Morning Memories

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I wake up in a horny haze. It must’ve been that vintage MILF porn I watched last night. I reach into my pajamas and find my cock erect. I gently squeeze it a few times thinking about the actress and her amazing natural tits.

My thoughts drift to my college girlfriend, Janet. She was a cute Italian girl with magnificent breasts. They were large, full, and teardrop shaped. I think she liked them as much as I did because she was always playing with them. Whether it was a quick scratch or squeeze or repositioning her bra, she couldn’t go more than ten minutes without touching them. During sex, they were always part of the action. She loved it when I would finish between them. She said it made her feel sexy that she could get me to orgasm with just her boobs.

I start slowly pulling on my shaft. Closing my eyes I could see Janet laying on my dorm bed smiling up at me, pushing her soft globes around my hard erection. I remember how forceful I came the first time we made “boobie-love”. It was one ataşehir escort bayan of my strongest orgasms. Second only to Kris Collins.

Kris and I worked together at a small grocery store. It was the summer before I went off to college. Kris was the closing manager and I was a general stock clerk. She was in her mid-thirties, married, and super friendly. Looking back I guess I was too young to realize that she was attracted to me.

My last night working there it was just the two of us closing up. I’d finished locking the back door when she surprised me and dragged me into the freezer. She pinned me against the beer rack and pressed her lips into mine. Before I could process what was happening she fell to her knees, unfastened my belt, and yanked my pants down. I remember how the cold air felt on my dick before she put it in her mouth.

I give myself a few slow strokes remembering that blow job. Kris had the perfect balance of wetness, tongue, and head movement. escort kadıöy I don’t recall how long it was before my orgasm hit, but when it did it was awesome. My knees buckled and tremors of pleasure rocked through me. When I was done Kris stood and said, “Have fun at college.”

I begin moving my hips into my hand thinking about how hot that was and how it introduced me to sex in unusual places. A lesson I was more than happy to teach Megan.

Megan was my first girlfriend after college. She had a great girl next door look. Neither of us lived alone so we went for walks just to get some private time. Once, it was near dusk and she confessed that she’d been thinking about me going down on her all day.

I led her through an opening in the fence of an under-construction daycare. The outside playground was complete. I told her to lay back in the plastic crawl tunnel. She did as I asked, giggling the entire time. I proceeded to flip up her skirt, remove her panties and put my maltepe escort mouth on her pussy.

Thinking about how her sex noises echoed in the tube make my testicles tighten. I remember how she shuddered when she came. She had a great pussy and I loved doing that to her. But Emily had a great pussy too.

I’d been dating Emily for over a month. We had terrific chemistry and were really into each other. We’d been physical several times but hadn’t had sex. While at a baseball game we opened up about how we felt and agreed to be exclusive. We had to leave the game early because we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

After rushing back to my apartment we stripped as we made our way to my bed. We skipped foreplay and went straight to it.

Entering her was magical. Her soft, warm, wet womanhood felt amazing. Her moans were like music. Best of all was the connection, being together so intimately, sharing the flesh to flesh contact was an experience like no other.

My memories merged into an orgy of images. My body quakes as I ejaculate thinking about all of those wonderful women. My physical pleasure is matched by the joyous thoughts of our sexual adventures. Slowly the bliss and the memories fade away.

What a great way to start the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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