Mutual Lust

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I’d see you come into the café every morning for coffee unable to take my eyes from your body, your ass straining your tight faded low cut jeans, your tits stretching the various t shirts you wore each day, your long, dark curly gypsy-like hair hanging loosely past your shoulders. Our eyes would meet briefly before you went to the counter to serve yourself coffee. You would turn away, pour your coffee, glancing at me over your shoulder with your dazzling eyes then back at the white mug you were filling. I couldn’t stop looking at you thinking how hot you looked in those tight jeans, your exotic olive skin, your sensuous lips, your round ass causing my cock to twitch, the words, “Damn, I want to fuck her,” rising in me.

Our eyes would meet again when you walked to your table on the other side of the small café and just watching the way your hips swayed, how tight your jeans were on your crotch and ass, the way your tits jiggled slightly, your nipples poking your shirt letting me know you wore no bra. Our eyes met again and the slight smile on your lips when you looked away made me know you liked the way I looked at you.

When you took the book you were reading from your backpack, you glanced up at me again, our eyes meeting, this time lingering, both of sensing a definite attraction. I took a sip of my coffee while watching you, enjoying how you lifted your mug to your lips, looking at me over the rim before opening your book.

You then opened the book and started reading, brushing your long wild hair away from your face, concentrating on the page, but then lifting your mug to your lips, taking your first sip, holding it to your mouth then turning, looking at me, our eyes meeting, lingering, not darting away, aware that the attraction that had been growing for the last few days was getting hotter. When you looked over at me, our eyes fixed on each other, our lust no longer simmering was now boiling, bursting to escape like steam in a tea kettle.

But it was when you smiled, looking into my eyes that I knew I had to have you and in a daring maneuver shifted in my chair, stretching my legs straight out towards you and saw your eyes looking at my cock bulging in my jeans then glancing at my eyes, biting your lip you looked back at my cock straining my jeans. Though there were others in the room, you shifted in your chair too, turning to face me and did the same, stretching your legs towards me, spreading your legs, inviting me to look at your jean covered pussy.

I couldn’t believe how bold we were, two strangers revealing our lust for each other in a public place, never saying a word. Glancing around, seeing no one was paying any attention to us, I opened my mouth, moving my tongue just over my lips in a way that let you know I wanted to eat you and I saw you close your eyes as if you could feel my tongue licking your wet pussy, watched you lift your ass off the chair as if pushing your pussy against my mouth and there we were teasing each other in the crowded café, our lust growing, excitement building between us, realizing we didn’t know each other, hadn’t spoken, but here we were saying with our eyes and bodies lets get out of here.

When you picked up your book, putting it in your backpack, you stood up, grabbed your empty mug and nodded for me to follow you. We both went to the empty plastic container for dirty cups and I stood in back of you, pressing my cock against your ass while I put my empty mug next to yours and you wiggled your ass slightly before walking towards the front of the café to pay for your coffee and I followed you, my hard cock throbbing, my eyes on your luscious ass straining your tight jeans.

When we stood next to each other at the counter, I gave the young girl at the register a five dollar bill, “That’s for her coffee too.”

“Thanks, mister,” you said, looking into my eyes, your hip touching mine.

“Don’t mention it,” I responded, smiling, aware those konyaaltı escort were our first words.

I opened the front door for you and we left, standing on the small porch in front of the big bulletin board filled with messages and signs. You pointed to your pick up truck filled with rakes and shovels, “Follow me,” was all you said.

I watched you walk to your truck, my eyes on your ass, your hips swaying, your long dark curly hair halfway down your back, while I went to my Subaru. Before you opened your door to get into your truck you glanced over at me, our eyes meeting and I still could not believe what was happening. All I knew was how horny I was and sensed you were too, my excitement growing, not sure where we were heading but hoping this sudden, spontaneous meeting would end up with us fucking each other’s brains out.

I followed your truck, my hard cock straining my jeans. We drove up a hill and around a bend then drove down a long narrow lane through the woods to a small cabin. When I got out of my car, you stood by the front door of your truck waiting for me. I looked around, “Nice place,” I said.

“Yeah, I like it.” you said then suddenly grabbed my t shirt, clutching it in your fingers and pulled me to your mouth and we kissed ferociously for the first time, our tongues swirling. I then pushed you against your truck, opening your legs with my thigh, pressing it against your pussy, feeling you sliding up and down my thigh as we kissed madly, moans coming from our mouths.

We pulled our mouths apart, gasping for air, looking into each other’s hungry eyes. You then grabbed my balls and I grabbed your jean covered pussy, cupping your mound, feeling your heat, “I want you,” I said, causing you to gasp, “Then fuck me!” you said.

Right then I wasn’t sure we’d make it to the cabin when we kissed again, our mouths pressed hard against each other’s lips, our mouths opening, our tongues swirling, my hand cupping your pussy harder, your hand moving faster up and down my bulging cock, our lust growing hungrier and more desperate.

I then reached behind you grabbing your ass, feeling the thin material of your tight jeans straining while you wrapped your arms around me, spreading your legs, arching your back, thrusting your jean covered pussy against my hard cock humping you, our kisses growing fierce, our wild tongues wrestling.

You pulled your mouth from mine, gasping for air, our eyes looking into each other’s eyes, our hungry bodies humping harder, your back arching, thrusting your pussy against my pounding cock, our hips slamming against each other. We were fucking through our jeans, getting hotter, wilder our need growing when you suddenly pushed me away and dashed up to the cabin.

“Come get me!” you yelled, laughing at the front door.

“You’re bad!” I yelled, running towards you while you opened the screen door and disappeared into the cabin.

When I entered, slamming the screen door, I saw you leaning against a post, your lust filled eyes on mine.

“You’re bad,” I repeated.

“I know,” you said. “And you want to fuck this bad girl, don’t you?”

“You know I do,” I said, moving to you.

“Good. I like a hungry man!”

“And I like a slut like you.”

“You think you can make me your slut?”


“Come try, mister.”

Just as I got closer, you pushed me away and ran to the other side of the room and flopped down on an old couch against the wall, leaning against the rear of the couch stretching your legs forward, spreading them you started rubbing your pussy. I couldn’t believe how hot you looked, your hand on your pussy, your mouth wide open, your eyes on mine.

“You’re so bad,” I said watching your hand rubbing your pussy, your eyes staring at my crotch, my throbbing cock bulging in my jeans.

I ran to the couch, got down on the floor between your legs, pushed your hand away and put my mouth on your kültür escort jean covered pussy, the seam pressing into your slit while you bucked against my mouth both of us frustrated by the barrier of your jeans.

“Ohhhhfuck!” you yelled grabbing my hair, pulling my mouth away, quickly unbuttoning, unzipping and squirming out of your tight jeans while I pulled them over your feet and threw them in back of me, my eyes on your soaked red thong..

“Eat me!” you yelled, spreading your legs apart. .

I moved my mouth to your wet thong, desperate for your pussy, moving my tongue up down the wet silky material, pushing it into you with my tongue, the frustrating barrier driving both of us insane. “Eat me! Eat me!” you screamed, your hands on my head pulling me into your pussy.

Your words forced me to move your thong aside, my tongue now licking your wet swollen pussy lips, your ass lifting off the couch trying to fuck my tongue.

“Oh, that feels so good,” you moaned, twisting my hair in your fingers, pulling my mouth harder against your pussy, my tongue darting deeper, fucking you, wanting to devour you then moving my tongue to your clit causing you to jolt, “Oh my god, I can’t stand it.” you yelled

I spread your legs wider apart, my mouth sucking and licking your clit then entered a finger, your wet pussy gripping my finger, your whole body tensing, trembling, shaking, getting closer to exploding when suddenly I pulled my mouth away and removed my finger,

“No, no, don’t stop! Noooooo!” you shouted pulling at my head.

I wanted to give you a fuck you would never forget. I wanted you crazed. I wanted you so hot you would be my slut, you would be mine, all mine. I then surprised you by lifting you to your feet, getting you to stand on the cushions of the couch then forced you to sit on the back, while I got on my knees between your legs and continued eating your dripping pussy as you leaned against the wall in back of you, your legs completely open for me.

Moving the flat of my tongue up and down your pussy from your ass to your clit, devouring your juicy wetness, I looked up at your tits, your hard nipples, your eyes closed, your head thrashing from side to side, my hard throbbing cock in my jeans bursting to be free. I lost it when I saw your hands grab your tits and knew I had to take you. I had to fuck you with my cock and took my mouth away.

Ohh no, no! Don’t do this to me,” you screamed when I stood up, taking my jeans off and you saw my big hard cock spring out, noticing I wore no underwear.

“I want that cock!” you yelled.

I looked at you, your ass on the back of the couch your legs wide apart, your wetness running down your thighs. I then jumped on the couch, grabbed your wrists, lifting your arms above your head and pressed my body against yours, crushing your tits, grinding my hard cock against your dripping pussy then kissed you, our tongues moving fiercely, the length of my rock hard cock sliding up and down your wet slippery pussy, the head grazing your clit, the intense sensation of your pussy on my cock thrilling me, making me desperate to fuck you.

“Your pussy feels so good,” I hissed, feeling your wet swollen pussy lips gripping my cock as I slid up and down.

“Don’t tease me! Just fuck me!” you screamed.

While holding your arms against the wall, I wrapped one hand around my cock and moved the tip to your dripping pussy, wanting the excruciating sensation to never end but wanting to fill you with my cock.

“Ohhhhh fuck me! Please! Please!” you yelled.

“Louder! Tell me what you want!”

“Fuck me, you bastard! Give it to me! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Leaning back against the wall, your ass on the back of the couch, you lifted your legs wrapping them around my waist, locking your ankles on my ass, pulling me into you, “Come on fuck me! Fuck me! Give it to me!”

Your strong legs made me thrust harder, our bodies markantalya escort slamming against each other, my cock pounding you like a piston, driving deeper and harder with each thrust.

Take my cock! Take it! Take it!” I shouted.

“Harder! Harder! Fuck me harder!” you shouted then grabbed my head and we kissed, madly, our tongues swirling, my cock ramming into you, your body tensing, trembling, getting closer, your pussy gripping my cock.

Suddenly, I pulled you from the wall and roughly pushed you down on the soft couch, pouncing on you, lifting your legs over my shoulder, gaining power as I opened your legs wider letting me drive my cock even harder, wanting you more than anything in the world.

“Your pussy is mine!” I yelled with each savage thrust. “Tell me it’s mine!”

Fuck me! Fuck me!” you screamed. “Harder! Harder!”

“Take my cock! Take it you little slut!”

“I love your big hard cock fucking me,” you screamed.

“Give me your tight little pussy,” I yelled, moving forward, leaning over you, my cock grazing your clit with each deep hard thrust.

Suddenly feeling your whole body tensing, trembling, your breathing louder, knowing you were about to explode, my cock like a hot jackhammer thrusting faster, harder deeper, I yelled, “You’re pussy is mine, all mine. You’re my slut! Tell me you’re my slut!”

“Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Fuck your slut. I want to be your slut!” you yelled. “Fuck me! Fuck me!

“Cum for me! Cum all over my cock, give me your pussy!” I yelled.

Ohhhhhfuckkkk! I’m cumming I’m cummming, keep fucking me! Don’t stop! Don’t stop,” you screamed at the top of your lungs.

Ramming my cock faster, deeper, as hard as I could, I felt your whole body go into convulsions while your screaming filled the room, urging me to keep pounding you.

As you exploded, I kept thrusting, feeling my orgasm rising, my cock swelling, your tight juicy pussy gripping my cock while I rammed you savagely, the thrilling sensation of my orgasm rising, erupting, shooting hot cum like it was lava into your overflowing pussy, your whole body convulsing. “Ohhhhhfuck I’m cumming again, don’t stop fucking me!”

I managed two more hard thrusts, another hot spurt gushing into your pussy and thought my head would explode as a loud “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! burst from my lungs, my body writhing before collapsing heavily on your body, feeling your strong legs and arms holding me, my cock trapped deep in your pussy milking my cock, both of us panting heavily, unable to budge or speak.

After a few minutes, I managed to lift my head and look into your eyes, loving how your body felt under me, your tits crushed against my chest. I couldn’t speak, but our smiling eyes spoke.

“I’m Michael,” I finally managed to say.

“I’m Kate,” you said, “Nice meeting you,” you added.

“Yes, it is,” I responded.

“I like you,” you said.

“I like you too, I said, chuckling.

“This has never happened before. I don’t know what came over me,” you said.

“Me either,” I said. “I think I fell in lust with you.”

You laughed. “I fell in lust with you too,” you said.

“I’ll never forget that day,” I said.

“Me either,” you said. “It’s hard to believe it’s been two years.”

“Wow, two years,” I said, shaking my head, smiling at you.

“It was crazy how we met in that café. I was so attracted to you.”

“I thought you were beautiful and so sexy.

“See what happens when you follow your heart,” you said.

“I remember how we stayed in each others arms that day,” I said.

“I didn’t want it to end,” you said.

“Well here we are, two years later best friends, lovers, not knowing where this will end.”

“Right, who knows. All I know is I have come to love the sparkle in your eyes.”

“I like when you tell that story of how we met. It’s hot and beautiful.”

“Thanks,” I said. “That was a lucky day.”

“It was. I’m so happy.”

“Me, too and I have a lot of other stories to tell you about us.”

“Good. Tell me another story.”

“No, I have something I’d rather do to you now.”

“Good. Do it! The story can wait.”

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