My Aunt Ann’s Toys

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Hello my names Rich and I’m your average everyday teenager, well, besides the fact of having this extremely strong lust for my Aunt Ann. Ever since I hit 15 and noticed how beautiful my Aunt’s body was I have always lusted after it in my mind. Well back to me, I am now a 19 year old with a decent build, I’m not really fat but not really muscular. I have a respectable size penis of 8 inches. My Aunt Ann is right around the same height as me and has a little extra meat but not fat by no means, which I love. She has huge massive breasts and a nice fully rounded ass.

As I was sitting there checking my emails my computer just locked up on me. After trying to figure it out for several minutes I soon gave up and called my Aunt Ann.

“Hello, Aunt Ann?” I said

“O hey Rich! How are you doing?” Ann replied

“Not to bad I just had a really important email and all of a sudden my computer froze, mind if I come over really quick to use your computer?” I said

“Ya sure no problem I’m just getting ready to cut the grass.” Ann replied

We both hanged up and I got dressed and ran out to my car. My aunt didn’t live but 5 minutes away from my house. She has a huge house and has always had money. Before I knew it I was at my aunts house. She was setting up the riding lawn mower as I walked up to her and said hello.

“O hey Rich, I didn’t see you pull up. The computer is already on for you feel free to use it. I should be done in around 10-15 minutes.” Ann said

“Ok, thanks” I responded

As I walked inside of her house and took my shoes off I heard her start the lawn mower and could then see her begin to cut the grass. Then that feeling hit me “I should go snoop around her room, see if I can find anything to help my arousal.” As I walked into her room her bed was neatly made and the room looks extremely clean. After a few minutes of going through her stuff I finally headed into her walk in closet. I looked around for a few minutes and started to open a few of the cabinet doors and then I found something. It was a steel box with a lock on it. As I pulled it down I noticed it was unlocked! Just my luck. I opened the box with huge anticipation of what could possible be in it. When I opened it sure enough sat a huge fat dildo at least 9-10 inches long and super thick! There was also a small little vibrator the size of my thumb and a fresh bottle of lubrication oil. Seeing that my aunt used this stuff sent me rock hard instantly and almost came just from that.

Finally I picked up the large vibrator and noticed it was kind of wet. After wondering for a few seconds it hit me like a ton of bricks. “SHE USED THIS RECENTLY!” As that hit me I became even more aroused. Instantly I was trying to think of a way to seduce my Aunt and to figure out a way to have sex with her. Then I thought of a plan. I would hide the dildo in the couch and when we sit down to watch a bit of t.v once she is done cutting the grass I was just happen to find the dildo under the cushion of the couch.

Realizing it has almost been 15 minutes I quickly put everything back to normal besides the large dildo. I ran to the family room and put the dildo under the seat. Then I quickly ran back to the computer desk to make her think I never left it. Sure enough 1-2 minutes later she stopped cutting the grass and came inside. The sweat was glistening off her neck and cleavage. Seeing her like this sealed the deal, I had to try the plan.

“Figure out that old computer?” She said with a laugh

“Yeah, thanks for letting me use it.” I responded

Sure enough bağdat caddesi escort she went to the other couch were I didn’t put the toy under and sat down and turned on the television. I smoothly walked over to the other seat were I hid the toy earlier. After about 5-10 minutes of sitting there and replaying the idea of my plan in my head I finally made the first move. As I reach down and picked up the dildo still out of view of my Aunt I moved it to my side.

“What the?” I said acting surprised.

She then looked over at me and said “What’s wrong?”

“Ummm, its nothing” I acted

“Well you don’t sound like its nothing.” she said

“Well, I just umm, well, it’s none of my business but I felt something poke me as I was sitting here and when I stuck my hand down this cushion to see what it was and it was this.” As I pulled the 9 inch dildo out and it flopped in the air from being moved.

Suddenly a small look of shock took over my Aunt. I played it off as if it was nothing but after a few seconds of just sitting there she walked over to me and started to cry. I was obviously puzzled by this reaction.

“It’s mine.” she said with a quivering voice. “My husband, he’s always working and I always get so lonely.”

Still in shock from her reaction I just sat there holder her as she sobbed. Then I finally came around and my mind started to think again.

VVRMMMMMMM the sound came from the dildo as I pretended to accidentally turn it on high. It was shaking a lot more then I figured it would have. My Aunt obviously noticed it got turned on and grabbed it to turn it off.

“That sure is a strong one.” I said with a chuckle

Wiping the tears from her eyes she responded “Yes it is.”

Feeling a bit more daring and started to sense the sexual energy from my Aunt I said “it’s a huge dildo, there’s no way its yours.”

“It is mine.” she responded but with a bit of guilt

“There’s no way, that thing has to be at least 9 inches long!” I said

As she looked away she said “I know, and it’s still hardly enough”

My mouth just dropped that my Aunt would say something like that. She then looked at me and noticed I had a huge erection and made the same face as me.

“I’m sorry! It’s just that your so beautiful.” I finally said

She then hugged me even tighter and said so quietly I could hardly hear her. “God, I’m starting to get horny”

“What? I asked

she quickly thought of a new comment “Umm, I said lets put this back in my bedroom.”

As we walked into her bedroom I was watching her body move and it just fed my already rock hard penis. As we went into her walk in closet she pulled down the box and I acted like I had no idea what it was. “What’s that?” I asked

“I’ll show you and then you’ll see why this one thing isn’t enough.” she responded

She opened the case and put the dildo back in it and pulled out the smaller dildo and showed me it. I continued to act surprised.

“See, I have to use both of these at the same time.” she said in a rather low voice

That’s when I lost it, I lunged at my Aunt and held her so tightly. She let out a sigh and hugged me back.

“I’ve always wanted you Aunt Ann. I know your husband never helps you, but I would love to.” I told her

She never said anything back, just grabbed my hand and we both got off the ground. She then looked down at the box and grabbed it in the other hand and looked at me.

“We might want some of these later.” She said

As we went bahçelievler escort to her bed I started to strip off my clothes. She soon did the same after setting the box next to her bed. As I laid there on her bed as she took off her cloths piece by piece. Stunned by how amazing her breasts in the bra I could hardly control myself when she took the bra off. Finally I could see my Aunts large nipples. I sat on the end of the bed and took one of her nipples in my mouth. Instantly she quivered by the touch of someone sucking on her nipple. After a few minutes of sucking on her nipple I got off the bed and she laid down on the bed. I helped her take her shorts and panties off. Her fluffy haired pussy was right in front of my face.

“Please Rich, I need this, please.” She begged

I happily said alright and started to explore my Aunt’s pussy. I kept using my tongue like a pencil and started to spell out P-U-S-S-Y. She ground her hips up a bit more to apply a bit more pressure. Then I spelled F-U-C-K. She bucked up even harder. Now her breathing was becoming heavier and she started to really get into it. I then stuck a finger slightly into her anal hole and she lost it.

“O MY GOD! O YES!” she yelled

I continued to lick her pussy as I slowly fingered her ass.

“O YES RICH! Keep going keep going keep goinggggg!” she yelled at me

I quickened my pace and felt her body tense up.


I finally felt her squirt her juices into my mouth and as I swallowed to drink it all. She looked down at me stunned by my action she said “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had Rich.” She was still shaking from it as I got up and she continued to shake.

“Please, please, I need you in me now, I have to have you in me or ill go mad. Please, hurry!” she begged

As I got over the top of her and lined my 8 inch penis up with her now soaked pussy lips she hugged her arms around me and told me to hurry a few more times. I slowly pushed my penis into her and her eyes popped open and mouth dropped.

“O yes! Yes! Go hard! Go hard!” she commanded me

I finally got it all in her when she said “HARD! Do me hard please!”

I decided to let her keep begging and just slowly fucked her. She was trying hard to make to go in harder by pushing her hips up to meet mine but it still wasn’t enough for her.

“God pleaseee! Do me hard! I need this so badly!”

Instantly I lost myself and started to pound her pussy harder then she ever has been before. She was matching my thrusts with her hips every time and was just adding to the pleasure of fucking my Aunt. After about 10 minutes she started to breath heavy again and her body tensed up.

“O please don’t stop, keep going, keep going! I’m almost there! O YES!” she screamed

She wrapped her legs around my back right above my ass to help apply even more pressure to my thrusts. I got 9 more hardcore strokes into her before she finally had another orgasm. She started to shake again with pleasure and hugged me even tighter.

“God, this is the best day ever.” she commented “My lord, you still haven’t came yet? Well I guess we will have to go to round number 2.”

She rolled me over onto my back and got up on top of me. She just sat there for a few minutes as I continued to suck on her large nipples that were now rock hard. She slowly raised herself up and lined my penis up with her pussy again. And in one hard fall she impaled herself with all 8 inches of my penis.

“O bahçeşehir escort MY GOD!” we both said

“O god Rich, I never want this to stop.” she said

“Well hell you do that a few more times and I won’t be able to hold back much longer.” I said with a laugh

She then slowly raised herself again but this time started to bounce on me a little softer. She would take the whole length of my dick and then go all the way to the head and back down. This was slowly driving me insane.

“God, your penis fills me completely up, it feels like its going to reach my stomach. This is much better then that dildo.” she said

That got my mind thinking, I reached over to the box opened it and grabbed the large dildo and the lubrication oil.

“O god, don’t tell me your thinking what I’m thinking!?” She said

I put a generous amount of oil on the dildo and slowly reached around my aunt’s ass and lined the dildo up with her anal hole. She just sat there looking at me. She gave me a slight nod and I pushed at least 6 or 7 inches of the dildo into her ass.

“O GOD!” She instantly came from that and fell onto my chest quivering. “That was amazing, o god, having both my holes at once!” she said still shaking. I was still slowing moving the dildo in and out of her ass. Then she started to bounce on me again after a minute or two rest. We were going at it like a pack of wild animals. Then suddenly I reached around her again and turned the dildo on high. This sent her soaring with pleasure as she was still riding my penis and having a vibrating dildo in her ass.

“O god im going to come again! O god! I’m coming againnnn!” she yelled at the top of her lunges

This time as she came I didn’t stop fucking her, I instead started to pound her even harder and harder. I also grabbed the dildo and started to move it all the way out. Then I rammed even more of it into her with atleast 8 inches of it into her ass.

“O GOD AGAIN! O GOD IM COMING AGAIN! DON’T STOP!” She continued to yell.

“God, how many times have you came now? Had to have been at least 3 or 4 times.”

“O my, wow, I’ve never came this many times before. I still want more, I want you to cum now!” She said

She raised herself to the tip of my penis again and impaled me again. She began to do this several times and it was starting to drive me close to my edge.

“O gosh you keep this up and I’m not going to last much longer!” I informed her

She just kept going. I started to meet her rhythm and started to fuck her even harder. After 5 minutes of this I was finally at my end. She could tell I was starting to tense up and then I lost it.

“O MY LORD here I come! Get off I’m going to come!” I yelled

“NO! I want you to cum inside of me! I want to feel your hot sticky cum fill me!” she yelled

After hearing that I lost it. 4 squirts came out of me right away and filled her full.

“O god, you’re so deep and your cum is filled me up.”

Another 3 squirts came out and I was finally done. I just laid there completely exhausted from the experience. My Aunt laid on top of me with one breast on each side of my chest. We both were to tired to even move.

“I don’t think ill need all these dildo anymore.” she said with a smile as she reached around to pull the dildo out of her ass. My penis finaly fell out of her pussy and all my cum started to leak out. She stuck the dildo down there and lightly rubbed it against her pussy to cover it in my cum. She then brought the dildo up to her mouth and started to suck the dildo clean of all my cum.

“Mmm. that’s so tasty.” she said

After 2 minutes she got off me and started to lick my dick clean.

“Well, you better be getting home before anyone notices you’ve been gone all day. Just make sure you stop by sometime.” She winked at me

As I drove home I noticed we had fucked for over 3 hours.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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