea.” I sat down on the couch next to her, unsure what to do. I didn’t exactly have much experience in that arena.

“He was a jerk…, that’s all. I say good riddance.” she said, lifting her face once more. “Gotta keep going while I’m still warm,” she stood up from the couch and immediately started stretching again. I stayed on the couch, watching her, admiring her form. I couldn’t possibly see how any guy could ever let go of such a beautiful girl. I assured myself that I never would, that if I ever got so lucky as to have one even half as good as her, I’d hold onto her forever.

Brianna stood with her back toward me and started to lean over backward until she fell onto her hands, her back arched in a letter ‘n’ and the tight strain on her outfit pulling more breast flesh from beneath the material. I couldn’t take my eyes off her though I feigned looking at her upside down honey eyes instead of hoping to see some nipple color peek out from behind her outfit. She lifted up on her hands and toes then relaxed once more, followed by another backwards pushup.

“I can’t ever seem to get my back high enough,” she said finally, collapsing on the floor, her knees bent back making the soles of her feet nearly even with her hips. “I really need to find someone to train with me.” She tilted her head back at me with a pensive look. Just then, she popped up off the floor, demonstrating some extremely impressive muscle control in her stomach. “Hey, you don’t happen to have some free time every day, do you? I could really use your help and… I’ll pay you, though I admit it won’t be much.”

“What do you need canlı casino me to do? I work at the supermarket right now but I’m free in the afternoons.”

“Afternoons are fine. I could use you to come her and help me train; make sure I’m getting the forms right and give me a little push to get to the next level.” She chewed on her bottom lip, a habit I knew all too well from her to be nerves. “What do you say?”

Seriously? She had to ask if I wanted to come see her every day in her tights? She actually thought to be nervous about it? To top it off, she wanted to pay me! Hell yeah!

“I think… uh, I could… you know, probably do that for you,” I tried to sound as cool and nonchalant as I could. She didn’t really need to know how much I enjoyed watching her. “I’m not much of an athletic person but… I’ll help you the best I can.”

“Come here,” she offered her slim delicate hand to me. “I’m almost done for today but I’ll show you some of what I need.” I took her hand and hoisted myself off the couch. Brianna returned to her backwards pushup stance.

“Put one hand here,” she balanced on one hand and patted her stomach with the other and I put my right hand where she showed, “and the other back here,” and she patted the small of her back before putting her hand back on the ground. “When I say ‘lift’, you need to push on my back and when I say ‘push’ I want you to push on my stomach. Not too hard on either, just give me a little pressure to work my muscles more. Got it?”

I nodded but of course she couldn’t see me as her head was upside down just inches from the floor. “Yeah. Got it.” Her body felt so good under my hands, firm and tight. Standing above her from that angle was amazing too, the ‘v’ of her outfit between her legs was stretched tight, pronouncing the female mound beneath. I couldn’t see her chest that well due to the curvature of her outfit for the breasts but I knew they were pulled tight just like before too.

“Lift.” I pushed with my left hand into the small of her back while she pushed up with her toes and walked her hands backwards toward her feet so as to lift the arch even more. The outfit stretched tighter and I glanced down at the mound which was beginning to show the crease of her venusian lips. I had to turn away, blushing from what I had seen. I couldn’t believe myself, admiring my unobtainable cousin with such dirty thoughts still after all these years. Was I right in the head? What was wrong with me? Eleven years of the same thing and I still haven’t changed one bit.

“Push” I pushed with my right hand on her stomach, amazed at the strength and power I felt beneath my hands as she pushed back against me. When she told me to let up, I was so thrilled by her feel that I started to caress my hand along her stomach unconsciously. It was a dreamy feel to me, like when a poor person rubs their hand across those expensive soft silk sheets in the department store; those same luxuries that he would only ever dream of actually owning some day.

“No fair,” she fell to the ground, laughing, “That tickled.” I hadn’t thought to do so but she must have figured I was being smart as she jumped from her spot and tackled me, tickling my sides aggressively and making me laugh until my sides hurt before she stopped.

“Well,” she was breathing heavily, “you get the idea at least. Can I expect to see you here tomorrow at 2 again?” I nodded, a shit-eating grin spread across my face which I could not make subside no matter how hard I tried. I had been so lucky as to have an excuse to come see her every single day. It was like heaven opened up on Earth and chose me for the first time ever. “I’ll hold off on starting until you get here. I need a lot of help with my splits too.”

“Sounds good. I uh…, guess I should be getting home. It’s a long walk you know.”

“You walked here? No way. How long did it take you?”

“It’s about forty-five minutes from my house, another thirty from work.” It hadn’t felt like as much when I was doing it but I suddenly realized it was quite a ways.

“Let me drive you home then.” Brianna was running a towel through her sweaty hair.

“That’s alright. I like to walk.” Seeing her beautiful freckled cheeks that I was crazy about and wearing that outfit all this time, especially seeing that beautiful mound so close had worked me up quite a bit. I figured I needed some time to cool off before I got home.

“I’ll go with you then. I could use a good walk after my workout.” I loved the idea of her company but given she was the very reason I wanted to walk off my overactive hormones, I only reluctantly agreed. Still, I was in heaven. I always was when she was around me. Brianna disappeared into her bedroom and a few moments later emerged in a less revealing though equally appealing pair of jogging pants and matching jacket. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail too.

“Ready?” she asked. I nodded to her that I was and we set out the front door.

During the forty-five minutes kaçak casino which turned into more than an hour and a half because we were walking so slowly, we talked about everything under the sun; our lives, past relationships, college studies, her gymnastics competitions, everything. I saw Tommy from the supermarket where I work from across the street as we walked and wanted to run and hide. He was my primary adversary who lived on making my life hell at work.

He did the strangest thing though, as I forced myself to keep walking with my head held high so as to not lose face in front of Brianna. I saw him watching me with my cousin and put his thumbs up in a congratulatory motion followed by his ‘sweet’ sign. She didn’t know it but I felt prouder than I ever had before at that very moment.

Brianna left me on the porch, reaching up with her toes the six inches or so in height difference that I had on her to kiss me on the cheek like she had always done when we were younger. Then she turned around to leave and I watched as she moseyed back to the sidewalk, her tight ass wiggling enticingly with every step. She turned to me and waved with a cute little twiddle of the fingers before starting her jog home. I went in straight to my room as my mother wasn’t due home for another half-hour and immediately jerked myself to relief. There was just too much tension that had grown in my groin all afternoon while watching Brianna’s beautiful body. I even ended up calling out my cousin’s name when I had my orgasm.


Rumors spread like wildfire in a workplace and the result was one of the best days I’d ever had at work. Tommy made sure the entire staff knew I had gotten a girlfriend and to top it off, he said she was hot. He ought to know as he was the official judge of hotness according to himself. Though I know I should have corrected him and the others, the pats on the back and the congratulations along with requests to see pictures and the like felt so good compared to my normal treatment. Not even once did I get called a ‘loser’ and Jim even invited me to a pool party he was having that weekend provided I take my ‘girlfriend’ with me.

By the time I was walking home, I had heard Brianna referred to as my girl so often that day even I was starting to believe it. I was imagining my arrival at her house and being greeted by a warm passionate kiss. Can you imagine? Getting a kiss from a girl like her? It had to be heaven. There would be no other way to describe it.

I didn’t have to waste time or energy cursing that day. It had been near perfect for me. The only thing better would have been if it were true but hey, can’t have everything in life, right? In my backpack I had taken shorts and a tee shirt which I stopped at a gas station nearby to change into so I could jog to Brianna’s apartment easier. No more walking for me. If I was going to be her trainer, I was determined to get myself into shape too. Besides, I wanted to get to her as fast as I could. I had seriously been thinking about her all day and couldn’t wait to see her any longer.

I guess I never knew how much work jogging really was until that moment. I had pushed myself as hard as I knew how but still had only made it halfway before I had to walk again. Little by little I figured, marking the spot in my mind so as to beat it the next day and mark more progress every day thereafter. I was still breathing heavily by the time I reached Brianna’s apartment and knocked at the door.

This time after a few minutes I did hear the bolt turn and ‘my girl’ opened the door. Her hair was a wet mess that magnificently outlined her gorgeous face and brought out those precious freckles of her nose and cheeks. She had a towel wrapped around her body but her shoulders were bare showing off a few freckles there too that I hadn’t ever noticed before.

“Sorry to take so long in answering. I was in the bath.” She let me in and closed the door. “I had a key made for you,” she passed me a key, “so you can come on in whenever you want. I’ll be back in a minute…,” she looked me over in surprise. “Nice outfit by the way.” Then her eyes went big as she smiled wide, covered her mouth like she was embarrassed and blushed. “I love the shorts!” She quickly disappeared into her bedroom.

I looked over my shorts, unsure what would have made them so special for her to react in such a way but then I realized that seeing her in the towel had had an immediate effect on me. A faint yet distinct outline of my manhood who was obviously interested in what he saw in Brianna could be easily detected through the thin material. I was so embarrassed I felt like running away, hiding, whatever I could to not have to face her after that. It was like I had betrayed our family trust or something. How could I have been so stupid as to let her see what she did to me? Was she mad? I didn’t know what to do.

I was just about to walk out the front door again and run home to hide under my bed forever when Brianna came out of her bedroom wearing an outfit very similar to the day before. This one was green though.

“Where do you think you are going?” she had her hands on her hips when she caught me wiggling the front doorknob.

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