My Afternoon Tryst Ch. 1

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I’m walking along the road, I can see your front door looming ahead of me, inviting me into pleasures promised.

Its been a little while that we had been talking via the internet, friendly chats that evolved into hot sensual telephone sessions where we both masturbated until we were satisfied. But now, finally we were meeting. It was a meeting we both anticipated.

I stood in front of the door for a moment before knocking, realising that my cock was already hard, and leaking. My heart pounded, wondering what you were thinking.

It seems like forever before you answer the door. I tried to knock it as casually as I could, if you can knock casual. You swing it wide open, you’re standing there dressed exactly as we planned, a black silk bath robe, loosely done at the waist, and I can see that is all there is under there.

You step back and allow me in. We’re both smiling broadly like idiots.

“Hi” I said

“Hello!” You replied. Then I step forward, unable to contain myself any longer and cup your face in my hands, kissing you longingly and deeply on your lips. Our tongues intertwine and I wrap my arms around you, you’re warm canlı bahis and yielding in my grasp.

It was a long and passionate hello, one we had both dreamed about and it certainly fulfilled my fantasies of a first kiss. I was just hoping you felt the same way.

You step back and pull the door wide open, allowing me to enter. I walk past blatantly staring at the gift you have wrapped for me. You!

I stand there whilst you close the door, and as you do, I step behind you, placing my arms around your waist. “I’ve waited so long for this” I whispered into your ear. Just before I place a light kiss on the nape of your neck, I slide my hands across your waist, over your body, feeling your firmness and softness beneath the smooth material. My hands find their way to your breasts and I can feel the firm nipples poking through, straining to get out.

I move my hands to your shoulders and slide the robe off you, it falls to the floor whilst you still stand before the closed front door, I stroke my hands up and down your back, feeling you tremble. My heart begins to race as I drink your scent in. I then kiss you, tasting your sweet flesh under my lips, bahis siteleri first your bare neck, then shoulders, then down your spine, falling slowly to my knees.

At the top of your arse I place a kiss at the beginning of your crack, then kiss it downwards, pulling the cheeks apart, kissing and licking between them. I feel you arching your back, bending forward and presenting your ass to me. I kiss you until I reach your tight ass hole. And begin to do exactly what I promised I would do to you if ever we met. I eat your ass.

My tongue probes at the tight hole, licking pushing as my hands keep your cheeks as wide as possible. My tongue on occasion goes lower to your already soaking pussy, and I lick your juices up to your asshole. Your pussy lips are shaved smooth, just the way I like them, and the juices spread nicely across them. Sometimes I go low enough to suck on your clit. Its swollen and hard in my mouth and your pussy juices are hot and sweet.

I can hear your light moans as your body begins to warm to my tongue on you. I lick and suck you to orchestrate sounds from your body. Different attentions elicit different tones. I play you bahis şirketleri like a beautiful mouth organ, the music, becoming louder and louder.

Your passion fuels my own. I can feel how hard my cock is. It’s swollen and leaking cum in abundance. I hear you getting louder and louder as my tongue pleases you. I’m sucking on your pussy, licking and tongue fucking your ass. Then suddenly I get the urge to spank you, so I do. I feel your body tense momentarily from shock, and then quiver with pleasure. As I lick I realise that you’ve taken your right hand and are playing with your clit, rubbing it fiercely, sometimes my tongue runs over your fingers at play. It also dawns on me that your other hand is playing with your breasts. This makes me even harder, and I begin to eat faster. Faster. Faster. You’re fucking my face with your ass, pushing back frantically to get me in there as deep as possible.

Suddenly you explode, I feel you squirt cum onto my face as you orgasm. It was true. You had told me you squirted when you came and now I had seen it I wanted you SO badly. Hot juice oozed out of you and I furiously licked it up, kissing and sucking at you. Your body was jerking almost uncontrollably, and I could sense that your knees buckled.

Slowly I stood up, supporting your panting body.

We looked at each other…

“Wow” You said.

“Wow!” I replied.

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