Movie Night

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He was lying back on the sofa with his arm around me. Lying there on his strong chest, listening to his heart beat always made me feel so safe and warm and protected. He was still watching the movie, but I had lost interest long ago. There were too many characters to keep up with. It was more fun to watch him. The beginnings of wrinkles at the corners of his eyes when he smiled, the way he ran his tongue over his lips every once in a while.

I began slowly running my hand up and down his muscular thighs, then up and across his chest, pausing a moment at his nipples, then back to his thighs. I especially loved the little sighs he didn’t realize he was making. As he continued to watch the movie, I slid up a bit and started slowly kissing his neck while I reached and undid his belt and then his pants.

Using the tip of my tongue, I traced a line from his shoulder to his ear. I took his earlobe in my mouth and gently sucked it as I let my hand steal into the fly canlı bahis of his unzipped pants. He soon became aware that he was making happy noises and it was turning me on. He strained his hips against my hand, but I teased, drawing it back.

I took his face in my hands and kissed his soft lips. First the top one, then the bottom. Gently at first, then hungry. I felt a shiver run through me as his tongue darted out to brush against my lips. I opened and let it slide in, meeting it with mine. I rubbed his thighs again as I began kissing my way down his chest. Light, feathery kisses; wet, slurpy kisses; his clothing acting as a barrier to me. As I tugged on his pants, he raised his hips to help so I could toss them aside.

And there he was in all his splendor, laid out just for me. I paused a moment to admire his hard-on before reaching out and running my fingers down its length. I kept thinking about how good he always made me feel, and now I would get to repay the bahis siteleri favor. I leaned over and kissed the inside of his thighs, then agonizingly slowly working my way up.

When I got to his balls, I kissed them softly. He liked to keep them shaved, but today they had slight stubble, and as I ran my tongue over them, I could feel the hair standing on end. As I stroked my tongue up the shaft, I heard him inhale sharply and I knew I was driving him crazy. I gingerly took the tip of his hardness in my mouth and made little circles with my tongue. I made the slow circles bigger and bigger as I slowly slid down his length until I held most of him in my mouth. What wouldn’t fit, I massaged with one hand while with the other I stroked his balls. Then, just as slowly, to prolong his agony, I slid up his shaft until I was just sucking on the tip again. I turned my head and began licking down and back up on all the sides. Every few strokes I would straighten my head and slide bahis şirketleri it in my mouth again, savoring the smoothness of him against my tongue.

Occasionally I would steal a glance up and catch him watching me, eyes half-open, dreamy smile. He would reach down to brush the hair from my eyes. I returned my attention to his pleasure and it wasn’t long before his eyes closed. He began rocking his hips in rhythm with my stroking, and soon he was making sexy throaty noises and I knew he was close.

With one hand massaging his balls, the other hand pumping the base of his shaft, and the rest of it filling my mouth, I focused all my energy on making him feel as good as possible. I looked up just in time to see him draw his bottom lip between his teeth and begin to chew. That was my cue to suck a little harder and pump a little faster. As I felt him start to shudder, I leaned back and used both hands on him. After a few strokes, I felt his body tensing. He let out a moan, bucked his hips and came all over his belly and my hands. I pulled off my t-shirt to clean him up. And as he pulled me back up against his chest, he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “Damn, honey! I love you so much!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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