Mothers’ Day Weekend Ch. 01

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Aloha friends~

This is my first time writing a preface to a story, just a few things i want to share about this piece:

I started this as a short vignette to take a break from some more involved stories in the works; it took on a life of its own. It relies heavily on character and plot development, so if you are looking for a quick fix, move along; if you can hang in i promise that hot action will be delivered.

This is a story of incestuous love, but primarily the theme i’m working with is female sexual liberation; the main protagonist is a hotwife/milf coming into her full power. And as a wise lady once told me, when mama is happy the whole family is happy.

Several other themes weave thru as the story unfolds: exhibitionism and voyeurism, dominance and submission, lesbianism, cuckoldry and pregnancy risk, anal, and probably more on the way. I hope it provides something special for most readers to enjoy.

And of course, all characters are legal adults at the time this tale unfolds.

Finally, this story is offered in homage to the Divine Mother.


Penny got home early on Friday due to a power outage at work. The office was stifling without AC and all the computers were sleeping on backup power, so everyone got sent home for the day at lunchtime. Penny ate on the drive home, finishing the tuna sandwich she’d packed long before she pulled her car into the garage.

It had been a while since Penny had a day off all to herself. Her husband Marshall was on a service call a couple hours away and wasn’t expecting to be home until well after dark; Melinda, her firstborn, was at college a couple hours away in the opposite direction and said she would probably come over on Saturday as this Sunday was Mother’s Day; and the twins, Ray and Jay, had lacrosse practice after school and usually followed it with dinner out with the team on Friday nites.

Spring was in the air and Penny was feeling frisky; the warm office and pheromones it induced had her a bit high. She decided that with the peace and quiet at home she would get an early start on pampering herself for Mother’s Day weekend and indulge in a self love session in the jacuzzi; those jets on her clit always gave her great orgasms and it would take the edge off until Marshall got home tonite.

Their sex life was great and she was sure he’d want to play after the long trip; he was a very gracious lover even after 24 years. He would probably be especially attentive this weekend as he was a traditional guy who took holidays seriously; his own Mother had passed away just after Mel was born, so Penny was the only Mom he had to give his attention to.

A bottle of blush chablis went in the freezer when she got home; it was past 1pm so she thought it wasn’t too early to get started. Frozen pizza came out to thaw, she didn’t feel like making a meal tonite. Jacuzzi got fired up, temp turned down as it was quite warm out today. Office clothes came off and she hopped in the shower to clean up before retiring to the jacuzzi. She fondled and stroked herself sensually as she lathered and rinsed, a nice easy warmup, she knew how to make love to herself just the way she liked it.

She wished she had a little weed, would be nice to really mellow out, but they’d (mostly) quit when the kids got older; ironically she figured if she wanted to find any these days she’d have to ask them who sold it, reminding herself that since February, her kids were all legally adults. Well, wine would have to do for now, but it made her think, maybe Mel would bring her some for Mother’s Day. She grabbed her phone to send a quick text, insisting that Mel not mention it to the twins.

While she had the phone out she decided to fire up Marshall’s libido a bit with some sexy selfies. She spread out naked on their king size bed and shot a few poses and texted them to her husband.

[whats going on???] was his rapid response.

[got the day off. home alone. wish u were here xoxox]

[! ]

[!! ]

[glad i caught u n got u speechless]

[can hardly wait to get home now!]

[done trouble shooting, just have to locate part]

[hopefully in town here, easy install, be home asap]

[taking lunch now, tracking the part, update soon]


[wanna sext first?]

[i wish, gotta get tracking, c u in the flesh!!]

[maybe after lunch?]

‘Hmmmph’, Penny was a bit put out, but she could understand his reasoning; she was looking forward to more than seeing his flesh. She decided to shave before she started drinking so she’d be nice and fresh to receive him. She lathered and scraped along all those spots she liked to keep silky smooth from ankles to armpits, her glistening lips below getting extra special attention (‘the better to eat you my dear’ she mused), fingers slipping into her moist slit to tauten the skin for her blade, staying to dabble a bit in its wake. Another quick spritz in the shower, enjoying the cool pulse of the esenyurt otele gelen escort handheld on the slightly frictioned tissues.

Wrapping a towel around her waist, she sauntered into the kitchen. She loved the free feeling of her tits bouncing and swaying enencumbered; they were a healthy B-cup that sometimes spilled into C depending on her cycle (such as today when she was approaching ovulation), still plenty perky even at 41 after 3 kids. Marshall simply adored them, enthralled might be a better word. Then again he was crazy for her whole body; she had to admit herself that she’d been given a good package in the genetics department and had done her part to stay fit and trim yet well padded where it matters.

Marshall often called her “my favorite MILF” and delighted in how flustered all the young men buzzing around the house for the past 6 or so years would get in her presence. Some of them even flirted with her a bit, but it had always been respectful and no one got upset. Marshall said it was only fair that her beauty be appreciated and made sure she was not in denial that many of them would jerk off to fantasies of her. Not that she ever dressed or acted slutty with them, but she was pretty casual and easygoing at home and she kinda enjoyed the teasing too.

Penny pulled the chilled wine out of the freezer, popped the cork, sliced some lime wedges (her personal peculiarity) and poured herself a glass, squeezing some lime into it. She unwrapped the pizza, tossed the packaging in the trash, and set it on a tray inside the oven but decided to wait til after her fun to cook it, no desire to set unnecessary time pressure on her play. Wine went in a bucket of ice, lime in a small bowl, and she took them out thru the patio door to the jacuzzi.

The temperature was about right and she was feeling ready; the first glass of wine was kicking in, relaxing. She returned to the bedroom to retrieve her phone in case Marshall was ready to play. It was close to 3pm and no word yet, strange. She was feeling a bit antsy and wanted something to stimulate her more, get her engine revving.

She returned to the patio and snapped a selfie in her towel with tits displayed and the pool in the background. Dropped the towel and slipped into the jacuzzi, shot a high angle with her back arched, showing off her ass above the bubbly surface and a kissy face above topslope of tits, perky nips at attention. Hit send.

[my fave milf!!]

[you busy big boy?] she settled into the water and poured another glass.

[sadly still tracking :(]

[rather be whacking ;)]

‘What a poet’ she giggled to herself.

[guess i’ll have to play by myself for now]

[remember you owe me this weekend]

[couldnt forget!!]

[hurry home hottie!]

[doing my best xoxox]

Well, disappointing but not a disaster; she’d just have to find some other help to stoke her fire. Fortunately she and Marshall had stayed open and explorative and she’d learned some things from him as they shared internet porn over the years. She tapped her browser and typed into the search bar: milf porn hd video.

She’d learned the ‘hd’ would filter for high quality professional videos and ‘milf’ was certainly the genre she could best relate to. Search results loaded and she scrolled for a while looking for something to catch her eye. She drained her glass and poured another, settled her snatch back against a jet, just the right angle to get things moving, and tapped a selection. ‘So happy I got this waterproof case’ she thought as the video loaded and she pressed play.

The scene unfolded as she gently flexed and humped against the flow of the jet. A tall blond with enormous tits was parading around the house in skimpy attire when a young man appeared. Stepson was having dating ‘issues’, needed moral support. She had a brilliant idea, hands on sex-ed! The plot was trite but the action was hot. Penny caught her breath when the young, hung stud had his glory unveiled by his kneeling guardian. “Ohmygod, so fucking gorgeous” she moaned, joining the blond on screen in praising the magnificent appendage before emptying her glass.

More than a bit envious watching it slide into the MILF’s eager mouth, she settled for what oral stimulus she had at hand, grabbing the wine bottle, wrapping her lips around the opening, and wiggling her tongue inside. The wine and the warmth of the water were collaborating with the sexy footage to melt Penny’s mind into a miasma of throbbing lust as the jet did its best to penetrate her slippery folds below. She tipped her head back to suckle on the bottle, briefly entertaining ideas of other exciting potential uses once it was drained.

SonnyBoy was now prone on the kitchen table, StepMILF furiously gagging herself on his turgid member with occasional breaks to take a breath and gobble his gloriously pendulous nutsack. Penny was seething, sweating, nipples painfully tight, esenyurt rus escort breath ragged, throat spasming sympathetically with the spectacle onscreen. She tipped the bottle again, relishing the cool wash in her heated throat. She could feel her inner workings clamping and fluttering as she dragged herself to the high plateau from which she would steadily build to her climax.

StepMILF decided to play cowgirl, the luscious globes of her ass framing her open dripping sex as she settled down onto the pony sized prick of her young ward, spearing it thru her plump, greasy, glistening folds in a slow steady staccato. Penny considered the neck of the wine bottle again, but decided it was just a little too depraved (at least at this moment) so she took another swig, tongued a final swirl around the rim, and stood shakily to deposit it in the bucket.

She shifted to the front wall of the jacuzzi and eased the middle three fingers of her now free hand into her greedy grasping hole, then lowered herself, positioning against the jet there for maximum clitoral stimulation. The wrist angle required to give it clearance was a little awkward but Penny was not the kind of woman to be daunted by minor difficulties, especially not when she was so close to her goal. Her fingers pistoned in time to the frenzied fucking on her phone as the fluid pressure swirling against her clit and labia acted like a magic tongue.

Penny was afire with a rare lust, and the phenomenal prick pumping into the bouncing sexpot on her phone made her ache for something larger than her fingers to touch those deep inner recesses that longed for the caresses of a rampant cock. Flustered and feverish, she hit pause, set the phone down, and scurried in thru the nearby door to the master suite to retrieve her 8″ silicock (the one that she always teased Marshall he needn’t feel jealous of (‘sometimes a girl just needs that extra inch’) and the tube of waterproof lube.

Back at the jacuzzi, Penny clambered anxiously back in, took another swig from the bottle, then flipped the cap and doused her toy with a generous measure of lube. She dropped the lube in the ice bucket next to the near empty bottle, then smeared the greasy goop all over the thick black veiny shaft.

She reached for her phone and fiddled with the video controls, the slime coating her fingers complicating the operation (‘fuck motherfucking touchscreen, don’t fuck with me now!’); she hurriedly wiped her hand and on the towel to remove most of the clingy residue, then rewound to the moment preceding initial penetration, wanting to sync herself with the action.

She noticed the time, 4:18, again lamenting her lack of weed and noting that the twins would be out of class and in practice now; even if they came home for dinner (unlikely) she still had a good hour and a half before they would arrive home. So no need to rush, she could take her time and enjoy this like she wanted to (tho she should get that pizza cooking by 5:15, just in case). Still no update from Marshall (‘hmmmmmph!’) she’d check with him again after she’d serviced her vicious need.

She leaned over the jacuzzi edge and, with a practiced aim, set the tip of her toy to nuzzle her fleshy folds, then she hit play. As the action resumed onscreen, she watched again as StepMILF mounted up for her wild ride, and in perfect timing with her descent, Penny pushed the faux prick into the snug depths of her love canal. ‘Oh holy fuck that’s so good! Just what mama needs!’ her mind proclaimed as she squeezed her thighs and PCs tight to trap the delightful intruder in place and repositioned against the jet.

The firestorm of raging libido inside consumed her as impending ovulation, inebriation, deep penetration, pulsing jets, and a/v fantasy stimulation combined forces to surge her steadily and inevitably along her path to orgasm. Somehow in the midst of it a devious thought slithered into her addled consciousness: ‘I should video my cum for Marshall, that’ll rock his boat and get him racing back here.’ She knew it would take some deft maneuvering and split second timing to make the transition on the cusp of climax, but at this point she was feeling nigh omnipotent as the erotic impulses surged thru her.

As the carnal collisions continued on the screen, Penny kegeled like crazy, pulsing the toy’s tip firmly against her cervix in perfect rhythm with the couple, the three of them linked in a frenzied upward spiral, building for what seemed an eternity encapsulated in several minutes on the counter at the bottom of the video display which was creeping up to the end, so she knew the grand finale was coming soon, and she was ready for it. A fragment of her mind was repeatedly rolling thru the steps required to capture her conclusion while the bulk of her awareness was permeated by the sweaty thrusting, slapping and moaning unfolding before her and the throbbing fullness of her cunt.

And then the moment arrived; as the esenyurt türbanlı escort StepMILF bucked and shrieked her way into her peak performance, her protege’s package pulsed, his hairless hanging scrotum drew tight, and his loving tutor slipped off his cock and slammed back, wedging it firmly in her asscrack where she twerked away on it as it spewed thick spurts of pearly jizz up across her lower back and heaving cheeks.

With the grace of unnamed gods of sexual deviance, Penny executed her mentally practiced digital maneuvers with a speed and precision that would awe veteran gamers, teetering on the edge while tapping homescreen-camera-flip-video-record, then perfectly framing her image on the phone, held straining at armlength as she straightened her back to thrust her pelvis forward and spilled over into an abyss of ecstasy. A high keening wail issued from an extradimensional core of her being as her body was wracked by seizures, humping her hips hectically to mash her mound into the jacuzzi jet as the rippling spasms of her vaginal walls pulled and plunged her silicock mercilessly against the gateway of her womb.

Penny shuddered and twitched frenetically for well over a minute, lips tight in a grimace of unfathomable pleasure, chest heaving in hyperventilation, breasts jiggling, belly and ass clenching, all the while eyes locked on her mirror image, captured with near professional precision. Only then, as the fireworks streaking through her body slowly subsided and sputtered into a rosy electric static that sizzled through every fiber of her nervous system, did her focus widen enough to register the three young men frozen in awe in the open patio door.

As her eyes locked with those of her sons, Penny dissolved into a warm dark nothingness and slumped down and forward onto the edge of the jacuzzi; her phone fell from her grasp and skittered in its shockproof case toward the trio of onlookers, still recording.


“Listen up ladies!” Coach Symmons hollered into the locker room. The rowdy Varsity Lacrosse Team players quickly hushed and turned their attention to the diminutive despot. Tears welled up in his hard eyes as the young men gravitated in a huddle around him like iron filings round a lodestone. “I just got word that my Mama just fell off her walker and broke her hip,” murmured condolences and nervous twitters brought a steely glare that shortly silenced the room, “so’s seein’ as I got to rush out to the re-tirement home now, you little turdknockers are going to lose the privilege of my company for the afternoon. I shouldn’t have to remind you that we have some big matches coming up next weekend, so I expect you all to prioritize your training. Now’s I know you snotbags can’t hardly tighten your own jockstraps without my direct supervision,” hushed silence, “so in honor of Mother’s Day being so illustriously highlighted, today’s practice is cancelled.” Hoots and hollers were dashed by a piercing finger slicing a slow arc around the room, followed closely by his icy glare. “You miscreants better make sure you do something real nice for your Mamas this weekend, and give me 20 laps before you go.”

Coach turned sharply on his heel and the players parted like the Red Sea to let him pass, swarming to finish dressing and head out for the track. The Collins twins were ahead of the pack (as usual), already dressed and eager to fulfill their obligation asap and get on with other recreational endeavors they had planned; the early reprieve was an unexpected boon on an already promising start of the weekend. Their best mate Chase had informed them at lunch that he’d scored a quarter of primo bud and with no matches scheduled this weekend it was a perfect time for the trio to get lit. Thanks to old Ma Symmons they would get an early start; hell, if they busted ass on the run they might even be able to light up at the official 4:20 mark!

As they circled around their first lap, side by side as usual, they pulled up on Chase who was dragging a bit to let them catch him; he picked up his pace and fell in stride alongside them. “20 laps my ass!” he laughed. “Let’s cut loose and get this party started!” He always was looking for the easy way out, not quite as dedicated as the twins, but he was a natural athlete and a lethal agressor on the field, and there was no swaying him once his mind was set.

Jay, a natural negotiator, countered. “Well Coach is always stressing the importance of teamwork; let’s do 20 as a team, we already got 2 covered, and 6 more from each of us will make up the difference.” Jay was the Math whiz as well, interested in majoring in Physics.

“Yeah, a little exercise will open up our lungs for sweet ‘Mary Jane’ too,” Ray added. He had a bit of a sentimental streak and, leaning toward majoring in Sports Medicine, he took his Physiology seriously.

“You two are so whipped,” Chase quipped, “but I guess I’ll play along for the sake of team cohesion.”

The trio pushed each other hard to complete the mile-and-a-half run in under 10 min, then peeled off and sprinted for the locker room.

“Let’s skip the showers and head home,” Ray suggested. “We have the place to ourselves til Mom gets home. We can get high and hit the pool and the jacuzzi and probably pass for straight by the time she gets back, plus there’s plenty of food to cover our munchies.”

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