My Breakthrough Movie Ch. 02

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Part 2: Going Home

Jess brings Sean home to meet the family, & faces her fears

Summary to Date: This story follows “My Breakthrough Movie.” In that story (in case you haven’t read it) Jess’ friend Sean helps her to get a starring role in a Hollywood movie with the new idea of catering to the new generation that was raised on porn online. Jess can act, and she becomes an overnight sensation, the new starlet. Outtakes of the movie make it to the Internet, and the paparazzi catch her, and her friends Michelle, Hank, and Philip, all having sex and then switching partners. She ends up falling in love with her old friend Sean, and he proposes. Jess accepts. Jess is terrified her brothers and her father will see the unauthorized porn videos of her naked, and having sex with two men.


“My parents are waging a concerted campaign for me to come home for a visit. They also want to meet you,” I said to Sean.

“Me? Why me?” he asked.

“Somehow they learned we’re engaged. You do remember proposing to me and then buying me a Cartier diamond ring in Paris, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yes, and so does my American Express card, but how..?”

“Does it matter? Someone saw my ring, and us, and put two and two together and our engagement is all over the Internet. I’m sure my brothers check out the Internet daily for any new sex tapes of me,” I said. “They’re bound to have learned of our engagement.”

“There aren’t any, are there?” Sean said. “New sex tapes, I mean.”

“Not unless someone stole more video footage from my breakthrough movie. There were a lot of outtakes of me naked, half clothed, blowing Ryan, and fucking both Ryan and Chris,” I said.

“You mean Philip and Hank,” Sean said. Ryan and Chris were the names of the characters they portrayed in the movie.

“Yeah. I fucked their characters, not them,” I said.

“Yes, I know. Only too well,” Sean said.

“Don’t get all jealous on me. You taught me to fuck, exactly for those scenes, remember? And it was long before you decided to propose to me,” I said, hoping he would agree.

“I thought you were scared to go home,” Sean said, changing the subject.

“I am. I’m terrified. Every single man of age in my home town has seen videos of me half naked, fully naked, and fucking Ryan and being “raped” by Chris. How does one face a town full of such people?” I asked.

“With your head held high, and with me on your arm, of course,” Sean said.

I smiled at him. “Then there’s my family. I’ll be sleeping in the same house as my father and my two brothers. My younger brother Bobby is my twin. He had a crush on me when we were growing up,” I said.

“Did he now? Tell me about it, Jess,” Sean said.

I paused. “You sure?”

“Totally,” I said.

“I don’t know. It’s kinda shameful,” I said.

“We’re to be married, Jess. Tell me,” Sean said.

“I was just a little over 18, well I guess we both were, of course, when it happened. We were in high school, and we had enjoyed a blowout joint birthday party. One guy, Keith, began making out with me at the party,” I said. “I was sort of sweet on him.”

“The same Keith you gave your virginity to? “Sean asked.

I nodded yes. “That was a little later.”

“It was near the end of the party, and we were in a dark corner, kissing, and he was feeling me up, over my clothes,” I said.

“How much of you did Keith expose?” Sean asked, seeing where this was going.

“The top half,” I replied.

“Let me guess: Bob saw your bare breasts?” Sean asked.

“Yes, and he stared at them for quite a while as Keith tried, and failed, to get at my pussy, too,” I said.

“He got your skirt off, though, right?”

“I was wearing pants, but yes, he got them off. At that point of my own birthday party, I was wearing only panties,” I said. “See through, lace, bikini style panties,” I elaborated.

“Who else saw you like that?” Sean asked.

“Almost nobody,” I replied.

“Almost?” Sean persisted.

“Well, my best friend Michelle did, of course, and also Steve, and Mike,” I said. “My older brother John did, too, I guess. He was going after Michelle. He had gotten Michelle partially undressed, too.”

“Steve and Mike; they were your two lovers after Keith?”

“Very good. You pay attention,” I said.

“Did John ever get anywhere further with Michelle?” Sean asked.

“John always gets the girl. Michelle never stood a chance,” I said.

“Did she enjoy being intimate with your brother John?” Sean asked.

“You’ll have to ask Michelle,” I said.

“Oh, come on, Jess. Don’t be cute with me,” Sean said.

“I’ve never heard a complaint about John. Apparently, he’s well equipped, and rather talented in bed. The main unhappiness is that he always moves on to other women too soon, from what I hear. Michelle knew better, but she fell for him, anyway,” I said.

“Poor girl,” Sean said. I didn’t know if he was being sarcastic, or not. Sean had fucked Michelle; maltepe escort I know because Michelle told me. Everybody seemed to have fucked Michelle, including Hank and Philip during our infamous foursome, that led to my totally humiliating sex tape being uploaded to the Internet. I was sure John and Bobby had seen it, and maybe even my Dad had seen it, too. Basically, I had to assume every male in my hometown had seen it.

“Michelle is doing just fine. You know that, Sean,” I said.

“There’s more about Keith and Bobby, isn’t there? Pray continue,” Sean said, deftly bringing the subject back to the sexploitation of me, not Michelle.

“Okay. Well, I guess seeing my boobs got Bobby interested, shall we say. After all, at age 18 a guy’s hormones are in overdrive, aren’t they?”

“You bet. Mine still are,” Sean said. “What did Bob do about his interest in you?”

“I guess he wanted to see my boobs, and my body in general, again, and often, shall we say,” I said.

“How did he go about it?” Sean asked.

“You’re really interested in this, aren’t you? Isn’t it enough to say that he tried, and occasionally succeeded?” I said, my annoyance showing — just a bit — in my voice.

“Just give me an example of two,” Sean said.

I looked at him. You know the look: Withering. Disdainful. Contemptuous.

“Please?” Sean persisted. “Pretty please?”

“Sugar on top?” I asked.

“You bet,” Sean said.

“Well, he began with some obvious things. He would spy on me when I took a shower, for example,” I said.

“Didn’t you lock the bathroom door?” Sean asked.

“No, I didn’t,” I said, and I looked Sean right in the eye. “Before you ask, he watched me shower routinely.”

“You wanted to show off for Bob, but be able to play the innocent victim at the same time?” Sean asked.

“Something like that. You yourself told me all female actors are exhibitionists, after all,” I said.

“How else did you show your body to Bob?” Sean asked.

“Are you going to judge me?” I asked.

“Do you want me to?” Sean asked, smiling.


“Okay, no judging,” he said.

“Well, one time when Bobby and I had the house to ourselves, we got drunk on cheap red wine, and then, well, somehow, we began to make out. It doesn’t matter how. Little by little, Bobby undressed me. He was scared shitless. It was all I could do to keep from laughing,” I said.

“You were okay with it?” Sean asked, a hint of incredulity in his voice.

“Sean, I was loving it. I love my twin brother. Shrinks would no doubt tell me it’s some kind of narcissism, but it doesn’t matter. I love him, and he loves me. I’m sure it happens a lot with fraternal twins. Bobby didn’t know it, though, and he still doesn’t.” I said.

“How far did Bob get when undressing you?” Sean asked.

“He got me naked. I gave no resistance at all, and I even undressed him as he undressed me. Before you ask, he has a nice cock. A very nice cock. A great cock. So too do you, Sean!” I said, seeing the look on his face.

“Did you have incest?” Sean asked. His lip twitched. It does that when he’s nervous.

“No, but through no fault of mine. I was ready to let Bobby fuck my brains out, but of course I didn’t tell him that. He just fingered me until I came, and then we kissed and cuddled and I played with his dick. I was going to give him a blowjob, but he squirted too soon. What a mess he made!”

“Wow,” Sean said.

“Now you know why I’m nervous about coming home. What if Bobby wants his long-delayed piece of my ass? What if my older brother John comes on to me? What if my Dad wants his turn? You’d better not leave my side!” I said.

“You can always say no, you know,” Sean said.

“Life is more complicated than that. Emotions swirl. Alcohol flows, and there are other drugs, too; we’re talking deep Indiana here, Sean. The guys will drug Mom so she’s asleep and dead to the world, and then gang up on me, once I’m stoned, drunk, and high on ecstasy. I won’t stand a chance. You’ve got to protect me!” I said.

“You don’t think much of your family, Jess,” Sean remarked.

“They’re wonderful people! I love them all. It’s just when they want something, they find a way to get it, you know? And now I’m a famous actress, a sex symbol, and I’m to be sleeping under their roof. They’d have no self-respect if they didn’t at least try to lay me. You understand, don’t you?”

“No, not really. Such people are unimaginable to me,” Sean said.

“Yankee snob,” I said.


I was unprepared for the welcome I received. The whole town came out to greet me as Sean and I drove into town. I was a celebrity putting my small Indiana hometown on the map. Guys from the media had come out and interviewed people who knew me as a child, as a teenager, the whole enchilada. My mother had sold her story of raising me to some magazine for ten thousand dollars.

Even Mom had embellished it, or so I thought. It had her scolding mecidiyeköy escort me for going skinny dipping in the river with other girls, and then getting “discovered” by the boys. That was a complete fabrication! She told me she had never even told such a whopper of a lie: the tabloid had made it up out of whole cloth.

One scuzzy online magazine even discovered that Keith had taken my cherry, and Steve and Mike quickly followed suit. It seems everyone in the town knew something about me. Some of the “facts” were false, such as the story of me skinny dipping in the local stream some hot summer day. That never happened, of course. I repeat: It never happened. Nobody believes me.

The story about the hay ride, on the other hand, was largely true. Hey, I was a teenager, and shit happens, okay? You’ll get no details from me. Use your imagination, okay?

I was trapped in the town square, giving out signed glamour photographs of myself, and greeting old friends I had long since forgotten that I had even known. Finally, a phalanx of my brothers and my father rescued me, and ushered me home.

“We’re all so proud of you, Jess!” My Mom said, once the family was finally alone. My father silently beamed, and Bobby and John looked at me with love and admiration. All of my fears of them seeing my sex tapes and having lascivious desires seemed so silly, and downright disrespectful. How could I have been so wrong? I felt a surfeit of shame filling me to overflowing. I loved my family. I was so happy.

“Mom, Dad, John, Bobby, this is Sean. We’re to be married,” I said.

“We know all about it!” Mom said, and she showed me a huge pile of magazines on the coffee table. “We’re all so happy for you! Sean, you’re getting one hell of a prize of a wife.”

“I know, Mrs. Porter,” Sean said. “I’ll try to be worthy of her.”

“And I’m sure you will be,” my Dad said. “Come on, Sean, let’s go have a talk,” he continued, and he led Sean away to the den.

Mom dominated the conversation. She was bubbling over with excitement and could not contain herself. I felt like crying, I was so happy! We all sat around, drinking white zinfandel (this is deep Indiana; I had since become more sophisticated in my taste of wine, but I enjoyed getting back in touch with my roots; I had grown up on white zinfandel, from an early age, after all) until late in the evening.

From time to time I wondered what had become of Dad and Sean? I guess they were talking man stuff, mano a mano, and how to treat a wife. I sure hope they were not discussing sex! I would not have put it past Dad showing Sean his favorite porn tapes. OMG, could they have been watching some of the sex tapes with me in them? How humiliating! No, Dad would never be so crude. Would he?

Bottom line: The Homecoming was not at all what I dreaded it would be. No, it was truly lovely. My dread, to paraphrase Friedrich Engels, withered away, and I relaxed. It was when I was acting as if we were back to being a normal family again, when my guard was down, that it happened. I should have known; I should have seen it coming.


At some point my Dad spirited Sean away to some sporting event. John was at work, and Mom was out shopping for dinner. Bobby chose that moment to invite me to see his apartment. I agreed to go in all innocence.

Bobby had a nice apartment. It was nothing special, but he had decorated it, and furnished it, with his impeccable good taste. Bobby had the excellent taste some gay men have, but I knew for a fact that Bobby’s sexual preference was girls. His preference was quite strongly girls, you might say. He was what you might call a metrosexual.

Bobby and I, being twins, had always shared, and our sex lives were no exception. When I knew Keith wanted to lay me, I had asked Bobby if he thought it was wise for me to give myself to Keith, and he had said yes. In return, I had approved of his seduction of Marybeth, but not so much when he went after Alexis. He got her, of course; just like his brother John before him, Bobby always gets the girl, it seems, but Alexis eventually broke his heart.

Alexis, however, was years ago. That was ancient history. Now we were both 23, and Bobby was taking me to his own apartment, obviously being too old to live with our parents. He showed me around his one-bedroom apartment, ending up in his bedroom.

“How many girls have you laid in this bed?” I asked, a tease in my voice.

“A few,” he said.

“Anyone I know?” I asked.

“Only one. The others, I guess not,” he said.

“Who was the one I know?” I asked. I really am a nosy parker.

“Why are you so interested?” Bobby asked.

“I dunno. I just am. Who was she?”

“Stephanie,” Bobby said, looking at my eyes closely.

“Wow. Good for you. She’s a babe,” I said.

“She’s not even close to you, my movie star sister,” Bobby said.

Ignoring that remark, I asked, “How is Stephanie in bed?”

“She’s dynamite. From what merter escort I’ve seen in the movies and online, however, so are you, Sis,” Bobby said.

Dammit! There it is. I knew it! Well, at least it’s out in the open, now.

“About that…” I began.

“No need. I know it’s all part of the job. You’re great, by the way. Every guy in town has a crush on you and wants to bed you, you know. A few claim they did in high school, but I know they’re lying. How many guys have had you, anyway, Sis?”

“This does not leave this room, okay?” I said.

“Of course,” Booby said, dramatically crossing his heart.

“Six. Six men,” I said.

“Keith, Steve, Mike, and of course Sean, I assume, and who else?” Bobby asked.

“Not Steve. He was just blowjobs,” I said. “It was sex, sure, but I only count, you know…”

“Fucking. You only count fucking the guy. Hey, I’m the same way with my conquests,” Bobby said. I hate the term ‘conquests,’ but I let it slide.

“Aww. Poor Steve,” Bobby replied.

“Hey, I was willing. He just loved my blowjobs too much,” I said.

“Let me change that then to lucky guy,” Bobby said. I smiled. “So, that’s three that I know of. Who are the other lucky three?”

“Well, there’s my co-stars Philip and Hank. They played the roles of Ryan and Chris in the movie,” I said.

“So, the sex was real! I thought it was!” Bobby said.

“We also dated for a while. I dated each of them. You know how it is,” I said.

“No, I don’t,” Bobby replied.

There was silence for a while. Bobby spoke first.

“That leaves one mystery man. Want to enlighten me?” Bobby asked.

“He’s just some guy. In fact, he’s Sean’s best friend,” I said.

“Whoa! You cheated on Sean with his best friend? Do I even know you?” Bobby exclaimed. He was impressed with me, I could tell.

“It’s not like that. Sean was there. It’s complicated,” I said.

“A threesome? My sister, my very own twin sister, my little movie star sister, had a threesome? Oh girl, you are too much! I am in awe,” Bobby said.

“What, you’ve never had a threesome, Bobby?” I asked.

“Uh…no, no I haven’t. I like a girl all to myself, and having two girls at once is a bit much, don’t you think? But wow — you’re out there pushing the boundaries,” he said, clearly impressed with his slut of a sister.

“If you’re into pushing boundaries, and sacking the shrine, there’s a boundary the two of us could push together, you know….” Bobby continued, and I could tell he was nervous. He was almost shaking he was so nervous.

“Do you remember that weekend when we were alone in the house?” I asked.

“I think about it daily. I’ll never forget it. It’s one of my best memories of all time!”

“Well, you know, back then I had decided to let you fuck me, if you had tried,” I said.

Bobby just stood there, dumbfounded.

“That was a special time. I often think maybe I should have tried harder to seduce you. Well, we’ll never know what might have been, you know?” I said.

Bobby was still in shock, and I was hyper nervous about my confession, so I kept talking.

“You’ve really done a nice job with this apartment. It’s decorated nicely. I see you probably cook for yourself, too. Did you learn from….” I said, but I was interrupted as Bobby took me in his arms and kissed me.

We kissed for what seemed like a long time, but was probably only a few minutes. At some point the kisses became French kisses. Bobby pushed himself against me, presumably to show me how hard he was, and he succeeded of course. His hands roamed around my body, ending at my boobs, and he caressed them right through my clothes and my bra. I got turned on, and I think Bobby knew it.

I finally found the strength to push Bobby away.

“That time has passed, Bobby. I love you more than I can say, and I still want you, but I’m engaged to Sean, and I’m not cheating on him. I’m not having incest with you. We had our chance, those years ago on Mom and Dad’s couch, and we didn’t take it. It’s too late, now,” I said, my tone of voice having the ring of finality to it.

“Hey, we were just kissing. We’re twins. Twins can kiss. Don’t go all dramatic on me. Why are you jumping to incest right after a little kissing?” Bobby said.

“I’m sorry, Bobby. You’re right. That was creepy. A little kissing is fine,” I said, and I sat down on his bed, still breathing hard from my arousal after our kissing.

Suddenly I was on my back, and Bobby was on top of me, kissing me, and playing with my boobs through my clothes again. He pushed my legs apart, and placed his hard cock, itself covered by his jeans, over my pussy. He pushed my skirt up so that his jeans-covered cock was pressing against my panties-covered pussy, and as we kissed, he dry-humped me.

I’d never been dry-humped before. I guess it’s mostly scared teenagers who dry hump; wet humping, i.e., fucking, being so much more fun. However, dry humping can be very erotic, and the friction of Bobby’s big cock against my poor, benighted pussy, was highly arousing. Bobby’s kisses too were magical, and dammit if my brother didn’t drive me to an orgasm with his goddammed dry humping. First it had been his fingering, long ago, and now this. Bobby had now given me two orgasms, the first being five years earlier.

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