My Adventures with The Annes Ch. 01

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I’ve introduced you to Anne the Daughter and Anne the Mother. Now we are in the happy state of the Two Annes’ and I can tell you of the fun we all had. I hope you enjoy.

However I cannot keep referring to Anne as my girlfriend’s mother nor Mrs. Browne although both were perfectly accurate. For one thing we are much better friends than that and another? It takes a long time to type. So, unless you strongly object I’ll identify them as Anne (daughter) and Anne-too (mother) but only when required, there will surely be times when you will be able to work it out for yourself. If I get them mixed up it won’t really matter – they are both damn good fucks!

### ### ###

We sat at the kitchen table. Myself and Anne sat side by side. Anne-too was sitting opposite, and plying us with fresh coffee and dark chocolate biscuits (my favourites). We were all naked (which was rapidly becoming my favourite mode of dress).

“Mother, meet Mr. Martin Joseph Blackstone, my horny boyfriend and Toy boy.” said Anne, very officially. “Martin, meet Mrs. Anne Roberta Browne, my wonderful, greedy, mother, best mate and fellow slut.”

I stood, neked as a jay bird, bowed politely and extended my hand across the table “Mrs. Anne Roberta Browne, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance.” I said with extreme pomposity.

Anne-too stood, equally politely and equally naked and took my hand. “Mr. Martin Joseph Blackstone, I am highly delighted to have met you.” she replied just as pompously. “I rather suspect we three shall all get along very well.”

At which point Anne chortled, that’s the only word to describe it, swallowed, spluttered and sprayed coffee everywhere. Mrs. Browne and I did nothing to assist Miss Browne other than check she wasn’t going to die of mirth. Then we joined in.

Formalities now complete Anne-too opened with;

“So, daughter of mine, how did you manage to capture this sexy man?”

“You mean other than climbing into the back of his van, stripping off, laying on his mattress and asking him to come and keep me warm?” replied my girlfriend.

“That’ll do it, I reckon,” conceded her mother, “but you’ve talked of nothing else but him. There’s got to be more to it than just a quick fuck.”

I secretly preened myself while also eager to know how and why such a beauty wanted to catch me.

“Fairy Moans, Mum. Pure simple, pheromones. They hit me right between the eyes. Put your fingers in your ears you!” she said pointing directly at me, “I don’t need you getting too big headed!”

Reluctantly I put a finger nearly in each ear and closed my eyes thus proving I couldn’t hear a thing.

“He’s damn good looking for a start.”

It was a struggle not to look smug.

“I decided as soon as I saw him that I would fuck him at least. With looks like that I was sure he had a steady girlfriend so a straight fuck would have to do. As I walked passed him to climb into the cab my heart skipped a beat. It’s never done that before. I climbed up into the cab and it was overpowering, pheromones hit me from every direction. Never mind across a crowded room an untidy transit cab will do the job just as easily. I changed my mind on the spot. I didn’t just want to fuck him, I wanted to keep him. Take him from his current girlfriend if necessary by any means fair or foul.

The heavy rain had soaked me to the skin. He offered me some dry clothes and the rest will become history. You can take your fingers out now.” she said with her wonderful grin.

I removed my fingers and blew her a kiss. “Didn’t hear a thing.” I lied blatantly, “I didn’t hear you tell your mother how you tricked me either.” I added.

“Tricked you? I never tricked you for one minute.” she said knowing full well to what I was referring.

“Tricked you?” echoed her mother.

“The lay-by I picked her up in, offering to drive her home, was at the end of the farm track. She was less than two hundred yards from home, I’ll have you know.” I responded in an affronted voice and a very happy smile. A good trick if you can pull it off.

“That wasn’t a trick,” replied her mother, “that was a wily woman wanting to woo her wary man. She knew it would be much easier to seduce you in your own place than lure you into hers. My girl’s not daft y’know!”

With the smile of somebody who had just won the point giving her game, set and match Anne-too looked at her daughter.

“I totally understand the fairy moans,” she said, “Your dad made me fairly moan every time. Martin is having the same effect. You sure you don’t mind sharing this one?”

There were a number of issues I might have had with what she had said. I raised nary a one not even the reference to being shared. I’m easy like that.

Anne beamed at Anne-too. “Don’t wear him out and when we let him sleep, he sleeps with me.” she answered.

I sat there both dumbstruck and inwardly glowing. It seemed I officially had two girlfriends and wasn’t cheating on either.

“Whoa!” says I, “Do I not get a say in this?”

Anne looked at me “Do you not get a say? No, you zeytinburnu escort do not! If you have an opinion you are free to express it. We might totally ignore it though.” she warned then blew me a very seductive kiss.


“Does this mean I’m now officially a toy boy for two totally beautiful women?”

“No,” said my girlfriend, “you’re now officially a toy boy for two total cum sluts!”

“Ummm, sluts. Two sluts even, sounds exciting, very exciting. Maybe even a little exhausting. Does that mean I’ll be able to call for a little help now and then? Just while I recharge my batteries, you understand”

There was a terrible silence. They both looked at me intently. Eventually Anne looked at her mother.

“Y’know, he’s got a point. How many times have we demanded his cock today? Twice each? It’s not even lunchtime! I don’t think we’ve finished yet, do you?”

Anne-too was quiet for a minute or two, thinking. I said nothing. This was girl thought time. I was only being realistic. Yep, I could fuck ’em on demand but only for a while, then what? Out the door? New Toy Boy? That wasn’t what I wanted. Pheromones work both ways and they aren’t gender specific nor exclusive. I knew, even that early, that I would would be very happy with either Anne but doubly happy with both.

“You’ve got a point but not too happy about bringing back a different cock when Martin’s not feeling up to it.”

“OK, ‘spose Martin finds an assistant cock for one of us, from time to time. Sort of pimps us out. Dead horny!”

“Dead slutty, you mean!”

“Yeah! Total cum sluts, like I said. Martin?”

I grinned at her.

“Yeah! I can work with that but only one cock and in only one cunt. The other sleeps with me and you take it in turns?”

Anne kissed me.

Anne-too leaned over the table and kissed me.


“And it only takes place here. No nights away, agreed?” added Anne-too.

I looked at my girlfriend, she smiled.

“Agreed!” we said together.

“So to clarify, neither of you are total cum sluts. You are both beautiful women who might need some extra cock and want to behave like sluts now and then.”

I stood formally, again and, still naked with my not flaccid cock almost at half mast, said,

“Having considered all of my options, and after lengthy deliberations, I think, on the hole(s), I shall accept your kind offer, shall endeavour to do my best by both of you and hope to rise to each and every occasion and find a spare cock for those times when you have worn me out.”

I took a bow and received a warm ripple of applause. I waited until it had died away then enquired.

“So, I’ve gone from no girlfriend to being toy boy to two beautiful slutty women in two weeks and fucked them both on the first date. Is that correct?”

There was a pregnant pause as what I had said, sank in then, fortunately, they both burst out laughing.

“Yeah! I forgot – he also makes me laugh!” admitted Anne, “And with all the details agreed I could do with a simple, no fancy bits, celebratory fuck”

So saying she started to clear a space on the kitchen table.

I reached down and started to bring my cock back into working order while watching her lithe body bend and stretch invintingly.

“I’ll do that for you, dear.” said Anne-too.

With the table again clear Anne clambered on and got into the required position for a good, solid fuck. She waited patiently until Anne-too had completed her ministrations.

With cock fully prepared and standing to attention I stood between Anne’s parted legs as they dangled over the end of the table, looked up the length of her beautiful body and let my eyes linger on her sight of her smooth cunt.

“Did you really do that for me?”

“No, the milkman.”

“Remind me to thank him. Now slide off and turn around, I fancy fucking you doggy!”

######## ####### ########

“Stay for lunch, Martin?”

I was laying, exhausted, on the settle in the warm kitchen. It had been a tiring but delightful couple of hours.

Anne was laying semi comatose on the kitchen table. Anne-too, was standing by the Aga having spent the previous five minutes between her daughters legs licking out the small amount of spunk I had so recently deposited.

I was in a very happy place.

“Got rugby practice at three. Won’t want anything big or he’ll be useless when he gets back.” Came from the region of the table.

“Something light then. How about dinner?”

Before I could say a word Anne piped up with,

“If he comes straight back from training all hot and sweaty we could help him shower.” she suggested.

Instantly I had the vision of the three of us standing at one end of a bath. The shower hoses connected to the taps and us all squashed in trying not to make the plastic shower curtain go outside the bath.

“Sounds interesting.” I said to nobody in particular.

“That’s it then, settled. A light lunch, rugby practice, shower then dinner about seven. aksaray escort How does that sound?”

“I’ll have to let Mum know. If I don’t she’ll be on the ‘phone to all the hospitals.” I explained.

“Tell her you’ve been asked to stay the night. Your girlfriend’s poor widowed mother could do with a bit of help on a few jobs around the place.” and added with a mad gleam in her eyes, “Can we come and watch you practice?”

“S’not good idea,” came the sleepy voice from the table, “Went las’ week. ‘tin got told off for not concentrating. Other guys got bollocking for not paying attention. Coach said my fault!”

“No undies, hot pants and tight T. What did you expect?”

“S’nice to be ‘preciated.”

#### #### ####

I returned from practice just after five, all hot and sweaty as instructed.

“How d’you get on,” asked my girlfriends in unison.

“Well, coach was pleased I was alone. Guys weren’t. Wanted to know where my bird was.”

“Huh!” snorted Anne-too, “Tell ’em you’ll bring both birds when they play a proper match. If they win that one we’ll come to the next. That’ll get ’em thinkin’. Might please the coach too.”

It seemed that neither of them had bothered to dress while I was out so I stripped off my smelly kit and joined them. Taking a hand each they led me out of a side door and down the passageway. It looked like a recent addition to the property. Anne opened a door and I stepped into what we would now call a wet room.

Tiled floor to ceiling on all walls. A tiled floor and a lowered slightly sloping section in the corner about seven feet square. Hanging down from the ceiling was a large shower head with three smaller ones clustered around it. On one of the walls, two large brass taps and a large brass lever. I was led to stand under the shower heads while Anne-too turned on the taps. Warm water cascaded down from the central shower head. She then pulled the leaver over and the other three added to the cascade. It was incredible. Much better than the showers down at the rugby club and with much prettier players. It took a long time to wash all three of us and I think my two girlfriends were making a meal of washing me. I had two to do so I had a good excuse for taking quite a long time.

We didn’t dry ourselves. They led me through another door. The room was mostly filled with a pine, tongued and grooved box with a door. My first ever sauna! It had obviously been prepared because it was already full of steam. I was guided to the bench in the centre and told to lie down. Anne-too went straight down on my no longer floppy cock. Anne straddled my face. She cunt-fucked my face while her mother brought me to almost the point of no return. They swapped places. While I enjoyed my Anne-too’s cunt Anne kept me on the very edge of explosion.

“Want his spunk?”

“Ummm, please.” came the instant reply.

They swapped again but this time Anne-too slid down my cock reverse cowgirl and started to fuck me energetically. I just managed to hold on until she started her scream then I let go!

Her scream of pleasure was matched by my own joyful cry of “Oh! Fuck! Yessss!” as I pumped her full of fresh, warm spunk.

Anne tidied her up. Anne-too tidied me up and we relaxed and sweated until we were recovered.

After a cool shower I felt revitalised and fit for anything.

Dinner wasn’t a formal affair, we didn’t dress. We shared a nice bottle of wine and lingered longer. I got to know a lot more about my girlfriends, the farm and the situation. The farm had been in the Browne family for generations. The house was big, old and rambling although Bob and Anne-too had started to modernised it extensively and which Anne-too had continued. Bob’s father and grandfather had expanded the property by purchasing local land as it became available.

Anne-too had met her husband while working as a trainee in farm management. They married quickly and Anne was born two years later. Bob had died when Anne was five. His tractor rolled into a ditch. In those days tractors weren’t fitted with roll cages as they are now. It was just a seat perched high up on top of big wheels behind a massive engine. Anne-too held everything together afterwards and finally set up a full blown farm management operation. Once that was all organised she continued with expansion, modernisation of her own farm and acted as a consultant to other farmers.

At that time, when I first met my girlfriend(s), the business had expended to such an extent that the company managed a number of farms and Anne-too was able to take more of a back seat in the day to day running of things. Anne was working in the business, steadily following in her mother’s footsteps. Not all of the farm land was under management. Anne-too had kept back a largish chunk that included access to the road, the house and the wood. As Anne-too explained they had been separated so that if the business failed, they always had somewhere to live, work and play.

I have to say that I was impressed and that’s not chauvinistic! She ataköy escort wasn’t just a very pretty face, a beautiful body and a damn good fuck!

I didn’t have anything like as much to offer but at least I did work in the extended family business. My father, his siblings and a couple of my elder cousins worked together. Between them they were able to design, build, fix or modify just about anything. I’d started getting in the way as soon as I could walk. I started to be of help as soon as I knew the difference between a screwdriver and a smoothing plane. With on the job training and college I could make a good stab at most things and if I couldn’t, I knew a guy who could.

A match made in heaven.

After we had all helped to clear up I was given a tour of the estate. The old farmhouse was on the top of a low hill with good views in all directions. It was also over a hundred yards from the country road which had an ancient, high hedge so it wasn’t necessary to dress. We didn’t.

There was the usual collection of farm building. Mostly unused except the large barn which housed a Volvo, a Series III Safari and plenty of room for more vehicles together with various odd items. I spotted ancient Massey Ferguson with probably, vintage, pieces of farm equipment that were once dragged behind it. I could see that a helping hand would be very useful and looked forward to lots of long weekends helping to tidy up the buildings.

At the front of the house was an old well. The stone work looked to be in good condition but the old oak, hinged and padlocked cover didn’t entice me to sit on it. The winding gear also looked like it needed some TLC.

“Have you made a wish?”

“Ooooh yes!” I admitted with a wicked grin.

Anne-too looked at Anne, smiled a knowing smile and knelt down. She took my poor abused and overworked cock into her mouth. Anne joined her at my feet and over the space of a few minutes they restored my poor exhausted cock to full working order. It was very pleasant standing out in the evening light having two beauties enjoy my cock.

They passed my growing cock from mouth to mouth while stroking and caressing my balls. Just before I reached bursting point they both stood. They leaned forward against the stonework of the wishing well, side by side, and pushed their bums out invitingly.

“Now fuck us both.”

“And don’t shoot your load! We haven’t finished with you yet!”

How did they know???

Is/are(?) two threesomes a sixsome?

Anne soon changed her mind and demanded what spunk I might have left. I duly delivered and we all leant back against the well head wall and enjoyed the evening light.

#### ##### ####

“This is your official bedroom,” said Anne-too swinging the door open, “although you shouldn’t make too many plans to sleep in it, alone, often. Just somewhere to describe to your mum when you get home tomorrow evening.”

Anne led me in by the cock.

“Let’s just check the bed for size,” she suggested.

We all fitted with room to spare. They were now in full slut mode having talked of me spit-roasting them since we had continued our tour of the inside of the building. I laid down the centre with a slut either side. They started work on my cock automatically. I told them to swing their legs around so that I could also play with their cunts while they played with my cock.

If you haven’t tried it let me tell you now – playing with two girls at once and making a good job of it for both of them is damn near impossible no matter what you see in the porn films. I know! I’ve tried, many times!

Fortunately I heard them agreeing that it was Anne who would take my cock in her cunt, apparently because I was her boyfriend and she should therefore get more cock. Anne-too would lay underneath us and play with my balls and Anne’s clitty. Anne would enjoy her mother’s cunt while being doggy fucked.

If nothing else my sluts were very creative!

With a bit of manoeuvring I was able to rest my head between Anne-too’s thighs. She lifted her upper leg so that I had uninterrupted access to her wet cunt. Setting my mouth and lips to work I tried to emulate the delicate touch that I’d watched Anne using earlier in the day. Once settled into the delightful task I reorganised Anne so that I could get my hand between her thighs. I reached down, located her smooth cunt and tenderly set about keeping it as wet as possible.

With all this going on in my own head it took a while for my cock to respond to the loving touches of my own, personal, sluts but true to form Percy was eventually ready. Anne-too extricated herself from my grasp and rolled onto her back. Anne climbed over her and put her mouth where mine had been only moments earlier. I knelt behind Anne. Anne-too took my cock into her mouth to quickly restore the minor loss of excitement then guided it into her daughters cunt.


Despite the quantity of damn good fucking I had enjoyed I was still up for this triple session. I cannot say that I took my time. I’d have shot my load in minutes if I had had the load to shoot. It was essentially a dry fuck but when I finally came it was a mind blowing orgasm. Anne and Anne-too had already cum a couple of times and when I finally let go we all collapsed in an tidy line. Anne-too stayed where she was, Anne rolled left and fortunately I went right.

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