Mrs. Smith Ch. 06

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There I was, once again sitting at the kitchen table with Mrs. Smith, one of her daughters and her two kids. Good ambiance, lovely food, nice people but I would have much rather be with Mrs. Smith alone, especially now that our relationship had progressed almost to the final point.

After leaving each other on Sunday night, we had talked on the phone on Monday night and made plans for a “special” visit on Thursday as her children were supposed to come and spend a long weekend. But Wednesday they called and said that they would arrive on Thursday instead of Friday! At this point it was too late to change our own plans.

Well at least I was with my sexy Mrs. Smith even if not alone. This was the first time I was seeing her family since Thanksgiving. As the crowd was not as numerous, there was no need to sit tight and I was sitting close to Mrs. Smith but almost at arm’s length. Mrs Smith gave me a tight sensual hug when I came in but we could not linger into it as her daughter and grand children were right there in the kitchen. As I followed her into the kitchen I couldn’t help putting my hand on one of her generous soft buttocks but had to take it out quickly.

During the lunch Mrs. Smith wouldn’t lose any opportunity to touch me, on the shoulder, on the arm, on the thigh, even on the cheek. I was enjoying those touches as much as I could, feeling her soft hand on my body. She would manage to put sensual pressure with her fingers while her hand rested on me. It was a little bit harder for me to touch her as her touches looked motherly while mine would have not looked respectful. Still I managed to caress her somehow, on her big large thigh under the table; upper thigh so large that I couldn’t even cover its width with the full length of my hand.

At some point I made my fork fall down and I went on four to get it. While doing so, I grabbed her big round calf, put my cheek against it and staid there one or two seconds to enjoy its softness and size.

After lunch her daughter left us to take care of her kids upstairs. She started to clean but Mrs. Smith told her it was OK, that “Mitch and I would do fine”. Indeed Mitch and Mrs. Smith would do fine!

As she left and we heard her at the top of the stairs, Mrs. Smith took a-hold of me for a tight embrace with full deep tongue kiss, pushing her breasts and belly against me with her fat arms on my neck and back. I pressed my own chest and belly against her, trying to feel her mass as much as I could through her clothes. I was holding on her fat back, pulling her towards me as much as I could while she was holding my neck and chin with her two hands.

Finally as we heard some noises upstairs, we stopped and proceeded to clean. As she was loading the dishwasher, I approached her from antalya escort her right side, facing the stairs to be ready to stop if anybody was coming down. I was caressing and cupping her ass and buttocks in my left hand. As she was bending down to put dishes in, I also cupped her wide and heavy hanging breasts.

She whispered as she kept working…

– Yes that’s good. Keep going, keep going…

Finally she was done and she went to the sink to finish the work. As she was doing that, I hugged her from behind, and grabbed her breasts as she was bending over slightly. Feeling her big butt against my crotch while massaging her huge tits almost got me to come; I was doing exactly what I had been dreaming of doing after meeting her the first time. We just staid there for a while. She rested her head on my shoulder and turned it so I could kiss her; she was moving her huge butt slowly against me back and forth, while I was enjoying the embrace, sensing this enormous mass of flesh in my arms, moving my hands on her breasts and her belly, going down the crater of by her belly button, and feeling weak in my legs from my desire.

But then too soon, I had to stop as somebody was coming down the stairs.

– How are you doing?

said her daughter as she appeared in the kitchen.

– Well, we are doing just fine. And Mitch was keeping my spirits up while we were working.

– Well I need to ask him for his recipe!

Her daughter answered with a smile and a hint of jealousy.

– No I’m just using the tricks of a young guy, nothing special about it!

This seemed to make her feel better, and Mrs Smith who was behind her daughter at this point gave me a “nothing special?” kind of look.

After that I did my usual routine, sitting at the dinner table and trying to work. Mrs. Smith went into her quarters, the kids came to talk to me. Eventually Mrs. Smith came back and asked her daughter if she could run an errand for her. She obliged and took her kids with her, saying that it would give me a break and I could resume my work. They left.

Instead of letting me resume my work, Mrs. Smith came to me, bent over my chair, rested her fat bosom on my shoulder and gave me a long wet kiss. I was loving it, and my hand was caressing her thighs underneath her dress. She stopped and asked me to follow her to the couch. We sat down, kissing and touching each other. As I started pulling her skirt up and massaging her legs, she stopped touching me to fully enjoy what I was doing. She had her fat arm on my neck and kept stroking my head. I went up her large legs and she opened them as I was coming in, leaving just a space for my hand so I could touch both of them at the same time and still keep going further. I was deep kissing lara escort her as I approached her underwear.

– Hold on

she said.

– Let me stand up.

She stood up and removed her underwear. Then she sat down and we resumed what we were doing. I started from the knee again and she closed her legs. I was enjoying the fat of her thighs, the warmth as I was getting closer and closer. Finally I reached her pubic hear, caressed her soft mound gently, went through my fingers over the crack several times, and came in. It was very wet, she was enjoying it very much, I was enjoying it very much also but… we heard some noise at the entrance door.

Mrs. Smith quickly composed her self, gave me her underwear to put in my bag. When her daughter came in, she was sitting in the couch with a magazine and I was working at the dinner table… close call!

Well it was tough to do anything!. We resumed whatever we were doing, kids playing, daughter trying to talk to her mother who had other things in mind. Finally the daughter said…

– You seem to be distracted. Is there something wrong?

– No I’m sorry, there is nothing wrong at all. Or… actually there is something. The faucet in the garage leaks and it has bothered me, which is ridiculous, I just need to get it fixed; maybe I can get a plumber to come? Oh actually maybe Mitch could take a look?

And she turned towards me at this point. Pretending that I was not listening to the conversation, I asked for an explanation and I said.

– Not sure that I can do anything but I can certainly take a look.

Both of us went there. The daughter asked if she could help and Mrs. Smith told her that with the cranked space, it was better if it was just the two of us.

We went to the garage through the kitchen. There was a little room in the back of the garage with a faucet in a corner. Mrs. Smith ignored the faucet, closed the door and pressed her self against me while whispering in my ears…

– Sorry if I come on to you too strongly Mitch, I want you so much!

She was indeed coming on to me very strongly. It might have intimidated me if it was just the two of us, but paradoxically with her daughter and grand children around, I was able to forget my own inhibition and fully enjoy our sexual complicity.

We hugged and kissed for a while, doing the pressing and moving body dance with me lifting her skirts and exploring her crack, when she said.

– I have an idea…

And she turned around, bent over, pushed her feet apart and rested her hands on a dresser.

– You see what I mean?

– I think I do.

I lifted her skirt, saw her majestic naked ass for the first time. It didn’t blind me but manavgat escort it certainly mesmerized me. I stroked the big round buttocks, letting my fingers go through the edge of the closed crack, feeling the flesh on both side, coming in a little bit, going through the crack again, coming in further, eventually opening the ass, leaking my fingers, putting my fingers in it, feeling the warmth and wetness and then more fingers, then my hand… She helped me at some point by resting on one hand and pulling one buttock with the other one. The view was magnificent. The crack was huge, and it felt like it was talking to me as I was caressing her buttocks.

– Come and kiss me, come and lick me, come and please put your dick inside me.

I wanted to go down and put my face inside this dark and juicy cavity but it was not yet the moment to do that. I kept my fingers there instead, going down to her pussy; feeling the very soft fat at the bottom of her buttocks. She started to moan very softly. I pushed my crotch against her ass, feeling the softness and the volume, the anticipation; pushing buttocks away so I could go further in. I brought down my zipper, got my dick out, put my dick in her wet crack, was ready to push it inside, but then… yes you guessed right, her grand children

– Grandma where are you?…

Forget about sex today!

I still pushed my dick inside her quickly but got out almost as fast as I came in.

– Thank you for this last touch, it was lovely even if very frustrating.

said Mrs. Smith as she let her skirt drop down and readjusted herself.

After that, we both knew that it was hopeless at the house. I was on my way and she brought me back.

– Looks like today is not our day

I said

– Or at least not the day when we take advantage of each other.

she said.

We laughed, it was better to accept the situation.

– Well it will come. The kids leave on Tuesday morning. I’ll make sure to kick them out even if they want to stay. Can I pick you up at 7:00pm?

– Yes I’ll make sure I’m ready.

We parted with a last discreet hug and caresses at the campus door, looking forward to Tuesday night.

Back in my room I relived the frustrating moments and finished them with my hand, dreaming of the soft skin on her buttocks, the wide crack opening on this dark delight, dreamed of our kisses, her tongue, our tongues intertwined, her breath, her lips. Also how wonderful it had felt when my penis went insider her, feeling the tight entry of my bulging head into her vagina; the push and then the warmth and wetness inside. I think whenever I recall the memories of Mrs. Smith, this is the prime moment, the first time I actually went inside her even if it was for just one second.

I was very much looking forward to Tuesday, making up in my mind on how it would work. Would we just undress each other on the couch?… and also wondering whether I was still technically a virgin or not?…

To be continued in a “Literotica” near you…

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