Music of Passion

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The ceiling fan whirs overhead, stirring the heavy humid air. Idle thoughts fill my mind as I linger on the damp sheets, my long blond hair splayed out on the pillow about my face. The light cotton batiste gown clings to my skin revealing the curve and swell of my breasts while I stare at the ceiling. The strains of music filter in through the open windows, as I muse to myself, “There are benefits to living within a stones throw of the music hall.” The lilting notes and soft orchestral strains stir lingering memories of the night just passed. Enjoy my reverie.


Our evening unfolds as the symphonic tones pour in the open windows. Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 (the Eroica) brings together a scale and emotional range that characterizes our moods and feelings. Eroica is Italian for “heroic” and I wonder if it is related to the root word for erotic. As I stand before you poised and relaxed, the music begins to pulse in my head. The soft cotton gown flutters about my thighs, the sheer fabric accentuates my full breasts, large distended nipples and round hips.

I gaze at you, my hero, my knight, my treasured gem and we begin to move together. Do you feel the swell and sway of the music as it moves us? The first movement, tinged with expectation moves slowly, the tempo konyaaltı escort is measured and deliberate. We begin a light sparring as we gracefully reach out and stroke each other tenderly and gently. I graze my fingertips along your jaw line scraping against the light rubble of your beard. I look into your brown eyes and see the passion of our need reflected back to me. You caress my chin and lean in to kiss my neck, just below my ear lobe. The fond caresses, the light touching are the teasing appetizers which amplify with the soft strains of the orchestra that filter in through the open windows. The Greek word symphony means ‘sounding together’ just as our bodies are moving together in a graceful rhythm.

The second movement increases in tempo and intensity, still building on the theme. We both grow excited with the swell of the music and the sensations are like riding atop a wave. We are gleeful and giddy, reveling in the presence of each other. We strip away our clothes, pulling down our garments and exposing ourselves, our inner souls and our bodies to each other. As you step out of your slacks, the full exposure of your naked form excites me, delights me and tempts me. I run my tongue along the edge of my lips, sucking in a soft sigh, letting the anticipation kültür escort of touching, tasting, holding, and taking your erect penis into my being devour me.

The strains of music, uplifting with tension, developing an underlying theme of passion hovers about us as the thrill, the excitement of touching, being so near and seeing our arousal intensifies our mutual need. The way you touch me, the way you tease me with your fingers, your mouth, your tongue makes my body shiver with delight. You run your tongue in a flickering motion along my neck, down my chest and tease the tip of my nipple. A soft chuckle bubbles out just before you pull my entire nipple into your mouth. Suckling at my breast, I wrap my hands around your head and we stand in the middle of the room, our bodies locked in a sensual embrace. The music beats around us and we tumble onto the bed. Our eyes locked, our fingers entwined as you roll me onto my back and devour me with a deep tongue thrusting kiss matched with a deep hard piercing thrust of your erect penis into my sanctuary.

The third movement is loud, crashing, intense and fast. We are both consumed with a need, with passion, and urgency drives us. The rhythm gains speed, the humping motions an intoxicating expression of our fervor. markantalya escort We moan, we writhe, and we are locked in an eternal embrace as you take my breath away. I wrap my legs around your hips as you drive deeper into my inner sanctum, pushing and pulling, humping in unison. The tonal movement mirrors the dramatic passions of our arousal. The tempo pulls us together, pounding, thrashing, riding the crest and waiting for the large crescendo as you explode and release. The heat, the force and the passion crest as the stars in the sky ignite and burst into rainbow beams. The sweet satisfaction as you burst forth reverberates into a climatic orgasm. The completeness of the moment grips us as we fall together tangled and sated.

The fourth movement wraps us tightly together as our breathing slackens to a shallow breath, just light puffs across your chest, the music slows, softens and caresses us as we relax, as we linger and languish and absorb the presence of each other and try to capture the fleeting sensation of pure, ecstatic complete, erotic fulfillment. A light sigh escapes my lips as I snuggle in closer, the scent of our sweat from the hard fought romp, the musk of our mutual arousal and the tang of the seed hovers about us enveloping and saturating our very souls. The music dwindles to a tapering, light beat as the midnight breeze stirs the heavy humid air. Symphonies are written to gratify the ears of princes, just as we’ve gratified the sexual urges and needs of each other with our sensual exploration.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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