Ms. Marca Ch. 70

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I had two major things going for me when I was 22: I was hot, hell at 33 I’m still a hot babe, just these days I’m a hot wife. At 22 I very successful. I know that may sound weird, considering most successful women aren’t hot, but when you use your looks as part of your work it’s not weird and I have used my looks to get me where I wanted to be. At 22 I was still single. Many of my married friends always wonders what is wrong with me, but what can I say? I’m not done with men as sexual objects yet, to even think about settling down. I have been with a lot of men, and always hot ones, but there is one type of man I have always been attacked tot since I started masturbating: A Big hung stud!

Robert from next door

It had been a week since I got it on with Erich from next door and I was home outside getting sun by the pool. It was just another boring day and I had my glamor magazine to flip over and check out the competition. I was starting to wish the day was over at about noon, so I could get a shower wash my hair and take my time getting ready to go out tonight to a new meat market, I felt lucky. I figured I’d have a nice lunch and relax before I called it a day at the pool.

I looked up and coming into the back yard was a good looking hunk. My jaw dropped. He was so damn fine looking! He was 6’3″, 200 pounds of solid muscle, blond hair with a deep tan. Shit he was fine. I was in lust immediately but tried to keep my composure. “You have to be Marca?”

“Yes, and you are?”

“I’m Robert, I live next door, will my folks do, and you met my brother last week, Erich?” Every time I looked at him I knew he could have modeled. I asked him the same boring questions that you always ask when you first meet someone, but the whole time I was wondering if he was as big in his pants as he was on the outside. Was he as big as his brother? My bikini was making an impression on him Robert my big boobs were, he couldn’t take his eyes o0ff them. God I was getting that feeling again, I was damp.

Finally all my questions were asked and I was ready to move on. “Robert you want a beer?”

“Sure, love one!”

I don’t know what came over me, but when I stood up. That’s when I noticed it: a huge bulge in his crotch. Maybe my outfit had gotten to him? With just a string bikini on it might be that. I was hoping it was just me. I stood up and walked towards the patio door and brushed up next to him when he stood like he was going to follow me in. I made a move like I had lost my balance rubbed up next to him and out of total lust; I just reached out, felt his package and moaned as I started rubbing his bulge after I had fell into his arms.

Robert started moaning and leaned down and kissed me. God his lips were so sweet and I melted in his arms. His right hand went down my side and into my bikini and around to my mound. His middle finger entered me and right away found my g-spot. I know I let out a muffled scream/loud moan when he found my g-spot. It was an intense feeling, one that came about quickly and unexpectedly. I knew he could tell from my reactions how much I enjoyed that. He kept rubbing that area and I felt like I was spiraling out of control, almost like I was climbing the walls. I don’t remember too much about how I reacted, I was in a fog of intense pleasure.

I know I kept lifting/arching my ass higher as if to tell him that I liked it. Or maybe it was my body’s way of saying I wanted to be fucked. My body just reacted that way… I broke our kiss and dropped to my knees and started undoing his pants. I dropped them to the patio deck and slid his boxers down. My mouth dropped and I started drooling. He was easily 10 inches or more and thick. I started sucking the head of his cock and jerking his long thick shaft. He moaned louder and grabbed the back of my head, kneading my hair in his fingers.

I was so wet and horny that I started moaning. Robert pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood me up. He started undoing my bikini top and then started sucking on my nipples. I felt his hands on my ass kneading my ass cheeks in his giant hands. I felt him reach for my bikini bottom and slide it down. He stood up and turned me around and had me bend over the side of the deck railing on the patio steps. I then felt him start licking my pussy with his soft tongue and I came hard. I then felt his tongue start licking my tight asshole and probe it and I let out a low guttural moan.

“Oh you are so bad, fuck I love it when a man licks my asshole!”

As I started shaking again from another orgasm I felt Robert stop and stand up. He leaned in behind me and started kissing my neck. That’s when I felt it: Robert’s massive cock started poking its head into my super wet bald pussy. He worked just the head into me and I came again.

“Shit Erich said you love to fuck I can see he was spot on.”

I looked back at him, smiled and nodded yes … “Did he say I was good?”

“Man did he all he has been talking about since I got home.”

I was shaking as he started shoving inch ataşehir escort bayan after inch into my super tight pussy. His cock was so thick I didn’t think I could take much of it, but the way it made me feel I just started begging for more. “Give it to me, get it in me!”

He slowly worked more in till I felt him hit my cervix. I just knew he had to be all in but I was wrong. With one last massive thrust he slammed it all in me and I came violently. My arms fell out from me and I was lying flat on the deck steps, my ass high in the air with his big thick cock buried in my pussy. Robert started pulling out inch by inch and I loved every minute of it. I started screaming for him to fuck me and make me his bitch. Robert obeyed and started slamming all 10 or was it 12 inches, seem like a mile of cock back in me. His thrusts started becoming long and hard and soon my pussy tightened around his cock again with another massive orgasm. I was so wet; my juices were flowing down my thighs and down his long cock shaft.

Robert grabbed my hips and started pounding my pussy with all his might. I was coming so much I almost blacked out. I felt like I was being split apart! Robert slapped my ass hard and made me squeal. I was saying some pretty nasty stuff just begging for him to never stop.

“Oh you big cock bastard you’re going to try and fuck me every day, aren’t you, make me take that big thing up my poor little pussy!”

“Baby it’s not going to be a little pussy when I get finished with it!”

Robert then took a finger and started shoving it in my asshole and I came so hard my pussy became a vice grip around his massive cock. My pussy must have gotten just tight enough for him because Robert grunted and started shooting his cum deep in my pussy. I could feel every spurt hit deep in my pussy. I let out a deep moan as Robert kissed my neck and kept grinding his now softening cock deep in my pussy. I felt so full, so complete. He slowly started pulling his cock out and I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy and down my thighs. With his cock out of me, I felt so empty. My pussy was a gaping hole with cum dribbling out of it.

I was still so horny and I noticed I was grinding my ass in the air. Robert noticed this and got on his knees behind me again and started eating me out, devouring his own cum! No man had ever done this to me. It seems everyman is so scared of tasting HIS own cream, but not Robert. He shoved his tongue deep in my gaping pussy and licked away. I was grinding my pussy and ass on his face as he kept eating me out. Robert then stopped, stood up, turned me around and kissed me deep, shoving his cum in my mouth as we kissed and shared it all. I moaned with delight, and eagerly swallowed every bit if his cream he gave me. I sat down on the edge of the deck top step and wrapped my legs around Robert and begged for more cock in me.

Robert eagerly obeyed and shoved all he had in me and I just came hard again. I have never felt so completely satisfied by a man ever! He took my legs and placed them over his elbows so I was almost completely bent in half and he just pounded away. I loved it so much and prayed he would never cum again. I laid back on the patio deck and started rubbing my tits and pinching my nipples as he fucked away. Robert put my legs over his shoulders and just hammered his cock so deep in me I clenched up again with another orgasm. When I thought this orgasm would never end, Robert started rubbing my clit with his thumb. This kept me over the edge and I just kept coming and squirting juices all over his massive cock.

I was so horny I told Robert to do anything, just never stop fucking me. Robert got a huge grin on his face and pulled his cock out of my pussy. I groaned and whined but then I felt his cock head at my asshole’s entrance. I instantly got scared. I had been fucked in the ass a lot, but never by a cock this big! I told him to be careful and he started pushing in my ass. My pussy juices had flowed enough down the crack of my ass so there was plenty of lubrication for Robert and I just let out a huge moan and he slid in my ass. I decided to just get the pain over with, grabbed his ass and shoved him all in me at once.

The pain was so intense, but I came so hard. I just held him there and moaned with delight. I let go of his ass and told Robert to take my ass and make it his. Robert started sawing that huge cock in me and I was talking even dirtier than before. There is something about having a cock in my ass that just makes me a nasty slut. He sawed his huge cock in my super tight ass for about 5 more minutes when I noticed his face start to tighten up and I felt a huge load of his cum shoot deep in my ass.

Robert pulled out of my ass and leaned down and kissed me deep.

“Oh, look at you, you naughty boy! You’re drooling your man cream all over me!” I said to the 21 year old neighbor. I held his horse cock in both hands, slowly yanking the giant shaft and milking more and more after-cum from his oversized escort kadıöy hairless balls.

It was a couple weeks ago that I met his brother Erich and fucked him when he came over to the house to return dad’s tool box. Here the older brother and I were doing the same thing, boys will be boys.

“Marca, ooh, don’t stop, I’m going to come again!” cried Robert as a wave of pleasure coursed from deep within his loins, spreading to his enormous turgid rod. The 10, maybe 12 inch long pillar of man meat turned into solid granite as the bolt of his virile seed blasted from his engorged cock tip and splashed all over his slut whore neighbor Marca, that’s me, 40DD upturned milk bags. He covered the top half of my chest with globs of his viscous sperm and aimed more salvoes at my nipples.

“Ooh yeah, Robert, Marca needs some hot cream! Cover your slutty neighbor’s tits you bad boy!” I yelled as he continued to plaster my chest with unending wads of baby batter. My big tits were exposed and I was letting him unload the voluminous content of his aching gonads over my soft pillows and hard nipples.

“God damn Erick said you were an easy lay but I had no idea you were this easy to fuck? Eat my cream, you whore!” cried Robert, positioning his disgorging helmet close to my mouth, and blasting a heavy wad all over my face. I opened my mouth, my tongue slurping up all the excess syrupy offerings around my lips, enticing him to deliver more salty nectar directly down my throat. Robert obliged, his orgasm not over by a long shot, and ejaculated huge pellets of his man seed into my mouth, filling me to the brim with a single shot.

I tried desperately to swallow his immense loads, making room as fast as I could for the next salvo. My new neighbor kept coming over and over, wanking his oversized python with great vigor, his muscular biceps bulging with virility and his six-pack abs tensing up with every heavy delivery. His golf ball-sized testicles could produce thick, viscous sperm at an alarming rate, allowing him to empty the large contents of his hairless balls and remain ready for more immediately afterwards.

“I’m going to enjoy this summer; you want my cock everyday big tits?”

“Fuck yes; I might need to milk you regularly.”

I soon learned that like his brother, Robert was insatiable, always ready to satisfy his busty neighbor’s sexual needs. I liked it rough, I like it when a guy talks dirty to me, and I considered him as my Adonis of sex, not caring that he just next door and might mess up my other lovers that dropped by for some pussy.

“Ooh, yeah, sssoo much, Robert! Marca is a complete slut for your god-like cock! Treat me like a whore, you nasty boy!” I encouraged, as my potent neighbor continued to douse my face and body with long ropes of cum.

“Yeah, you’re my big tit cum-bucket for the summer, aren’t you Marca? You can’t get enough of this, you filthy whore!” exclaimed Robert, aiming his final salvoes at my neck, giving me a pearly necklace that drooled slowly down my already-caked cleavage. Milking the final dregs from his cum-cannon, he let a giant dollop fall directly into my hungry, upturned mouth. “Wow that was great Marca! I’m going to ram my dick up your slutty pussy!”

“Oooh, yes, my hung boy-stallion! Marca has been very bad and needs to be punished!” I gleamed, positioning myself on all fours on the patio lounge chair, my cunt glistening with wetness.

Robert placed his big tool at my enthralled pussy’s entrance, feeling the folds of my puckered lips with his apple-sized knob head, collecting some of my vaginal fluids to lubricate his mammoth ramrod. Over-excited as he was, he let loose a volley of clear pre-cum that whitewashed my already-soaked cunt lips. I looked back and said.

“Take your time big boy, I got all afternoon!”

I saw him smile, take a deep breath and once again, the horse-hung guy lunged forwards into my fleshy cavity, pushing the folds of my shaved camel-toe inwards as several inches of his thick mega cock brutally invaded my innards.

“Shit, Robert, you’re so fucking HHUUGE!” I screamed as the boy next door continued to pummel my love canal with his giant dick. At the twelve inch mark, he withdrew his rock hard tool until only the massively-flared head stayed inside, then rammed his humongous pussy-pleaser back into my cunt until its head bumped against the back of my cervix. Despite the pain of such a violent onslaught, I garnered enough strength to further encourage him on. “You’re hurting Marca so good Robert! Keep going, fuck my brains out!”

Robert complied and then some, hammering away at lightning speed, burning my pussy walls as his invading red-hot monster scraped against them. Over and over, he ploughed me, his helpless neighbor’s body with his tireless 12-inch dick, his heavy seed makers loudly slapping against my bruised thighs. Loud manly grunts echoed throughout the patio and pool area as the wild mating continued unabated, until I felt the tinges of my first orgasm. My powerful, muscular maltepe escort college hero from next door sensed it too and redoubled his efforts until his buxom neighbor climaxed, my whole body shaking with orgasmic convulsions around his unyielding bull cock.

We both laid on the lounge getting our wind back and I look to see his monster cock lay resting on his stomach, fuck he was big when it was limp. “Be right back baby, don’t move.”

I got up took my towel and dipped one end into the pool and came back and sat next to him and wiped his big baby maker clean of my juices and his cream. I looked down and saw I had his sticky cream drying on my big tits and I felt it on my face. I smiled at the handsome hunk as he looked at me while I wiped his cock and finger his balls.

“Gosh Robert I’m so glad you came over to introduce yourself, your brother had told me he was going to call you and tell you to drop by!” “Robert I was going to drop by last Thursday but after I saw you get home Wednesday night I figured you were dating someone.”

“I’m not dating anyone, what made you think that?”

He replied, “I came home late the other night and I saw you with some guy in your driveway making out hot and heavy, you and he were quite involved.”

“What did you see?”

“You were kissing and he had his hands all over you. You looked like you really were enjoying it! Then I saw you go down on him, looked like you were giving him a BJ.”

I knew the charade was up, as he had seen me with the guy that I picked up a few weeks before at a new club and had fucked him this past weekend also.

“Robert I was just thanking him for the nice time I had, you know let him know I enjoyed his company.”

“Erich said you were one hell of a woman, you were into all kinds of kink, but even he didn’t tell me you were this wild.”

Before I could answer him my cell phone rang and I drop the towel, but kept one hand on his cock rubbing it nice and easy. I reach down and put on my ear plug/head set, this allowed me to have either hands free when I drive, or something more important.

“HELLOooo … “

“I’m sorry who are you?”

“Oh hi … I’m doing well.”

“Yes I had a great time too, yes I love to dance … I told you I could win that wet T shirt contest …”

I smiled at Robert and wink at him and I feel his cock coming to life, damn young guys are just that way.

“Tonight? Oh if you had only called sooner, something is, has come up and I need to see to it, can’t make it tonight, maybe some other time, I would love to go out with you, yes I do mean it!”

Robert’s cock his getting harder in my hand and I bend over and kiss the head.

“Friday night, sorry I got plans … ah let me look!” I reach in my bag and get my day timer calendar and flip to this month.

“Honey I’m open on the 12th, no plans for the afternoon or evening.” I wink back at Robert and put a finger up letting him know I’ll be with him in a minute. “Great, so we are going where?” my eyes get big as I raise my eye brows and my lips make the ‘O’ … “Pool party sounds good to me … yes silly I got a bikini, I got a new yellow string bikini.”

Now Robert’s cock is standing up and it is getting thicker by the minute. I drop my head down and cock my head sideways so I could lick and suck on one of his golf ball size balls.

“Wow Allen that sounds wonderful. Allen let me ask you something … were you the tall blond guy or the … oh that was your room mate … yes silly I remember you, you have brown … will ok red, but in the club it looked brownish red!”

I put my hand up and open and closed my hand mocking someone yapping. “I’m sorry what did you say … will I’m almost 6 feet, in heels I stand about 6’3 or4″ … oh don’t be silly a man’s height is way over rated … oh that is kind of short … you like tall women I guess?”

I stood up and picked up the baby oil on the small table next to the lounge chair and rubbed some on my hands and dripped a little on Robert’s cock head and let it run down his shaft. I got up on the lounge and placed my feet on either side of Robert’s hips and lowered my ass down to where it was right at his cock head. I slip the head in and clamp my pussy lips onto his big plum mushroom head.

“Allen, sweetie I need to go I got this thing that I was telling you about that has just come up and I need to get on it … you know it’s better to get on with things sooner rather than later … yes, call me next week, bye.”

“Who was that Marca, some guy you been dating?”

“Don’t remember, he said he met me at a club …” I looked down and rubbed the oil over the cock head one last time.”Ohooooo such a huge cock. I bet you had all the girls you waned at school, even if they belong to someone else they all want to fuck this great big cock I bet?”

I was moving his crown up and back across my wet pussy. I felt electric as I slid his cock inside me. I was riding his cock, grinding my pussy in little circles. I felt his crown hit bottom as I rode him, bouncing up and down then again in circles. His hands found my ass. He squeezed the tender flesh of my ass and brought me towards him and down harder on every return. His hips flexed up to meet my movements as we lost ourselves in our new found pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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