Muscled Man Fucked Me In A Jungle Hut

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Muscled Man Fucked Me In A Jungle Hut

Let me start with a brief description of myself. Chahat Khanna, height 5’7¨, fair complexion, big eyes. I have been blessed with 34 size boobs and a 24 inches waist carved on a base of 34 inches with a glowing milk tone.

Not boring you any longer, I will start with my story straightaway. So there was I standing all alone on a dark road surrounded by jungle with heavy rain falling over my head. I was totally drenched in the rain. Also, I wasn’t carrying an umbrella. I was regretting denying my friends’ offer when they said that they would drop me off.

Thank God! I saw a car coming and I was hoping that it would give me a lift. You people must be wondering as to what actually happened. Well, allow me to clear your confusion. It was one of my friends’ party and we all insisted on having it inside a farmhouse in a jungle.

At the party, I met a guy and we got into talking. We decided to go to his flat after the party and therefore, I declined my friends’ lift offer. I was waiting after the party for the guy but couldn’t find him. Out of insult and rage, I stormed out of there without thinking much and here was I all helpless.

As the car came closer, I went on the middle of the road waving and praying for it to stop and it did. I went towards it and found a guy in the driver’s seat. I told him about my situation and he agreed to help me. I got in and he started driving. Seeing that I was drenched, he gave me a small towel to dry myself.

While taking it, I accidentally touched his wrist. Then I took the towel, dried myself a bit and looked at him. Scanning him carefully, I saw muscles popping out of his t-shirt. They were popping out from every part of his body. Sensing that I was eyeing him, he told me that he was a professional bodybuilder.

He was returning from a show which ended very late. While he said this, I couldn’t really concentrate on his words as his well-sculptured body had me mesmerized and spellbound. With all this going on, the car took a turn and we found the road blocked by a tree.

It must have fallen due to the strong winds and the rain. We stopped there, thought for a bit and then took a small narrow road through the jungle. We had only gone about 2-3 km when we heard a boom noise. We found out that one of the rear tires was gone.

I was in the middle of a dense jungle with an unknown guy looking like a muscled dude inside a broken car with rain pouring heavily outside. We looked at each other and thought for some time. Then he asked me to wait inside the car while he would go and look for a house nearby to spend the night.

But I was scared and told him that I would go with him. Somehow, he convinced me to wait inside and then he disappeared into the jungle. I couldn’t even call anybody for help as my mobile had shut down a long time ago. I don’t know for how long did I wait but it felt like an eternity.

Then he came back all drenched in rain. He asked me if I could walk for a bit as he had found a hut nearby. I was more than happy to get out of the car. He took out a duffle bag of his car and we started walking. After walking for some time in the rain, I saw the hut he was talking about.

It was wooden made, a bit higher from the ground and there was a ladder. We climbed in the hut and found it just enough for us to spend the night.
As we waited there inside the hut for some time. The rain slowed down and soon, it was drizzling outside.

Both of us were totally drenched and needed to dry off ourselves. Oh! I forgot to tell you. I found out his name and it was Rishi. He gave me the same towel he had given me in the car and asked me to dry off myself. He took his shirt off and squeezed it to dry it.

As both of us were cold, Rishi started a fire in the firepit inside the hut. In that yellow bonfire light, I saw his full kaçak iddaa body stacked with muscles. It was glistening due to the reflection from the droplets of water. I was watching him closely lost in his body. Then suddenly he asked if I liked what I was seeing.

I couldn’t respond in voice but just nodded my head up and down. Seeing that he smiled and said it was his turn to be impressed. I denied but he pulled me closer and put my right hand on his chest. Mesmerized, I started caressing his chest, biceps, and abs getting all horny and wet.

All of a sudden, he pushed me towards a wall, pinned me against it and brought his lips closer to mine. I could feel his warm breath on my face. As he tried going for a kiss, I pushed him back and at that snap. It was like he woke up from sleep.

Then apologized saying he wouldn’t force me into anything. I would be lying if I say that I was okay. I was both scared and confused at that moment while still admiring his structure. He then stepped back to the fire and suggested me to remove my wet shirt as I might catch a cold.

For some time, I hesitated but he was right. So, I agreed and went to a corner and facing the wall. I undid the buttons. While taking the shirt off, turned my head slightly and saw him watching my sexy toned back as I was revealing it. Since there wasn’t any other way.

I turned towards him hiding my boobs in the bra. I can say that Rishi was really enjoying this view of a wet girl in a bra with her body parts glistening in the yellow light of the fire. As we were both feeling cold, we sat in front of the fire facing each other.

We were both seated when Rishi complimented, “Those are some really nice boobs and of great size.” Hearing that, I blushed. As we were feeling the warmth of the fire, my mind was exploding. What should we do next? I’m half naked, wet, sitting in front of a stranger who has a structure of a Greek god, in a bra.

His body is so hot plus he is looking at me right now and smiling which obviously means he likes me and my structure. I think I like him too and he did try to kiss me forcefully. Then he stepped back saying he wouldn’t do anything by force. What is he exactly thinking?

Everything was making me very nervous and scared. Yet somehow I was feeling thrilled and horny at the same time. While all this was going on in my mind, both of us were stealing glances at each other. Also, I was trying to dry off my shirt by holding it a bit close to the fire,

Suddenly I felt a tingling sensation in my boobs and it was only increasing. It was due to the wet bra. I felt very itchy around my boobs. I wanted to get out of that thing. But if I would have done that, Rishi would have got a full view of my boobs. Well, there wasn’t any other way and so I did what he said.

I went to the corner, removed my bra and itched myself and then squeezed the bra to dry it. While I was busy doing that, I think Rishi was enjoying a sexy and beautiful view of my back with a side view of my boobs. Out of the blue, he asked smilingly, “Won’t you let me feel your beautiful body, as I did to you?”

I looked at him surprised. He also suggested me to remove my shorts if I didn’t wanna catch a cold coz they were wet too and water was dripping from them. I was really surprised by his boldness but I really liked it too. Without wasting any time, I put my bra back on and removed my shorts.

Then slowly walked back to my place in front of the fire. I stood in front of Rishi just in my red bikini. Then I lay down on the hay there with my back towards the ceiling looking at him with a grin. I don’t know when I made up my mind to have him inside me.

He understood my invitation. Just as he got up to come towards me, I stopped him and pointed at the jeans he was wearing. Seeing my gesture, he smiled and hastily took it off. Then kaçak bahis walked slowly towards me, sat beside me and touched my back.

Although he had been sitting in front of the fire for nearly half an hour, his hands were still cold. When they touched my body, it sent a chill down my spine and I let out a very light moan. While feeling my back, he did something extraordinary. He started kissing my legs and then the whole back.

His actions were so pleasurable that I just shut my eyes lying there feeling his affection. Then he went one step further. He turned me over and started caressing my upper body like pressing my boobs over the bra and kissing my inner thighs. The rain became more violent with occasional lightning.

From my legs, he moved upwards kissing every part. Then he started kissing my stomach, followed by my cleavage, neck and then finally he was totally on top of me. He put his lips on my lips. As we were about to kiss, I heard loud thunder. Our lips touched each other and we kissed like there was no tomorrow.

As the mad kissing went on, I hugged him tightly. Clutching his hair with one hand and caressing his triceps and back with the other one. Feeling all the muscles while one of his hands grabbed me by my waist and the other one was pressing my boobs over the bra.

He then took my left boob out of the bra and rubbed on the nipple which literally made me go mad. He stopped kissing and started licking my neck with occasionally biting my ear. Then he went down, started sucking on my left boob giving small bites on the nipple.

He took out the right one and gave it a small kiss and moved towards the naval part and started kissing and licking on it. Going further down, he started kissing on my pussy over my panty in between giving a small finger rub on it while his other hand was caressing my boobs.

These pleasures had made me crazy being unable to cope up with them. I took charge and got on top of him giving him a deep smooch. I started returning the favor with caressing his whole body full of muscles and kissing them. I kissed his chest, biceps, 6 pack abs individually while flickering and playing with his nipples.

Later, I started kissing and licking them while my hands explored the best part of his body. The big tight bulge which my hand felt made me want it even more. I started rubbing it over his undies. I moved down towards his dick, kissed it over his undies.

I rubbed my face and my boobs over it and made it even harder for him to control. The tool looked as if it was about to tear apart his undies. I then gave him the wildest pleasure he could imagine. Finally, I gave in to my own desire. I removed his undies and his dick sprang out like a spring attached shaft.

It was dark brown, about eight and a half inches long. With veins full of raging blood making it look like a dick with muscles. Hard as a rock but butter smooth with a little drop of precum at its end. I couldn’t resist anymore and started licking and kissing it vigorously.

After a while, I took it in my mouth sucking it as if it was the last one on the earth. All of a sudden, he gave a huge push gagging my throat and then took it out. I looked at Rishi like a wild cat whose food got snatched from it. He pulled me back, took off my bra and threw it away and tore apart my panty.

Changing positions, he came on the top of me and sucked on my right boob while pinching the left nipple. Then went for the left one while pinching the right. My right hand clutched on to his dick constantly rubbing and feeling it. He sucked and bit my boobs till they were red and the nipples were sore.

He then gave me a lip kiss and moved towards my pussy. First gave a gentle kiss, sucked on the pussy lips, licked the clitoris driving me crazy for sex. Then he started sucking my pussy and licking it sending güvenilir bahis chills down my spine. While doing so, he also started entering his finger in and out.

I felt like I was about to explode when I had the wildest orgasm of my life. While I laid there with juices flowing out, he licked my pussy all clean. Then got up and brought his dick near my mouth. The smell was so intoxicating that couldn’t control and started licking it again.

He then pushed it in my mouth. I gladly took it, made it dripping wet with saliva. He took it out, positioned himself in front of my pussy and with one big force he pushed all of it inside my pussy. Both the parts being greased beautifully, his dick went smoothly inside me and touched the end of my vagina.

He paused for a bit feeling the warmth and the tightness of my insides. Then started his movements. First, they were slow and long strokes, making me feel the structure of his muscular dick and driving me crazy. I was craving for it for an hour or so and finally, it was inside.

After a minute or so, his motion became faster. At that time, my sexual desire was the peak highest and wanting more of him, I urged, “Fuck me Rishi. Fuck me more. Give it to me. Come on, you monster.” These constant urges made him hornier. He started pounding my pussy all the more wildly.

Then he held my butt vertically in the air and started pounding it vigorously with all the stamina he had. The pleasure was so much that my words and moans became one. I felt like my insides were about to melt. And finally, I had the 2nd one, a huge orgasm.

He took his tool out and then again inserted his fingers. This time two of them and started a circular motion inside. It just made me moan even louder and the desire to have him inside me again just doubled. He then took them out, placed them near his lips and sucked off all juices from his fingers.

Licking them clean and then pulled me closer and smooched me again for long sucking my lips and tongue. While kissing, we exchanged our positions. I came on top of him, sat on his rock hard dick. It felt as if it went inside more than ever pushing the end wall.

Then I started moving up and down over him. While he got up a bit and took my right boob in his mouth sucking it while holding me with his left hand. My lust had taken over me completely. All I wanted was this man to devour me. In that position, I gave him my left boob to suck on, he did that gladly.

He then held my waist and started thrusting from downwards. Me jumping on him, he pounding me from downwards, it was heaven for me. After a while, we changed positions again. He came on top of me, pushed his tool inside and started destroying my insides.

I was mad and was crazily asking for more looking in his eyes with lust. We lip locked and sucked each other. He started giving long and powerful strokes and with each one, I felt as if my insides were about to be punctured. I held on to him with all my nails dug deep in his back.

The pain from that made him even crazier. So much so that he then lifted me up in the air. He stood firm as I wrapped my legs around his waist, with my one hand clutching his back and the other hand clutching his hair sucking his tongue. He started thrusting me, grabbing me with one hand.

Another one lifting my butt with one finger in my ass. He fucked my brains out like that for a while. I sensed his dick becoming harder and thicker than ever. My insides were about to melt sensing that we were both about to cum. He gave a final big thrust and we both came together.

I was moaning at my highest pitch which got lost in the heavy rain. The weather outside was cold but both of us were feeling hot, panting and sweating heavily. We both lay down on the hay there, with my head on his chest and arms around his sexy Greek body hugging him tightly.

It was not a stop to the fun-filled night that I experienced. The hut was a witness to the hard fuck that happened all night. All night, my moans must have been heard in the jungle. Readers, do share your views on how you found my story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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