Mr. D and the Babysitter Pt. 02

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(For readers outside Australia, a few notes: University = College. Colleges are the residential halls attached to Universities. Mobile = Cell Phone. We drive on the left side of the road so we drive on the right side of the car. Summer begins on December 1. Chips = potato crisps, unless they are hot and then they = French Fries. Bathers have different names even in Australia = togs = swimmers = board shorts for swimming. In Australia we wear thongs on our feet = flip flops. That is ‘thongs’ plural. ‘Thong’ could be one of those items of footwear but increasingly is also used for that item of underwear which has barely a string between the bum cheeks and a tiny triangle of cloth in front. We use metric measurements and Celsius for temperature.)

In ‘Mr D and the Babysitter’ I set the scene for this and other stores to come. This story picks up where the last one left off. I will start with a summary, but why not go back and read the whole story! The taboo/incest aspect will develop. Let me know what you think.

All persons in this story involved sexually are aged at least 18 years.


My wife, Debbie, died in a tragic accident when we had only been married for two years. She was finally pregnant with what would have been our first child but her second. When we married she had a beautiful three year old daughter, Sarah, whose father had died when she was about one. So each other was all we had. The teenager, Rachel, from next door began caring for Sarah and spent a lot of time at our house over the next two years. When she graduated from secondary school, just after she turned eighteen, she came to live with us because her parents moved interstate to expand their business. So then all we had was the three of us, which is where this story begins. But just before the decision was made for Rachel to stay with me I had walked in on her one night and seen her almost naked. She saw my reaction and, after she moved in, we both confessed that we had been so aroused that night that we masturbated thinking about each other. The first morning when Rachel was living in our house that went a lot further, and we looked forward to ‘so much more’.


Rachel lifted herself off the bed and threw her short, thin cotton nighty on again. “Just in case Sarah is awake,” she said. I was in bliss. We had just begun what promised to be an extraordinary connection. Watching Rachel’s naked bum peeking out beneath the nighty as she left the room brought me to attention again – you know what I mean. If Sarah had woken then I couldn’t walk out like this, so I went and had a tepid shower. Cold showers are a bit much really.

What had come up went down at least enough to be tucked inside jocks and jeans and covered with an oversize t-shirt. Just as well. When I entered the kitchen Sarah and Rachel were sitting up at the bench chattering away. Sarah was SO excited that Rachel was now living with us. She had missed her terribly during the past month when Rachel had been completing her exams then partying with friends to celebrate the end of 12 years of schooling.

Rachel would stay with us, we expected, while she went to University, but that did not start for nearly four months, so we would have plenty of time to all get to know each other better. Rachel had not wanted to stay in one of the University Colleges and staying with us was a solution which worked for her (now absent) parents, for Rachel, for Sarah and clearly now for me.

Just in case you are thinking that I was some old pervert, Rachel was eighteen and I had turned twenty four earlier that year. So our ages were not that different. But I had already been to University (an early starter because I skipped a couple of years on my way through school). I had graduated with a degree in IT not long after I had met Debbie, Sarah’s mum. A friend and I established a personal home security business. I did the IT. He did the installations. That took off so well that we already had a few guys working for us and the bank balance was looking very healthy. What we offered was secure, top quality and at a price which gave excellent service and a great margin of profit for us.

It helped as well that Debbie had significant assets when we married. She was five years older than me and had some family money behind her. All that came to me, including the house where we lived. I didn’t describe the house before but we have a nice plot of 2500 sqm. The house has the master bedroom, 2 lounge areas, large fully equipped kitchen, triple carport, my study and three other bedrooms. Sarah had one of those bedrooms and Rachel now had the bedroom on the other side of the bathroom which connected to both rooms. The other bedroom was set aside to be Rachel’s study for when she went to Uni, so even though we were only three we sort of filled the house!

Outside there was lots of garden and more lawn than I could mow in my spare time. Perth has a great climate and ataşehir escort everything grows well here, so I had someone come in every couple of weeks to keep all that under control, for what I could not do myself. And there was the pool, the spa alongside and the covered area. All surrounded by high fences. Our neighbours were mostly nice but I like privacy. I had also installed a full set of cameras inside and out to keep us safe.

The girls had both finished school for the year and so we all tossed around ideas of what we would do in the days ahead. Sarah, at seven years old (nearly eight), had the loudest voice but the alliances kept shifting. Getting hair and nails done had two votes against me. Going bowling had two votes against Sarah. The same with bushwalking, though Sarah did agree that if it wasn’t TOO long and if I promised to carry her if she got tired then a short walk might be ok. The area around Perth has some fantastic walks and beautiful scenery, so I would make sure that happened sometime.

Getting ice-cream was, of course, three votes all, though that didn’t actually count as an activity. In the end the other ‘fully agreed’ suggestion was the beach. Cottesloe beach has gentle waves at this time of year, soft sand, and the added bonus of great ice-cream nearby. While we had been discussing what to do I remade breakfast (my coffee and toast so generously made for me by Rachel that morning had been set aside as we tasted each other instead) and made sure that both Sarah and Rachel started the day with some sustenance.

The girls headed off to have brief showers, find their bathers, and get ready to go out. I cleaned up the dishes and frankly I was happy to have a moment to breathe and focus. Sarah had been chatting away blissfully unaware that Rachel was almost completely naked beside her in just a very thin short nighty. I was completely and deeply aware and my pulse was racing so I needed a moment to be calm before we headed out.

I packed a few essentials, sunscreen, a beach blanket and shade, Sarah’s favourite beach ball and bucket of tools for making sand castles, and some drinks and chips. I found my bathers and was all packed and ready when the girls appeared. Sensibly they both had put other shorts and t-shirts on over their bathers. Thongs on their feet, hats on their heads we were ready to go!

It was already 25 degrees and promised to get up to 35 by mid-afternoon, so heading out in the morning was a good idea. We could have a swim, play a bit, get some lunch at Cottesloe then back home again.

Since school holidays had not yet started for many children there were plenty of car parks and plenty of space on the beach. We set ourselves up and decided to start with a swim. I had been wondering what sort of swimsuit Rachel would have. I remembered from the previous summer that she had a shapeless one piece that didn’t quite fit and wasn’t all that noteworthy. Sarah had a one piece of course and was already running around calling for us to get down to the water. My board shorts were thankfully made of thick enough fabric that I thought that if I had any reactions they would not be very obvious. Best to be prepared. And just as well I was!

Rachel peeled off her t-shirt to reveal a beautiful red bikini top which hugged her breasts so well that it was like a second skin. Having caressed those breasts with my eyes and seen her nipples up close just a couple of hours earlier I knew exactly what was barely covered by that thin cloth. Then she took off her shorts and my jaw must have nearly hit the sand. She had her back to me and at first I thought she was naked! Then she turned and I saw that the bottom half of the bikini was a thong with the tiniest of triangles which barely covered anything. This was going to be a hard day! I knew that Tracy (Rachel’s mum) would never have allowed her to buy such a skimpy outfit. She must have bought it while celebrating the end of school with her friends.

I immediately looked around because I didn’t want to have to be fighting off yobbo guys who might be drawn by Rachel’s near naked beauty. But there were few people around and no one seemed to be paying any attention, at least at the moment. With Sarah between us joining hands we walked down to the edge of the surf and into the water. The gentle decline of the sand under the waves meant that there was an area close to the edge where it was safe for Sarah to paddle, though out further the sand dropped away steeply and could be dangerous at times.

We splashed around at the edge of the surf. Having Sarah with us we could not go out deep into the water. I kept thinking it would be fun and so easy to touch Rachel under water, and even to make love (though we hadn’t gone that far yet) here in front of all the people on the beach.

I must have let those thought get too carried away because Sarah asked me “Daddy are you ok? You look like you have a pain.” Rachel smiled at kadıköy escort bayan me. She knew exactly what was going on. Then, to my embarrassment Sarah pointed at my groin and said “It looks like you have a lump in your pants. Are you ok?” Her voice was now showing real concern. All that might seem very strange in so many ways but I knew what was going through Sarah’s mind. It was nothing sexual. She had lost a father she never knew before her first birthday and then her mother died in a car crash when she was only five. Now she was seven years old. We had talked often about her being afraid that I would leave her too. It was what prompted some of her nightmares. She was worried that I would die or go away and so if anything seemed wrong it would really concern her.

That was enough to take all the excitement away and the ‘lump’ less obvious. Rachel had been laughing but she realised the seriousness and she picked Sarah up and cuddled her and said “Don’t you worry. Daddy is fine and he is not going anywhere. Neither am I!” Sarah trusted Rachel and so if she said everything was fine then it had to be fine. Over Sarah’s shoulder Rachel shot me a look of compassion and concern and understanding.

By the way, in case you had missed it, I wasn’t really Sarah’s father. I was her step-father, but the only dad she had ever known and when she called me ‘Daddy’, as she did now all of the time, that always warmed my heart.

“Ice cream time!” declared Rachel. She knew what would help to break the sad mood even further. As we had our towels and other things set up on the beach I left Rachel and Sarah there to begin creating a sand masterpiece while I went in search of ice creams.

By the time I returned with three cones they had created the beginning of a Disney Castle and Sarah was announcing “I am the princess and I say it has to be like this!”

“Here you are, princess Sarah. Dust that sand off your hands and then you can have this.” She squealed, wiped the sand off quickly then started licking the strawberry lines which were already running down the side of the cone. Rachel and I sat and enjoyed our cones, our eyes locked together. I noticed with disappointment that Rachel had put her shorts on again but still had just the sheer bikini top.

We stayed for a while longer, adding crenelated towers to the sand masterpiece (at least that is how we imagined the lumps of sand to be), kicking the blow-up plastic ball up and down the beach, chasing each other and enjoying the sun. In all of our excitement we had forgotten to apply sunscreen. In some places and for some of the year that might not be serious but here in Perth in late November I knew that we would all end up with some sunburn. At least we had been wearing hats which protected our faces a bit.

As lunch had been promised we stopped at Maccas on the way home. Not very nutritious but a treat occasionally is ok. Mostly we were careful about cooking healthy meals ourselves. Sitting out the back of our house, as we were still a bit sandy, we munched our way through burgers (Sarah had a small pack of nuggets), string fries and watery sweet soft drinks.

“Shower time!” I announced.

“I will help Sarah”, Rachel offered, and they headed inside to the bathroom which they share. Since they were gone I peeled off my bathers, rinsed them under the tap and walked naked into the house towards my bedroom. I was nearly there when Rachel appeared in the hallway. “Mmmmmmm” she said sexily, rolled her eyes then dashed past me to the kitchen. She explained: “Sarah did get a bit sunburnt so I will put on some lotion for her.” Then with a wink she looked back at me and said “I think we both might need a little lotion applied too!”

After showering off the sand and the salt I threw a light robe around myself and lay on the bed. It must have been all that fresh air and exercise and perhaps a little sunburn but I drifted off to sleep. I started dreaming that I was swimming out at sea and something came up under the water, underneath me. Whatever it was it was stroking my legs. Then higher and higher until my cock was being stroked and stroked and I could feel myself swelling. Then, since I thought I was under water it didn’t surprise me that my cock started to feel wet as it was being stroked all around. And hot. Perhaps it was a warm patch of water. Or …

I began to surface from my sleep and looked down the bed to where Rachel had my cock deep inside her mouth, moving her head up and down in long slow caresses. Now that I was more aware I could feel her tongue and teeth dancing on my cock as she sucked me. At least this time I knew I could last for longer and I lay, watching her and being blown away (literally) by the waves of excitement and the exquisite pleasure.

Rachel sensed that I was now awake, glanced up at me and smiled, which looked a little odd as her mouth was full of my cock. Not that I wanted her to stop for any reason. escort maltepe Having my full attention she began to suck me more enthusiastically. And deeper. I am not huge but still a reasonable size. Rachel eventually, even though briefly, took the whole of my length into her mouth and throat, then (since she needed to breath!) went back to sucking and licking while her hands fondled my balls. I was in heaven and after about 20 minutes of this wonderful treatment I could feel that inevitable tensing in my balls.

“Rachel. I am about to …” but the warning was too late. And from her comments this morning she wasn’t going to stop at all. As I came, spurting into her mouth, she sucked me harder, swallowing everything. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh Rachel. Thank you. Thank you.” I cried.

Then a moment of reality set in. “What about Sarah? What if she walks in on us?” I asked.

Rachel barely hesitated from continuing to ‘clean me up’ by licking the last of my cum from my cock and balls, but said “All good. After her shower and putting on some lotion she decided that she was tired and so she went for a nap. That was when I came in here and found you also napping. I hope it was ok to wake you up like that!”

“Ok? OK? That was amazing! No question or apology needed. That was really awesome. But I am aware that I have been neglecting you a little.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you have now licked me twice and I have not yet returned to favour.”

By this time Rachel had slid up the bed and was lying beside me. Naked. Her robe had been left at the base of the bed when she had begun to ‘wake me up’. I tossed my robe aside and kissed her on her forehead. Then between her eyes. Then on the end of her nose. Then a long passionate kiss with my tongue exploring inside her mouth. I hadn’t forgotten that her mouth had just been filled with my cum but this was no time to be worried about that. It wasn’t that bad actually, to be honest.

I kissed her cheeks then her neck then that hollow at the base of her neck. Rachel lay back and alternated between watching me kiss down her body and lying back with her eyes closed and a blissful look on her face. I kissed down into the valley between her breasts and, even though I had been drawing a straight line so far, I diverted to lick across the smooth mound of each breast, pausing to suck each nipple into my mouth and tweak it with my tongue. That was a diversion which took some time, especially as each time I sucked and tweaked Rachel moaned deeply with pleasure.

Returning to my downward path I kissed across her belly, swirling my tongue in her belly button along the way. Quickly I shuffled my body down and around on the bed so that I was lying between her legs. Then I continued kissing and licking further down. I had glimpsed and felt earlier that Rachel was completely smooth. She must have shaved or waxed ready for whatever was going to happen once she moved in with me. Or perhaps that was just how she liked it to be.

I kissed very slowly down over her mons until my bottom lip touched the top of her slit. Then I let my tongue begin to swirl around and side to side, each swirl a little lower, until I was swirling circles around her clit. The moans from the top of the bed were constant now so I knew I was doing the right thing. I pressed my lips in and sucked her clit gently into my mouth, holding her and sucking just so that she could feel the pressure drawing her between my lips. I could feel my chin getting wet so, in so many ways, Rachel was letting me know that this was good.

Her legs were spread wide apart and I moved my head lower. First I planted kisses across her inner thighs, her pussy lips, her clit and even deep below on her perineum. Then I began long slow deep licks up and down between her pussy lips. My tongue was wide so that the sensation would be felt across the whole of her pussy. I put my hands under the cheeks of her bum to raise her up a little and continued to lick. When my tongue lapped across her puckered hole she shuddered. I paused to ask “Too much?”

“Not at all,” she said quickly. “That felt lovely and tingly and so naughty. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop!”

So, obediently, I continued. Long slow licks from her anus to her clitoris (to use the Latin names which I learned when I decided some parts of anatomy class really were worth the attention!). As I licked my saliva was surely making her wet but she was adding to it as well. With each lick past her hot vaginal opening I could feel my tongue getting wetter.

I have not been intimate like this with many women in my life. Rachel is only the fifth. The fumblings with three girlfriends at Uni were not very successful or satisfying. Perhaps we were all too inexperienced. Perhaps it was just me. Then I met and married Debbie and since she died I had just been ‘looking after myself’ (as they say). I mention this now because the thought struck me that each woman who I had ‘tasted’ was different. Overall there is the same slightly salty, rich, wonderful, almost indescribable taste of pussy. But each woman tasted a little different. I wonder if it is the same with guys (a completely random thought that. I am not interested in any research!).

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