Mrs. Fletcher , Me Ch. 5

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When I woke from my nap, I had to think for a second before I remembered where I was. I turned in the cool sheets and reached to touch Ellen, but felt only an empty bed. Ellen had gotten up already and left me in my peaceful slumber. How long had I slept I wondered. I looked at the clock radio on the nightstand, its bright red numbers glowing, even in the light of day. It was almost 4 o’clock.

I had almost slept 2 hours, although it felt as if I had slept for eight. I sat up and saw a new pair of shorts neatly placed on one of the chairs in the room. My dirty shorts and underwear were next to them, cleaned and pressed; a new shirt was on the second chair in the room. I could hear the television playing softly in the other room. I got up, pulled on my old but clean shorts, and looked out of the bedroom door. Ellen was sitting in one of the chairs, comfortably watching CNN news.

She was wearing a man’s shirt, one that had tails in front and back. Just that and a clean pair of light blue panties. She was sitting sideways in the chair with her legs hanging over one of the arms. She chuckled at something in the news broadcast and I watched as her tits jiggled up and down as she laughed.

With her eyes still on the news show, she said, ” Welcome back to the living David. You sure do sleep soundly. I think a bomb could have gone off in that room and you would have slept through it.”

“Well I guess you know how to tire a guy out Ellen,” I said.

She finally turned her head to look at me and smiled proudly.

“I see that you found your shorts. I told them to make it a rush job when I called. I must say they do keep their word. I put your new shorts and a new shirt in the room too. I hope they fit.”

“I’m sure they will,” I answered. ” I haven’t seen you make a mistake yet.”

“I try,” she replied.

I went over to where she was sitting and squatted down next to her. She reached out and ran her fingers through my hair. Her nipples began to harden under her shirt, and I felt my cock pulsate as it started to fill with blood. We smiled at each other, both of us knowing that things could start up very quickly if we let them. I took a deep breath, trying to regain some composure. I moved my position and sat on the floor in front of her chair and looked at her.

“What do we do now?” I asked.

“Well, your parents still think that we’re going out for dinner and a show,” she said. “I called them, when I got up, to say that I was having a fantastic time with you. I said that you knew how to make me feel real good. They were happy to hear that; it made them very proud of the youngest son. I do think we should go and get something to eat, so that I don’t feel that I’m always telling them half-truths. We can entertain each other back here after, instead of going to a movie. The hotel has a restaurant downstairs. We can have dinner there. How does that sound?”

“It sounds as if you know what you’re doing,” I answered. ” It’s just past 4:00 and I’m sure they don’t start serving food until 5:00. How should we kill an hour?”

Ellen smiled at me and lifted her left leg off of the chair arm, swung it over my head, and placed it on the other. She lifted her ass up and pulled her panties off of her ass. She then brought her legs together and pulled her panties off over them. She returned her legs back to the chair arms, looking at my eyes and smiling.

“You can have your desert now, before dinner, if you like David,” she said in a very soft voice.

Ellen scooted down into the chair, bringing her ass to the edge of the cushion. Her pussy was just in front of my face. The lips of her cunt inviting me, once again, to open them up with my tongue and taste their wonderful flavor. How could anyone resist what Ellen offered? Ellen knew what she wanted and she knew what I wanted. My cock was as hard as a rock as I gazed between Ellen’s spread legs.

“Are you sure this won’t spoil my appetite Ellen?” I asked.

“I hope this increases it for what I can give to you David,” she replied. ” Eat me again, David. I like to feel your face on my cunt. I want to cum again. You can fuck me all you want after dinner. Please. I want you to eat me now.”

Ellen tried to spread her legs even more, as I brought my face to her pussy. I placed my hands under her thighs and felt the soft, smooth skin of her legs. Gently, I spread the lips of her pussy with my tongue, dragging it from the bottom of her pussy to the top. I placed my tongue over the entire length of her pussy. I pushed slowly until it was inside of her hole. I felt the muscles of her cunt try to hold onto my tongue. I let my tongue stay there until I felt her grip lessen. I brought my tongue out of her and let it explore the entire area of her pussy. I let it float lightly over the lips of her cunt. I rested it on her clit, pushing down on it, applying pressure on her swollen button of pleasure. I flicked my tongue like a snake on her clit, causing Ellen to pump antalya escort her hips into the air. I began to taste Ellen’s sweet juices as they started to flow freely from her. The sloppy sounds that we were creating between her legs made me want to grab my own hard cock and jerk myself off. My cock was so hard it hurt. I resisted, wanting to save everything for after dinner, when I hoped to fuck Ellen’s beautiful cunt for as long and as hard as I possibly could. I left Ellen’s pussy, taking my tongue down towards her freshly scrubbed asshole. I brought my hands down to her ass, and spread her cheeks as far apart as I could. I would have thought that Ellen would have cried out in pain, thinking that I was trying to split her in two. Instead she pushed down, helping me open her asshole to my mouth. Ellen brought her hand down and began to rub her clit, gently, slowly. I put my tongue to her asshole and began to lick. I dragged my tongue around her opening; I felt the puckered skin surrounding it. I put the tip of my tongue on her asshole and pushed. Ellen lifted her ass, trying to let my tongue inside of her. She began to rock her hips, fucking a cock that wasn’t there. I left her asshole and brought my mouth back to her pussy. I spread Ellen’s lips with my fingers and pushed two inside of her wet cunt. I felt her hips open wider to accept them with ease. I pushed as far as I could, feeling her cervix bulging from the deep inside. I put my mouth back down onto Ellen’s clit as she took her hand away. I sucked on it as gently as I could. Ellen moaned louder as she felt her body begin to take her to orgasm. I felt her cunt open wider and I decided to push a third finger into her. Ellen brought her hands down to her ass and spread her cheeks as I had done. She took her finger and pushed it into her asshole. She was bucking like a horse as we both drove her to a pleasurable madness. I struggled to keep my mouth on her clit as her lower body thrashed beneath me. My hand was covered in her juices now as she convulsed to orgasm. Ellen never said a word, but her moans and groans explained what she was feeling. The chair she was sitting on moved slightly over the carpeted floor as wave after wave flooded Ellen’s body. Ellen pulled her finger from her asshole and tried to push my face from her cunt, as she felt her body become over-stimulated. She was loosing control. I continued to work on her clit and I felt Ellen’s cunt clamp down on my fingers as I made her body go through another fit of extreme sensation. I sucked, and licked, and worked her pussy with my hand until Ellen’s body could go no more. Slowly, her hips struggled to pump into the air. Her cunt could no longer grip onto my hand. Her moans began to die down in volume until it was a very soft sound of pleasure and exhaustion. Her legs weakly moved over the arms of the chair. Soon, the only sound that she made was from her labored breathing. I took my mouth from her clit and slowly withdrew my fingers from deep inside of her cunt.

“Oh David,” she said softly as she licked her dry lips. “Please, don’t ever do that again to me. I was ready to pass out.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” I asked.

“How could I not?” was her reply, as she tried and failed to sit up.

I watched her tits rise and fall as she breathed. Her nipples were still hard and inviting. I leaned over her and kissed each one. I then brought my lips to her and we kissed deeply. I looked into her eyes as she reached out to grab my still hard cock. She reached further and cupped my balls in her hand.

“I can’t wait to have your cock inside of my cunt David,” she said, her voice communicating the desire she felt. ” I want these balls to fill me until I can’t hold anymore.”

“First we need to let you rest. We could also use some food for energy, don’t you think,” I said smiling. ” I’m starving. How ’bout you?”

“Yeah. I’m sure we both need to recharge our batteries for later,” she agreed. ” I’ll freshen up a bit and get dressed. Why don’t you call downstairs and reserve a table for us. Tell them what room we’re in and there shouldn’t be any problems.”

Ellen got up slowly from the chair and went to the bathroom. I called the restaurant, and as Ellen had said, there were no problems when they knew what room I was calling from. I hung up the phone and went to the bedroom to put on my new shorts and shirt that Ellen had ordered. As I was changing, Ellen came out from the bathroom. Again, I was delighted with what my eyes saw. Ellen was wearing another sexy outfit for me. The top had short sleeves that hung off of her shoulders and the front was cut fairly low. It was tasteful and sexy, not sluttish. Her round breasts filled the top, her hard nipples easily visible through the white flowered print. The ruffled skirt that she wore came down to her knees; a pair of sandals with a short heel completed her outfit. I could smell the baby powder she had dusted onto her body, reminding me of when my brother had introduced us at the fethiye escort rehearsal.

As I stared she asked, ” Are we all set?”

“Uh, yeah,” I struggled to say. ” No problem. Whenever we’re ready, they said they would have a table for us.”

“Well, I’m ready. Are you?” she asked politely.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I said, still staring at her image.

We rode the elevator down to the lobby, not saying a thing. Both of us knew what the other was thinking. I couldn’t wait to take her clothes off and plunge my hard cock inside of her. Ellen wanting to spread her legs as far as she could to accept my deposit of cum into her cunt. We looked at each other and smiled as the doors of the elevator opened as we reached the main floor.

Ellen said softly to me as we walked towards the dining room, ” We had both better concentrate on eating and nothing else. Don’t you agree?”

“It’s very hard to think of anything else. It’s all your fault, you know,” I said with a teasing tone.

“I guess you’re right David,” she said as she took my arm. “I’ll take the blame for what’s happened between the two of us. You will forgive me someday, won’t you?” she asked with devilish eyes.

“I’m sure I will,” I said as we entered the restaurant.

The hostess, who looked just a few years younger than Ellen’s age, and kind of cute, seated us in a dark corner booth, away from most of the activity that a restaurant can sometimes have. She gave Ellen a sort of knowing smile as she left us to enjoy our time together. I felt as if she gave me the once over too. It was as if she knew everything that had happened between Ellen and I. I watched her as she walked away to seat other customers. She was quite a bit shorter than Ellen and a little heavier in the waist. She had blond hair, which hung just above her shoulders. Her tits were smaller than Ellen’s but still looked like a good handful. The dress that she wore was down to the floor, but the slit, which went a few inches above her knee, made visible a very sexy pair of legs. Her ass was flat but had a nice, jerky motion, when she walked. Ellen smiled at me as I stared and said, ” Not bad, huh Dave. How would you like to fuck her?”

“Right now, you’re more than enough for me to handle,” I replied, as I spied the hostess bending over to talk to another young man. That flat ass looked pretty good in that position. I could make out the lines of her panties, hugging her hips, showing where her inviting ass was. My cock started to stiffen once more. Ellen had planted quick growing seeds into my brain. “Two like you could kill a guy.”

“Can you think of a better way of going?” she asked as she sipped from her glass of water. ” It’s something to think about.”

I didn’t pursue this line of talk, not daring to find out where it might lead. Our waiter was a young guy, maybe a little older than me. I watched with amusement, as Ellen playfully flirted with him, as he served our dinner. She had the knack of always making him reach across her body to do something for her, giving him an excellent view down the front of her dress. One time, she nonchalantly lifted her skirt far up on her leg while he was refilling her water, showing off her inviting thighs and making him spill some water onto the table. I could see the bulge in his pants as he moped up the damage. Ellen smiled at me, knowing quite well what she was doing to him.

“Does your teasing turn you on?” I asked quietly when our waiter left.

“It makes me very hot David. It makes me wet. Would you like to see how wet?” she asked seriously. ” Why don’t you slide over here and feel how wet I am?”

I moved over and sat next to Ellen, hoping that no one would see what I was about to try to do. I dropped a fork to the floor next to Ellen’s feet. I reached down with my hand, pretending to search for the fork. I eased my hand up Ellen’s leg, letting it slip under her dress and going for her crotch. I glided my hand up her smooth inner thigh until I reached her panties. I could feel the dampness on the material. I pushed her panties aside with my fingers and felt for the slit of her pussy. I found it and pushed my fingers into her. Ellen moved only slightly as my finger felt the slipperiness of her cunt’s fluids. My cock was as hard as a steel rod again, the adventure of what I was doing and my desire to fuck Ellen, having its effect on my cock.

I rubbed her clit and Ellen leaned over to whisper in my ear. ” Stop it David or I’ll fuck you on this table, right now, in front of everyone here.”

I took my hand from Ellen’s clit, not believing that she would do what she said, and not wanting to find out either. I picked up the fork, and as I straightened out my body and sat up, I was shocked to see our hostess standing at the table, looking at me and smiling the way Ellen did.

“Did you find what you were looking for sir?” she asked in a very pleasant, and yet all-knowing voice.

“Uh, kaş escort yes,” I said as calmly as I could. My hard cock immediately deflated, as I felt that I had been caught. I held up the fork and said, “Dropped it.”

“I noticed you struggling, and thought that I might be able to help you,” she said, still smiling that knowing smile I had become so used to seeing on Ellen’s face.

“David is very talented for such a young man,” said Ellen.

Her voice came out of nowhere. I was caught off guard. I was so busy trying to save my ass that I had completely forgotten that Ellen was there.

“David never ceases to amaze me at what he can do,” she continued. “I’m sure David could handle almost anything that I presented to him. Isn’t that right David?”

“Uh, I suppose,” was the best answer I could think of.

“Well, you’re very fortunate to have a man like him Ellen,” she replied. She leaned over and said softly to us, ” I wish I could find a man like him. Would you mind sharing him?”

Ellen leaned her head back and chuckled, her tits bouncing ever so slightly. I noticed her nipples were very hard.

“Maybe, under the right circumstances,” she said. ” He is worth a lot to me. I wouldn’t want to leave him in the wrong hands.”

“I promise I wouldn’t damage the goods,” she said laughing.

I could see the hostess’s hard nipples through her dress too.

“What is going on,” I wondered to myself. ” These two are talking like long, lost friends, about me, as if I were something they could trade back and forth. And how did she know Ellen’s name?”

The hostess left, saying something to Ellen I didn’t hear, as my mind tried, with little success, to evaluate what had just occurred. Ellen just sat and smiled at me as if nothing had really happened.

Our waiter finally came back to clear out table and bring us our check. His hard-on had disappeared and he tried to avoid Ellen as much as possible. Ellen told me that she needed to use the bathroom and left me alone at the table. I paid our bill, with the money that my mother had given to me, and waited for Ellen to return. I thought that I noticed the hostess enter the ladies room also, but I wasn’t really sure that it was. Ellen finally returned, and as we got up to leave, I began to think of what was in my near future. All I wanted was to get back to Ellen’s room and start fucking her. As we left the restaurant, Ellen told me that she wanted to go to the gift shop.

“I saw something in there that I thought I might want to buy,” she told me

Any delays, at this point in time, were monumental. I wanted to fuck; Ellen wanted to shop. We walked to the gift shop as I checked my watch. I knew I would have to go home tonight. I had only a couple of hours left, before my fairy tale carriage would turn into a pumpkin, just as Cinderella’s had. Ellen took her time browsing as I waited impatiently. Half an hour went by.

Finally she said, ” O.k., let’s go.”

“Aren’t you going to buy something,” I asked.

“No. Let’s go,” she said, as if I was crazy thinking that she wanted to but something.

We made our way to the elevators and waited as one came down for us. My mind was still whirling over what had happened in the restaurant with the hostess. I remembered that she had called Ellen by her name.

“How did the hostess know your name Ellen?” I asked in a puzzled tone.

Ellen continued to watch the numbers of the elevator go down as she answered. ” She called me by name? I don’t remember.”

“Yes,” I said. ” She called you Ellen.”

“Maybe she got my name from the hotel registry. She knew what room had made the reservation, right David,” Ellen answered in a confident tone.

Ellen had that knowing smile on her face as the elevator doors opened and the people from within filed out. I accepted her answer without reservations as we entered the elevator alone and the doors shut behind us. I pushed the button for the top floor and felt the car begin to rise. Ellen stood in front of me, as close as she could.

“Going up,” she said in a very playful tone.

She rubbed my cock until it was hard once more. I held her close and kissed her, forgetting about all that was cluttering my mind from dinner. Ellen pushed her tongue hungrily into mine as I held her soft tit in my hand. I pulled her tit from her shirt and began to suck on her nipple. Ellen tilted her head back and moaned as she felt my tongue play with her nipple. I reached down and pulled her skirt up as fast as I could. I finally was able to find her panties and push them aside, so I could touch her wet pussy. I slid a finger into her warm cunt and felt her soft insides envelope my finger. I pulled my finger from her cunt and brought it to her mouth. Ellen sucked my finger and moaned, as she tasted her own juices.

Ellen brought her face to my ear and said softly as she breathed deeply, ” I’ve arranged for a little surprise for you. I’m taking a pretty big gamble, but I hope you’re pleased. No matter what, give it a chance and I’m sure you’ll be happy.”

“For you, I’ll try anything,” I said, as I kissed her gently over her face. ” Like I’ve been saying, you’ve never been wrong so far. I trust your judgment.”

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