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Big Cock

Eyes still closed, I can feel its morning on my eyelids. I let out a soft groan, knowing it was way too early to be getting up. Quietly I lay smiling, holding you still in my arms as not to disturb you while you continue sleeping. My mind half wanders to relive some of what happened the previous night; half drifting to sleep and half lost in thought…

A simple evening get-together, a few friends had come over to your place. My memory fades and becomes blurry, yet I continue remembering seeing you, standing out among everyone throughout. I could remember most of what I saw, dark red hair with a purple tint to it, a black dress top, simple short skirt that seemed to show just enough of your legs that were covered in sheer dark stockings along with a pair of black high heels which accentuated further your sexiness, your lips seemingly velvet red with a warm look in your eyes whenever we made eye contact. All of which in my mind seemed to silently scream to me, taunting me to peel off your clothing piece by piece whilst caressing your smooth exposed skin as soon as it’d be revealed. A memorable moment arose suddenly as I thought of how subtly and tauntingly sexy you had looked, I remember having zoned out at one point, undressing you in my mind as I’d guess what color and type of underwear or lingerie you’d have on or what if you didn’t have any on; the thought making my pulse quicken as I let out a gentle sigh, adjusting myself slightly as not to wake you before my mind continued wandering. While you were idly talking among a few friends it had happened that I had gotten lost in thought. You had noticed this time around and smiled followed by subtly licking your lips to wet them slightly in my direction as you noticed the sudden lusting and vague expression in my eyes before continuing as if nothing had happened before.

A vague and decent amount of time seemed to pass by as a few friends seemed to have left; others also preparing to leave shortly. A subtly sweet yet very pleasant scent seemed to fill the air along with the memory. Noting it wasn’t mine, I knew it was yours as you had stood next to me as the evening had progressed further all the while we had moved closer to each other. Eventually I had an arm loosely wrapped around your waist, my hand resting against your hip as I’d gently pull you closer to me and holding you closely.

Your eyes had met mine as my eyes were moving up and down along you; I noticed the corners of your sweet lips curling slightly, turning into that lovely smile that seems to warm me from the inside. I return the smile lightly, slightly embarrassed to have been noticed to be letting my eyes wander over you, especially openly enough that you’d have noticed almost immediately. A few lingering moments pass and I’m tempted to lean in and press your lips against mine, my heart racing and my mind practically urging me to before vaguely remembering a proposition being made; a round of drinks for everyone before the night is over, interrupting the seemingly eternal yet enjoyable moment. Not leaving each other’s side you also place your arm around me as we all have a last drink for the evening; everyone leaving, the two of us remaining behind. I remember hesitating leaving, before I heard myself offering quietly “Would you mind if I spent the night here lovely..? The place is a bit of a mess and… I’ve been craving a little alone time with you since even before the evening started doll.”

As I wrapped my arms around you and pressing you close to me, I see your sweet lips part slightly igniting the urge to press your lips against mine. I remember you had managed to whisper sweetly yet not asking with a subtle smile “Stay tonight darling…” before feeling you placing your hands behind my neck as I leaned in and our lips touched lightly. Our eyes closing as I press you closer to me; you wrap your arms around my neck and slowly we kiss deeper, our tongues intertwining and sliding over one another, rubbing against each other. My hands move to under your dress top, lightly rubbing your soft skin, we break the kiss a moment as we look deep into the others eyes.

We pant lightly, craving still to satisfy the lusting hunger for the taste of each other’s lips; we tug insistently on each other’s clothing, opening up the plain white and blue striped shirt I wore and quickly discarding it to the chair nearby as I feel your fingers claw gently against my chest and move to my stomach. Without interfering with your motions, I slide my hands around back and undo the zipper to your skirt before lightly tugging it and letting it fall to the floor. My fingers rubbing teasing circles along the skin of your hips upwards along your sides as I slowly lift your dress top; you lift your arms over your head as I pull it off and place it along with my own discarded clothing. I pause a moment and moan under my breath, biting lightly in my lip as I see you before me in high heels, black lace strapless bra, your pink nipples pressing lightly against the sheer material already; my eyes wander lower and I hold my breath in as I see your dark red canlı bahis sheer lace panties covering just enough of your smoothness and making me lick my lips lightly.

Without wasting another moment, we press against each other again and our lips touch; we kiss deeply, our tongues seemingly dancing in a passionate embrace. As we kiss I feel your hands teasingly rub the front of my dark blue pants, eliciting a light moan along your tongue before you undo my pants and letting them drop to the floor. I quickly kick them aside along with my already removed shoes as I press you more tightly against me. My hands on your hips pressing you closely against me, you can feel steady warmth directly against your lower stomach, your hands clawing gently against my sides and moving to between us before I feel your fingers drag lightly over my chest. A simultaneous reluctant moan is drawn from both of our lips as we break the kiss, not wanting to have stopped it just yet we quickly moved to the bedroom.

The bedroom is dimly lit as we entered, slightly dimmer than in the living room though just enough that we can still see just fine. Without wasting another moment, I pull you close to me, our bodies pressing against each other. We can feel the warmth of each other as well as an almost static electric feel of lust over us. A light pant and moan are drawn from our lips as the tension builds further in the room. We give way to it; I lean in and kiss you on the lips finally. Our eyes closing as our tongues quickly emerge, eager to taste and play with the other’s, rubbing and pressing, pushing against and sliding alongside each other. Your hands clawing lightly as they move higher before wrapping your arms around my neck; my own hands rub along your sides, sliding lower and squeezing your butt lightly while pressing you more against me as my fingers move slightly restless against your skin, almost as if eager to tease.

My fingers massage lightly against your skin as they slide under the lacey material to tease your soft skin with small circular motions. Teasingly you moan into my lips and making them curl slightly as I grin; your hands pass through my hair, taking hold and trying to press our lips more as our tongues more passionately try teasing the other. Reluctantly the kiss is broken, my fingers curling against your butt cheeks in protest, squeezing them tightly as well as sliding my fingers more to between them. I tilt my head slightly to the side, curious as to why the kiss was broken and slightly impatiently licking my lips. Our eyes looking deeply into one another’s as the sexual tension is clear to the other; your hands loosen around my neck and slide lower along my chest, dragging your fingernails slightly against my skin and stopping on my stomach. Taking a slow breath in, in anticipation, I let my fingers squeeze and release, massaging your butt cheeks lightly as you push me backwards towards the edge of the bed with your hands on my lower chest.

Eagerness to taste the other’s lips grows as time passes; a sexy smile appearing on both our lips as I sit, pulling you towards me. Once seated, you quickly sit high up on my left thigh facing me. Your legs clenching slightly around my own leg while your hands rest lightly on my shoulder. As you sit, I can feel a distinct warmth and moisture on my thigh through the sheer material of your panties which makes me inhale slowly before letting out a soft gasp. My hands quickly wrap around your waist, pulling you towards me as we kiss deeply and passionately. Lightly your hips gyrate on my thigh, pressing your own left thigh against the front of my boxers, drawing light moans of pleasure from our lips; your fingers digging slightly into my shoulders as I feel you lightly suck on my tongue. My left hand slowly slides across your lower back and quickly dips into your panties, moving lower and lightly teasing a finger against your moist flesh, drawing a soft moan from you. The warmth and tension felt between the two of us makes us moan deep onto the other’s tongue; my right hand on your hip pulling and pressing you close to me.

My hands slide along your back upwards, fingers pressing lightly as they drag along your soft skin. Lightly I lick your lips as the kiss is broken for a brief moment as I undo the clasp to your bra. Smiling sweetly you plant a small kiss on my lips before pushing me back and standing up. Teasingly you move your hands from along your stomach fingers caressing your skin before lightly cupping your perky breasts. You keep your left hand over your breasts as your right hand removes your bra, all the while smiling sexily and not breaking eye contact. As you let your bra drop to the ground you can hear an audible groan of lust come from me.

An immense surge of sexual want takes hold of me, making me smile sweetly as I stand and approach you. My hands fit over yours as I slowly pull them down, inhaling slowly as your sweet cherries are exposed, a light hint of vanilla; a light moan follows from my lips. I let go of your hands as I place my hands on your hips, pressing you against me bahis siteleri as I kiss you softly on the lips. Your hands gently grip my sides, your fingers pressing slightly into my back. Slowly, my kisses trail from your lips lower to the left side of your neck and licking softly before I gently drag my tongue along your shoulder. My tongue breaking contact with your skin for a few moments before circling your stiff nipple; my lips closing lightly around it as I suck softly on your right nipple, your hands moving to my shoulders, fingers curling and gripping lightly before releasing. As I switch to the left one, my fingers hook onto your panties, my thumbs pressing lightly against your stomach; I’d be tugging your panties down just as I’d be sucking and licking your left nipple eliciting a light groan from your lips.

As your panties lower, my thumbs rub along your lower stomach and over your smoothness; my lips tightening around your stiff nipple and I suck a bit harder, drawing a teasing gasp from your lips as I’d teasingly rub my thumb a moment between your legs and over your moist entrance before sliding your panties further down and letting them drop to the floor where you brush them aside. My hands moving to your hips again, my fingers lightly squeezing your butt cheeks as I’d stop sucking on your nipple and kiss you softly on the lips.

I break the kiss and look into your eyes with a subtle smile on my face; I feel you slide your hand into the front of my dark blue boxers, your fingers teasing me by lightly dragging your fingertips along the length of my dick. I let out a soft gasp of pleasure, my eyes closing and lips part slightly as I feel your fingers tease the tip gently. You feel a gentle throb against your fingers as I let out a soft moan; my eyes open as we look into each other’s eyes once more, I see a light smile on your face. Slowly you remove your hand, purposely lingering with removing your fingertips from the sensitive tip making sure to tease me a little more as you hear me groan under my breath as well as you feel my fingers curl against your hips. Once your hands are removed, I feel a light tug before my boxers drop.

Your fingers drag along my inner thigh, along my thighs upwards before stopping at my lower stomach; breath held I look deep into your eyes, biting lightly into my lower lip as I take a moment to gain a little more control of myself. The palms of your hands move to either sides of my throbbing dick; I feel you slowly wrap your fingers around it and giving it a tight squeeze. A light shudder passes through me as I thrust forward between your hands, moaning fairly loudly even though I’m still biting my lip trying to stifle my sounds. Another smile passes across your face as I feel you give another squeeze and hold; a distinct warmth between your fingers as I thrust moan again. Panting lightly, I smile and whisper softly “That’ll be enough teasing for now baby…”, your hands still squeezing lightly on me as I guide you to the edge of the bed. You feel me shudder lightly as you continue teasing me anyway, smiling sexily while I try to maintain a little self-control still.

As we reach the edge of the bed, I move my hands to your wrists to remove your hands from teasing me further before seating you on the edge of the bed. I lean in as you lean up a little and we kiss a moment again before you break the kiss, wrapping your arms around my neck and pulling me closer as I hear you moan teasingly in my ear before whispering in a very sexy tone of voice “I want to feel you inside me…” as you spread your legs slightly before wrapping them around my waist, pulling me closer towards you and pressing the shaft of my dick against your moist entrance making us both moan in anticipation. Your arms loosen from around my neck; your hands clawing against my chest as I adjust myself slightly, teasing you with just the tip along your entrance.

I place my hands on your hips as I look into those beautiful eyes of yours. Slowly I push forward, pressing just the tip in and drawing a loud moan from our lips. We pant lightly, our bodies shudder in a mix of pleasure and anticipation. Just as the shudder subsides I thrust into you and fully penetrating you, I hear you scream slightly in pleasure as I hear myself let out a loud and shivering moan as I feel your tight squeeze on me. Without wasting a moment, I slowly start sliding in and out of you making our bodies shudder heavily in pleasure as well as build blissful tension. I feel your hands move to your sides as I start thrusting faster and long; we’re panting heavily now, your hands moving to your breasts as I see you lightly play with and tug on your stiff nipples making you moan louder.

You feel me throb hard inside you as well as hear me groan loudly and deeply. I take you even faster and harder, thrusting hard as the bed creaks slightly. Your legs loosen from around my waist as I move my hands to your inner thighs, spreading your legs slightly and holding you firmly as I continue thrusting in and out of you. You pinch your nipples harder as I feel your hips bahis şirketleri move to meet my thrusts, your body trembling heavily before I feel you squeeze tightly on me I hear you scream in ecstasy “Fuck… Yes!” as your orgasm flows over you, pushing me over the edge and a split moment after I push all the way into you as I fill deep inside you, mixing our sweet sticky juices together as I moan loudly. As the blissful waves of pleasure crash over us, I loosen my grip on you, panting heavily as I try to catch my breath. Your legs hang over the edge of the bed as I lean over to you and kiss you on the lips. As I move back to stand up, you also move up, sliding off of me and sitting up before I’ve time to react and I feel you wrap your fingers around the shaft of my dick which throbs lightly in your hand and slightly sticky and moist from our juices.

The feel of your fingers taking my breath away as I throb again in your fingers you decide to tease me a little further still and wrap your lips around the tip, giving it a hard suck while sliding your lips up and down along it. Already extra sensitive from having just cum, I feel my legs tremble as I moan your name out loud while taking a step to lean slightly against the bed as not to lose my balance. As you stop teasing, you feel me pulse lightly against your tongue, smiling sexily as you give a last suck and remove your lips, leaving me panting heavily and trying to catch my breath. A few short moments pass as I lean over and kiss you lightly on the lips before placing and arm around your waist, the other by your legs as I pick you up. You wrap your arms around my neck and kiss my neck teasingly as I move us onto the bed, laying you down first before lying next to you; wrapping my arms around you once more as we quickly drifted off to sleep.

I’m brought back from my thoughts as I feel you shifting slightly in my arms and pressing up more against me before drifting back to sleep. Gently, I kiss your neck as not to wake you before whispering barely audible “I still have some teasing left for you in a short while sweetheart…” slowly drifting to sleep myself for a few more minutes.

A pleasant dream fleets your mind, partially woken by a warm and sensual feeling between your legs. I can feel you shift in your shallow sleep while I continue to slowly lick your sweetness; your legs parted just enough to give me access. You feel my tongue slowly circle your sweet spot, lapping gently at it before circling again; my index finger teasing along your already moist entrance, circling before I gradually slide my finger into you. A deep breath and sigh escape your lips, your hands sleepily roaming your body. One hand stimulates your already stiff nipples, massaging your breasts lightly while the other passes through my hair; motivating me to slide a second finger into you. Sleepily I hear you moan and I smile to myself; my two fingers sliding in and out of your wetness, my tongue more pressured against your sweet spot.

I can feel you grip my fingers as they steadily slide in and out of you; your hips moving up in rhythm with my tongue around your sweet spot. A loud moan escapes your lips, my fingers edging you on closer and closer to orgasm yet not letting you. In a sultry tone of voice I hear you whisper hmm good morning, in turn I push my two fingers fully into you. My lips curling slightly as I look up at you, smiling naughtily before teasing my tongue on your sweet spot and quickly picking up the pace. Yet before I can continue, you pull away and push me on my back and straddle my shoulders allowing my tongue easier access to your wetness and letting me be able to wrap my left arm around your leg, holding you in place to keep you from squirming all too much.

I moan gently along my tongue while I feel and taste you getting wetter and sweetly. You pull my hair, pressing me further into; I lick furiously, my fingers from my right hand sliding in and out of you, rubbing into your tightness and gradually teasing your g-spot while my tongue laps at your clit. The overwhelming sensation taking your breath away a moment, time seems to stand still for you as you feel euphoric bliss building up through you before it all flows through you; groaning loud, your toes curling and legs locking over my shoulders and against my sides, pushing me on to keep licking you more and more, even though I’d not have needed more encouragement at that point.

I can hear you breathing heavily, mixed with moans while my tongue idly licks at your sensitive sweet spot. My fingers caressing and massaging your wetness as the pleasure subsides, leaving a tingling electric feel. Some moments pass before I feel your legs relax finally, I look up at you from under you; you try to smile yet barely able to while my tongue circles your sweet spot still sending small waves of pleasure through you, making you moan teasingly in response. We look into each other’s eyes, despite the early awakening we both smile softly with a clear flicker of lust burning in our gaze. After lifting yourself up slightly, you turn around, placing your knees on either side of my head, kneeling over me; before you can position yourself further I snake my tongue along your sweetness, moving back and forth to and from your sweet spot making a light moan escape your lips.

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