Moving On Up

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For those who follow my stories know that I was not involved in sexual play until after I became a widow at the sweet age of fifty-six. I am now sixty-seven and during the intervening eleven years I have made up for lost time so to speak.

After two years of being alone I was no longer comfortable in the house that had been my home for so many years. The memories of my near non-existent sex life for the first fifty six years were no pleasing and therefore I felt I needed to move on. So a new home was in the cards.

Sitting on the back screen porch sipping coffee one morning Karen stopped by. I pointed toward the kitchen to indicate where the coffee was.

She returned coffee in hand, bent down kissed me on the mouth, smiled and took a seat. I told her what I had in mind fro a new home. She said she knew of a nice home for sale just out of town a few miles if I did not mind living out in the country. I had not thought of living out a few miles but some how this strangely appealed to me.

I was still slightly aroused from Don’s attentions but Karen said she had to go. So I watched her go with a tingle in my guys as I reached for the phone.

Two hours later a Lincoln pulled up in my drive way a tall broad shoulder young man got out and walked up to my front door. I accepted his out stretched hand as we made our introductions. Wayne King was twenty six, thirty two years my junior but oh my, what I was thinking gave me goose bumps all over. I almost wish young Mr. King could see my nipples getting hard.

It was a warm Fall afternoon, sunny with a few clouds floating by lazily as we cross Deer cheek bridge. Up a grade around a bend and then we stopped at a gate. Wayne pulled out wireless control and the gate swung open affording us entry. This property at one time had been the Stark farm many hundreds of acres now sub divided in to small ten and twenty acres Farms. I was a going to look at the Stark house set in the middle of ten acres facing high way twelve. It was also fenced and gated; so out came a second remote.
I waited for Wayne to come around to open my door. I wanted him to see my legs as I twisted around to get out. One good asset I still had were a great pair of legs. I of course would make sure my skirt hitched up far enough to give Mr. King a good long look at my Lilly white thighs. After all how often does a beautiful young black man get to look at an older lady’s thighs?

My skirt came up even higher than I had planed so Mr. King got to see a slightly darken area between my legs shaded by a pair of thin pink panties. Oh, yes there was a wet spot there also. I was sure he saw that too.

I guess I was doing every thing on purpose because I opened my legs and paused for a few seconds to allow him a good look and I wanted him to get the idea I could be had if her played his cards right. Looking up I saw the beginning of a smile on his wide mouth. I smiled back and got out. I walked ahead of him toward the house. I walked slowly so he could get a good look at my ass and hips. At the door I stopped and let him reach around me to unlock it. I made sure he got a cheap feel of my breast as I turned to give him room to open the door. For one second he allowed his hand to brush my tit. I though at that moment my panties got wetter.

For the next fifteen minutes my attention was on the house and the layout. We went out the back door through the kitchen and stood on a wide back porch, not screened like mine but I felt it could be screened easily enough. A gazebo stood off a few years from the corner of the porch. I was octagon in shape with glass windows. Once we entered Wayne showed me how the windows could be lowered to make it a nice out door spa hot tub and gazebo. It really was a marvelous house and grounds. I had already made up my mind to buy but was going to let this marvelous young hunk of human flesh sell me on it. I even hoped he wanted to show me just how much he wanted to sell this property.

We reentered the house through the kitchen. I walked to a bench seat by the back window. It was a lovely view and a really nice place to sit with one’s morning coffee.

Wayne came over and put one foot up on the bench and leaned forward to gaze out the window. “Wonderful view.” He said as he turned to look down at me.

I had my gaze fixed on his crotch and I thought I saw the out line of a hard cock. I reached over to check and darn if I was not right.
“Did I do this?” I asked smiling back at him.

“Guess so. You’re the only one here that has been showing off her tits and ass all-day for me to see.” He said.

I felt his cock swell in my hand. He put his foot down and stood there facing me. I was still smiling up at him as I unzipped his trousers. A second later I held a nice hard cock in my hand. It was dark brown with a shinny lighter skin covering a long pointed tip. There was moistness at the tiny mouth. Then as I milked it a few times a drop of semi-clear fluid appeared. I moved closer canlı bahis and licked that tiny drop of fluid away.

His cock jumped in my hand. I milked it a few more times and a second drop of fluid appeared and this time I not only licked it away but took half of his cock in my mouth. Wayne moaned and thrust his hips forward driving his cock deeper into my mouth.

I welcomed his cock and jerked his ass forward making him fuck my mouth. I was jerking on his cock while sucking it deep in my mouth.

He said “Suck my black cock you white bitch. I’ll blow y our fucking brains out. Suck it, you cocksucker. Oh, shit I am cumming.”

Wayne was not over large in the cock department and I took his cock easily deep while he cum for me. His sperm was warm, sweet and thick. There was an endless stream of cum being pumped into my eager mouth. I sucked, drank and sucked some more.

His cock never went limp it just went dry. He pulled me to my feet and turned me around. Up went my skirt, down went my panties and in went the cock filling my pussy to the hilt. It was so strange there I was looking out the window at this lovely view with a wonderful stiff cock fucking me. I closed my eyes and could see his lovely black cock going in and out of my whiter and pink pussy. I could still taste his cum in my throat and this together with his banging away soon had me screaming that I was cumming. Of course I cum easy and often when ever I get fucked.

Wayne cum again and together with his load and my own my cunt was dripping wet. Panties replaced and skirt straightened I walked out to the car. Wayne followed smiling from ear to ear. After all he had just sold me a house and collected his commission all at the same time.
It was late and when he dropped me at my house I gave him a check for the deposit. He left smiling and I went up to my room to shower and relax after all I had wanted to get fucked all day and this worked out just fine.

After my shower I felt better and was again horny as hell. The hotel Stark sounded like a nice place to go. It was the local watering hole for swingers, lesbians and business guys looking to get laid free before going home to dinner with his wife and kids. Any of the listed drinkers was okay with me.

My push up bra, a tight short skirt and a blouse with a drop down neck line should do the trick. Well not that kind of trick as I don’t change for my sex.

My drink was set in front of me at the end of the bar. There were five stools down here and I took the middle one. A few minutes later an older man sat down next to me. He was well dressed and handsome. I like older men as they are close to my age and most don’t try to fuck me to death.

But a moment later a younger man dressed in jeans and kit shirt sat on the other side. When my drink was getting low each of my new friends offered to buy me a drink.

The drinks flowed, the jokes came and we three laughed. When the older man named Cameron went off to the restroom Stan the younger guy asked me to slip off with him and go to his room. I told him it might be more fun it Cameron joined us. Stan looked at with a strange look in his eyes for only a second and then he smiled. I smiled back at him.

Twenty minutes later the three of us were naked as the day we were born on a king size bed. I was in the center of the bed with a cock in each of my hands while each of my friends held a nipple in theirs mouth. I felt two different hands rubbing my clitoris and two different fingers spreading the lips of my pussy. God I never thought this day was going to be this wonderful when I woke this morning.

Rolling up on all fours I took Stan’s cock in my mouth while Cameron moved around behind me. I love to suck cock, and I love to feel a cock fucking me doggie style. So it is only reasonable to assume that if I enjoyed both at the same time it would be really wonderful and it was.

Cameron shot a warm stream of sperm up my cunt. It seemed endless and turned me on so I started to climax when Stan shot off in my mouth.

Stan showered and ran off. Cameron waited like a gentleman and talked as we waited for Stan to leave. I guess this is why I like older men they are not in such a rush and they seem to care about how the woman feels after sex.

Cameron and I were both naked as we talked. If felt comfortable and some how natural. So I went over to him where is was sitting in a chair. I kneeled down in front of him. It was no surprise but he started to react at once. Even before I reached for his cock it started to lift its’ little head.

There were not words as I milked his cock hard and lowered my mouth down over it. I could taste the dried cum on it mixed with my own. I licked it clean and then lowered my mouth down over his cock as far as it would go. I did not take it into my throat but it did hit way back in there and the head pressed hard to the roof of my mouth. Cameron cringed and wiggles I both delight and extreme lustful pleasure. For bahis siteleri some reason I wanted Cameron to experience the same thing Stan had. So I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his cock while I held his balls in my hand. I love to suck cock and I love the feel of warm sperm flowing into my mouth. Not all cum is sweet but every once in a while it is and this was one of those times. I was sweet, warm and very thick. I loved it and swallowed it all, then finished by licked his cock clean.

I had to laugh Cameron was nearly passed out as I got up and walked to the shower.

I was home again by eleven o’clock. Was late but I called Karen any way and she answered on the second ring. Her voice was not quite normal so I assumed she had been drinking. I listened and she jabbered so with out telling her about my day I hung up.

I sat in my sleeping T-shirt in the screen porch when Karen came out of my kitchen coffee in hand.

“Wilda; you got fucked yesterday and that is why you called last night. You were going to tell me all about it.” Karen smiled waiting for an answer.

“Well as matter of fact. Yes that was my reason for calling. You know I like to keep you informed. “I said.

I started my story of the previous day with the house showing and how I had sucked off the young black salesman. Karen had that look in her eyes that told me she was getting excited.
When I returned tot eh porch with the pot of coffee we each warmed up our cups. Karen was sitting on the ottoman and I sat on the bench seat. I let my sleep shirt slide up so my pussy was clearly viable to Karen’s eyes. I even went so far as to lift a foot and rest a heel on the edge of the bench. My pussy gapped open and I could tell the pink pussy lips were puffed out all shinny and wet.

When I got to the part where I got up on all fours so I could take Stan’s cock in my mouth. Well this was too much for Karen. She could no longer control herself and with out warning she slipped to the floor leaned forward and the next thing I knew her tongue was in my cunt.

“God Karen you do know how to please a girl. This is just what I really needed. I did get fucked and I did suck off three guys in one day but no one came to my aid and licked my dear old pussy. Karen you are the best friend.” I stopped talking then as she rammed a finger up my ass and another into my pussy right next to her tongue. This girl could lick a pussy better than any one else I ever met.

My body shuttered with joy as she rammed a finger deep in my ass. She squeezes my clit between her lips and wiggled a finger in my cunt. I was about to cum, I was on the wave of lust and my body was ready to burst with a scream of joy. Then my own mouth tingled, my mouth rolled around a hard cock. I was feeling young Mr. Wayne’s cock ready to burst forth in my mouth. I could feel his cock in my mouth just like it had yesterday. I could taste his warm sperm flow across my tongue. I swallowed and tasted it all over again. My cunt was spurting my life juices on Karen’s face and in her mouth but I was thinking go that wonderful cock I had sucked yesterday.

Karen had gone with only a promise of pay back later this week when we both were going to a swinging party. Some how the thought of others watching me as I repaid Karen for her attentions of today made me even hornier. I especially like it when men watched me lick a wet pussy all dripping with male cum. It was always hot to have a horny husband get behind me and fuck me as I licked his wife’s juicy cunt after he had fucked her. Or in the case of Hubert James and wife it was his son’s cum I had licked from his wife’s cunt while Hubert watched his son fuck me doggie. That was a wonderful night. My first with the James and much to our mutual pleasure we have been together a few times since. The James family will be at the swinging party this weekend. How very nice.

I slipped lower into my hot bath and let my mind dream of things to cum, and cum and cum…
A girl should always show off her best assets. I thought this as I bent over to let my forty double DD’s fall into my new bra. This bra pushed them up and together giving me cleavage all the way to my throat. Well maybe not that high but it was visible about my low neck line and tight waist line. My panties were with out a crotch. So with this in mine I felt as if I was ready to go to the party.

I parked my Jaguar off on the grass behind Karen’s Lincoln. There were six other cars in the driveway. This was going to be a very good party.

I walked around to the back to see where all the laughter was coming from. The patio doors were open and music was coming from inside the house. Two couples were standing on the deck around the pool laughing. I was at once Linda Allen was there and she was always good for a laugh. Linda had been a bartender once and she knew a thousand sexy/ dirty jokes. I heard only “Well excuse me sir, I only suck cock.” This group laughed out load as I approached.

I bahis şirketleri was hugged and kissed by both men. One was Fred Allen Linda’s husband the other was Tom Miller. Linda also gave me a kiss and I happily returned her warm affections. Tom’s wife Rose was slight, with smallish tits and a very trim figure. She only hugged me. We were not friends but we knew one another.

I turned to go to the house and Fred said “Later Baby” I returned his smile and knew what he had in mind. Linda his wife is a pretty girl with short dark hair. Nice tits but she had a wide ass. Fred is a small guy with a smallish dick so he loved to fuck an asshole. Linda has come to love her ass fucked and I am sure this night will be no difference Linda will get fucked in the ass several times. As will I but my ass is not as broad as hers. Linda don’t like to suck cock so I will take care of that for her and maybe some time later Linda will lick my cunt to get her share of male cum. She is a strange girl she don’t suck cock often but she will lick a cunt dripping with cum. Oh, well to each his own…

I spotted Karen across the room talking to Denny Wheeler. Denny is a small business owner and a nice guy. He is a widower in his sixties. But don’t kid your self he can get it up and give a girl a great fuck. I know.

Denny is shorter than Karen but he has always seemed to enjoy her as well as me. Karen and I did a threesome with Denny once at his place out by the lake. He did well with the both of us and I really enjoyed him. With Karen’s help he got in my ass and for some strange reason it was very pleasant and I climaxed along with him. I think Karen and I both like Denny more than we should.
Rheba and Tony Bourdine are the hosts for this evening activities and Tony was waving every one to come in as dinner was being served. I checked the couples off. Fred and Linda, Tom and Rose Miller, Denny along with Karen and I were the three singles and of course our hosts. Nine was a nice round number for a get together of this kind.

The dinner was catered and when that bunch left then I felt things would move on in the direction we had all planed.

Rheba sat at one end of the table with her husband Tony at the other. Fred and Linda sat across the table from one another as did Tom and Rose. So it was male, female down both sides of the table with an empty chair across from me. Or so it seemed right up to the moment Mr. King entered the room. He kissed Mrs. Bourdine the cheek and apologized for being late.

I smiled at Wayne and he gave me a toothy grin and winked at me. Gee, my dreams were going to come true or is that cum true. My pussy was cramping, my asshole tingled and my nipples were so hard they hurt. To say nothing of my mouth wanting to roll around a stiff cock. Oh, yes this evening was going to be a wonderful night for lust and sex.

Karen turned and introduced herself to Wayne. He of course did not know at the time that I had told Karen about sucking him off at the house I had just bought. As they talked I do believe Karen reached over and placed a hand in his lap. “Bad girl” I thought but approved of her tactic. I could see Karen was already lining up her men for tonight. I don’t plan to far ahead I just let it happen. I guess I am more responsive. Plus I enjoy it more when I let my sexual whims take over. I turned to Rheba and saw a smile on her lips as she watched Karen toying with Wayne. I got the feeling that maybe Rheba might be planning a few move of her own. The only thing was I did not know if she was gong for Wayne and his lovely black cock or Karen and her full lips and a mouth that was so very kissable. Plus a pussy that would give any one that licked it the sweetest juices they will ever taste. Karen was known to give up the nectar of the gods easily and often.

Linda was between Tony and Tom. I know both of these guys and they would be sure to know Linda loves her ass fucked and also enjoys two cocks in her that the same time. I know Linda loves to be sandwiched with a cock up her ass and another in her pussy.

On my side of the table Rose was between Fred and Denny with me next with our hostess Rheba at the end. Fred was showing some interest in Rose and so Denny turned to me and made sure I knew he was looking at my tits. But of course that was the idea when I put this bra on.
Leaning over to Denny I told him I was concerned that our hostess was being neglected. Denny said “Well if you show some interest in her I will kind of join in and see if maybe after dinner we can get a threesome started.”

Well her I was doing just what I did not what to do and that was make plans. “Shit;” I was into this swinging things with the best of them.

The meal was served and during the meal there was some sexual innuendo’s battered about in all good fun. But we all knew it was going to be one hell of a night. This group was hot, lusty and horny as they cum.

The meal out of the way and the servers gone we all move into the very large den where a bar was set up. Denny volunteered to be bartender. Rose and Fred walked over to open French doors. They were making small talk. I knew it was sex talk from the way Rose giggled and moved her leg on his.

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