My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 10

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My boyfriend Michael, Pete, and I randomly decided to take a weekend road trip to Vegas for some partying and fun. The night before, we packed our bags and got everything we would need ready for the morning. It was a 4-hour drive to Vegas, so I got out a comfortable outfit to wear on the road and would change once we made it to our hotel. I picked out black gym shorts with white trim and one of Michael’s muscle shirts. Once we had everything ready, we went to bed, looking forward to the trip. It was just after 8 A.M. and we were already up and loading up our bags into my boyfriend’s SUV when Pete showed up. He was dressed comfortably for the drive as well; he wore a black t-shirt and black and red basketball shorts. As he walked up, he greeted my boyfriend with a bro hug and placed his bag in the back of the truck with ours. Once his hands were free, he pulled me into a tight hug, making my big tits press against his chest, and he had both hands gripping my ass. I just giggled and kissed Pete on the cheek. He smacked my ass before he released me.

“Do you mind her sitting in back with me on the way up there?” Pete asked in a mock scared tone, “I might get lonely.”

“I thought you were driving?” Michael laughed. “I wanted to sit in the

back with her.”

“Play you for it?” Pete said. “You choose the game.”

Michael looked at the time, then back at Pete. I watched him closely as he considered how to respond.

“Mortal Kombat,” Michael said confidently, “One match, loser drives, the winner gets to ride with Mariah in the backseat.”

“Fuck, that’s not fair,” Pete said, “You always beat me on Mortal Kombat.”

“Fine, I’ll pick a random fighter to make it easier for you,” Michael said, “and you can pick whoever you want.”

“Okay, deal,” Pete agreed, “Let’s go.”

We headed upstairs and Michael started up the game and handed Pete a controller. Michael used the random select and ended up with Jade, while Pete picked Scorpion. Michael was clearly better but wasn’t used to playing as Jade, and Pete was good enough with Scorpion to make it a close fight. Michael won the first round, and Pete barely won the second. The third round was close and both fighter’s health was low. Michael used his x-ray attack but Pete avoided it and triggered his own x-ray attack. Michael couldn’t avoid it and my boyfriend groaned as the words “Finish Her” flashed across the screen in blood-red letters. Pete entered the button combination for Scorpion’s fatality and we all watched as Scorpion launched a ball of fire through Jade’s chest. The boys stood up and Michael turned off the PlayStation.

“I am definitely going to have to hit the tables right away,” Pete said as he put his arm around me. “We haven’t even left yet and I’m already getting lucky.”

We all laughed and headed back down to the truck. Michael drove and I was in the back with Pete. We talked for a while as we sped down the freeway on our way to Sin City. After almost 2 hours my butt started to go numb and I asked Pete if he minded me putting my legs across his lap so I could lay down.

“I’d prefer your head in my lap,” he laughed, “but I can settle for your legs.”

I gently rested my calves into Pete’s lap and almost immediately I felt his big dick as it twitched through his shorts.

“My legs aren’t too heavy for you, are they?” I asked.

“No way,” Pete replied as he rested his hand on my knee, “not at all.”

Pete slowly started rubbing my leg just above my knee and was moving his hand higher and higher with each pass. It didn’t take long for his hand to reach my inner thigh, then the hem of my shorts. I could feel Pete’s cock growing as his hand traveled further up my leg, and by the time he slipped his hand into my leg of my shorts and his fingers brushed against my freshly shaved pussy lips, his cock was straining against his shorts. He started tracing his finger up and down my lips and I wiggled in response. Pete slipped his finger between my lips and slowly started to finger me. I let out a quiet moan and Pete just grinned at me. I looked toward the front seat and my boyfriend was focused on the road and oblivious to the fact that his best friend was fingering his girlfriend’s cunt right behind him. Pete increased his speed and I took my legs from his lap and bent my knees, opening my thighs for him, giving him better access. I closed my eyes and let Pete have his way with me, and I was getting very close to an orgasm. I was humping my hips up into Pete’s fingers and panting. I opened my eyes and looked towards the front seat again and I could see my boyfriend trying to see me from the rearview mirror.

“Ooooh Pete,” I moaned, “Ooh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum.”

As I said it, Pete stopped and pulled his hand from my shorts. I pouted at him and he looked back at me with a grin. He pulled the waistband of his shorts down and let his big cock spring into view. My mouth started to water the second I saw it.

“Come suck my cock,” Pete ordered.

As quick as I could, I repositioned canlı bahis myself onto my hands and knees and swallowed Pete’s cock as deep as I could. Pete closed his eyes and leaned his head back as I bobbed up and down his shaft. I slurped his shaft sloppily and Pete was moaning loudly. I could feel Pete’s cock throbbing in my mouth and I could tell he was getting close. As I prepared to swallow his load, he stopped me and I sat up. Pete pulled me into his lap, pulled my shorts to the side, and slid his big hard cock into me. I yelped as he entered me. I raised myself up on my knees then lowered myself back down on to him.

“Ungh, fuck!” I groaned, “You’re so fucking big!”

“You are so fucking tight,” Pete grunted back and raised his hips, slamming his cock into me. “I can never get enough of this tight cunt.”

Pete reached back and gripped my ass tight as I rode his cock up and down.

“Oh fuck, oh Pete,” I moaned, “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me, slut,” Pete groaned, “cum hard on my cock!”

I couldn’t hold back any longer and I slammed down hard onto his cock and held myself there convulsing as I came hard. At the same time, Pete came too and I could feel him pumping his hot load deep inside me. As we were coming down from our mutual orgasms, my boyfriend was pulling into a rest stop. We had been on the road for just over two hours now and we were halfway to Vegas. There weren’t many people at the rest stop and maybe only 2 other cars. My boyfriend parked away from any other cars or people, turned off the truck, and immediately got out and joined us in the back seat. I was still filled with Pete’s cock when my boyfriend closed the truck door behind him and grabbed me. He pulled me into a deep and passionate kiss. He pulled me into his lap and onto his hard cock. I don’t know when he’d taken his pants off and I didn’t care. I bounced on my boyfriend’s hard cock.

“Oh fuck!” Michael moaned, “ugh, you’re so wet it feels amazing!”

I just moaned and kissed him hard. Michael didn’t last long, but I was still so sensitive from the orgasm Pete had just given me that I started cumming at the same time I felt him adding his load to my already filled pussy. I moaned into the kiss as I came with him, shuddering as it hit me and I collapsed against him. We kissed over and over until we were both spent. I got off Michael’s lap and he fixed his pants. We drove the rest of the way talking and joking and before we knew it we were there. We arrived at our hotel and checked in. We took our bags to our room and got ready for some fun. There was a lot of celebrating, and a lot of drinking and the night is a bit of a blur. We slept in late the next day and didn’t go out until late in the afternoon.

On our second night of partying, Michael and I decided to call it a semi-early night and head to our room for some fun. In the few weeks before the trip, we’d both been really busy and our sex life had unfortunately paid a price. We were both looking forward to a night of hardcore fucking. Our room was on the 32nd floor of a pretty nice casino, and even though the elevators moved extremely fast we were on each other as soon as the elevator doors opened. Michael was kissing me deeply and passionately, his hands groped my ass before finding their way under my skirt and to my already wet pussy, while I pulled out his cock and stroked him. He was steadily finger fucking me when the elevator stopped about 5 floors from our stop and one guy and two girls got on with us. We barely took the time to notice we had company. I continued kissing and stroking him while he fingered me faster, causing me to moan into the kiss. Our new friends watched as we made out and played in the corner. Finally, we reached our floor and I stepped off the elevator, leading my boyfriend by his cock into the hallway. As we exited, I looked back over my shoulders at our fellow passengers and smirked. When we made it to our room we tore each other’s clothes off immediately, and I was on my knees sucking Michael’s hard cock. He had a fistful of my hair and was working his cock in and out of my mouth. I had just taken Michael’s cock as deep into my throat as I could when his phone went off with Pete’s text tone. Michael groaned and pulled his cock out of my mouth with a pop and went to check his phone. He said Pete forgot our room number and he’d be up in an hour or two. Michael walked back over to me still on my knees and grabbed my hair again, but this time he pulled me to my feet then kissed me deeply. He picked me up and threw me on the bed before climbing on with me, lifting my legs up, and slamming as much of his hard cock into me as he could. Even as wet as I was, he is so big he was only able to get just the tip in.

“I’m always amazed by how fucking tight you are, baby,” he grunted.

He pulled back and pushed again, sliding a bit more into me. I moaned in response as he continued pumping back and forth, pushing more of his thick cock into my tight pussy with each thrust. Once he was fully inside, he stopped.

“You bahis siteleri feel so good!” he said as he flexed his cock inside me, making me giggle.

“Mmmmmm, you fill me up so perfectly,” I moaned in reply.

He started pumping in and out of me with long slow strokes, letting me feel every inch of his throbbing shaft. His cock slid in and out with a steady rhythm and increasing tempo. Soon he was fucking me deep and hard with full solid thrusts, our bodies slapping together as he entered me fully, and I was moaning in pure ecstasy.

“I’m gonna cum, Papi!” I moaned out, “Can I cum on your big cock, baby, please?”

“Cum for me, baby! I’m gonna cum too!” he panted.

“I want you to cum inside me, Papi! Fill me up with your cum!” I moaned.

He fucked me hard with fast short thrusts, making a loud slapping noise between us, and making my big tits jiggle.

“Uuuuuunnnnngh, fuuuuuck, baby, I’m cumming!” I screamed as he pounded my cunt.

He grunted something unintelligible before I felt his cock swell and he started pumping his hot cum deep inside of me. He kissed me again, hard, moaning into the kiss as he filled me with his seed. We broke the kiss and laid there panting, but not moving, his hard cock throbbing inside me as my pussy still spasmed around his shaft. I’m not sure how long we laid like that, but soon we passed out together. A while later I was roused by voices next to the bed. I heard Michael and Pete talking about how sexy I was sleeping and how much they loved just staring at my tits and the way they moved with my breathing. I could tell their voices were labored and I decided to feign sleep and see what happened next. I opened my eyes a slit, just enough to see my boys standing next to the bed naked, hard as rocks, jerking each other over my naked body. I fought the urge to moan and just watched them through closed eyes as they stroked each other as close to me as they dared to get without fear of waking me.

“I want to taste her again,” Pete panted.

“You already sucked my dick clean!” Michael laughed. “Let her sleep a bit more; she’s earned it.”

My boys continued to stroke each other over me till I heard Pete’s breathing getting heavier and his moans get a bit louder.

“Fuck, Mike, I’m gonna cum!” Pete said breathlessly.

“Cum for me, Pete!” my boyfriend said. “Cum all over my sleeping girlfriend!”

Michael stroked Pete’s big cock faster, and Pete was moaning louder now.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum too!” my boyfriend said.

I saw his knees buckle a bit, and then it happened. Almost simultaneously they both started cumming. Thick ropes of cum splashing across my tits, my belly, and my thighs. They kept stroking each other till there was nothing left, then slowly let the other’s cock go. I laid there trying to control my breathing, watching them recover from coating my sleeping body in cum, and loving it.

“That was fucking hot!” Pete said.

“Fuck yeah, it was,” Michael said. “You came so much!”

“I’m still fucking horny!” Pete whined.

He was stroking his still hard cock and looking at my cum-covered tits. Suddenly he jumped on me, sucking my left nipple into his mouth and lapping at the cum on my tits. I was startled and jumped up, no longer able to fake sleeping.

“Hey, what the fuck!” Michael yelled.

Pete jumped back instantly and apologized.

“I’m sorry, man,” Pete said, looking down. “She’s just so fucking sexy! Especially covered in cum, I wanted to touch her.”

“Dude, chill,” my boyfriend said to Pete.

“You ok, baby?” he asked me.

“I’m fine, Papi, but it looks like I missed out on some fun,” I said and giggled.

“I just didn’t want to wake you up yet is all,” my boyfriend chuckled.

I leaned forward and took Michael’s semi-hard cock into my mouth and sucked him clean, then I looked over at Pete who was sitting on the bed slowly stroking his still hard cock.

“Will I get both my boys to fuck me tonight?” I asked, trying to sound cute.

Michael nodded and moved onto the bed with me. He kissed me again and motioned for Pete to join us. Soon we were all making out and groping each other. I was stroking both of them as their hands explored my body, rubbing their cum from earlier into my skin. I took Pete’s hand and put it on Michael’s cock and then did the same to Michael with Pete’s cock.

“I want to see my boys play since I missed it earlier,” I said. “Please, Papi?”

Michael didn’t say anything, he just kept stroking Pete’s big cock. They stroked each other for a bit while I watched, then they moved into a 69 and started sucking each other’s cocks slowly. I watched and slowly played with my pussy. I was enjoying the show so much, I almost missed my boyfriend slip his finger into Pete’s asshole. Pete let out a loud moan and pushed his ass back into my boyfriend’s hand. Michael was fingering Pete’s asshole slowly, and I started fingering myself in time with his movements. It felt like time had stopped while I watched Michael’s finger bahis şirketleri slip in and out of another man’s asshole. Suddenly my boyfriend moved to stand, pulling his cock from Pete’s still sucking mouth. He repositioned himself and I watched with surprise as Michael buried his face in Pete’s ass and started lapping at his asshole.

“Oooooh fuck!” Pete and I moaned in unison.

It was one of the most erotic things I’d seen in my life. My boyfriend lapping at and fingering his best friend’s asshole. I let out a moan and Pete adjusted himself to give Michael better access. Michael was now behind Pete, licking his asshole, and Pete was face down on the bed, moaning like a slut. I was starting to feel left out. I joined them on the other bed and positioned myself in front of Pete so he could eat my pussy while my boyfriend ate his asshole. Pete dove in without hesitation, sucking my clit and fucking me with his tongue. It felt amazing and it was heightened by the sight of my boyfriend reaching around to stroke Pete’s cock, while his tongue worked Pete’s asshole furiously. I couldn’t take anymore and I came almost without warning, coating Pete’s face with my pussy juices, but Pete didn’t even slow down. He was moaning into my cunt as my boyfriend serviced him.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck!” Pete gasped as he pulled away from my cunt to breathe.

Michael stopped and we both looked at him stunned. Pete was breathing heavy and my boyfriend was just grinning. We made eye contact and I knew exactly what he wanted to do. He stood up and went to the restroom while I laid back and told Pete I wanted his big cock inside me.

“I want you to fuck me, Pete, please,” I whined and rubbed my pussy in front of him. “I haven’t had your cock inside me all day. Please fuck me, Pete,” I whimpered.

Pete pulled me to the edge of the bed and slapped his hard cock against my clit before sliding his shaft back and forth along my pussy lips. I moaned and raised my hips to increase the friction.

“You want my big dick, slut?” Pete asked.

“Yes, I want it!” I moaned, “I want it so bad!”

“Tell me what I want to hear,” Pete said as he rubbed his shaft up and down against my clit.

“I love your cock, Pete!” I panted. “I’m a slut for your big dick!”

With that, he slowly slid the tip of his cock into my wet cunt. He slid in easily and he was fully inside me with just a few pumps.

“Oooooh yessssssss, I missed that feeling!” I moaned loudly, “You fuck me so deep!”

Pete was fucking me slowly as if savoring the moment when my boyfriend returned from the restroom. He had a towel and a bottle of lube in his hand. He stopped to watch for a moment while I whimpered and moaned while Pete fucked me with his amazing cock.

“Is it good, baby?” Michael asked.

“God, yes it is!” I answered without hesitation, “I love Pete’s big cock, Papi! He fucks me so good!”

My boyfriend started stroking his cock, pouring lube on it, getting it really slippery. He was stroking faster and faster as he watched us. Pete was grunting and moaning as he picked up his pace.

“You look so good being fucked like a slut, baby,” my boyfriend said.

“I’m such a slut, Papi! I am a slut for this big cock!” I moaned. “Papi, he’s gonna make me cum! Can I cum on his big dick?”

“Not yet!” Michael said loudly.

Pete stopped moving and I whimpered. Pete pushed his cock fully into me and did not move, I could feel his shaft throbbing inside me. Michael stepped up behind Pete and slid his hard cock between Pete’s cheeks, I felt Pete’s cock jump inside me in response, and he let out a moan. I knew what was coming and my eyes still went wide in surprise. My boyfriend was going to fuck him! I laid there with Pete’s cock throbbing inside me, fighting not to cum as I watched Michael have Pete lean forward a bit, and slowly slid the tip of his cock into his best friend’s asshole.

“Ugh! Fuck! He’s pushing his cock into my ass!” Pete grunted.

Michael was gripping his shaft and moving behind Pete; after a few attempts at getting the right position, my boyfriend finally slipped the head of his cock inside Pete.

“Mike is inside me!” Pete grunted. “He’s fucking my virgin ass!”

Pete’s cock was jumping like crazy inside me and I was fighting not to cum. Michael was moving slowly, letting Pete adjust then sliding more inside. After what felt like forever, my boyfriend was balls deep in his bud.

“Damn, your ass is tight as fuck!” Michael grunted as he slowly started moving back and forth.

“It hurts!” Pete moaned through gritted teeth. “But fuck, it feels good!”

I just laid there in awe and my boyfriend’s movement made Pete move inside me. Slowly we all had a rhythm going and Pete was slowly fucking my pussy while my boyfriend fucked his ass. It was surreal.

“Papi, I need to cum! Pleeeeease!” I begged.

“Cum for us baby” Michael grunted.

Pete was lost in pleasure and didn’t say a word as his cock was forced in and out of me. I couldn’t hold back anymore and I came hard, squirting all over Pete’s cock. Pete kept pumping his cock into me as Michael picked up speed. Pete was grunting and groaning, lost in the pleasure or pain of what was happening, when suddenly

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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