My American Friends Ch. 5

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From: “nataliebare” To: Subject: Friday Morning Date: August 2, 2002

Dear, dear Sonia,

I am up early, before anyone else. Tiff is snoring in my bed, and the parents have their door closed. I have coffee, and life seems good; perhaps my deepest wishes are coming true.

When I finished last night’s message, Tiff and I went to bed. I was feeling sleepy already, but she was still horny and forced me to put on the strapon. At least she had the courtesy to let me lie on my back while she rode me. The dildo is a little unstable this way, so I held the base against my mound with my left hand, and slipped my right thumb between her thighs to twiddle her clit. She fucked herself very slowly, and to be frank I was hoping she would hurry up and get it on.

She finished at last, pulled off, and lay down beside me for a cuddle. I was just able to remove the straps, and fell asleep right away. It seemed almost immediately afterwards that she woke me up; I looked at my clock radio to see that it was 3:00am, and almost pitch black. I was groggy and wanted to turn over, but Tiff turned on the lamp by the bed and shook me awake. She had something incredible to tell me. She put my hand on her cunt, which was very wet, saying it was full of Dad’s cum.

While I was asleep, she got up and went to Dad and Jane’s bedroom. They were still awake. Tiff sat on Dad’s side of the bed, and just stated that she was horny, that I hadn’t satisfied her, and that if either of the two of them could help her out she would be very happy. At the same time she was stroking Dad’s lap through the covers. Jane acted surprised it had taken Tiff that long to try to get into bed with Dad, but on the other hand she WAS pleased to get to watch. Dad was also pleased to be asked, but since he had just fucked Jane it would take quite a while for him to be able to perform again. In the meanwhile, Jane could take care of her.

Tiff told me she was put off that Dad wasn’t shocked or even surprised, but she and Jane performed various acts with the objective of stimulating Dad. When he was finally hard enough to fuck, Tiff got on top and rode him, while Jane stroked his balls and licked both his shaft and her ass. He took a long time to cum in her, both because it was his second time that night and also because he has a lot of control and was making it last (according to Jane). Part way through, Tiff turned around to ride him facing his feet, with Jane being able to lick her clit at the top of each stroke, while Dad steadied her hips with one hand and put the tip of a finger into her ass. Tiff came a couple of times from all that. Finally Dad fucked her hard and fast, pulling her tight to him as he shot off into her cunt. Tiff got off him, said “thanks,” and ran back to my room holding her pussy lips shut together to display the proof of Dad’s virility and her boldness.

I looked down at her matted pubic hair and glistening lips and put a finger into her, bringing it out coated with a small amount of glutinous semen. Tiff pressed my hand to my mouth demanding that I taste it, then kissed me so that my cum-soaked fingers passed from mouth to mouth. This was the first time I ever tasted cum, and the fact that it was Dad’s made the thought super-erotic. Tiff said she had another idea, and pushed me onto my back. She put her fingers into her pussy to dredge out more of Dad’s sperm, then put them into me. “See, you have your dad’s cum in you, just like he fucked you too.” She grabbed the strapon and fucked me with it, mixing my juices with Dad’s and stroking my clit until I came.

Although I tried to get back to sleep afterwards, my brain was so full of thoughts that I could only toss and turn until dawn made the room begin to be light. I kept reaching down to stroke between my legs, thinking of what was there.

Now I’m waiting for the others to get up. I think today may be an interesting one in many ways. I’ll be sure to let you know what happens.

Love, Natalie

From: “nataliebare” To: Subject: Friday Evening Date: August 2, 2002

Dear Sonia,

I’ve had a most excellent day, and I couldn’t wait to get on the computer and write to you about it. As you recall, I was writing you this morning about last night. I signed off when I heard a noise in the kitchen, and when I went out it was Jane getting coffee. She didn’t say anything other than “good morning,” and kissed my cheek.

We were sitting naked as usual, facing each other on the kitchen high stools next to the counter. I had a glass of OJ while she sipped her coffee. Finally I broke the silence and asked if she and Dad had enjoyed Tiff’s visit during the evening. Jane said “I thought everyone had a nice time, but I was wondering where you were.”

I asked if she thought I would have been welcome, given that he is my Dad. Jane’s opinion is that both of us are adults and it would be up to us, but that ataşehir escort for her part she had no objections if we didn’t. I asked her what she thought Dad’s opinion would be. She said that Dad is a pretty open-minded guy, but that I would have to be the one to suggest fucking as he would never push himself on me.

The whole idea got me pretty hot, and I opened my legs and began to stroke my slit. I told her about how Dad had already fucked me by proxy since I’d gotten his cum from Tiff’s cunt last night and had it pushed into me by the dildo. Now Jane got hot as well, and she knelt down between my legs and began to eat me, as if there was still some semen left inside me. I pulled her head tight against me with my right hand and pinched my nipples with the left, moaning as I felt about to have a big O. Just before it overtook me, I opened my eyes to see Dad standing in the kitchen doorway looking at us.

I don’t know how long he had been there, but when Jane had finished me and stood up, he walked over to kiss her mouth (still covered with my juice!), and then kissed my cheek as well. Since he had to go to work this morning, he was partly dressed in a t-shirt and boxers, but I could see his cock pushing out against the cloth. He made a remark about Jane getting “breakfast” by herself, and I felt the blood in my face; I must have been red as a beet there, and as well I had a lot of red blotches all over my tits from having just cum.

Jane said that I was jealous about Tiff’s visit to their bedroom, and that I should be invited too the next time. Dad smiled, and then said that would be up to me, but that I should think about what I was doing beforehand. I said that I HAD been thinking about it for a long time, and that I wanted him to be the first man to fuck me. He was really surprised I hadn’t been with boys before, especially since he knows I’ve been on the pill for quite some time.

I stood up and pressed myself against him, kissing him on the lips. I could feel his cock pushing against my stomach through his shorts; this was a terrific turn-on for me, and I was totally surprised at how bold I was. His hands were kind of hanging loose, so I took one and put it on my ass, so that he pulled me tighter into himself. When we broke the kiss, I said that I had been saving my first time for him, if he wanted me that is. “Of course I want you,” he told me. “But wait until this evening when I get home so we can do things right.” Then he drank a coffee, got dressed, and left for work.

A bit later, Tiff finally got out of bed. Jane and I had agreed not to tell her about me and Dad right away, so we just sat around and chatted while Tiff had some breakfast. None of us really felt sexual that morning, and Tiff went home soon thereafter.

Jane had the idea all of us would feel more sexy that evening if I was dressed, as opposed to being nude as we usually are at home. It’s the same reason she gets dressed when Laura is abusing her. I remembered I still have the white slip that Laura gave me, but Jane had an other concept. We went shopping at a local lingerie shop, and she bought me a black silk teddy with a sheer black lace top and a matching pair of split crotch panties. When we came home, I modeled them for her; the top allows my nipples to just be seen through the lace, and the hem comes down to mid-thigh.

Jane pushed me onto my back on the bed and had me spread my legs so that my pussy was open through the panties. She slipped a finger into me, saying how wet I was and that I was such a slut for even thinking about letting my father fuck me. Her words made me even wetter as her fingers explored my cunt and circled my clit; it was so sensitive I thought I would cum at the slightest touch. Jane pulled down the panties and started licking me, still avoiding my clit and leaving me panting and groaning, begging her to let me cum. This seemed to last a long time, but finally she sucked my bud into her mouth, bringing me to a really strong O for the second time that day. I asked why she removed the panties, and she said she didn’t want them to get damp, since they would be better with fresh pussy juice when Dad ate me.

I was going to do her in return, but she wouldn’t. She said today was my “special” day, and that it should be me who gets all the attention. We spent the afternoon around the pool, swimming and sunning, not saying much. At 5:00, we showered off and she gave me an enema, “just in case.” Dad came home after 6:00. He didn’t act like anything was different than yesterday, just went to take off his clothes, and we ate dinner afterwards as normal. All of us were nude like always, and none of our conversation was the least bit sexual. Despite that, I was pretty keyed up and anxious to be done with eating and into the bedroom. Finally desert was over; Jane said I could go “change” while she did the dishes and Dad watched some news show on TV.

I went to my avcılar escort room to put on the lingerie, but I was so up-tight I just lay on the bed fingering myself a bit until I calmed down. I put on my teddy and panties, and vamped a bit before the mirror, looking a little ridiculous to my way of thinking. Finally I decided to try to act “natural” and see what happened. Jane eventually came into the room to get me – she had put on Laura’s white slip. We went out into the living room to tell Dad that we would be in their bedroom if and when he was interested. He seemed surprised to see us dressed this way, and I could see his cock start to swell a bit. I have to admit Jane was right in saying that a revealing dress can be sexier than total nudity.

When Dad came into the bedroom, Jane and I were kneeling on either side of the bed, leaving a space open in the middle for him to lie down. When he was on his back between us, his cock was still semi-erect. Jane took it in her hand and stroked it, so that soon it was fully hard and standing straight up. Neither Dad not I seemed to know what to do. He had his hand resting lightly on my back, and I just sat with mine on my knees alternately watching Jane’s hand on his cock and Dad’s face. Jane motioned for me to feel Dad’s cock and to imitate her motions. His isn’t the first cock I’ve touched, but it was certainly the most exciting. Both Jane and I moved over the shaft and the head, touching each other’s hands as well as his sac, which had tightened up. He started to breath a little more deeply and opened his eyes, while his hands moved lightly up and down my back and over my hips.

Dad then told me to straddle his face so he could taste me. I did so, still facing Jane and looking at his cock, and felt his fingers spreading my thighs apart. With the slit in the panties, I was sure he had a pretty fair view of my pussy and asshole. I leaned forward to give him a better view, and he pushed the hem of my teddy over my back. He started to move his tongue into my slit, and then around my ass, while his fingers held my lips apart. By now I was really wet and could feel myself giving off more juice with every touch of his mouth.

Being bent over, my face was close to his cock, which Jane had taken into her mouth. It seemed natural for me to do the same, and we played our tongues over the head and around the shaft, taking turns sucking and licking and kissing. I’d never had a cock in my mouth before and was surprised how warm the head felt, and so smooth being covered with our saliva. I was careful not to let my teeth touch him, since Jane and Tiff had told me that men don’t like that.

In a few moments, the action of Dad’s mouth on my lower parts along with the excitement of sucking him brought me close to cumming. Jane sensed that and said I should mount Dad’s cock. I got off from his face and straddled his hips facing him, then took his cock in hand and brought the head to the entrance to my cunt. Wanting to extend the moment, I descended as slowly as I could until he was buried fully in me and I was sitting on him. The sensation was fantastic (of course you know all about that!). I leaned down to kiss Dad’s mouth, tasting myself on his lips. As our tongues explored, he pulled the straps of the teddy off of my shoulders and peeled the top down exposing my breasts to his touch. His hands molded them strongly as I began to move slowly up and down, fucking myself with his cock. Within a few strokes I had a strong orgasm, my cunt walls contracting and releasing on his cock. He felt this and smiled up at me, and all I could do was smile back through tears in my eyes.

We rested together for a few moments, and I was then aware that Jane had left the room, leaving us in a private state of bliss. Soon I had somewhat recovered, and began again to make little motions around his cock, which was still embedded inside me. He allowed me to control the pace, and after several minutes of slow rise and fall we sped up. He whispered he was close, pulling me forward to kiss me deeply. His hands then held my ass cheeks steady while he thrust rapidly and deeply into me. I came again at that moment, and with a few more strokes he buried himself in me, holding me tight. I didn’t feel him cum in me, but I knew that was what had happened. We remained clenched together like that, lips touching, and our tongues playing a game of hide-and-seek for several moments. Then he relaxed, and shortly thereafter his soft cock fell out of me.

I lay on top of him, so satisfied that you cannot imagine. I felt his cum leaking out and running down my thighs, and reached back to wet my fingers with it. Rising up. I brought the soaked fingers to my mouth, tasting his and my essence mixed together. He smiled at me and we licked my fingers together.

Afterwards we lay together, me snuggled up to his side with his arm around me. Jane came into the room then carrying a tray with three avrupa yakası escort glasses of champagne, and we toasted my entry into the club of heterosexuals, at least I guess that’s what it was. In any case, all three of us felt like celebrating; whether we were celebrating the same thing remains to be seen.

I see that this email has gone on for quite a while. I’m sleeping in their bed tonight, and I’m sure I’ll have more to tell you tomorrow.

Love and kisses, Natalie

From: “nataliebare” To: Subject: Weekend report Date: August 5, 2002

Dear Sonia,

It’s been a busy weekend for us, as you may imagine given how it started on Friday night. The last time I wrote I told you how Dad and I had fucked for the first time. Afterwards we talked about how we both felt. Neither of us regret anything, and I want to tell you what he said. Perhaps you won’t think us as depraved as you might otherwise.

I don’t know if Jane told you about Dad and my mom. As I know it, they met at college when they were 20 or so. They got married in their senior year and my mother got pregnant with me. But she died when I was three; Dad never told me exactly how it happened, and I don’t really remember her at all. I’ve seen some pictures of her, and she looked a lot like me.

When I was six, Dad hired Jane as a live-in nanny. She was only 17 at the time, and I’m sure they were fucking right away (knowing Jane). Jane is the one who liked to go to the naturist camps, and Dad got to like it too. I spent a lot of time there growing up, and that’s one reason we are nude at home mostly. That’s where I met Tiff.

Dad and Jane married a couple of years later. I have to say she has been a good mom to me, and I love her a lot. She can’t have children, and so I’ve remained an only child.

Anyway, when Dad and I were in bed together after our first time, I asked him if he had “enjoyed” it and if he thought I was a bad girl. He told me that I was so like my mom that it was just like the first time they had made love so long ago. I’d given him a precious gift and he would cherish the memory forever, although he believes that I will grow out of my infatuation (his word) with him as soon as I move away to school. I said I would always love him, and that he could have me any way he wanted any time, and I really mean that. Dad told me that he and Jane don’t keep secrets, so that he knows all about what I do with her and Tiff, and about Laura, and also about my afternoon with you. He says that Jane would never do anything to hurt me, so that he never stopped her or me from trying things. When Jane told him that I wanted to make love to him, he thought it was just me fantasizing.

Of course, now he has had me, Tiff, and Jane in the past few days, so he’s had no lack of women to fuck. It made me think of that guy you and Sylvie lived with (lucky man). I’m wondering if Dad might wear out.

We all went to bed about 9:30. I kept the teddy on, but wasn’t wearing the panties. Naturally I wanted to be fucked again, but Jane insisted it was her turn. I asked if they wanted me to do anything, which made Jane perk up right away. She said we could act out some things to get Dad excited and I was get the strapon. When I came back wearing it, Jane was on the bed on her knees between Dad’s legs sucking him, while she worked that huge dildo I told you about in her pussy. She motioned to me to take over the dildo work, so I climbed on behind and rammed her pretty good with it. It is amazing how much she is spread open by that thing. I think by the moans she was making she must have cum a couple of times.

After about ten minutes of this, she stopped and told me to take out the dildo, and that we could do something she’d wanted to try for a long time. She turned around facing me and straddled Dad, taking his cock inside her cunt. I was certain that she must be really loose, but that was part of the plan. She lay back on Dad’s chest, lifting her hips so he could move in and out. Then she told me to put the strapon into her pussy along with Dad’s cock, and for both of us to fuck her at the same time. That was a weird but hot idea, and although the position was awkward at first, I managed to get between both their legs and push the dildo pretty far into her. Dad said that the feeling of it rubbing against the bottom of his cock was incredible. After some practice strokes, we all got a nice rhythm going, with Jane practically screaming on every stroke. I’m not sure how long we kept that up, but eventually Dad shot off into her and asked me to stop, as his cock became very sensitive.

After Jane had dismounted, I looked into her open pussy, which was fiery red and swollen, and could see some traces of Dad’s sperm inside her. I was going to clean her up with my mouth and bent my face down to do so, when she stopped me and told me try to put my hand into her. That seemed scary, but I said I’d try. Her vagina was so slick and wet, my four fingers slid in really easily. I curled my thumb under my palm and with a bit of pushing got inside as far as my knuckles. Jane asked me to stop for a few moments, and then took my wrist in her hands and pulled slowly until I was inside her up to the wrist.

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