Morning Vision

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There she was.

Standing there.

Naked . . . .very naked, except for the necklace I had bought her the day before at the craft market.

The sun was just rising bathing her in those bright early morning rays.

The crystals hanging in the window turned the sun rays into rainbows which danced all over her body.

I had given her the keys to my apartment the weekend before but never expected anything like this.

Initially stunned, slowly, ever so slowly, I began to regain my senses.

I didn’t take my eyes off her . . . I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

I started to realize that I was standing there in my boxer shorts with ducks printed on them, hadn’t shaved, and my hair, what little there was, looked like it had been combed with an egg beater. Although I am usually neat, I was too tired the night before to tidy up so dirty dinner plates were still on the table, dirty pots were still on the stove, and clothes were all over the floor.

Not a pretty sight for that vision that had just appeared.

Then I noticed the smile. She didn’t care about anything but me.

Still staring at her, she was staring back. Those eyes, oh my, those eyes. Hypnotic blue; looking at me, looking through me.

It seemed the logical thing to do to speak, to say something to her. Good morning, hello, something, but nothing came out. I had lost the ability to speak.

Those eyes, that smile, the rainbows, the light.

I pinched myself, no it was not a dream but it was like dreaming.

Our eyes were still locked.

She took a step toward me, and then another.

I kartal escort bayan was frozen in place.

She stopped in front of me as close as you can get without touching.

I realized that one of my senses, smell, had begun to return as her perfume engulfed me, Chanel No. 5.

I could sense her breathing.

She leaned toward me, her lips came toward mine, but did not touch. She brushed her hair against my face as she lightly kissed my ear. She kissed again, and once again. Wow, I love it when things come in threes!

She drew back and locked eyes again.

Putting her hand on my chest she directed me back to the bedroom from where I came.

Back we stepped, like dancers, but she was leading. She whispered, “this is all about you.”

We reached the bed and she sat me down. She buried my face between her tits. Ahh, my second favourite place in the world. Her hand held me there stroking my head, inundating me with the fragrance of her perfume. I was lost to another place, another time.

I knew when she removed her hand what she wanted next. I ran my tongue around the areola, once, twice, and a third time. I kissed her nipple and lightly bit it. Then repeated it on the other side. Her nipples had become hard and stiff, signalling to me what I already knew.

As I lightly bite on her nipples I pretended not to notice that what started out as being all about me was becoming all about her. Sometimes, just by circling, kissing, and little love bites, she can achieve orgasm just from my attention to her tits. But that was not to be this time, I had other escort maltepe ideas. I continued circling, kissing, and little bites, letting her think whatever she wanted about what would come next.

I began to notice that natural smell of her as her juices were flowing from her pussy. Her breathing had become faster and heavier. I could tell that her legs were having difficulty keeping her standing.

I laid back on the bed and she kneeled over me putting her pussy over my face. Her entire crotch was wet with her juices. This is my favourite place in the whole world. I rubbed my face all over her drowning myself in her scent. Her excitement was already high; her pussy was completely open to me.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I like to take things slow and easy. This was one day where there was no hurry, the rest of the world was someplace else, it was just the two of us for as long as we wanted.

I ran my tongue up along one side of her pussy and then up the other side. And then repeated it sometimes upwards and sometimes downwards, but always in groups of three.

Then her inner lips, up, down, all around, three by three.

By now her juices were literally flowing. So much wetness, and the scent, ahh the scent. I love the taste, my o my, I love the taste. Now do you know why this is my favourite place.

Then down the center.

But I can tell, she wants more.

I move to the center of the bed. She straddles me. All that wetness is now poised above my cock. I can tell she wants it, she wants it bad, but the tide has shifted again. She is now in control.

She pendik escort stays right there, her pussy almost, but not, touching my cock. I look up, those eyes again, those blue eyes, looking right at me again. She knows what she wants, she knows what I want, but it is not quite yet the right moment.

Slowly, ever so slowly she lowers herself. It takes all the control I have to let her set the pace. Slowly, she finally comes down all the way. That wetness from her is all over my cock, balls, and stomach. Her eyes grow wider as she begins to lift up, slowly, ever so slowly. I don’t know who is enjoying the teasing more, her or me.

She releases me but again hovers her pussy just out of reach of my cock. Then she starts lowering herself again. Slightly faster this time. Then she raises herself again.

Finally, it is the third time and she can no longer keep the tease going. Suddenly it is faster and faster. Her tits, and the necklace, are bouncing, I love that part too. She can’t stare at me any more; her eyes have rolled up in ecstasy. Her hair, usually so perfectly coiffed is in complete disarray. She is moving surprisingly fast. If she could see me, my eyes are rolled up too, my toes are curled, my whole body is stiff with anticipation.

She goes first, a bed shuttering orgasm, yet she continues. Her face is flushed, in fact, her entire body is flushed. She has lost control until another shuttering orgasm, which is quickly followed by my own orgasm. She seems to be spent and lies down beside me.

I am covered by her juices mixed with mine. What a way to start the day.

After lying there briefly, I walked out to where I first saw her. I stood in the sunlight, the rainbows danced on me. I called out, “time to switch places”, there was no answer, she was lost in blissful sleep.

Don’t worry, tomorrow will be another day, count on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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