Mums Relief

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After all the encouragement from ‘Dad and a Fishing Trip’ I have now moved on to the next theme, so here goes.


“Can you never hang anything up ….. Oh I’m sorry,” said mum as she burst into my bedroom. She hastily turned on one foot and retreated out of the door, pulling it back shut again.

“Sorry, I’m really sorry,” she said from the landing, and I heard her footsteps going off down the corridor.

Why was she ‘sorry’, well the reason was obvious, I had my cock out and had been gently stroking it as I lay on top of the covers in my bedroom.

As an 18 year old university student I had perfected my stroking technique and was almost perfect at it now, or so I thought. It wasn’t huge, but in my terms, it was adequate to do the job, about 7″ in length and 5″ round, a good solid handful.

My technique was to lightly grip my uncircumcised cock and with a combination of movements, slide my hand up and down the shaft, sometimes pulling the skin backwards and forwards and sometimes just slipping my hand over the shaft.

This feathery touch worked wonders for me, depending on my mood I could make this last for an hour or more and on other occasions come in less than 5 minutes.

On this occasion I was doing a long slow wank and had settled into a rhythm. The slight interruption had completely put me off my stroke, or so I thought. My mind was struggling with my fantasies and my mum’s large and ample breasts, which I had always admired and loved. I stopped stroking my cock and decided I should go downstairs and see what her reaction was going to be.

I pulled on some jogging bottoms and went downstairs.

“Look I’m really sorry about that,” she said.

“Stop worrying about it,” I replied.

“I should have knocked I know,” she said

I put my arms out and she came towards me, she put her arms round me and we stood there topkapı escort cuddling one another. I could feel that my semi hard cock was thinking of tenting my joggers, and also that she was only wearing a light summer dress and very little else.

This only increased the size of my hard cock and I struggled to control it.

I was thinking of releasing my hold on her but I became aware that she actually pulled herself closer to me.

“That feels good, it’s a long time since I had a close cuddle from you, young man,” she said.

“I know mum and this is nice,” I replied.

She half released her grip round my back and I became aware that she was looking down towards my joggers and the increasing hard on.

“You have become a big boy haven’t you?” she said, half laughing as she plainly and now obviously stared at my hardening tenting cock.

“Bigger than I was,” I said.

“You know things aren’t good in that area with your father, don’t you?” she quizzed.

“I had no idea,” I said.

“Yes he’s been going to the hospital for tests, and so far no answers only more questions” she said tearfully.

“Don’t fret now, drugs can work miracles you know,” I said, and I pulled her close and tight into me.

I felt her warm body responding back to my whole body. Her hips seemed to thrust in to my now hard pole and she pushed her ample tits solidly into my chest.

The feeling was terrific and my hard cock responded by getting even harder.

I felt total surprise and some shock as her hand gently slipped down the front of my joggers, taking a handful of material and cock all at the same time.

She gave a little gasp as he took a firmer hold on it, the hardness and perhaps even the size taking her by surprise.

“Nearly as big as your father,” she said “but twice as hard … wow yes, twice as hard”

“That türbanlı escort feels real nice mum,” I said.

“That’s what I was going to say,” she responded.

She continued to hold my cock in her hand with a vice like grip. The jogging bottoms material and her hand slipped easily over my cock and within seconds I could feel that if she kept this going for very much longer I was going to come.

“Oh yes,” I muttered as she slightly increased the speed and changed the movement of her hand.

She took half a step backwards from me and slid her left hand under the elastic, pulling the waistband out. At the same time and with almost no effort at all she slipped her right hand from the outside grip on my cock to a skin to skin grip on the middle of my cock shaft.

The coolness of her hand and the tightness of her grip, the smell of her warm body and as I opened my eyes, the huge breasts with hardened nipples poking out of the thin summer dress were all too much for me.

A thick rope of come shot out of my slit and up towards the ceiling, only to be stopped by her tits, as it splashed over them. By this time she was working my cock to get every last drop out of it and several more pulses of creamy come shot over her dress, hands and legs.

“You are a clever boy,” she said, as she planted a warm wet kiss on my lips.

She kept a tight hold on my cock as it gently but firmly pulsed and started to wilt.

“I try, I try,” I said “I hope we can do this again mum”

“Well, let’s see shall we,” she said without making any commitment to the future.

She gently kissed me again and turned to go upstairs. I heard the shower going and dreamily flopped onto the settee with my now wilting cock in my hand. Almost without thinking my hold and movement on my cock started to resurrect it back into semi hard status.

The shower stopped and tüyap escort after a few minutes she appeared again in the living room, in what looked like an even thinner dress. Maybe it was my imagination, maybe it wasn’t I don’t know, but I was sure I could see every little crease in her skin as she went into the kitchen area.

I got up off the settee and went into the kitchen and put my arms round her from behind.

I pulled her close and gripped her with my hands firmly locked under her bust.

“That feels nice,” she said

“Mmm it does to me too mum,” I said and I pulled her even closer.

The feel of her bust on the upper edges of my arms felt good too. I kept one arm round her and moved my other arm and hand over her tits, placing my right hand on her left tit. I could feel her nipple sticking through the thin cotton dress and I gently rubbed it with the tip of my finger.

She almost imperceptively started to quietly moan as I twisted and rubbed her nipple. The nipple responded by getting harder and harder and sticking even further through the cotton. By this time my cock rose to the occasion and began to press into her back.

I noticed her right hand had slipped down her side and I half expected it to turn behind her and grab my hardening cock. But no, it didn’t, and when I looked a little closer, it had slipped into the front of her underwear and was gently, firmly, deliberately rubbing at her pussy.

The pace quickened and I twisted her other nipple and gripped her body even tighter with my other hand. This made her rub her clit even harder and faster and before long she was squirming and twisting and writhing in my arms as she came in a great flood of emotion and heavy breathing.

I released her partly from my grip and she turned round and looked straight in my eyes.

“Thank you so much my darling, for being so gentle and understanding with me, you know I love you so much, in so many ways,” and she pulled herself closer into me.

“Does this mean ….,” I said

“Shhhh,” she said putting her finger to her lips “that’s for another time baby, another time.”

I think I understood, but did I?

Only time would tell.

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