My Best Friend’s Dad Ch. 02

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Read about Taylor and Rick’s first encounter here.


“Ice cream for dinner?”

I jumped at the sound of Rick’s voice, which caused me to jerk the spoon I’d been bringing to my mouth and smear part of the creamy goodness on the corner of my mouth. Becky started laughing hysterically at my jump, “Oh hey there scaredy cat! Relax — it’s just my dad!”

I giggled in response. Definitely not “just” your dad I thought to myself, then made eye contact with Rick as I used my tongue to clear the ice cream from my face. It was a small act, one I was sure Becky wouldn’t conclude anything from, but I knew Rick caught the suggestive nature. He quickly looked away from where we were sitting on stools at the black, granite-topped island in their giant kitchen, and busied himself getting a drink from the fridge.

From his reaction, I could tell he was still trying to come to terms with what had happened the last time I spent the night. That made one of us. Ever since I’d made the decision to pleasure myself in front of my best friend’s dad — while he jerked off and porn played in the background — it was hard to think about anything else.

I definitely didn’t regret it, that was for sure; It was the most intense orgasm I’d given myself to date, and considering I’d been fantasizing about him for almost four years before that, it was definitely built up.

And now, I wanted more. Wes, my high school boyfriend, was nice enough, but he lacked the bedroom experience to give me what I was craving — what I knew Rick could give me. And what, if things went my way, he would give me, before I finished high school and headed off to college. Getting my best friend’s dad to fuck me was literally my personal senior project; the perfect private capstone. In my opinion, it totally fit the criteria for a capstone experience: an assignment that serves as a “culminating academic and intellectual experience for students, typically during their final year of high school…”

It would be the culmination of years of orgasms I’d given myself from thinking of him and an “academic” experience — if hands-on learning about sex can be considered academic…

I decided it definitely could be.

The only problem was getting back to Becky’s. All I wanted since that last sleepover was to have another one, but the end of senior year was undeniably busy and kept the both of us from having the time. I was super excited then, when finally — thankfully and ironically — it was a senior project Becky and I were working on together that got me back into her house.

“No time for makin’ dinner,” Becky responded to her dad between mouthfuls of Ben and Jerry’s. “We’ve got to finish this tonight.” She nodded towards the papers that were spread out in front of us.

“Ricky? Are you ready?” The sing-song voice that wafted into the kitchen was followed almost immediately by the scent of perfume — a spritz too much — and Rick’s girlfriend Margaret. She appeared, coiffed hair and heavy makeup, in stilettos and a skin-tight dress I was positive I’d just seen at Forever 21. Sure, she was skinny enough to pull it off, but didn’t there come a point when you were supposed to stop shopping there? You know, when you were a certain number of years passed 21?

Becky and I gave each other a look, and I’d bet money we were both thinking the word “stripper” was the most apt adjective for her getup.

“Going out?” Becky inquired.

“Dinner and a show!” Margaret responded, even though Becky was clearly addressing her dad.

“We’ll be pretty late, so don’t wait up,” Rick added. Was that supposed to be a hint to me? Disappointment started to settle in my stomach at the thought of him leaving and not being able to see him again that evening; at the very least I’d hoped to catch him watching porn again… I was starting to wonder if my mind was accurately recalling the size of his cock.

Rick reached into his pocket, pulled out his wallet, and tossed a couple of $20s on the counter in front of us. “Order yourselves some pizza at least. Ice cream isn’t brain food.”

He gave Becky a kiss on the top of her head, and his eyes locked with mine as he did so.

“See ya Mr. T!” I tried to act like I didn’t care one way or the other if I saw him later. I gave him a smile and a wave.

“Byeeeee girls!” Margaret sang as she looped an arm through Rick’s and they left the room.

Becky rolled her eyes at me, then picked up her phone to put in the delivery order.


A thrill shot through me as my eyes opened to find light coming into the guest room from the space between the door and the floor. I glanced at the clock next to the bed: 2:30 a.m. Could it be? He was usually earlier than this.

When I started sleeping in the guest room instead of sharing Becky’s room with her, I’d discovered Rick was a fan of late-night television — and porn — watching; that was how I’d been able to join him the last time I slept over, and that’s how I’d been planning to join antalya escort him again this time… that is, until his “don’t wait up” comment made me think that wasn’t likely to happen.

Then again, maybe he’d been trying to hint that I should wait up. I tossed back the covers and got up, then walked over to the door and opened it quietly — I wanted to make sure it was actually Rick.

When I saw him sitting in the living room, I smiled to myself and, heart hammering, made my way in and sat down on the opposite end of the sofa.

“Hey Mr. T,” I said as I took a seat, giving him a smile. I pulled both my legs up and crossed them on the cushion, Indian style.

He looked at me — first my eyes, then down to my tits. I was wearing a white tank top, and just like the time before, I knew he could see my hard nipples through the taut fabric. He averted his eyes a moment later and took a sip of his beer.

“You don’t have to call me that…”

I shrugged. “Ok. How about ‘Daddy T’ like when I was younger?” I said it with a sexual undertone — way different from the way I actually used to say it when I was a kid.

He raised an eyebrow then let out a chuckle. “You know Rick’s just fine.”

“I didn’t expect you to be down here tonight, not after what must have been an eventful evening…” I thought again to how he usually started watching TV around 1 a.m., and wondered if it was because of how late they’d been out, or because he’d had sex with Margaret when they got back. I chose to think it was the former.

Law and Order: SVU was on the TV tonight… a far cry from the threesome he’d been viewing before. I wondered if that was something he’d experienced and enjoyed, or just fantasized about enjoying… I had to admit, I never thought about having one before, but going by how hot catching a portion of it had made me, I might have to add “threesome” to my “to-do” list. Or, perhaps more aptly, my “ways TO do it” list.

“No porn tonight?”

He nearly choked on the swig of beer he’d been taking. It was clear he was still trying to think of me as his sweet daughter’s sweet little friend, not an 18-year-old who pleasured herself in front of him and bluntly brought up porn.

“Tay, listen…” he said as he put his beer down on the side table. I had to give him credit — he was really trying to be the responsible father of a friend; his voice was the one he used when he wanted to have a serious talk with Becky. But I wasn’t having any of that.

“Don’t tell me you’re about to say last time shouldn’t have happened… or that you didn’t enjoy yourself?” I wanted to save him the trouble, because there was nothing he could say that would make me want to forget about what we’d done…or what I was intent on doing. I looked at him, eyes glittering mischieviously. “Because I’m pretty sure you did.” I looked toward his cock — unfortunately still hidden behind his grey sweats — and my nipples hardened as I remembered the way we came together, and the cum that shot out of his dick.

“I’m not… no… it’s just…” he cleared his throat and tried to look away from my tits and back to the TV. I found I reveled in the way I made him nervous. He usually came across as so confident, and for good reason: he was a successful business owner with a huge house, several cars, a great daughter and, although annoying, a girlfriend I knew many would consider a hot piece of arm candy. Oh. He was also straight up sexy.

But I could tell what had happened before shook him; he didn’t know how to think about me anymore. The conscientious side of him, I knew, was trying really hard to keep me in the “Becky’s best friend box.” But the rest of him — the sexy, healthy man with needs and urges — didn’t mind that I’d stepped out of that box.

I liked that the struggle gave me a kind of power over him… I planned to enjoy it while it lasted, but I also had high hopes that eventually he’d concede to the fact I was Becky’s best friend as well as a girl who wanted to be fucked by her dad. And when that happened, I had a feeling that confidence would return… and the real fun would begin.

“Relax, Rick… like I said before, we’re both adults. We didn’t do anything wrong. And, technically, we didn’t even do anything! We just happened to be in the same room, with porn on, pleasuring ourselves…”

“Right, but–“

“Seriously, I think you’re looking into it way too much. I mean, we didn’t even touch each other… remember? Not even once.”

He paused then, mulling that point over, and I understood why; for an orgasm that felt as good as it had, it seemed crazy that we hadn’t literally done anything together physically. But I wasn’t going to be content with that again.

I looked at the TV. “Is this really what you’re watching tonight? Or are you trying to cover up the porno again?”

He chuckled and took another sip of his beer, which I took as a good sign — a sign of relaxing. “Nope, just this tonight.”

“That’s too bad.”

He kepez escort looked at me sideways.

“It was really hot. Can I have some?” I nodded towards his beer. When he hesitated, I added, “Oh come on, it’s not like I never had a drink before. Eighteen Rick. I’m 18. That’s old enough to vote and join the military. And if I was in Europe instead of the stuffy United States I’d be legally drinking too.

He seemed to agree with that logic, and he held it out to me. I reached over to grab it, bending forward and giving him a clear view of my cleavage as I did so. I wrapped my hand around the beer and my fingers grazed over his as I did so; electricity shot through my body at the brief touch and made its way down to my pussy where it settled as a dull ache. Fuck I wanted him.

I took a long swig of his beer then went to hand it back.

He shook his head. “Keep it,” he said as he stood up and headed over to the beer fridge he kept in the corner. He took out another one, and popped it open as he walked back. I wasn’t opposed to the view I had when he was standing; the bulge in the front of his sweats told me a simple finger graze and a view of top of my tits had him feeling a certain way, too.

“So have you ever had a threesome?” I asked as he sat back down.

“I… no.” He took another drink of beer. “You?”

“No. That porno got me pretty hot though, so I think I’d be up for it.”

He remained silent, but I didn’t miss the twitch of his dick inside his pants. That said enough.

“You really weren’t watching any tonight?” My turn to take another drink.

He shook his head, his eyes on the television. “Didn’t feel up for it, just needed to watch something mindless so I could get to sleep…”

I put down the beer. “Didn’t feel up for it… hmm… because you already had sex with Margaret?”

“I’m not gonna talk about that.”

“Is she good?”

“Not gonna talk about that either.”

“I bet she is, not that I like thinking of that image. She’s got a body a lot of men would love to bang… although, if we’re going by the porn you were watching — and admittedly I’ve only seen that one selection — you’re a fan of fit girls who’ve got a little bit more around the ass/boob area too. Both of the girls had tits more like mine, wouldn’t you say?”

I cupped both my tits for emphasis, giving them a slight squeeze and pinching my hard nipples with my thumb and forefinger.

Another twitch of his cock, and another swig of beer — he kept himself from answering, but not from blatantly staring at my chest.

“Put some on again… please? I really liked it.”

He grabbed the remote, pushed a few buttons to bring up the web browser, then brought up a porn website I knew to be one of the most popular. He stopped there though, and instead of picking something, he tossed the remote on the cushions between us.

“If you want some porn, pick some porn.”

I grinned, giving him another tit top view as I leaned forward to pick up the remote. I started to scroll through the categories: amateur, anal, babysitter, big ass, big dick, bisexual, blonde… I was tempted to keep going to check out what else there was, but I stopped at “blowjob” instead.

I’d been thinking of his cum shooting down my throat since I saw it spewing out of his cock before… and now I wanted him thinking about it too — if he hadn’t been already.

I clicked through and picked the first one I saw with a lot of views and a good rating. My heart rate picked up as the scene started to unfold.

“How about blowjobs. Does Margaret give good blowjobs?” I asked as the couple on screen spoke to each other.


“Not gonna talk about that either? Hmm… so maybe she’s not very good? Or maybe she doesn’t do head?” I could see that. I could see someone as uptight as Margaret sometimes acted saying something lame like, “Oh no. I don’t do that,” or “keep that thing away from my mouth” or “it hurts my jaw too much.” Rick didn’t succumb to my prodding, but I chose to think that was the case. Poor guy.

“I’m not saying I’m a dick sucking goddess or that I do it a lot or anything…” I offered up voluntarily as my pussy began to throb at the sight of the dude on screen pushing the girl down to her knees and dropping his pants. “But I don’t mind it…” The guy’s dick sprung free and the blonde on her knees immediately wrapped her hand around his shaft and took his length in her mouth. “Damn that’s hot.”

I said it while looking at the TV, but it wasn’t totally the on-screen scene that made me say it — it was imagining the girl on her knees was me, and the cock was Rick’s; I was positive his was bigger than this dude’s anyways. I glanced at Rick sideways, my eyes lingering on the bulge I wanted so bad to release.

I picked up the beer and took back the rest of it. “You know,” I said when I finished. “Watching porn is fun and all, but when you can have it for real instead, it kind manavgat escort of loses it’s appeal… no?”

Rick looked from the TV to me. “Of course it does. But when what you want you can’t…” he stopped as I got up and moved to stand in front of him. “Taylor what are you—”

“Can’t what?” I interrupted him. “Can’t have? Are you saying that because Margaret wouldn’t finish off your night out with some head?” I got down on my knees and placed my hands on his thighs, pushing them apart and scooching in between them. “Or… did you mean me?”

There was that hesitation again. He swallowed hard, but said nothing as he looked down at me.

“I know. I know. I’m touching you this time. But you don’t have to touch me, if that’ll make you feel better. In fact…” I added as I slid my hands up his thighs, passing one of them over his hard cock before hooking them both in his waistband. “Don’t touch me.”

I stopped there and looked up at him. “Got it?” He stared back. “Don’t touch.” I reiterated, then tugged on his sweats.

He remained silent, but he didn’t try to stop me. Instead, he lifted his hips so I could slide the bottoms down, releasing his big cock just like I wanted.

“Fuckkk,” I uttered as it sprang free; it was bigger — on all accounts — than the porno dude’s, and it was bigger than what I’d been imagining since seeing it the last time. “Rick… you’re so big!”

No more stalling, no more games — this was what I wanted tonight, and I was going to get it. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and he sucked in a breath at the touch. Slowly I started moving my hand up and down, unabashedly staring at his dick — getting to know it in a way. I was fascinated by it, and wanted to do more than quickly slip it in my mouth like the girl had on screen — and like I’d usually do with Wes. Poor Wes. He had no idea what he was up against, and no idea that he didn’t stand a chance.

I moved my other hand beneath Rick’s cock and found his balls; I cupped them gently and applied just a bit of pressure while simultaneously stroking his shaft.

Rick let out a low moan and moved his legs just a little further apart, granting me more access to his balls — balls that felt full, which led me to believe he hadn’t emptied himself that night after all, and meant all the more for me.

While I kept using my hands I bent forward, ready to add my tongue and mouth to the mix, but halted when Rick said, “Wait!”

I looked up, my mouth inches from his tip.

“Take your top off.”

I grinned, my pussy throbbing at the request — it was the first time he’d asked me to do anything that went along with our games, rather than just keeping quiet or trying to explain why we shouldn’t.”

I leaned back and did as he asked, my tits bouncing as they dropped out from below the tight tank.

“Damn,” he muttered, staring.

“Remember, I want you to keep a clear conscious…so don’t touch. Then you can tell yourself ‘I never touched her’ if it’ll help you sleep at night.” I gave him another mischievous smile. “As for me though…”

I let my actions finish the statement. I returned my hands to his shaft and balls, then leaned forward and flicked my tongue across his tip. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him dig his fingers into the sofa cushions.

My hand continued to move up and down as I swirled my tongue around the edge of his head. Then I pressed my lips to his tip, and parted them slightly to take just the tiniest bit into my warm, wet mouth.

Rick picked up the remote and put SVU back on for background noise — the on-screen blowjob had clearly finished — but as for me, I was just getting started.

I continued to massage his balls, but moved my tongue from the tip of his cock, to licking down the length of the underside; I moved my mouth more to the side then, and licked back up, treating his hard cock like the tastiest ice cream cone I’d ever had. I continued that way, licking up and down until I was back where I started. I finished back at the top, returned my other hand to the base of his shaft and squeezed lightly while I once again pressed slightly parted lips to his tip.

Never before had I wanted a cock in my mouth so bad.

I moved my mouth down on him then, taking first just the head, and sucking while I swirled my tongue across the tip.

“Shit Tay…” he half groaned.

Then I brought my mouth down further, moaning low in my throat as his big cock went deeper and deeper into my mouth. I let my tongue slide along the side as I moved my mouth up… down… up… down on his hard dick.

I knew my pussy was getting soaked.

“God that feels good,” he uttered.

My pace was still rather slow and deliberate… I just wanted to feel his length going in and out and focus on sucking while I did so. Although I was taking a lot of him in my mouth, I hadn’t tested exactly how much I could handle yet, so I decided to do so then, taking in more, and more… until his head touched the back of my throat. I gagged, and my nipples turned rock hard. I was surprised to find I actually liked the sensation.

I looked up to find Rick staring down at me… at his cock mostly hidden in my mouth, and at my big tits dangling behind them, nipples clearly hard.

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