Ms. Laura Ch. 02

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I was woken up by someone moving my arm. It took me a half a second to realize who it was. Ms. Laura sat up and in the low light of the morning her pale skin glowed.

She looked over at me and smiled, “morning sleepy head.”

“Good morning ma’am,” as I stretched I remembered I was naked.

“Is that for me?” Ms. Laura reached down and grabbed my dick stroking my morning wood, “I’d really like some breakfast in bed dear. Why don’t you go down stairs and get me some toast and coffee.”

I nodded as slide out of bed towards my pants.

“When you get back we can plan a day out for us,” Ms. Laura said watching me get dressed.

I was out the door and headed to the elevator when I began to think about my situation again. I was only eighteen and sleeping with a fifty two year old. The social taboo of it alone made me forget it was more than just a sexual fling. I was her slave.

I got down stairs to the breakfast room. There I got Ms. Laura and myself some toast before brewing the coffee. I wasn’t sure how she took it. So I grabbed some sugar and creamer for her to add herself.

I wonder what she had planned for me. She said we would make plans when I got back. I was divided on how I felt about it. The taboo of it all combined with my inexperience had me worried. On the other hand the idea of her slim smooth body got me excited.

I walked into the room and found the TV on. Ms. Laura was watching it from the bed.

“I wasn’t sure how you took your coffee ma’am, so I brought you some sugar and creamer too,” I set it down on the nightstand and waited for orders.

“Good boy, but for future reference I take black with two sugars and no cream,” Ms. Laura began to mix the coffee, “hmm, you need to shave. I like you smooth. Why don’t you shower, brush your teeth, and shave. Come back when you are done and we’ll see if there is something else we need to do. Oh and that soap I had you get, the one in the red bottle, is for you. It’s my favorite fragrance.”

I nodded then headed to the bathroom to shower. Stopping in the mirror I looked at my face. I had only a little bit of peach fuzz, but if she wanted it gone who was I to say no. I shaved my face and brushed my teeth before getting undressed.

Examining my body in the mirror I wondered what she saw in me if anything. I wasn’t much to look at. Six foot, skinny, I was no body builder, but I wasn’t boney either. I used to have a little chest hair, but I shaved it all off the other day before her visit. Girls in high school had never seemed to pay attention to me either. It was part of my attraction to older women. I hoped they could like me for my youth and see me as something special where the girls my own age did not.

I got in the shower and cleaned myself off. Ms. Laura’s soap had a fruitier aroma than I preferred. Normally I would have never used it. Once again like the peach fuzz, who was I to abject?

When my shower was finished I dried off and walked outside naked. Still a little shy about my nudity I poked my head around the corner first. Ms. Laura was no longer in the bed. She was now sitting on the recliner in the corner reading the paper. She had also gotten dressed in a white blouse and grey business dress. Her reading glasses also hung from her nose.

When I saw her I stepped back a little bit. The sexy dominatrix that had seduced me last night was now once again an old lady, and I was butt naked.

She saw me, “come here.”

I did my best to hide my shame and walked over to her.

She grabbed my hand and smelled it, “you smell good.”

“Thank you ma’am,” I stood there uncomfortable.

“What was rule two,” she looked at me sternly from behind the glasses.

I froze for a moment, and then dropped to my knees. Her stern look changed to a smile.

Ms. Laura then took her hand and rubbed my face checking my shave, “good kiss-ably smooth.”

I checked my own face to see what she meant.

Her attention antalya escort turned back to the paper, “what should we do today? I think we should go out on a walk. Do you know any good parks?”

I thought quickly and remembered my favorite park on the north end of the city. It was a good twenty minute walk away and it had some great lake views.

“Yes I do. There’s one a short walk from the hotel. It has a lake,” I stopped myself before I could say more.

I suddenly remembered there was a chance I could run into someone I know. Ms. Laura had teased me in the taxi with the cabby in the front seat. What if I was seen?

Before I could think of something to stop her she smiled, “I think a little lake hike would be wonderful.”

I bit my lip is frustration. I had never actually planned for Ms. Laura to want to leave the hotel. The whole adventure was supposed to remain behind closed doors. It was too late now I couldn’t say no.

Ms. Laura got up and found her bags I’m going to have to sort this out when we return. High heels and business skirt aren’t anything I want to wear to the lake. And obviously you can’t go like you are.

She pulled out a pair of jeans and held it up against the blouse, “this should do and I have tennis shoes I can wear too. Before you get dressed I have something for you too.”

I gave her an odd look as I thought to myself what was wrong with my clothes? Ms. Laura dug through her roller bag and pulled out a small strip of leather which seemed to have some sort of metal buckles.

“Come here Johnny. I have present for you,” Ms. Laura motioned me to sit down on the bed in front of her, “this will help you remember who you belong too where ever you go.”

Ms. Laura grabbed my balls and wrapped the leather strap around them. Then she pulled it tight and did the buckle. The strap was loose enough to be comfortable, but tight enough I didn’t forget it was there. On the front side as also a small metal ring. Ms. Laura then attached to it a heart shaped metal dog tag.

“It says ‘property of Ms. Laura’ in case you were wondering. I have one more thing then you can get dressed,” Ms. Laura then removed a small lanyard from the bag and clipped it to the ring, “make sure the other end of that string is in your left pocket when you put your pants on. Oh and no underwear. You don’t get that luxury my little boy toy.”

With that Ms. Laura disappeared into the bathroom to change and freshen up. I was left sitting on the bed with a little more weight in my crotch. After I put on my pants and place the string in my pocket she proved herself right. The metal and leather pulled and tugged on my parts as I walked I would never forget who they belonged to.

Ms. Laura came out of the bathroom a minute later and spun around in a circle in front of me, “how do I look?”

I looked her up and down. Her tight fitting jean hugged her famine curves perfectly. Her white blouse showed a conservative cleavage. It was enough to spark the imagination and remain tasteful.

“You look great ma’am,” I said approvingly.

Ms. Laura walked over and grabbed the string from my pocket giving it a tug, “you feel that?”

The lanyard pulled on the leather strap making it tighter. My balls squeezed and I winced with pain. I didn’t need to verbally respond for her to know I felt it.

Ms. Laura smile and let go of the sting tugging it neatly in my pocket, “this will work nicely. Let’s head out to the park.”

“Yes ma’am,” I started for the door, “the parks not far from here I hope you can keep up.”

“Don’t worry boy you should be the one worried about keeping up,” Ms. Laura caught up with me at the door, “I might be old, but I have my means.”

We started out of the hotel and took the main road in the direction of the park. I did my best to tire Ms. Laura out. With luck she might want to turn around and this circus of mine could go back inside.

She was a strong one alanya escort though. Every step I took she kept up without a sweat. Halfway to the park she caught up to me and pulled the string again. I suddenly jumped with pain and she walked past me.

“Boy if you’re trying to tire me out it isn’t working. I run every day to keep my curves,” as she past me she slid her hand down her abdomen and on to her tight butt, “but I do like the enthusiasm.”

I looked at the old woman in disbelief as she walked out in front of me. What was she?

In no time we we’re at the park entrance and Ms. Laura stopped at the gate, “slowing down? Why don’t you take the lead dear? Take us to a nice view of the lake.”

“Yes ma’am,” I picked up my speed and started down the first trail.

There were a few other hikers, but it was slow day. The middle of summer the trees and bushes were in full bloom and the warm sunshine was ever so often interrupted by cool breezes off the lake. As kid I had spent most of my childhood running these hills and playing in the woods. I knew all the trails even the ones overgrown and barely used.

A mile in I took Ms. Laura off the trail and to a clearing on top a small hill. Overlooking the lake the hill provided a good view and the lack of a path up there meant they were alone. When Ms. Laura first laid eyes of the scene in front of her it took her breath away.

The first gasp of excitement out of her mouth sent a swelling of pride into my chest. She turned around after taking in the scene for a minute.

“Wow, Johnny this is beautiful,” she walked over to me.

My somewhat hubris attitude caused me to say something sappy, “not as beautiful as you.”

I immediately regretted it, but Ms. Laura seemed to appreciate it.

She gave me a long hard look like she was trying to think of something, “Johnny, were you telling me the truth when you told me you never had a girlfriend?”

I didn’t understand what she meant by the question, but I nodded yes.

“Now I can’t believe that,” she found a spot in the shade of a tree and sat down, motioning me to sit down next to her, “you are far too handsome and sweet for girls not top like you. If I was thirty years younger I would have snatched you up and locked you in my basement.”

I half smiled trying to figure out if she was actually execrating about the basement part.

“You just graduated from high school a month ago. What’s your next step?” Ms. Laura after I sat down began playing with my hair.

“I was going to join the military ma’am,” I was being honest, “I didn’t really apply myself in school, so there were no scholarships for me. I was going to serve for a few years and use the GI bill.”

“Ooh a soldier, how sexy,” Ms. Laura worked her hand down to my chest, “I dated a soldier when I was in college. Of course that was different time. We were in the last years of Vietnam.”

I don’t know how I felt about her last comment. My parents were children, younger than me, during the war. All said though her fingers and the swirled their way down my body was intoxicating.

“You’re a virgin right?” Ms. Laura asked working now to the bottom of my shirt.

I nodded yes again. She then worked her hand and arm under my shirt and over my abs. they didn’t stick out or even show, but my stomach was flat and smooth. She scraped her nail gently across my front side.

“Take your shirt off nobodies here,” Ms. Laura then in one motion threw her leg over me straddling my lap, “play your cards right mister and I might change that.”

I was so into the moment I didn’t think about the risk or the taboo. I as quickly as I could I pulled my shirt over my head and threw it away from us.

Ms. Laura’s hands then descended on my like piranha working and feeling every inch of my chest back and stomach. She then at once brought her chest to my face trying to smother me in her breasts.

“You like belek escort that little boy,” she rubbed them hard all over barely giving me a chance to breathe, “I bet you do my sexy little thing.”

I couldn’t breathe much less talk. I managed to only get out a series of approving mumbles. Ms. Laura let up just short of suffocating me.

“Sweet boy, that’s never happened to you before how do you feel,” her tone was almost sorry, but in a sarcastic way, “I just don’t know what came over me.”

A little flustered I could only smile as I caught me breathe. Ms. Laura wiggled her hips then looked down.

“Oh really what’s this. You seem to have a good sized growth in your pants,” she wiggled a little more, “I may not be a doctor, but it might not be good. I should have a look.”

I didn’t have time to protest even if I wanted to. She scooted lower on my legs and undid my belt and fly. My teased and tormented cock sprang straight up in the air as soon as it was released from its denim prison.

“My!” she said excited, “look at it so hard and stiff. How do you walk with something like that between your legs?”

Ms. Laura felt it with her hand and started stroking it up and down. My breathing became shallow and I just stared blankly at the woman as she worked her hand up and down.

“And look at this,” she grabbed the tag with her other hand, “property of Ms. Laura. This thing belongs to me. Hmm what should I do with it?”

The question was rhetorical, but in my state I couldn’t help, but answer, “whatever you like Ma’am.”

She gave me a rather evil grin, “I know that dear. Now close your eyes.”

I immediately closed them.

She then whispered to me a warning, “If you open them it will stop.”

I blindly nodded and waited for whatever was going to happen to happen. Suddenly I felt my cock be enveloped by something warm and wet. I didn’t know what it was till I felt her hair brushing my leg. She was giving me a blow job.

It was a whole new sensation. Her lips held tightly to my cock and they slip up and down on my shaft. Her tongue massaged it as it passed over and everything about it felt good. Instictivly my hand came up to try and hold her head. Immediately she spit my cock out and batted them down.

“Keep still if you move it stops,” Ms. Laura picked my cock up again with her hand and gave it a gentle blow.

The air passing across my wet cock became ice cold and I longed even more to put it in a warm place.

“We you come close tell me or I’ll make you regret it,” Ms. Laura waited for my frantic nodded before slowly pulling my cock through her lips.

As she kept it up a used every ounce of discipline I had to remain still and my eyes closed. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes like hours, but it was all good. I didn’t want it to end, but I wanted so bad to just hold her there till I exploded.

Suddenly I felt in the wet massage her teeth. Without time or anyway to stop it Ms. Laura bit down. it wasn’t very hard, but enough to send a sharp pain from my cock to my brain. I opened my eyes and moved my hand to try and protect myself.

Ms. Laura then pulled away and laughed, “You opened your eyes and moved.”

I realized what I did and then looked at her.

“I warned you if you did either it would end,” Ms. Laura smiled and rolled off of me.

I mouthed the words you cheated, but I knew it was fruitless. Ms. Laura did it on purpose. She was teasing me. I tried giving her the puppy dog eyes, but it only made her smile bigger.

“I love that look, but it isn’t going to work again,” she zipped up my fly and did my belt buckle, “you’re going to have to earn the chance to try again.”

I found myself disappointed, but at the same time even more desiring. What I had experienced was new and wonderful and all I wanted was more. I came to understand it was all part of her game. She was teasing a baiting making me into her perfect little slave. I wasn’t about to resist either.

“Get your shirt on tiger,” she grabbed it from where I had thrown it and threw it back at me, “I’m getting a little hungry. Why don’t we get a bit on the way back?”

“Yes ma’am,” I put on the shirt and caught up with her down the trail.

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