Mother of the Bride

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Donny and his wife had been delighted when their son announced his engagement and even more delighted when they were introduced to his girlfriend’s mother. Mary was a few years younger than they were and, the more they got to know her, the more they realised how prim and proper she was. She was always friendly and made them very welcome whenever they visited her at home but, as a sexually adventurous couple, they could see that it would take a special effort to seduce their prospective in-law.

Mary’s husband had left her shortly after she had given birth to their daughter and she had never looked at another man since. it wasn’t that she hadn’t had any offers but she was never that interested in sex and she preferred her own company and gave herself to raising her daughter. She was sure that her husband had abandoned them because of her lack of interest in anything sexual and she didn’t blame him really. She was just glad that side of her life was over with.

Now the day of the wedding had finally arrived and, after months of planning, everyone agreed that the day had been perfect. As the two mothers of the happy couple shared yet another glass of champagne and shed yet another joyful tear, Donny saw that it was time to put his plan into action.

Resplendent in a formal Highland outfit, complete with kilt, he had decided to follow the example of all true Scotsmen and to wear nothing beneath the tartan. Smiling to himself that his wife had followed his instructions and had found a quiet corner away from the other guests, he sat down between the two women.

Mary was not used to drinking much alcohol but her glass had never seemed to empty no matter how much she drank during the meal, the toasts and the speeches. As a result she was now more than a little tipsy and surprised Donny and his wife by bursting into a fit of giggles when he sat down. They looked quizzically at their new in-law and gave her a moment to gather herself.

Trying to put on a straight face Mary smiled.

“I’ve been wondering all day if it was true that Scotsmen wear nothing under their kilts,” she managed to say before collapsing into another fit of laughter that was almost childlike.

Now it was Donny and his wife’s turn to smile.

“Why don’t you take a look and find out?” he said to Mary

Instantly the giggling stopped and Mary resumed her righteous attitude that had so tempted the other couple.

“What? Definitely not! I can’t believe you just said that, here, at our children’s wedding reception, surrounded by all our family and friends.”

“Why not? I would love to see what you are wearing under your dress.”

Mary spun round in a panic, frightened in case anyone who knew her had heard Donny’s lewd suggestion. She looked to his wife for support but was distracted by the sight of Donny slowly raising his kilt up his naked thigh. Dragging her eyes away she looked again at his wife but she simply smiled back and said, “It’s ok,” reaching over and squeezing Mary’s hand comfortingly.

“It most certainly is not ok. Tell him to stop that. He’s going to expose his thing. OH!”

Donny had indeed exposed his “thing”. His kilt was now bunched around his waist, his sporran pushed out of the way, and his cock was standing proud and erect.

“OH,” was all Mary could say again, presented with the first cock she had seen in over twenty years. it looked much bigger than she remembered but she could not drag her eyes away from it.

Donny nodded to his wife and she leaned closer to Mary, asking in a conspiratorial whisper, “Do you want to touch it?” squeezing Mary’s trembling hand once more.

The poor woman felt a sudden warmth flooding over her, from fear or embarrassment, she didn’t know.

“Go ahead, touch it. There’s nothing wrong with touching.”

But Mary knew there was plenty wrong with touching. Touching led to other things and that’s when everything gets messy.

Even so she didn’t resist when the other woman took a hold of her hand and brought it nearer to Donny so that now it was only inches from his throbbing cock. His wife released Mary’s hand but it was as if she was frozen in position and her hand remained where it was until Donny took command and pressed it down.

Mary couldn’t remember ever taking her husband in her hand but she instinctively took hold of her in-law’s erect cock and wrapped her fingers around it. It felt hot, hard and smooth, almost as if it was still growing in front of her. Suddenly realising she was holding a man’s penis in front of his wife, she started to withdraw before the other woman wrapped her fingers around Mary’s and smiled at her encouragingly.

“Go ahead. Stroke it.”

Now that she had come this far Mary didn’t seem to be able to stop. It was as if someone else was behaving in this wanton manner and she was disgusted with them. Even so, she couldn’t deny the unfamiliar warmth between her legs that seemed to have taken over from her brain and which was driving her to do more. With canlı bahis her gentle grip she slid her hand up and down Donny’s length, unable to look anywhere but straight at this throbbing penis in her hand.

“Do you like that, Mary? Do you like the feel of an erect cock in your hand? Another woman’s husband’s cock, Mary?”

Her whole body was now flushed, with fear, with embarrassment, with something else, she didn’t know. All she knew was that the warmth between her legs had been replaced by a very pleasant moistness that Mary couldn’t ever remember feeling before.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, here, with you, in public. I must be mad.”

Once again Donny nodded silently to his wife and, once again, she covered Mary’s hand with her own and began to fist her husband’s cock more vigorously. When she removed her hand she smiled at her husband as they both marveled how Mary had picked up the pace on her own. Donny’s breathing became harder and faster and he quietly moaned in pleasure and lust. His body suddenly tensed and he seemed to arch his back in the chair before his cock stiffened even more before, all of a sudden, his cock erupted, covering Mary’s hand and wrist before finally splattering her dress with his cum.

Mary seemed lost in a world of her own as she released the first cock that she had ever jacked off, staring at the white cum in her hand as if she had no idea how it got there. When Donny’s wife leaned forward and took her husband in her mouth, milking the last few drops out of her husband’s deflating cock, Mary just looked on as if they were from another planet.

Finally coming to her senses she realised that she could not allow any of her family to see her like this. She stood up to leave but, ever polite, she looked down at the two people she thought she knew well and asked them to excuse her, she would have to go back to her room to clean up.

“I’ll come with you, Mary,” volunteered Donny. “You don’t look too steady on your feet” He was not quite finished with this woman yet. His kilt fell back into place as he stood up and, taking the stunned woman by the arm, he maneuvered her towards the elevator.

As his wife guarded the doors to the elevator to ensure no-one else joined them, Donny practically dragged Mary into it. Which was just as well, thought Mary, as her legs seemed to have given way beneath her. She couldn’t believe what she had just done, in public, at her own daughter’s wedding. It was as if she could still feel this man’s cum running down her hand and now the doors were closing behind him leaving the two of them alone in a very cramped place.

Looking into her eyes Donny stood before her, only inches from her trembling body. He placed one leg between hers and reached out with his left hand. His cock was stirring again beneath his kilt and he couldn’t wait to see what Mary was hiding below her dress. Taking a firm hold of her hips, his hands slid down slightly until he felt the unmistakable straps of her suspenders. He had suspected that Mary was an old fashioned girl but he hadn’t dared to hope that she may be wearing something more exciting than plain cotton panties and tights. Now he was intrigued.

Mary on the other hand was horrified.

“What do you think you are doing? Stop that. Someone will see you.”

Although Mary was now holding him by the wrists she didn’t seem to be putting much effort into resisting and Donny wondered if it was the fear of being caught rather than what he was doing to her that terrified her. He ignored her half-hearted protests as his hands began to draw up her dress on both sides and stepped forward even closer to his prey. With her outer garment now bunched around her waist he slid his hands down again and found the top of her stockings.

Mary stood perfectly still, like a rabbit caught in a car’s headlights, as his fingers traced along the lacy tops of her silk stockings until he felt her legs open ever so slightly. While his left hand moved round to her silk covered bottom and held her in place he began to rub her silk covered pussy with the palm of his right.

Donny was surprised and delighted. He would never have imagined that her panties would in fact be french-style silk knickers and he wondered if perhaps Mary had a secret kinky side after all. But what really surprised and delighted him was the fact that she was wet, very wet, and he knew he was going to have a lot of fun tonight.

Mary couldn’t help herself. Her legs seemed to have a will of their own as they parted further and allowed this man access to her most intimate places. She could feel how wet she was too, wetter than she could ever remember being, and she gasped as his hand continued on its inevitable journey. She knew he was touching her where no man had touched her for as long as she could remember and she knew she wanted him to touch her. She raised her hands to his shoulders, pulling him ever closer as she closed her eyes and gave herself to the incredible feelings running from between her bahis siteleri legs.

Donny knew he had her then. Her breathing had become more ragged and faster as she let out one small moan after another. As the first orgasm of her entire life began to wash over her he watched as she bit her bottom lip to stop her squeals becoming louder. He felt her thighs shudder and close together, squeezing his hand as she rode the waves of pleasure that were washing over her. His hand was now as wet as hers had been downstairs and he reminded himself to take her silk knickers home as a very special souvenir of this special moment.

As her body slowly calmed down he stepped back, slowly removing his hand from between her legs. Just then the doors “pinged” open and Mary was startled back to reality by them opening onto the corridor leading to her room. If she had been unsteady getting into the elevator she could hardly put one foot in front of the other now. Donny took the key card from her purse and led her the short distance to her room.

Leading her to her bed he sat her down on the edge and simply said, “Now it’s my turn again.” Pressing her firmly down so that she lay flat on the bed with her legs still hanging over the side, he lifted her dress to see what his fingers already knew. Her silk knickers were taught against her pussy and they were wet, very wet. He heard the poor woman moan in shame and arousal as he lowered them down her stocking-clad legs and he stood back to enjoy the view.

Her pussy was untrimmed as he had known it would be and he wondered for a second what she would make of his wife’s shaven cunt when she saw it later. Standing there before her he waited until she opened her eyes before holding her knickers to his face and breathing in her aroma. He smiled as she shuddered in embarrassment as he licked the crotch and sampled her juices looking forward to the moment when he would taste them from their source.

Quickly dropping his sporran and unbuckling his kilt, Donny dropped it to the floor as his cock bounced free from its confinement. There was to be no finesse at that moment as he rubbed it along Mary’s moist slit for a few seconds before he pushed his entire length in with one thrust.

She was so wet, her pussy so slick that,even though she had the tightest cunt he had fucked in a long long time, he met no resistance at all. Taking a firm hold of her legs he lifted them up over his shoulders and began to fuck her with all he had. He drove into her with a force Mary had never known then pulled out almost all the way before plunging back in again.

Although she knew it was wrong, although she knew he was married, Mary could hear herself moaning in sexual delight. She could feel her hips raising to meet his thrusts. She could feel her pussy being stretched more than it ever had been as the man above her seemed to delve deeper and deeper into her needy body.

“Do you like that, Mary? Do you like being fucked by another woman’s husband? Do you know I’m going to fill your cunt with my cum?”

Mary didn’t know if it was his crude questioning or his insistent cock banging in and out of her ravaged pussy but she could feel yet another orgasm beginning. She seemed to spasm around his cock, squeezing it so tight as he heard her screams fill the room with the unmistakable sound of pleasure. Her whole body tensed, her back arched, and she felt as if she was being taken to a place she never wanted to leave.

Donny was now intent on his own orgasm, intent on filling her cunt as he had promised and he fucked her with renewed vigor, desperate to give her what he had promised, desperate to get his wife involved next. It didn’t take long until he could feel his balls tingling and very soon his cum was shooting through his length, filling the helpless woman who lay beneath him.

Even before he stopped pumping into her he heard the quiet click as the door opened and his wife approached the bed smiling as only she could. He had left the key card in the door to allow her access and she had waited patiently outside until she had heard Mary’s screams of lust.

Now it was her turn.

Donny and Mary were still coming down from their shared orgasmic high when his wife marched over to the bed and demanded to know what was going on.

Donny stood up slowly as his softening cock slid from Mary’s well used pussy, smiled secretly to his wife, and left Mary to her fate. She could only stammer her excuses and tried to cover herself as best she could, pulling her dress down but the older woman was far too quick for her.

“Oh no you don’t, slut. If you’re going to behave like a slut, I’m going to treat you like a slut.”

“I’m not a slut,” said Mary defiantly although the cum seeping from her pussy made a lie of her denial.

“No? Who else but a slut would jerk off another’s woman’s husband at her own daughter’s wedding. Who else would take another woman’s husband to her bedroom and let him fuck her? No-one, that’s who. No-one but a slut. bahis şirketleri Stand up.”

Donny knew exactly what his wife was up to and, after undressing, he sat down on the comfortable chair in front of the dressing table to enjoy the show. His cock was soft now but he knew that it wouldn’t be long until it was ready for action again especially once both women were naked.

Mary stood before the fierce woman who stood only inches from her face. She dared not even look her in the eye and kept her head lowered as she wondered if she was about to be assaulted. The other woman shocked her, however, by tilting her chin up and kissing her passionately on the lips. Wrapping her arms around Mary’s shocked body she pulled her close and ran her hands up and down her victim’s trembling body.

Too stunned to resist Mary simply stood there as she suddenly felt her breasts pressing against the other woman’s. But if that was an unfamiliar experience it was nothing to what she felt when Donny’s wife moved her hands to Mary’s breasts before beginning to squeeze and caress them. Mary almost came again as the first person to touch her breasts in such a long time did so with such obvious attraction and desire. But Donny’s wife wanted more, much more, and she began to pull down the zip at the back of Mary’s dress and tugged the dress of her shoulders.

Donny smiled delighted as he saw that Mary was wearing a black silk camisole top that matched the knickers he had already removed. His hand began to stroke his sticky cock just as it began to stir into life. He knew how much his wife loved to prolong this part, especially when her prey was as innocent as Mary, so he settled back and simply watched.

Kissing all over Mary’s neck and shoulders, the other woman confidently lifted the camisole up over her head leaving her standing topless before the husband and wife team that had only lust and hunger in their eyes. For the first time in her life Mary felt her naked breasts being fondled by another woman and even though her mind was screaming how wrong this was, her nipples had grown thick and engorged. She had never known them to ache in this way almost as if she were desperate for them to be paid some attention too.

The other woman didn’t disappoint as she rolled both of Mary’s throbbing nipples between her thumb and forefinger making them grow before their eyes. Mary whimpered in shame, release, lust and anticipation. She knew there was more to come and she both dreaded it and longed for it.

Donny watched as his wife now knelt down in front of Mary and pulled her dress, the dress her daughter had helped her to choose for the wedding, pulled it down over ample hips and left the poor woman standing there in just her stockings and suspenders. Donny was sure he could smell Mary’s arousal as the matted hair of her pussy came into view and couldn’t wait to see what his fully clothed wife was going to do next.

“Time to clean you up, slut.”

Mary was about to walk through to the en-suite bathroom, relieved that she would be given some privacy to wash between her legs, to wash her sins and combined juices away, when she stopped as she saw the other woman climbing on to the bed and lying down on her back.

“Sit on my face, slut?”

Mary was so bemused by this command and by everything that was happening to her that being called a slut hardly registered with her anymore. She stood rooted to the spot, not sure what was required of her, when Donny came back to her side, took her by the arm, and helped her on to the bed too. Positioning her as if she was some sort of child’s doll so that her knees were on either side of his wife’s face and her pussy was directly above her mouth, he stepped back and allowed his wife to take control once again.

She waited only a moment, enjoying the sight of Mary’s gaping pussy, before she wrapped her arms around Mary’s round cheeks and pulled her down. Sticking her tongue out she ran it up and down the terrified woman’s wet lips and Mary could only moan in unexpected delight and embarrassment. Nothing in her life had ever prepared her for the moment she would be sitting with a pussy full of cum on top of a woman’s mouth while the other woman sucked and swallowed her own husband’s cum.

Donny was now pulling rapidly on his erect cock as he watched intently the sight of his wife’s eager tongue probing the leaking pussy of the woman above her. He could see that Mary’s juices were now overflowing over his wife’s face and Mary could do nothing but arch her back and give herself up to this moment of absolute pleasure. She instinctively began to rub her cunt all over the other woman’s face, forgetting about her, lost in her own lust, lost in the anticipation of yet another orgasm. She never could have imagined a better sensation than a soft tongue lapping at her pussy but, when she felt Donny’s wife begin to toy with her clit, she knew she was lost. Her whole body began to shake as the biggest orgasm of her life swept over her. Even as her moans became incoherent she continued to grind down her pussy on the other woman’s tongue before screaming loud enough to wake the dead when the dam finally burst and she climaxed in a way she never knew possible.

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